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by Premium Vintage Cellars

Silver Honors Beverage World Magazine’s 2012 BevStar Awards in the Wine Category

The World First Blue Sparkling Wine For Brilliant Moments of Happiness.

by Premium Vintage Cellars Blanc de Bleu Sparkling California Chardonnay is the perfect drink for your next getaway. With its refined tasting notes, quality packaging, and dazzling color, Blanc de Bleu is the new and modern way to enjoy alcoholic beverages while on vacation. Uncork a bottle and leave the tiny umbrella behind.

01. Greetings 02. Dining 03. Escaping 04. Dining

1. Greetings We challenged ourselves in 2006 to create a special sparkling wine that would dazzle the imagination and we have accomplished that with Blanc de Bleu. Our team visited and talked to over one hundred wineries until we finally found the right one that shared our quality and vision. We travelled all over the world to seek the finest craftsmen to partake in designing this beautiful bottle and packaging. Our grapes are 100% Chardonnay from Mendocino, California. This region in northern California is world famous for its premium grapes. With a special added hint of blueberries. Blanc de Bleu is a delicate sparkling wine reserved for those special and memorable occasions.

CONTACT Premium Vintage Cellars We pick our grapes at lower sugar levels to ensure that our wine has lower alcohol


content. The fruit is pressed into stainless steel tanks for primary fermentation, and

Address: 439 Littlefield Avenue South San Francisco California 94080, U.S.A.

then secondary fermentation using the Charmat Method. Adding a small amount of blueberry extract offers the gentle perfume and tender flavors. What started out as a challenge to create the world’s first blue sparkling wine is now reality. Blanc de Bleu is a unique sparkling wine that you will experience for the first time anywhere.







The World First Blue Sparkling Wine For Brilliant Moments of Happiness.

The Perfect Pairing for Any Meal, Any Time Food and cuisine is very much an essential aspect of the perfect vacation. On holiday, sparkling wine is not reserved only for dinner, but can be enjoyed during lunch hours as well. Not only will its blue color brighten up any table, but Blanc de Bleu is also a dry, brut sparkling wine, making it very simple to pair with various styles of cuisine. The tasting notes of Blanc de Bleu are refined and subtle, and will not overwhelm the flavors of the dish but rather accentuate them, leading to a marvelous dining experience.


The World First Blue Sparkling Wine For Brilliant Moments of Happiness.

The First Few Footsteps to Paradise Await The hotel room curtains open to breathtaking azure oceans and crystal clear skies. A matching blue bottle on ice with accompanying flutes and a welcome card that invites guests into their gateway to paradise. Refreshing the body and soul with a unique, special blue sparkling wine invigorates the senses and will leave a lasting impression. First class hospitality partnered with a Blanc de Bleu welcome service will surely entice the guest to return again and again for future getaways.

As the age-old poem “Something Four� states, the bride-to-be will be blessed with eternal happiness if she has four special



Something Old to Remember Relationships and Experiences that Made Us Who We Are.

Something New to Symbolize the Bright Future that We Will Share.

Something Borrowed to Represent the Sharing of Our Everlasting Happiness.

for Me and You for Those Magical Moments.

items with her during the ceremony. As she is surrounded by blue skies and a deep blue ocean, Blanc de Bleu is also there to complete the poem and make that wish come true.

Something Blue for That Magical Moment Romantic weddings are still regarded by many as one of the most desirable and attractive wedding experiences to have. The emotional impact of exchanging eternal vows with cerulean blue sparkling wine results in a beautiful, deeply personal experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Blanc de Bleu breathes a fresh, new vitality and color into life’s greatest moments.

by Premium Vintage Cellars

TASTING NOTES Blanc de Bleu delivers pleasant, gentle flavors with the subtlest touch of blueberries, creating a unique sparkling wine you will experience for the very first

Blanc de Bleu Received Silver Honors 2012 Beverage World Magazine’s BevStar Awards in the Wine Category For over 135 years, Beverage World has been intelligence for the global drinks business providing with in-depth editorial, essential news and exclusive research on the issues, trends, people and companies shaping the beverage market.

time here, anywhere.

APPELLATION : Northern California, U.S.A. BLEND :

Mendocino County Chardonnay with a Hint of Blueberry


11% by Volume



Since first opening a new trend in the sparkling wine market with Blanc de Bleu, there has been an increase in attempts by other manufacturers to create cheap, imitation products of low quality in both taste and packaging. Blanc de Bleu is the genuine deal and we ask that proper judgment and care is exercised when differentiating between products.

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Blanc de Bleu, a California Chardonnay from Mendocino county with an added hint of blueberries, is a delicate sparkling wine reserved for me...