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Across 4. hang  or  swing  loosely 6.  flying  smoothly  in  the  air 8.  pilot  uses  it  to  go  faster  or  slower Down 1.  danger  or  threat 2.  the  person  who  flies  in  a  plane 3.  the  place  where  planes  go 5.  quick  and  light  when  moveing 6.  alone 7.  a  certain  way  for  airplanes

9 of  10  words  were  placed  into  the  puzzle.

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airplane ruby

Across 4. flying  smootly  in  the  air 6.  quick  and  light  when  moving 8.  pilot  uses  it  to  go  faster  or  slower 10.  person  who  flies  the  plane Down 1.  where  the  pilot  sits  when  he  flies 2.  danger  or  threat 3.  hang  or  swing  loosely 5.  a  certain  way  for  travel 7.  alone 9.  plane

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Across 2. where  pilot  sit  when  he  flies  plane 5.  place  where  they  keep  the  planes/garage 6.  alone 8.  a  certain  way  for  travel 9.  quick  and  light  when  moving Down 1.  fling  smothly  in  the  air 3.  pilot  us  it  to  go  faster  or  slower 4.  person  who  flies  the  plane 5.  danger  or  threat 7.  hang  or  swing  loosely

10 of  10  words  were  placed  into  the  puzzle.

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Across 4. where the pilot flies the plane 8. hang or swing loosely 9. alone 10. a certain way of travel Down 1. the pilot uses it to go faster or slower 2. danger or threat 3. quick and light when moving 5. the person who flies the plane 6. where they keep the planes 7. flying smoothly in the air

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