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SINBLANCA Marina Carretero Vallejo Blanca Pérez González


ABOUT US Sinblanca. is a business/design project based on sustainability and recycling. Developed by two architecture students, the aim of the project is to create a registered brand of jewelry, from the design and production processes to business and selling.

All the pieces are designed by us, thinking on the colours and thickness, which depend on the available material. This makes the each piece be recycled, unique and exclusive.

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THE PROJECT The idea came from the lots of wasted materials of architecture models and the aim to recycle and give them a new life. The main material used for Sinblanca jewelry is perplex (acrylic), since it is one of the most harmful materials for the environment. Sinblanca takes all the leftovers of this material, not only in the architecture field, but from all uses in the different industries. This way, by contacting

different companies is possible to recycle this material and create high quality products with an affordable price. Following our education in these two fields and taking advantage of the institution that has made this possible, we would be pleased to work along with the IE university and enforce this entrepreneurial spirit. For that purpose in order to take this project

further with our tight budget, we ask IE University to lend us their installations in order to be able to use the Nudl area, concretely the Laser Cutter. It will provide us some help producing the first prototypes in order to start growing. As well as encouraging other students to follow this spirt and have their own personal projects. We offer our help and advise to other students who want to be in the same situation.

1. Sinblanca for ARCA DE PALLET. We customized our rings with the animals of ARCA DE PALLET for the Moritz Design Market in Barcelona. December 2012.


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