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The St Helier community magazine


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The StHelier community magazine

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We also publish Spring2013



Esprit de St Sauveur


Edition 18


The Parish of St Lawrence Issue Number 38 • Winter 2012

de la Paroisse de St Pierre

Miss St Peter chosen

Parish Matters - Connétable Honorary Police Recruitment Whatever we consider to be our Jersey way of life, there can surely be no doubt that this includes the service to our Parish and Island community by the Honorary Police, as it has done for generations. Whilst providing that valuable service to their Parish and community, officers can benefit personally by gaining confidence and learning new skills from their training and the duties they undertake. It seems that a number of parishes are finding it difficult to recruit officers of all ranks and the number of Honorary Police officers is falling around the Island. This impacts, inevitably, on their colleagues as well as on the service they are able to provide to the public and importantly, on our traditional way of life. Unfortunately, St Lawrence is no exception and as I write this article we are in the unenviable position of not having found a replacement following the resignation of one of our Centeniers at the end of their term of office. The Parish is required by law to provide four Centeniers, each of whom serves for a

three-year term, with the Royal Court setting a date for the election of a replacement at the end of that term. Commitment is generally one week in four and includes the important task of conducting Parish Hall Enquiries and possibly presenting cases in the Magistrates Court as well as responding to enquiries from the public. In 2005, the Parish of St John was unable to elect a Centenier when ordered by the Royal Court and the then Deputy Bailiff fined them £5,000 for contempt of Court, saying ‘It is the responsibility of all parishioners to ensure that they elect a Centenier. It is their responsibility to ensure that someone comes forward. The failure to find a person who is both willing to act as a Centenier and is of suitable character and ability is a failure of the Parish as a whole and accordingly the fine has to be levied on the Parish as a whole in order to ensure that this message gets home’. If you are interested in learning more about the role and duties of a Centenier, please contact me at the Parish Hall to arrange a meeting. Your skills and abilities may be just what we need to help preserve some of the traditions that make our Jersey way of life so unique.

Senior Citizen’s Christmas Lunch This is being held at the Hotel Ambassadeur on Thursday 13th December. If you live in the Parish, please telephone 861672 to reserve your place as soon as possible. Numbers are limited so reservations are on a first come first served basis Parish Sexton/Verger We said goodbye to Alan Sty at the end of August when he left the Island to move to England. Alan had worked as Parish Sexton for a number of years, as well as being caretaker at the Parish Hall. He was well liked and will be missed by the many people that he helped on a regular basis when they visited the Parish Hall. Mark Woodall has taken over these duties. Email Addresses If you would like to be kept advised by email of forthcoming Parish events, please contact the Parish Secretary at Finally, although we are still trying to recruit a Centenier, thank you to the many other volunteers who continue to work towards the smooth running of the Parish, in whatever role you undertake.

TwelfthEdition • Spring2013

Miss St Saviour 2013 chosen

St Clement Parish Magazine

Winter cheer

Back on top

See page 27 for full story

Wishing all Parishioners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Photo: David, Caroline, Alan, Deidre, Leasa and Joy

Mrs Deidre Mezbourian Connétable de St Laurent


The new Miss St Peter Rosie McGuigan with runner up Stacey Benstead and Connétable John Refault Plus

Seasonal news, views and features from your Parish magazine

p.3 p.6 p.8 p.11 p.14 p.17 p.21 p.24 p.26

Les Nouvelles From the Parish officials Snow report Faces of the Great War Les Evenments: Christmas party Les Jeunes: Airport visit Les Associations: news round-up La Foi: news from our churches Le Calendrier: dates for your diary

In this p 3 issue p 6 p8 p 16 p 18 p 25 p 29

Out and about in the Parish News from Grainville School Local brickworks Know your Limits Clubs and Associations Sailing across the Atlantic Easter Message

In this issue:

Above: Shakes Are Us has an army of loyal customers Left: Fresh fruit is always an alternative option

Camels and Kings 27 See page

P3 P4 P5 P 10 P 24 P 27 P 29

From the Connétable Steve Luce: A walk in St Catherine’s Woods Parish News: from the Connétable Club News: fabulous flowers and thriving whist drives Farming News: A cattle farmer with a difference School News: A memorable Christmas Church News: Thank you Peter and Mary; welcome Gavin, Helen and Emily

P 32 Parish Office P 34 Dates for your Diary

Feature Articles listed on page 3

The StHelier community magazine

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The St Helier community magazine

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