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My Favourite Animal IS THE ZEBRA

Description ď‚— The zebra has got white and black vertical stripes.

It is like a wild horse, it has got 4 legs and a tail, the size is from 1.3 to 1.5 cm, and they weigh about 450 kg. They’re mammals.

Habitat  Zebras usually live in

South Africa, it’s warm there, but zebras are adapted for these climates. Grevy's zebras can find water easily, but for common zebras it’s a little difficult thing.

Diet ď‚— Zebras eat plants and

grass, they’re herbivours.

Curiosities  I like zebras because

they can run 56km per hour, they can see in the night and they’re original, for me. Their stripes are designed for camouflage, they can dig to find water and they’re very sociable, I like them.

My Favourite Animal  
My Favourite Animal  

Here you have a pdf of my favourite animal.