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Sophie Hsu Graphic


Year 3

Student I.D.: 0807237

Independant Practice &

External Positioning

Formative Assessment Work in Progress

Independant Practice


Independant Practice 3A: Articulation - EGRD3014

Final Concept Lyrics Book

My intended final concept will be book/zine with a compilation of photos which were taken by me and others which belong to Melody Farrell, and all the lyrics to her songs. The aim is to express a sophisticated style with an exquisite, classy and tactile layout to the book. I am taking my gem design experiments and putting them into context by producing a Lyrics Book. How the final outcome will look: (The images are samples/mocks) * The photos will be printed on thin/semi-transparent paper (showing lyrics underneath) * The lyrics will be printed on white paper (to contrast with previous page) and in a scrip font to look sophisticated. * Key words (song title) in lyrics will be highlighted in gems to carry out the style. * Currently working on front cover concept and awaiting screen printing facilities to screen print all text in the book.


Experimenting with Paper Texture & Gems Application I believe that some delicate textured paper would enhance the exquisite/ sophisticated look and ‘feel’ I intend to portray. Therefore I have experimented printing the photos on tracing paper to see the effect, and the translucency works well against the type placed underneath and with minimal application of gems.

Screen Printing & Bookbinding

Gems/Rhinostones Application Design

I attended both Screen Printing and Bookbinding Workshops, in which I learnt new design mediums and techniques. I wish to apply these to my music/gems design, and perhaps incorporate it into a publication, such as a book or fanzine regarding Melody Farrell.

I have decided to take my skill/obsession for attention to detail and experiment with gems/ rhino stones application. This is an art which requires a great deal of detail and patience. I applied gems to a typeface I manipulated for my ‘client’s’ identity/logo (a musician). I believe it paid off and I intend to take it further, it is a classy, sophisticated and exquisite looking process which suits Melody Farrell and her music.

Experimenting with Typography - Logo/Identity Design In experimenting with type and logo design, I manipulated an existing font in terms of scale, proportion and positioning. I was pleased with the result as it has a classy yet edgy look to it, which suits Melody. I also experimented with stencil design, where cut out the inside of 2 logos I designed and placed sections of Melody’s photos behind them to see the effect.

Photoshoot I managed to arrange a personal Photoshoot with Miss Farrell, as I wanted to display some of my own photography in my Music Design. She wanted me to capture her edgy, superstar style and character, unfortunately the photos were shot in her home. Therefore I may experiment with digital photo editing and manipulation.

External Positioning Studio Practice 3A: External Positioning - EGRD3013

3rd Year Independant


As part of External Positioning, I am participating in an outside curriculum Exhibition arranged by a part of the 3rd year group. This is a good method (credits to Sam Knight) to position ourselves externally by showcasing our Designs/Artwork to the public. This is a project in Progress which we all have designated roles and responsibilities, we are currently all meeting once or twice a week to discuss concepts and details.

3rd Year Independant Exhibiton My Role - Advertising I offered to be a member of the small group dealing with advertising the event, among other groups dealing with other responsibilities, curating etc. I selected this role because it is the one which relates most with what I’m doing, Layout, Type and Digital Design. My duties are to design a range of flyers and posters with 5 other group members, and collaboratively come to a design solution. I recently designed a quick flyer concept, it is quite conventional and perhaps dull in style, although I intend to design more drafts. Also require to verify the text content with the rest of the team as I have done this independantly.


We Are Somewhere In The Middle... The 3rd Year Graphic Design students of UCA would proudly like to invite you to the exhibit of our Art/Design work, in Celebration of our last Degree year! We are showcasing a compilation of creative and innovative Design skills and experience, so please DO COME and join us! What to expect: A warm welcome Creative and Inspirational Arwork Fresh beverages Interactive Workshops Souvenir/sales of arwork shop Sponsered by

14th December, 2010 at the Ebbishan Centre in Epsom.

On the

Brief - Diesel Music Illustration


I chose to take on the D&AD Diesel Brief as part of my external positioning as it relates directly to what I’m doing now and in the future - Music Graphics & Design. The brief is to express in illustration 2 song tracks on an artist of my choice. I chose Alicia Keys as she is a current talent, and selected a track called ‘Love is Blind’ to illustrate as my first attempt. This is a mock illustration to be developed and manipulated further, with the intention of producing style variations and added Typography solutions.

Brief Collaboration - Body Shop Packaging Design D&AD

In addition to External Position, I intend to collaborate on another D&AD brief with Meltem Halil Shah. This brief does not relate directly to Music Design/Graphics, although it relates in terms of its processes - Layout and Typography Design, and previously I had intended to explore Music Packaging.

Evaluation At first I was honestly struggling to comprehend the structure of the units and the fact that it is expected to do all Independent Practice, External Positioning - D&AD brief and Work Experience at once. I was concerned about organisation and tine management. Now I found that I have learned a lot, with the Workshops i attended, the D&AD tutorials with Bev, the sign-ups with Luke and Mike and the meetings with the other 3rd year students regarding our Exhibition. I am currently still juggling with time and both units, although I believe my design experiments with Independent Practice (gems design) have the potential to lead me into a good Final Major Project Concept. I require to diagnose what context to put this method/ process into. I need to develop a faster progression mode and not fuss/take too much time over one only thing/idea, I believe I am slowly improving.

formative assessment