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What’s your why? I was at a wedding recently in Adelaide and was speaking with a friend’s old man when we started talking about having a ‘work ethic’. He said to me, “Blake, I’m not sure how you and your brother do it, but you two have as good a work ethic as any blokes I know.” I can’t speak for my brother but I know my own work ethic is so good because I have a ‘why’. If you’re going to get the best out of yourself, if you’re going to get through those tough times in life, if you’re serious about making a difference … you need a ‘why’. Why do you do what you do? Why do you give 100 percent every time? Why do you get out of bed every morning? I do what I do because I love it. I love helping people. I love seeing change. I love helping people get the most out of life. And I love it when people email me, text me or call me to say thank you. I love people telling me they can fit back into jeans they haven’t worn for 10 years, that they can run five kilometres nonstop, that they can sleep properly. Why do I write this blog? I write it because it’s a chance for me to educate, inspire and motivate people. People are getting fatter and sicker and worse, many are being fed BS information that’s just making them even unhealthier. I write this blog because I get to influence heaps more people than I do if I just talk to those who come and see me for personal training. Why do I want to succeed so badly? Because when I was at school, I was told by AT LEAST 10 teachers that I was never going to make it. I do this so that one day I can inspire kids to find their passion and follow it. And that although school matters, finding their passion is more important. Why do I want to do TV work so badly? Because it gives me a chance to influence lots of people. I don’t want to do TV work to satisfy my ego or to be ‘recognised’. That stuff’s bullshit. Why do I hate excuses? I hate excuses because I was brought up in a family whose members were alcoholics and overweight, and made every excuse under the sun to justify their addictions. Why do I work 17 hour days? Because if I don’t, I’ll sink. I do it so that I never have to experience again how depressing it is to not be able to afford petrol when you run out. I dont rely on my parents for any handouts, and I reckon if I could, I probably wouldn’t have the work ethic I do.. Why do I work seven days a week? Because when I have kids, I want to be able to take the weekends off so I can hang with them and give them something my parents weren’t able to give me - time. I want to be able to go and watch my kids play sport on the weekends because I know there was nothing more amazing than the odd occasion when my parents came to watch me play footy. Why do I take so many risks -often uncalculated - while I’m young? Because I don’t want to be taking too many risks when I have a wife, kids and mortgage. Why do I work my arse off? Because I want my kids to have the very best school education they can, because I’m forever grateful that although my own up bringing was unsettled, my parents did what they could to put me through the very best school.

Why do I wake up at 4.30 every morning? Because in years to come, I want to be able to help my mum out so she has a slightly easier retirement. Why do I get pissed off at those who complain? Because you’ve got nothing to complain about. Go to the slums of India and then come back and tell me how bad your life is. Everyday I wake up in an amazing country, with a roof over my head, a cracking bunch of mates and good health. You’ve got one life. Work out your ‘why’ and start making the most of it. I work hard now because I don’t think of my work as a job, it’s a passion and I love it. I’m motivated for all the above reasons and it’s why I know I’ll finish near the top of my game. There just aren’t that many people in my game who are as motivated as I am. What’s your why? Why do you do what you do? What inspires you to get out of bed everyday? Find it and you’ll find life and success easier. Have a good week.

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