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Creative Brief Blake Whitmore

Project: Rebranding Date: June 17, 2013 Overview: The main focus of the rebranding of Holiday Inn, part of the InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), is to focus on sustainable practices and the continuing excellent service to middle class familes vacationing and business professionals traveling. Objectives: The main objective of this rebranding will be to assure guests that Holiday Inn works to minimalize its harm to the enviroment, while creating an inviting and fun atmosphere to stay on vacation or business. Holiday Inn works to provide an upscale mid-priced brand of hotels, along with a sustainable mission. Competition: Other hotel chains including, Ramada Inns, Quality Inn, Best Western, and Howard Johnson’s followed in Holiday Inn’s footsteps in the 1970s. Today, Holiday Inn wants to continue leading the way in innovative hotel accomidations by keeping up with quality guest service while also providing peace of mind to guest about Holiday Inn’s impact on the enviroment. Target Audience: The current target audience is middle class males and females, traveling for both business and pleasure, with or without families. The Holiday Inn offers a welcoming enviroment to guests from all backgrounds. The rebrand is to continue to cater to those families and business professional, while improving the sustainability of Holiday Inn hotels. Key Message: The main idea of the rebrand is to continue to operate as a upscale mid-priced hotel, while also working to be a more sustainale hotel, by reminding guests that using towels more than once saves water, installing low flow toilets, installing CFL lightbulbs throughout the hotel, installing motion censored lights that turn off when no one is in the room, and by providing recycling bins in each room. Creative Considerations: Holiday Inn was founded in 1952, during “the decade of prosperity.” After WWII, things were looking up and the economy was booming. Hoping to pave the way in another bounce back in the economy as well as the sustainability movement, the Holiday Inn rebrand will pay homage to its humble beginnings in the early 1950s. Current Strengths: -The H in Holiday Inn is well known and has been used on its own as the logo since 2007. It is extremely recognizable. -Affordability: Holiday Inn is able to cater to the middle class by keeping lodging prices and restaurant prices low. Current Weaknesses: -Forgettable enviroment: The envioment at Holiday Inn does not vary much from current competitors. -Out dated facilities: With the rebrand Holiday Inn will provide modern technologies, such as wifi, CFL lights, low flow toilets, and electronic billing and room confirmation, saving paper.

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Holiday Inn - Sustainable Rebranding Creative Brief