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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Thank you for supporting Counseling4Kids. Whether you’re a new friend or a longtime supporter we appreciate your contribution to our Agency and hope you enjoy the following pages of our 2010 -2011 annual report. Since its inception 15 years ago, Counseling4Kids has helped thousands of children each year recover from significant trauma related to physical and sexual abuse and domestic or community violence. We are proud to be able to continue to offer effective mental health services and therapy to low income children with your support. Our unique “clinic without walls” approach involves sessions of therapy for the child and the family on a weekly basis in the place where the child resides. Counseling4Kids therapists utilize evidence based treatment models for specific conditions. Children and youth who are not suited for treatment in the evidence-based models receive outpatient mental health services tailored to their specific needs in our General Outpatient Program. Our goal is to serve all children who desperately need our services but we can not do that alone. For every dollar that you donate, 89 cents goes to the benefit of the children in our programs. As you can see from our audited 2010 financials, we maximize every cent so that we only spend eleven cents on administration and development costs to manage and maintain the Agency. We will always continue to strive to maximize the amount of your donation to benefit the children we serve. A child who needs services from our agency has oftentimes been abused, neglected and traumatized and the therapy we provide will help resolve a child’s behavioral and emotional issues and enable them to live healthier and happier futures. One month of in-home therapy, a series of eight sessions, costs our Agency $1000 because we provide the best care available – licensed, experienced therapists trained in trauma focused cognitive therapy. Please consider contributing towards the future of these young children to give them a chance to live a brighter tomorrow. In this report you will read about Janet, Brian and Natalie, each child dealing with very different issues who are now able to live better lives thanks to Counseling4Kids programs. With your support we will continue to have the ability to impact the lives of children and youth like the ones featured in this report. Thank you in advance for your generosity and for joining us in celebrating the successes of the past year. Regards,

Richard Burrell

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Why We Are Unique

C o u n s e l i n g 4 K i d sx i sx a x 5 0 1 (c ) (3)=nonprofit=organization=that provides effective mentalxhealth services to abused and neglected children and youth in the foster care systemthroughout,Los,Angeles County. Over 60 licensed therapists provide in-home therapy to over 1000 children per year. For 14 years, Counseling4Kidsxhasximpacted the lives of..over..11,000 children, changing=their=future=forever.

Counseling4Kids is a clinic without walls.


Counseling4Kids..delivers.healing and families to improve the quality of life for all.

Our therapists travel to the home of the child to provide therapy. This creates a more successful outcome (less..missed..appointments, identify stressors in the home, ability to follow..a..child..through..multiple..foster home placements). We.only.used.licensed,.experienced therapists trained in the unique, special needs..of..foster..children...All..of..our therapists are experts in Trauma focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy

About Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is a clinic based treatment that involves individual sessions with the child and parent as well as joint parent-child sessions. The TF-CBT treatment model is informed by effective interventions for adult PTSD and for non-PTSD child anxiety disorders, and by cognitive and learning theories about the development of PTSD in children. The goal of TF-CBT is to address the unique biopsychosocial needs of children with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other problems (e.g., depression, anxiety, anger) related to traumatic life experiences (e.g., sexual abuse, domestic violence). This therapy is for children ages 3 to18 who have significant behavioral and emotional difficulties that are related to traumatic life events, even if they do not meet full diagnostic criteria PTSD. TF-CBT has been used effectively with boys and girls from all socioeconomic backgrounds, who have lived in a variety of settings (e.g., with parents/relatives, foster placements, group homes), and who are from diverse ethnic groups.

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HISTORY Founder and Clinical Psychologist D r. ] Wi l l a ] M ey l i n k ] e st a b l i s h e d Counseling4Kids in 1997 when she realized,,many,,children,,who,,were placed,,in,,the foster care system were not provided with the mental health services they so desperately needed. Her growing concern was that while there was funding for evaluation, there was very little for actual treatment to,,help children heal from the abuse and]neglect t h ey] h a d ] s u f f e re d . ,W h e n , ,t h e State of California begin allocating EPSDT (Medi-Cal) monies to fund expanded mental health treatment to foster children there became an opportunity]to]provide]treatment and,,Counseling4Kids,,was,,born. Initially,]the]program,]then]titled Fostering]Healthy]Kids,]had only]eight.therapists]providing treatment]services]for]25]clients. Today,.Counseling4Kids.has.over 60.licensed].therapists]working with.over..1,000.children].each. year..Therapists]provide.weekly i n - h o m e . t h e r a p y. s e s s i o n s ] . t o children.from.ages]3-18,..many.of whom]have]experienced]extreme trauma.from]severe]abuse]and neglect.and..exhibit..symptoms. of..Post.Traumatic.Stress.Disorder. Counseling4Kids.provides.high quality, include:..individual..therapy,.family therapy,..psychological..evaluation,,.permanency planning,

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For five years Janet had struggled with a terrible secret - her stepfather had molested her. The feelings of ear and loneliness the experience caused finally became overwhelming and Janet told school personnel what had happened. While in foster care, Janet was referred to Counseling4Kids for trauma therapy because of her anger, high levels of anxiety and bouts of uncontrollable crying. A trauma trained therapist helped Janet to see that her anxiety and anger were natural responses to the abuse she experienced. She learned that she could talk about what had happened and get the support she needed to recover. A significant step in Janet’s recovery was sharing her story in her own words with her family. Instead of receiving the rejection and disgust she expected, Janet’s mother expressed sorrow for what had happened and a great desire to protect her from future harm.


Brian’s mom and dad were unable to provide a safe home for him and at age 2 he was placed in foster care. Being so young, Brian didn’t understand why he couldn’t live with his parents or any of the other changes he had to make. Two years later when he was sent to live with his adoptive parents, he struggled with confusion and anxiety and the fear that he would be moved again. It was very difficult for Brian to trust anyone, even his new family. Brian came with his new parents to Counseling4Kids’ ‘Parent-Child Interaction Therapy’ (PCIT) program for help. PCIT is specifically designed to deepen the bond between parents and their children and to give parents the tools they need to lovingly guide and discipline their children. As a result of participating in the PCIT program, Brian’s relationship with his adoptive parents is growing stronger every day. There are still difficult times ahead, but the family now has the skills they need to get through them together creating a loving and healthy new home.

13 year old Natalie loves her mother, but living with her was often frightening and lonely. Natalie’s mother is an alcoholic, and she also struggles with mental illness. When drinking or not taking her medications, Mom would often leave Natalie alone for long periods of time. When Mom was home, her boyfriend would visit -and they would fight. Natalie felt helpless watching as her mother was punched and slapped. When a neighbor reported the neglect, Natalie was placed in foster care. Natalie blames herself for “telling” on her mother. She can’t relax, and she can’t get the violent images out of her mind. She worries her mother won’t be okay without her. Fortunately, Natalie is now enrolled in treatment at Counseling4Kids. Her therapist uses the specialized trauma focused treatment that a child like Natalie needs. Natalie is beginning to tell her story, and is learning some coping skills to manage her thoughts and feelings. She is a strong and resilient girl, and with her therapist’s help she has a very good chance to heal.

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PROGRAM Counseling4Kids provides high quality, effective treatment to as many at-risk children and families as possible our range of services include: individual therapy, family therapy, psychological evaluation, medication support, permanency planning, case management and referral to community resources.

Trauma Treatment Program (TTP)

Parent Child Interaction Program (PCIT)

Provides..specialized..treatment..for foster..children..who..are..suffering..from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD occurs when the child experiences significant trauma such as physical and sexual..abuse, violence...Symptoms..of..PTSD..includes nightmares,..flashbacks,..hyper..vigilance, intense efforts to avoid people and places associated..with..the..trauma,..irritability, p o o n ce n t ra t i o n . a n d .d e p re ss i o n .

Early intervention program for parents and young children.ages.2-8.with..behavioral..problems

It is estimated that 25% of foster children suffer some degree of PTSD

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Multi-disciplinary Assessment Team Program (MAT) provides comprehensive assessments for children ages..0-18..within..30..days..of..their..placement i n t o. . f o s t e r. .c a re . .Th e . . p ro g ra m . a d d re s s e s medical,,..developmental,.educational, psychological,..speech..and..language..needs

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OUTREACH It is our belief that every child is special and unique and their lives are cause for celebration. Each year, Counseling4Kids provides outreach events for the foster children we serve and their families. These fun-filled events offer an opportunity for children to relax, play, connect with their communities in a safe and loving environment. In December 2010 Counseling4Kids held its 2nd Annual Gifts4Kids toy drive program. Every holiday season, the organization brings together the community to help put on a drive to provide gifts to the children we serve in foster care. Committed volunteers help raise funds and donated gifts to give to children, many who often go without during the holidays. A fun filled “wrap party” brought together members of the community, employees of the City of Torrance, The Torrance Chamber of Commerce, and the Circle K club of Dominguez Hills, and others. Counseling4Kids is also thankful for the outpouring of generosity from various organizations, businesses, and schools such as Mattel, Dapplegray Elementary school in Rolling Hills Estate, Derma Phil Laser, Skin Care Center, Sunrise Rotary Burbank, and many more helped make the holiday season bright for over 400 children.

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On May 14, 2011 Counseling4Kids celebrated National Foster Care Awareness Month with Healing Through Laughter, “Two Milk Minimum.” This lively theatre program enabled over 200 foster children to come out and enjoy a wonderful day full of food, laughter and prizes.

my..heART..program..launched..–..In the summer of 2011, Counseling4Kids established an opportunity for our children to showcase the..“my.heART” families..with.their..families..and..see..their creative works displayed in a local art gallery.

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STATISTICS AND QUOTES We ensure that every child we see receives timely and appropriate therapeutic services so they can heal, recover and lead fulfilling lives. In 2010 – 2011 Counseling4Kids provided services to 1186 children

How Great is The Need?

What Challenges do these Children Face?

On any given day more than 500,000 youth are in some form of foster care across the United States There..are..over..18, 48% are between 0-5 years old 36% have been in foster care for 3 years or more

Unaddressed mental health needs result in an escalation of symptoms, mental health problems and continuing trauma 4 children in foster care exhibit symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Foster youth who “age-out” of the system experience additional hardships – 24% experience homelessness, 33% end up/ incarcerated due to crimes and delinquency, 50% will end up unemployed and 33% will receive benefits

We Make A Difference “She is the best therapist we have had in a lifetime. She helped me and my children with all the problems, she gave us her all.” – Foster parent of 11 year old. “I would like her to be with my children for life. She has done so many wonderful things for my children.” – Foster parent of 8 and 5 year old brother and sister.

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CONTRIBUTORS Our donors and partners

Stephanie Abrams Judith Arandes Marcia Amoroso Arcadia Transit, Inc. Vi Ballard Marcia Amoroso Elizabeth and William Barlak Bernhard and Bettina Baumgartner Donald Behrstock & Marliese Hirsch Sondra and William Behrens Wanda Belvin Priscilla Benites Selma Blunk Roslyn Bodanis Rita Brennan Daniel & Mary Jill Bridleman Ginger Budrick Burbank Chamber of Commerce Richard & Judith Burrell Richard P. Burrell Brenda Lee Burroughs William Byron Shawn Renee-Cadichon Camille’s Catering Karen Carrey Stan Carrizosa Cindy Chew City National Bank Mike Cline David Coates Elyse Corman Richard Cornwell Kay Curtis Subir Das Leslie Deamer Mindy Dickter Janet Diel Kayla Bass-Doubletree Hotel Christine and Sam Elia Susan Feder Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Flapper Comedy Club Dale Fontanez Paulette Fontanez Marc and Gaylan Frederic Velma Gaunt Reed Gesteland Brian Gold Peter Goldwyn Lauren Reicher-Gordon Marcia Gould Ethan Grumbach Melvin Grumbach Heartlink Burbank

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David and Chris Holmes Howard and Donna Horn William & Ana Hory Jeffrey Howe Carolyn Jerry Benjamin & Julie Jones Jacqueline Jones Patricia Rene Kane Deborah Kilpatrick Russ Kobrin David and Alice Kuroda David Lee Susan Lee Barbra Leipper Debra Leonard Greg & Adrienne Less Lions Club of Burbank Lomita-Torrance Rotary Los Angeles Breakfast Club Rozan Mardosian Kay Marovich Julia Marquez Gary and Barbara Martin Melinda Martin Debra Martin Theo & Diane McNall Rebekah Miller William C. Miller Edward Moran Jamie Murray Network for Good Tasneem and Syed Naqvi Gerie & Niels Pedersen Jeffery Prang Via Promotionals Andrea & Allen Rabinowitz Maja Radmilovich Rotary Sunrise Burbank Dahlia Russ Dinesh Sadhwani Wartan Samuelian Sandpipers Philanthropy Robert Scalfaro Nevin Schreiner Grace and Michael Schwartz Thom & Elaine Smitham Renato Soraggi Southwest Airlines Anton and Jean Steiner Super Shuttle Angela Tarango Josh and Lisa Taub Patrick and Ellen Theodora The Rotary Club Del Amo

Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Torrance Kiwanis U.S Bank Brittany Vaughan Eric Weber & Jay Olson Sharlene Weeks Donna White Jeff White Williams Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Matthew Yu

LEGEND Business People

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FINNANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Responsive to revenue streams by consistent management of expenses Contributed $5 million to core program in 2010-11 Consectuive Years

of Profitability





Contributions and Grants



Misc. Income and Revenue



Public Support and Revenue Government Grants




Public Support and Revenue 2010

Government Contracts & Grants

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Contributions and Grants

Misc. Income and Revenue

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Use of Funds



Program Services










Fund Development Total:

Use of Funds 2010


Program Services


Fund Development










4,946,560 =















Total =



Historic Revenue 2007




2011 5,000,000


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C4K Annual Report  

An annual report put together for C4K [Counseling For Kids]