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Blake Thomas


Hunnicutt Creek Wetland Old Pickens Courthouse Olympic Sculpture Park Triangle Park Sustainable Urbanism Field Study Mill Town Vine Hill LandArt Design Group Bands Of Function

Hunnicutt Creek Wetland

Clemson, SC


Fall 2014 Blake Thomas


Hunnicutt Creek Wetland

Clemson, SC


Fall 2014 Blake Thomas


Hunnicutt Creek Wetland

Clemson, SC


Fall 2014 Blake Thomas


Old Pickens Courthouse

Craig Family Cemetery Visitor Center


Oconee, SC


Spring 2012 Blake Thomas


Olympic Sculpture Park

Case Study

Weiss / Manfredi

Seattle, WA


Conceptual Model

Spring 2012

Blake Thomas


Triangle Park

Asheville, NC

Master Plan Triangle Park has been a major gathering space for years and, with a majority of the space out of view from adjacent buildings and pedestrians, it frequently plays host to illicit activities within the neighborhood. By integrating pedestrian access points all around the park I am allowing people to easily access the park from multiple side than

just one side of the park as it is today. The water feature is a great element that people can enjoy listening to or playing in on a hot afternoon. The table and chairs at the top of the water feature would be a great place for local food trucks to stop, which locals could enjoy lunch in the park.


Spring 2012 Blake Thomas


Sustainable Urbanism

In developing an overarching vision for my design I first asked myself three questions: What are the principles of sustainable design? What practices could be successful in this area? What do I hope to accomplish with my design? Practices and individual goals varied, yet the principles stayed consistent. Sustainably designed sites try to have little impact on the natural environment so as to not compromise the livelihood of future generations or cause detriment to the natural world. This means that my

Muttrah, Oman

design should result in minimal pollution, work with existing natural features, and even strive to improve the quality and health of the encompassing environment. With regards to urbanism, vehicular traffic should be minimized yet efficient, outdoor space should be friendly and accessible, and urban centers compact or localized. These principles are reflected in my design, as I have tried to blend a dense urban area with a bolstered selection of the beautiful natural features Oman already contains.

Spring 2013


Blake Thomas Residential Street Roads Buildings

Figure Ground

Corniche Extension

Green Space

Green Strategies


Commercial Entrance

Mixed Use Civic Medium Density Residential

Land Use

Low Density Residential


Field Study

NYC and Boston, MA

Off Campus Study

Summer 2012 Blake Thomas


Mill Town

The opportunity exists to envision Graniteville in a new form that can support economic growth and residential development. Bringing more industry to the town will create jobs and the need for more high-density development for the new employers. Other solutions may also include improving the connectivity through the town by a greenway and adding mixed-use development. The greenway would promote a healthier style of living by

Graniteville, SC

including pedestrian and bicyclist paths throughout the town. Redeveloping the current buildings around the creek into mixed used will give community members a convenient place to shop and live at the same place, while preserving the historic framework of the mills. Bringing new stores to the town will produce new job opportunities and help build money for the town to improve other focus areas, which will lead to a successful community in the years to come.


Fall 2012 Blake Thomas

Residential Street



Vine Hill

Pendleton, SC

Existing Conditions The house is believed to have been built c. 1830. The house is believed to have been remodeled in 1850, when the second story was added over the main part of the house and a room was added to the main floor. The house was restored in the 1960’s by Prof. Vernon Hodges, a noted architectural historian with Clemson University’s College of

Master Plan Architecture. More extensive renovations have occurred in recent times. The house was named for the 14 kinds of vines found growing in the garden and is currently the home of Kater & Ulrike Heine. This was a group project in which we collaboratively worked to make the master plan, planting plan, and site details.

Construction Documents

Step & Handrail Detail Scale: 3/4” = 1’-0”

Fall 2012 Blake Thomas

Ramp Detail

Scale: 3/4” = 1’-0”

Pool Enlargement Scale: 1/8” = 1’-0”

Planting Plan


LandArt Design Group

The diverse nature of LandArt Design Group, Inc. allowed me to gain valuable knowledge on many aspects of design as well as project development. I assisted with project presentation meetings at various levels. I assisted in the preparation of graphics (both hand & digital layout) for several projects, including some that I attended the presentations for.

Spartanburg, SC


Summer 2013 Blake Thomas


Bands Of Function

Barcelona, Spain

Study Abroad

Spring 2014 Blake Thomas


Bands Of Function

Barcelona, Spain

Study Abroad

Spring 2014 Blake Thomas


Blake Thomas Education

Clemson University, Clemson, SC Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Minor in Horticulture GPA: 3.47 December 2014


Student ASLA Member, Fall 2013 - Present Clemson University ASLA Chapter Member, Fall 2011-Fall 2014 Treasurer, 2013

Professional Work


Studio Work


South Carolina Agriculture Heritage Museum, Pendelton, SC

Boston, Massachusetts

Project Designer: LandArt Design Group, Inc. Spartanburg, SC, Summer 2013

Clemson University Creative Inquiry

Dacusville Middle School Math Garden, Dacusville, SC

Relavant Course Work

Technical Graphics, Horticulture, Land Measurements, Computer Aided Design, Site Design, Urband Design, Community Design, Regional Design, Design Implementation, Studied Abroad in Barcelona, Spain

Adobe Suite Programs: Illustrator, InDesign, & Photoshop, AutoCAD, SketchUP, and Vectorworks

Bacelona, Spain

New York City, New York Travelled extensively throughout Europe


President’s List, Spring 2014 and Fall 2014 Dean’s List, 5 semesters


Blake Thomas 3000 Village Market Place Apt. 204 Morrisville, NC 27560 T. 864.529.2315 E.

Undergraduate Portfolio