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April 2010

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April 2010

Upper School Bans Grinding In Time For Prom Hannah Page Editor-In-Chief

I am here today to make an apology,” began Dion Crushshon in his Senior-Speech style address with which he announced his intentions to propose a ban on grinding at Blake dances, following in the footsteps of Minnetonka high school and many other schools across the country. Dion, who reportedly discussed the speech beforehand with his Gender Studies students, went for shock value when addressing the school, citing Wikipedia in his description of grinding as “a type of partner dance where two or more partners rub their bodies (especially the genitalia) against each other in a sexually suggestive manner” which “often gets men sexually excited.” He hoped this literal description would open students’ eyes to what exactly they are doing when they ‘simulate sex’ on the dance floor. Since this announcement, the ban has been passed by faculty vote. Upper School Director, Marc Bogursky says, “the faculty overwhelmingly supported… the idea that we would regulate dancing at future school dances.” Bogursky personally thinks that Dion “hit the nail on the head,” explaining that he understands generational differences but that grinding is “too much, like simulated sex… I know it makes kids uncomfortable.” Dion says that he expected

backlash when he proposed the new rule, and backlash is exactly what he’s gotten. That along with many supporters of the ban – student and otherwise – means people just won’t

whether or not the new rule will apply. For those still wondering, prom will indeed be a grinding-free zone. The new ban will be enforced in a strict and straightfor-

grinding is the only way our generation knows how to dance. Rising senior class President Elect Austin Gromatzky ’11 points out that the sexuality of grinding is nothing new, as “dancing has been used since 3,000 B.C. to express feelings of attraction for another person.” Furthermore, “banning a form of dance simply because a portion of the population is uncomfortable with it,” says Gromatzky, “is

“Talk about extreme PDA!” - Marc Bogursky

Bailey Dunning Conner Storlie ‘13 and Tyler Larson ‘12 demonstrate grinding while Ms. Buchanan attempts to make things more appropriate.

stop talking about it. And maybe that’s good; Dion certainly didn’t intend to keep the matter under wraps when he shared his proposal with all four grades at assembly, “in the spirit of transparency.” Most concern among upperclassmen has revolved around the May 15th prom, and

ward manner. “If students are dancing in manners which are, you know, sexually suggestive, students will be asked to stop, and if they’re asked again and it doesn’t look like they can comply… they’ll be asked to leave,” says Senior dean, Alyn Eastin. Many students argue that

ridiculous.” He urges the administration to take student input into account before implementing the new rule, which he believes would cause many students to “relocate to external, nonschool organized events and parties” where there would be an even greater lack of supervision. (“As economics tells us, if there is an unmet demand, the market will supply it.”) This may be so, but for the time being Blake has laid down the law. Bogursky compares the newly banned dance to “two kids making out in a public space” – “talk about extreme PDA!”

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¡Adios, Señor Carreño!

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s I sat in his Block 1 Spanish V class, longtime Spanish teacher Santiago Carreño broke the news: he would not be returning to teach here at Blake next year. Looks of shock and disappointment came across the faces of the Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, and we all knew we should appreciate the time we have with this fun-loving instructor we all came to know and love. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to sit down with Sr. Carreño outside of class and reflect on his time here at Blake, as well as look forward at his future.

Danny Smith (DS): How long were you here at Blake? What were some of your favorite things about working here? Santiago Carreño (SC): I worked here at Blake for 12 years. Some of my favorite things here were interacting with the students in my classes, as well as helping them learn Spanish. DS: What will you miss about Blake? SC: I will miss the interactions with

would be hard for me to stop teaching. DS: Do you have any ideas as to who will try to replace you? SC: I know there is a search committee and that the department is involved in the search. What I hope is that they will find a native speaker. DS: Are you ever going to change your hairstyle? SC: As long as hair gel is cheap and easy to get, no I won’t! DS: What kind of hair gel do you use? SC: The cheapest I can find, because I use a lot! Tomas Yañez: Would you ever shave your head? SC: No! Don’t ever mess with my hair! This funny and engaging teacher will be greatly missed, but Hannah Falvey his impact on Blake will always remain thanks to his entusiastic teaching, coaching, mentoring, and SC: the Santa Fe Rice Bowls! Those continued support for each of his stuwere nice! DS: What are your plans for the fu- dents! ture? SC: Well, I might go into the business world, but I’m open to teach again if I find a good match and opportunity. It the students, many nice and carring colleagues, and the free food! DS: Haha, and what was your favorite food here?

Land of 10,000 Potholes?

Emily Wells

unique to only Stadium Parkway however. All across Minneapolis, drivers Contributing Writer are encountering the same issue over and over again. A facebook group was f you have driven to Blake even created entitled, Hey recently you have probMinneapolis, fix your potably encountered the many holes. “This has been a terlarge potholes on Stadium rible, terrible year for potParkway. A bad road in holes.” Minneapolis mayor, any season, it has turned R.T. Rybak wrote on The into a treacherous quagMayor Blog. “Driving condimire of potholes, some of tions on some busy streets which that seem like they are downright awful.” If you could swallow a Smart Car. would like to help bring at“This is the worst road I’ve tention to the pothole probdriven on in Minneapolis.” lem on Stadium Parkway go Masha Berman ’11 said. to http://www.seeclickfix. The rain has only made com/issues/20654 and let Zoe Kosieradzki it worse by turning the the city know that over 400 notorious potholes into Allison Bye ‘12 at the Parade parking lot with a car bumper students driving over them small ponds, making them she found. every day is no small matter. hard to see and hard to fix. As one Minneapolis According to the report, the city sent driver said on, out a crew to fill them, but the rainy “Hard to believe that this little stretch weather made it hard for the new gets no attention when hundreds of asphalt to stick. This problem is not


students and parents have to drive it daily.” Recently, Stadium Parkway received public attention as the focus of a 5 Eyewitness News report.

Student Life Apr10



Ending The Silence Bailey Dunning Editor In-Chief


bout two weeks ago, on Friday, April 16th, Blake celebrated the Day of Silence in support of all the LGBT people in our community. Even with some of the students and faculty missing for band and choir tours, 113 people participated. I believe I’m not only speaking for myself when I say that this is great for our community and shows the caring and supportive personalities behind every Blake student! This is the 14th year that Day of Silence has occurred and the 10th year at Blake. At the beginning of the day, many kids came in early to start their day in silence together. To show their involvement, students wore bandanas around their mouths, to remind other students and their teachers they would not be speaking.

What if...

           Yet, there are still people in our community who find the Day of Silence a ‘disruption to education’, and some parents threatened to keep their kids home from school that day. How-

everyday, not to take away from anyone’s learning experience. No one was forced to participate, so, in my opinion, no one should be complaining about it. However, the Day of Silence still makes the Blake community a safer place. It representsthe wide range of support for LGBT students everywhere. JJ Kahle claims, “Many students used to come out in college, then it was high school. And now they are coming out as early as middle school.” And with the start of the Middle School GSA (Gay Straight Alliance), it is becoming easier for everyone to feel more comfortable in his or her school. Prepare for next year’s Day of Silence on April 15, 2011. Put an end to bullying and Hannah Falvey name calling! And quoting the organization behind the ever, it is important to realize that the National Day of Silence, “What are purpose of this day is to bring atten- you going to do to end the silence?” tion to the silence LGBT students face

by Hannah Falvey

If today you could somehow safely see any dinosaur which one would you want to see?

“Velociraptor, since they worked in packs and had really sharp talons” –Alex Beard’11

“Saurolophus, because its like Ducky from the movie The Land Before Time.” –Meredith Burns’11

If you could have any job when you grow up what would you be? “A cowboy, because they are sweet.” -Lucia Sandberg’12

“I would be a Marine Biologist, because I like fish and all marine life in general” –Paul Koullick’10

Announcing The 2011 and 2012 Class Presidents:

Austin Gromatzky ‘11 Juliet Nelson ‘12

If you could change anything about Blake what would you want to change? “More Chess!” –Kent Carlson’10

“Having more balanced lunches. I feel like on certain days there are so many good choices, then the next day there seems to be nothing good to eat.” –Leon Lee’11



Opinions Apr 10

The Other Side of The Truth Historically, Israel has used land obtained from wars to barter for the recognition of its existence with both Jordan and Egypt. It could have asked for money, tanks, or it could have rightfulake’s traditional senior speeches ly refused to return the land. Instead, offer students a chance to share they traded the land for the right to their ideas and beliefs without any exist, a right that should automaticalcensorship or restrictions. But I bely be granted to any democratic state. lieve it is time to rethink this, because It is a pillar of U.S. foreign a line has been crossed. I found a sepolicy to supnior speech to be port democso one-sided and racy around slanderous tothe world. As ward the State of the most demIsrael that I, along ocratic and with others, was peace-loving left feeling both nation in the angry and abused. Middle East, In a court Israel deserves of law, one must our tax money swear to “tell the for their benetruth, the whole fit and protectruth, and nothtion from exing but the truth.” tremist-ruled This is because neighbors. telling only part Plus, if the of the truth is U.S. were to deceptive. “Mom, denounce its Billy hit me,” relationship may be true, but with Israel, “Mom, Billy hit important U.S. me because I industries, hit him first,” is such as comthe whole truth, which could make Perrin Burke puter compaall the difference Juniors EJ Faust, Peter Fisher, Ben Poduba and Kaylyn Graiziger pretend to be shocked nies in Silicon Valley, would in the world when at a senior speech. shut down as deciding who they are degets punished. There is a saying that “figures and indisputable facts. Israeli citi- pendent on Israeli technology and inlie and liars figure.” The speaker told zens are white, black and everything novation. The speaker stated that the us that, in the Israeli-Arab struggle, in between. They include Arabs and U.S. should be looking out for its own one Israeli has died per every ten Jews, Muslims, Christians, agnos- economic future rather than Israel’s. Arabs (whom he calls “Palestinians,” tics and atheists. They are Kurdish, However, it is to our country’s advanwhich just means people from the re- Ethiopian, Russian, Polish, Iraqi, and tage to continue supporting Israel. In an age of instant informagion known as Palestine – though you Yemenite, among numerous others. could argue that Jews are the original And EVERY ONE of these citizens tion, it’s too easy to hand-pick and Palestinians, if the who-was-there- can vote, participate in political life, magnify information out of context first controversy is taken into account). and share beaches, buses, bars, park to create a distorted, unflattering and People die in wars, and no one would benches and water fountains with misleading picture, which is exactly their fellow Israelis. There is an Arab what the speaker did. This is a form of dispute that this is tragic. Deranged extremists hide member of the Israeli Supreme Court defamation, which is not protected as themselves and their artillery inside and Israeli cabinet, and several Arab “free speech” under our Constitution, hospitals, day-cares and nursing members of the Israeli parliament. nor should it be protected speech at But the most significant fact Blake. Teachers and administrators homes surrounded by children and the the speaker failed to mention is the have a duty to step in and make sure elderly. In other words, they use their fellow humans as shields. The Israelis horrifying truth that 20 out of the 22 that what students are allowed to tell have to destroy these millitants and members of the League of Arab States a captive audience is the truth, the their weapoins to protect their own do not recognize Israel’s right to exist. whole truth and nothing but the truth. citizens from future terrorism. But Regardless of whether or not the State the speaker didn’t mention that. Nor of Israel is recognized by most of the did he mention that Israel’s concern developed world, it has no right to exfor MINIMIZING civilian casualties is ist in the eyes of most of its neighbors. Max Johnson Contributing Writer


so great that it drops leaflets warning Arab civilians to leave areas where fighting will take place. This of course would have altered the grotesque image he was trying to create – that of an evil, war-mongering occupier of innocents and practitioner of apartheid. In comparing Israel to apartheid South Africa, the speaker conveniently left out some important

Why Learning Foreign Language Matters


Hannah Rice Staff Writer

s the Internet, transportation and other technologies revolutionize international business, the importance of effectively marketing products to countries across the globe increases dramatically. Suddenly, advertisers must market their goods to people who speak different languages and whose cultures have different ideals. As Blake students, we may hear the occasional complaint about an upcoming foreign language test or a never-ending list of vocabulary words that needs to be memorized, but the skills we are learning will be invaluable in the future. For example, when the company GM marketed their car ‘Nova’ in Latin America, consumers understood this car’s name to mean “No Va” Which means, “it doesn’t go” in Spanish. Secondly, when American Airlines directly translated their slogan “Fly in Leather” to Spanish, they didn’t know that it translated to Mexican consumers as “Fly Naked.” Spanish, however, isn’t the only language that has challenged American marketers. Colgate’s toothpaste, ‘Cue’, failed miserably in the French market for sharing its name with a porn magazine. Coca-Cola originally introduced itself to China as ‘Kekoukele’, which translated to, “Bite the wax tadpole” in Chinese. These incredibly embarrassing mistakes reflected poorly on the United States and its companies across the world. Not only did these errors prevent the sale of products, but they also communicated a lack of cultural awareness. The United States has earned an international reputation for not emphasizing the importance of global awareness and foreign languages. With our economy so closely tied with those around the world, the importance of effective international communication and of a broader understanding of others’ cultures continues to grow. Here at Blake, we have resources powerful enough to change the United States.

Opinions Apr10



Planning The Unplanned: The Nelson Amendment Perrin Burke Page Editor


he Stupak Amendment was defeated. While I, among my fellow pro-choice associates, rejoiced, we realized grimly that yet another hurdle has been placed on our country’s track to comprehensive abortion coverage in the new Health Reform Bill. Unfortunately, as the health reform enters what seems to be its final passage, controversy has yet again risen, but rather this time claiming the name of the Nelson Amendment. The new abortion language introduced by Nelson undermines the freedom of the people by establishing a completely unworkable system in health care. Under the Nelson abortion check provision, individuals who chose a health plan that includes abortion care, are required to write two separate premium checks. One of these checks is for abortion care, and the other is for everything else necessary. Now, take a second to understand what this means. When women chose their health care, they must decide whether to write one check or two. Well, clearly, a woman is going to write the check that will ensure the coverage of all things medical, excluding abortion of course. However, when choosing to write a check that covers abortion, the woman must Connor Remes Contributing Writer


hen I first heard about the iPad, I was skeptical, mostly because Apple was trying to alter the technology market drastically by introducing a middle-man between the mobile phone and the laptop. The idea seemed ridiculous at first, especially since the iPad resembles an iPod touch on steroids. Adding to my skepticism was the fact that this idea had been introduced nearly a decade earlier in 2001 by Bill Gates. Even then, the idea had failed. In the past three or so years, mini laptops (net books) have been created by a multitude of major computer companies, such as Dell, Asus, HP and more. But these attempts at a step between the mobile phone and computer have resulted in inexpensive, comically small computers that are slow and irritating. Apple

consider if she will in fact need an abortion in the future. Realistically, women do not plan to get pregnant to get an abortion, more importantly abortions are preformed due to unplanned pregnancies. Therefore, this provision is expecting women to plan for unplanned pregnancies. Well, this is exactly the intention of Nelson and other anti-choice advocates. The manipulating, restrictive and stigmatizing abortion check provision imposes a standard on Americans trying to buy health insurance coverage which fits all of their needs, while attempting to appear to the public as a less radical alternative to the Stupak Amendment. In reality, the exploitation of American rights is far more developed; while Stupak provision banned abortion coverage altogether in the exchange, Nelson requires abortion coverage to be paid for separately, which does essentially the same thing. The provision acts exactly as an abortion rider would; enforcing a policy that requires individuals to purchase a single-service abortion policy separate from their health insurance package. Health plans are therefore required to deposit the payments from subsidized individuals into two separate accounts- one for the abortion payments, and one for everything else in order to ensure that only private funds are used

for abortion care. However, requiring health plans to administer two different payments of private funds is not necessary to ensure public funds are not used for abortion care. Furthermore, the provision removes the protection in the underlying Senate bill that require that each exchange have at least one plan that provides abortion coverage and one that does not. Should the Nelson provision pass, there will only be a guarantee of a plan, does not provide abortion coverage. Even worse, the plan removes protections for abortion providers. This results in a lopsided protection only for entities that refuse to provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for an abortion; making it near impossible to attain an abortion, an option that is currently a free choice to all American women. As far as disgusting exploitation goes, in regard to this abortion check provision, Senator Ben Nelson takes the cake. This new provision is not abortion neutral, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she can establish. It objectifies and threatens the rights of women in the United States, therefore introducing a sexually discriminatory provision, something that has been outlawed in the United States Constitution for some time. Although Nelson clearly holds no interest in health care reform or women’s health, we

can look to Pro-Choice leaders in the Senate and the House to improve this prejudiced language when it gets to conference. After all, although 77% of all anti-abortion leaders are men, 100% of men will never be pregnant.

Students Respond: “We live in a country that believes in quality for every person. This is sexism that violates human rights.” -Skylar Bork ‘13

“It’s not a matter of what legislators think...It shouldn’t be up to the government officials to decide what is going to happen with someone’s life.” - Katie Emory ‘12

“To avoid debate, I prefer a good FALLCCCOOONNN PUNNCHH”

- Jackson “Captain Falcon” Sabes ‘12

iGlad or iMad?

apps will be directly compatible had emphasized this point with the iPad, but they might be a before introducing their iPad. little blurry if they aren’t HD. But My skepticism of this what I’m most excited about is the previously failed idea was iPad’s potential to travel. It weighs cleared away when I tested the a mere 1.5 pounds and measures iPad on its release date, April 3, .5 inches thick and has nearly all 2010. To those that consider the the basic capabilities that one iPad merely a giant iPod touch, needs during a trip in a third of you’re right. However, the iPad the size. What’s more, the 3G verhas numerous capabilities sion of the iPad, which allows web that differentiate it from other browsing anywhere in the U.S., Apple products. First and forewill be released to the public later most, the large, 9.7-inch screen this April. The contract is relativecreates a unique web experily reasonable, too, at $30 a month. ence in your hands, starting It’s hard to say whether or at a groundbreaking $499 for not the iPad will become part of 16 GB of hard drive space. As technological history. It certainly Apple claims, the internet feels Laine Higgins is a unique spin on the tablet PC much more intimate when usAndy Martin ‘10 plays with his iPad idea, and shows Apple’s willinging an iPad, and it is a joy to ness to take risks. Based on the use. Yes, the iPhone can do fun to use. Gaming will be a comthis too, but zooming in is not fun. pletely new experience with the hype and the astounding 700,000 The iPad runs more smoothly lineup of HD games made specifically units sold in the first weekend of sale, than the iPhone/iPod touch, and it’s for the iPad’s resolution size. Many it appears that the iPad is here to stay.




Measuring Up: Bod Laine Higgins


Boys Just Don’t Care

Blake At A Glance


Patrick Dunphy Staff Writer

pectrum took a poll of all Blake students to get a better feel for oys at Blake have a healthy and how students perceive their bodies. Students were asked the moderate body image. Our phiquestions: what is one aspect of the ideal girl’s body and the ideal boy’s body? Do you feel pressure to fit a specific body stereotype? losophy? Exercise is fine as long as it Do you actively try to fit such a stereotype? Here is what they said: does not interfere with academics. Do boys at The Blake School What is One Feature of an Ideal Boy’s Body? have a healthy body image? To anGirls’ Perspective Boys’ Perspective swer this question, one must first define a “healthy” body image. Is it healthy to wonder about how others perceive your body? Is it reasonable to obsess about your physical fitness? Is it sensible not to care at all? One’s personal body image depends on the degree to which they care about these three questions. Good Abs-29.7%; Nice Hair-2.7%; Big Big Muscles-39.7%; Good Abs-33.3%; Cute Muscles-48.6%; Healthy-13.5%; Penis-8.1% Face-17.9%; Tall-3.8%; Healthy-5.1% I believe that a “healthy” body image is created through moderaWhat is One Feature of an Ideal Girl’s Body? tion, somewhere in between each Girls’ Perspective Boys’ Perspective extreme. It is healthy to care about your body, but not to the extent where you try to attain unreachable ideals of a “good” male body.. There are many attributes that characterize a conventional “good” male body. According to stereotypes, teenage boys should Skinny-52.6%; Big Curves-14.1%; Pretty Pretty Face-29.7%; Skinny-24.3%; Big Breastsbe broad-shouldered, tall, and Face-14.1%; Nice Legs-10.3%; Healthy-9.0% 35.1%; Nice Legs-2.7%; Healthy-10.8% muscular. They should be neiDo you try to fit a certain body ther too fat nor too skinny. FaDo you feel pressure to fit a body image? cial hair should not be on the stereotype? faces of teenage boys, but they should have the ability to grow it. No-20% From what I observe at Blake, I know that the majority of No-55% Yes-45% male students do care about their height and weight, but they do not Yes-80% stress over them. We are too busy with homework and extra-curriculars to obsess about our abs Sutton Higgins or our biceps, and we do not try NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: to achieve the “ideal male body.” In While this poll’s results stem from a diverse control group, they do not provide a complete look at the complex issue of body image at Blake. They merely fact, it’s the opposite: we care more provide general statistics about student body image at Blake. Thank you to all about academics than our bodies. Unlike other schools, Blake does who participated!


not have cheerleaders or (more relevant to boys) a homecoming king. Boys at Blake are not under peer pressure to have perfect bodies. In reality, we are under peer pressure to get into a good college. Do we still have aspects of our body image to work on? Yes. Students still make hurtful jokes about others’ bodies in sophomore Health class, even if they are just kidding around. As male students at Blake, we must remember that comments made about someone’s body, even in jest, can be offensive. Overall, boys at The Blake School have a healthy body image. We care enough about our bodies to exercise and shower, yet we don’t let unreachable stereotypes stand in the way of care for our bodies. Blake’s supportive culture and high amount of homework make excessive exercise and narcissism seem unnecessary. Aside from mild jokes, Society’s exam we do not see the point male and fem that are hard of pressuring ourselves feel are unrea to reach unattainable stereotypes and so we are comfortable in our own skins.



dy Image at Blake : Hannah Tieszen Staff Writer


itting in the airport over Spring Break, I read many magazines, ranging from trashy tabloid to women’s health to fashion. Cover girls stared back at me, faces completely airbrushed. As I leafed through each one, I found myself, as I do usually while reading these magazines, comparing and contrasting, degrading or envying the celebrities or real people seen in each article or ad. The celebrities are faultless, not a hair out of place, as they describe the ”way to get Jessica Biel’s body” or “my secret to losing all 10 pounds of baby weight-in 1 week!” It’s overwhelming. As adolescents, we are expected to maintain Sutton Higgins a solid GPA, mples for perfection in both keep up with male bodies set standards work outside to attain and that many of school, and alistic. be a good friend, daughter and sister, all the while eating

Society Sends Girls Mixed Messages 1000 calories a day to maintain a Megan Fox physique. Is that even possible? I read on. These headlines seem shallow, yet I can’t help but eat them up and relish whatever information is provided. The question is, am I the only one? Women around the world, of all ages, including in our Blake community, deal with issues relating to body image, self-confidence and the anxiety and strive for perfection that comes along with it. Because of these publications, in addition to many other outside pressures, the standards set for a “perfect” body are beyond reach, especially for women who lead busy lives. Society holds many contradictions: you need to be skinny, but still have curves; athletic but not too muscular; tan but if you lay in the sun, you risk skin cancer. Certain things are considered beautiful, even if they pose an immediate or long-term threat to your well being; that does not make sense. With food, women find themselves torn. If you eat too much, you are looked at as if you can’t control your habits, and if you don’t eat, you are assumed to have an eating disorder. Females cannot keep up with this constant fluctuation of what is considered beautiful or acceptable. Moreover, we are expected to maintain self-respect and have confidence in who we are as people as well, but how is that possible when the very limited expectations of how we should look are screaming at us from bold headlines? At Blake, pressure to look a certain way is subconscious. It’s not necessarily the Blake environment itself that causes body image

hang-ups, but rather the culture and generation we are living in. It is fairly obvious that the majority of girls take pride or work hard to achieve a certain look. I can’t walk into a Sculpt class at Corepower without running into a classmate, and half the student body can be seen sweating it out at Lifetime. However, the encouragement and pursuit of a strong female athlete representation does push Blake in the right direction. Blake women are out on the courts, the fields, the slopes and develop a strong competitive drive in addition to athleticism. We are fostering an environment of girls who love to be active and love to push themselves physically. This is a positive step toward healthy body image, as athletes grow to love their bodies for what they can accomplish as opposed to what they look like. However, body image is not only about the physical aspect. What I’ve also learned in my many years at Blake is that you can wear the right thing, say the right things and have the quintessential body, but the ability to carry yourself well, have confidence in yourself and be comfortable in your own skin are all equally as important. Blake has created classroom environments in which girls are encouraged to speak their minds and be confident in sharing their ideas, as opposed to blending into the background unnoticed. An atmosphere that encourages girls to try new things and be themselves leads to strong, confidant women. And that’s something that cannot be compensated for by the best legs or the flattest stomach.


Teachers See Positive Trends Elinor Mitchell Staff Writer hen you look in the mirror, what do you see? For many teens, body image is defining, not only in the way we see ourselves, but also in who we are to others. The ideals portrayed by the media and advertising tell both women and men to embody what is “perfect,” rather then what is real. Both Ms. DeHarpporte and Ms. Larson agree that pressure to conform exists everywhere. However, as Ms. DeHarpporte points out, the socalled “societal standards” that tell us what to be are set solely by those who live by them: consumers, both women and men. She says, “We fuel these companies; if we stopped, they wouldn’t exist…we all have a choice.” Ms. Larson adds, “Media can promote healthy messages about body image, but unfortunately you don’t see much of this because advertisers can’t make money if people feel good about how they look and don’t see a need to buy their product.” In spite of these universal pressures, Ms. DeHarpporte and Ms. Larson see positive trends at Blake. Ms. Larson says, “The Blake community can be pretty accepting of differences, but on the other hand, you don’t see a lot of variety when it comes to body shape size and appearance.” Ms. DeHarpporte points out, “Athleticism at Blake counters the expectation that girls must be ‘delicate’ or ‘pretty.’” She also argues the growing number of boys in the arts as well as those who are more willing to be more openly affectionate with one another, create a more comfortable environment for all men. While Blake is far from perfect, as a community, we are capable of breaking the norms that determine how we see ourselves. We control the definition of what is beautiful, and by not finding flaws when we look in the mirror we can redefine positive body image and initiate positive trends of our own.




Sports Apr 10

The Madness Ends Chance Lillehei Staff Writer


his year’s March Madness brought many major upsets and busted brackets. March Madness consists of the best 64 division one college basketball teams competing in an elimination tournament. The defending men’s champion, University of North Carolina, did not even qualify this year. Ohio, Murray State, Old Dominion, Washington, Cornell and Northern Iowa all pulled off major upsets beating basketball powerhouses such as Villanova, Kansas, Georgetown, and Vanderbilt. The two teams that were considered to be the favorites in the tournament were Kansas and Kentucky. Kansas was surprisingly beaten by underdog, Northern Iowa in the 2nd round. This game may end up being considered one of the greatest March Madness upsets of all time. Kentucky was more successful but still fell to the number two seed, West Virginia, in the Elite Eight. Duke and Syracuse were number one seeds in the tournament; Duke being the only number one seed to make it to the final four and eventually the finals.

Butler University from Indiana was a 5th seed. They were a big surprise in the tournament pulling off three major upsets including Syracuse, Kansas State and Michigan State to advance to

their 4th National Championship and 4th under Coach Mike Krzyzewski. While there are the same number of teams in both men’s and women’s divisions, unfortunately, the

Bailey Dunning Jack Schnettler ‘11 drops his head in disappointment to know Duke won it all

the finals, before losing 50-52 to Duke. Minnesota’s own Golden gophers also qualified for the tournament, but had an early exit after losing to Xavier in the first round. In the end, the Duke Blue Devils won

tournaments fall under the same time period and coverage of the women’s games was lacking. However, in the NCAAW tournament there were also many upsets. Two of the games were played in the Target Center despite the

fact that the Gopher women did not make it into the tournament this year. Perennial women’s standouts, Connecticut and Stanford, dominated their competition and met in the finals. Connecticut, the defending National Champions was riding a 78 game winning streak, which is the 2nd largest of all time in college basketball. Connecticut, after a slow start in the 1st half, pulled away in the 2nd half and won 53-47 for their second consecutive championship and the 6th in 10 years. Connecticut is 10 wins off the 1971-1974 UCLA Bruins legendary 88 game win streak for most all time. With Duke and Connecticut decorated, the madness came to an end. The tournament this year left some people happy and others disappointed over the outcomes. Die hard Duke fan, Will “The Hawk” Hawkins ‘10, claims, “Duke is the best. It’s as simple as that. All of you Duke ‘haters’ go take a look at the scoreboard. Go Duke!” The amount of excitement that came from this tournament did not disappoint and many would agree that it was one of many great March Madness’s within the last decade.

Fore!: Blake Boys Golf Expects The Best Mason Hinke Staff Writer


he typical saying about golf is that “anyone can do it”. However, anyone who says that probably hasn’t played a real round of golf. Mini golf, while extremely entertaining, does not give the real idea of the game. Those who have actually played on a real course know that it can be one of the most frustrating, yet rewarding sports. The Blake boys golf team knows this and are looking forward to a great season. The golf team is coming off of a strong 2009 season. They placed third in their conference, tying Breck for first place in the grueling 18-hole conference tournament. The team expects to build off of their momentum due to the fact that they only lost two seniors. This year, they will be led by

senior captain Cam Falvey ’10 and are high, encouraged by the immense junior captain Jack Schnettler ’11. amount of new underclassmen joinThe captains and other upper-class- ing the team. Jack Schnettler stated, men will be supported by a strong under-classmen group, led by all-conference honorable mention award winner Jack Dayton ’13. They will also be lead by long-time coach and math teacher Bruce Archibald. I believe that Cam Falvey put it best by simply stating, “Arch is a great man”. Practices at Minnekhada are generally at the driving or chipping range where the athletes try to simulate match situation shots. Most of the gold team’s matches are nine holes, although there Patrick Lelich ‘13 playing golf Patrick Lelich are a few that go the entire 18. “Our hope is to be Expectations for this season led to the state championship by our

fearless senior leader Cameron Falvey. We also expect rookie Timmy “Superstar” Zellmer ’11 to make significant contributions along the way.” Another goal of the team is to shatter the hopes and dreams of the Breck golf team. After a disappointing, yet still very good tie to the slice-and-shank golf team of the Breck school, the Bears will come out looking for revenge. As Cam stated once again, “Breck is just a bunch of dust balls”. Obviously, the mustangs stand no chance once they step onto the green against Blake. Overall, the Blake golf team is poised for a great season. With a large amount of talent, they are all ready for a run at their conference and possibly even the state championship.

Sports Apr 10

Mystery Athlete

Season Scoreboard

Benton Graham Contributing Writer

Bailey Dunning Editor-In-Chief


ith the weather nice and the fields green, spring sports are finally here! Blake offers eight official sports teams, those of which are: baseball, softball, boy’s tennis, boy’s and girl’s golf and boy’s and girl’s lacrosse. Along with that there are four club sports teams that kids can participate in. Including: equestrian, ultimate frisbee, sailing and STEPPS. Blake is doing well in all sports thus far and I look forward to the rest of the season!

Baseball: 6-0 Softball: 4-1 Girls Golf: 1-0 Boys Golf: 1-1 Girls Lacrosse: 3-1 Boys Lacrosse: 3-0 Boys Tennis: 4-0 Girls and Boys Track and Field: Doing Well!




his issue’s mystery athlete, seen by many under-classmen as god-like, has had an illustrious athletic career at Blake. A three-sport captain, he leads others both on and off the field. His talents in football, basketball, and baseball are complimented by his calm, humorous demeanor when not competing. On the football field he is a warrior, never missing a start in his three years of varsity play. Not only did he play a key role in the offense and defense, but by the end of his senior year he was also returning kicks. This means that he never got a break. A 2-1 record against Breck highlighted this mystery athlete’s career. Of these wins, he led Blake to victory in a blowout 46-nil victory and tossed the winning touchdown to David Appelbaum ‘11 and two-point conversion to Timmy Zellmer ‘11. Unfortunately he was not able to win any section games, but does this does not take away from the winning record against our rival. In the winter he took his athleticism to the hardwood, where he again took on the leadership role of captain. Throughout his two years as

a prominent varsity basketball player, the team saw gradual improvement. His junior year the bears lost three tight ball games to Breck, one of which was in the first round of sections, but

Laine Higgins

also had two thrilling victories over Cloquet and Brooklyn Center. Sadly, the season ended too early on a buzzer beater against Minneapolis Roosevelt. The third sport that the mys-

tery athlete captains is the baseball team. At this point in the year, his senior season is still young and the team is at a perfect 5-0. This young man does a bit of everything for his baseball team, pitching, leading the team at shortstop, as well as providing a steady bat. Last season he posted an impressive 2.3 ERA and was vital to the team’s defense. Although the Bears baseball team lost to a lower seeded St. Paul Humboldt team in the first round last year, the squad boasted a 10-9 record regular season record. Hopefully the baseball team continues to dominate this season so we may see this mystery athlete can lead the team deep into the playoffs. This mystery athelete will be greatly missed and remembered for his leadership and athletic ability for some time to come. He has helped the football and basketball teams experience incredible highs in his multiple years of participation. Overall, this athlete has played a major role in the Blake athletic program and has been a big role model for many younger students because of his tenacity on the field and kindness off of it.

Tiger Returns to Golf

David Applebaum Contributing Writer


ver the past decade, few athletes have contributed more to their sport than Tiger Woods. Winning 14 majors, 71 official PGA tour events, and making many astounding and memorable comebacks, one could say he’s one of the best golfers to ever live. But often with fame comes foolish mistakes. On November 27th Tiger’s public woes began with an earlymorning crash outside his Orlandoarea home. He suffered minor injuries after striking a fire hydrant and a tree with his Cadillac SUV. Reporters say Tiger’s wife, Elin Nordegren, hit the car’s windows with a golf club to save Tiger from the accident. However there were also many speculations that said that Elin smacked the car with intention of clubbing Tiger, because she assumed he was cheat-

ing on her. That assumption was later proved correct and Tiger’s life began to spiral out of control. Tiger refused to speak to the public for a lengthy period and began a 45-day, “inpatient therapy,” for his addiction to sexual promiscuity. Finally coming out from the darkness, Tiger gave a speech addressing his apologies to everyone and clearing up misconceptions that the media had created. On March 16th Tiger announced he would make his return to golf at one of his most glorious tours, the Masters. Tiger Woods has been the face of golf for over a decade and his contributions have been countless. Tiger’s absence from golf has lowered interest in the sport and has been devastating to the PGA association. The absence of golf superstar Phil Mickelson, doesn’t help the sport anymore. Once he returned, Tiger golfed his best opening round at the masters, hitting a 68. Tiger’s mo-

mentum seemed to falter though. He didn’t improve on his excellent first round throughout the tournament, while other golfers, such as Phil Mickelson improved their scores past Tiger. Tiger ended up tied for 4th place, while Phil took home the green jacket. Tiger Wood’s may have not won the tournament and with it the possibility of respect from those whom disapproved of his actions. However, his return to golf was unbelievably constructive for the sport’s popularity and general public interest. America loves comebacks and forgiveness in major scandals, and the 2010 Masters Tournament was one of the most commercialized and viewed programs for time to come. Even the people who despise Tiger for his actions and behaviors of the last 6 months know that Tiger’s return impacted the sport tremendously.



If You’re Looking For a Good Book... Taylor Rondesvedt Staff Writer

“The Messenger” by Markus Zusak

“The gunman is useless…” So begins Markus Zusak, acclaimed author of The Book Thief. Part adventure, part romance and part mystery, The Messenger tells the story of a cabdriver who’s life takes a crazy turn after he stops a bank robbery. Zusak creates a cast of characters that you can’t help falling in love with. Although The Messenger is a short book, it begs the question: what would you do if an ace of diamonds with a list of names was delivered to your doorstep?

“Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress” by Susan Jane Gilman

This book is so ridiculous, you might think it’s made up. Gilman’s tales of growing up in 1960’s New York are wonderfully funny. A memoir of life as a “hippie”, Gilman’s book covers everything from meeting Mick Jagger, running naked through the socialist commune her parents brought her to as a toddler or stints as a Catholic schoolgirl, Gilman’s book is one hilarious vignette after the next.

“When You are Engulfed in Flames” by David Sedaris

Always sarcastic and satirical author David Sedaris never fails to amuse. In this book of short essays, Sedaris covers everything from germs, smoking, cranky neighbors to old fashioned boarding houses, and he never fails to make his readers cringe at his desciprtions. With a flair for the dramatic, Sedaris takes life experiences and turns them into wildly comic snapshots. This book is a must-read for any long plane or car ride.

Variety Apr 10 Science Department Inner Weirds Frieda Yeung Staff Writer

“I believe in ghosts, I don’t like cooked fruit, I do a great kangaroo impression, my fingers are very double jointed, I have practically no memory, I own a rain barrel company, I like doing taxes, I’m shy and don’t like to speak in front of large groups and somehow I ended up a teacher, sometimes I speak in different languages during a normal English conversation, I do a mean air guitar, I like to break out in song, and so on and so forth.”

Mrs. Vance and Mr. Arnold pose with the anatomy model.

Laine Higgins

“I think spiders are pretty “I’m a hopeless golf fanatic. cute, in particular, spiders I’d rather golf than eat.” - Mr. Arnold from the Salitcidae Family.” - Ms. Vance “I don’t like to read.” “I am missing both my ACLs - Mr. Mitchell in my knees, but I can still “I enjoy vacudunk a basketball.” uming my - Dr. Harrington car. I used to “Until a couple of years have 14 fish ago, I had never bought tanks. I like to - Mr. Trinh any clothes item for mydrive home a “I only eat M&M’s one color self. What broke the different way Laine Higgins at a time, never mixed.” streak? A pair of jeans.” everyday.” Mr. Trockman ogles - Ms. Williams

- Mr. Kaback

fish in the aquarium.

Chipoetry Winners!

A Sonnet for Vesper by Daniel Webber ‘10

O vast, invincible and void night sky, Whose stretch is infinite, knowing no bound, Whose stars the trysts of lovers oversee, Whose harmony of spheres is so profound: Of late your beautiful, dark mystery Has my sustaining inspiration been; I kindly thank you for your constancy In this, an age of weak and fickle men. How often I have wished to disappear Into your secrecy, without a sound, Go West, and seek a fresh, unknown frontier Where by no evil man I could be found! And yet I know this flight in vain would be – No such frontier exists, but within me.

Chipoetry contest winner poems continued on Page 11

- Mr. Trockman

not tonight by Kate Abram’12

tonight is not the night when the sky’s ink expands forever thick and dark and pure

tonight the stars do not reach down to us waiting to catch our breath as it leaves our mouth in foggy billows

tonight when I shiver with cold you do not drape your jacket around my shoulders grabbing my hand in two of yours But tonight is the night when the sky is the smudged orange gray of a watercolor brush smeared quickly across the page tonight the stars are barely pocket marks where the salt has been scraped away

so tonight when I shiver you press your chest against my back and put my arms in your sleeves zipping the parka around us together tonight we are a shrieking, clomping, harrumphing snow beast our four legs tangle and we trip into the snow bank and that is why I do not care that on that night that is not tonight my hair would not have gotten wet

Variety Apr 10



We Scream for Ice Cream! Ellie Alldredge Page Editor

Courtney Alpeter Contributing Writer


scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner and there is nothing better than an ice cream cone on that ninety-degree July day. We have already done your ‘cool treats’ homework for the summer and compared some of the popular ice cream shops in the Twin Cities. So in a few months, when you are dying for a refreshing shake, sundae, or ice cream sandwich, you’ll know just the place to go.

Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe St. Paul Ben & Jerry’s Minneapolis, Wayzata Lick’s Unlimited Excelsior Sebastian Joe’s Minneapolis Adele’s Custard

Laine Higgins Page Editor

Izzy’s Ice Cream Cafe

Pumphouse Creamery Minneapolis

Laine Higgins

McKenzie Sanders Contributing Writer

Ben & Jerry’s

This Saint Paul ice cream café, featured on the Food Network a few years ago, may be a bit of a haul, but it is more than worth it! Their intriguing variety of flavors and great signature treats like the Isabella, earns them four scoops for originality. Izzy’s has also `gone green’ by installing solar panels to power the store! This quaint neighborhood ice cream store earns five scoops for atmosphere. Their homemade cones are delicious, but not their speciality, so they earn four scoops for cones. Lastly, these tasty creations come reasonably priced, so Izzy’s earns five scoops for cost.

Ben & Jerry’s has 54 total flavors, some of the best including Cherry Garcia and Half Baked, which earns them five scoops for originality. Their ice cream sometimes has an odd aftertaste, and cones have the tendency to leak at the bottom, so Ben & Jerry’s gets four scoops for cones and taste. Their stores have energetic yet simplistic vibes, complete with dairy cows grazing under blue skies, which earns Ben & Jerry’s four scoops for atmosphere. Prices start at $3.75, but they also have a free cone day once a year, which gives Ben & Jerry’s four scoops for cost.

Walking into Lick’s Unlimited is like entering a childhood dream, complete with vintage pictures, toys and a tightrope-walking cow, which gives Lick’s five scoops for atmosphere. Lick’s has about 25 flavors of ice cream, each filled with goodies like bubblegum, candy bars and sprinkles. Lick’s earns four scoops for originality and taste. Lick’s sells their ice cream in one, two and three scoop concoctions in cups, sugar and waffle cones for a price range of three to six dollars. Each lick is worth every penny, which earns Lick’s four scoops for cost and cones.

If you are looking for an ice cream, coffee and study spot all in one, then Sebastian Joes is the place for you. Their two stores, in Linden Hills and Uptown, offer seemingly endless treats, such as sundaes, malts, shakes, Joe Brr bars, homemade cones, and ice cream sandwiches galore! These overwhelming choices earn Sebby Joe’s five scoops for cones, taste and originality. Because of Sebby Joe’s “coffee house” vibe, they earn five scoops for atmosphere. The only drawback is that some of Sebby Joe’s treats can be pricey, so they only earn four scoops for cost.

Adele’s Custard of Excelsior features different new and classic flavors everyday. Adele’s ice cream is home-made, and they are known for their frozen custard which is creamier than its competitors, which gives them five scoops for flavor and taste. They have home-made waffle, wafer and sugar cones earning Adele’s five scoops for cones. Adele’s has outdoor seating in front of their store, which gives Adele’s four scoops for atmosphere. Ice cream prices are fairly inexpensive, and range from $2.53 to $4.58 giving Adele’s five scoops for cost.

The Pumphouse Creamery is a quaint ice cream shop . near Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis. The small shop churns out 20 yummy flavors of ice cream and sorbet every day made with only the best local and organic ingredients, earning them four and a half scoops for taste! And if the delicious ice cream isn’t enough, munch on one of their famous homemade waffle cones, which also earn four and a half scoops. Finally, with four scoops for atmosphere, Pumphouse is the place to go when you’re in the mood for a tasty scoop of ice cream made with the best ingredients on the market.

Lick’s Unlimited

Adele’s Custard

Sebastian Joe’s

Pumphouse Creamery

Chipoetry Winners (continued)

You and I

Excelsior, Wayzata

Emily Moore Staff Writer

by Taylor Chadwick ‘13

You told me that broccoli looked like little trees, And soon, row after row of mini trees stood on our plates. We became monsters that day, Both of us were on a strict tree only diet. They’re the best trees I’ve ever tasted. Together we sent packs of little boys running. We were little too, but they still ran, Because, of course we were monsters. And everyone knows monsters are scary. We became the rulers of our own back-

yard kingdom, We were kings of course. Neither of us ever wanted to be queen, Allied together, we invaded the playground. We occupied our stolen land until dinner. Rowdy fits of laughter followed us everywhere. You looked at me, and burst into laughter, Eyes pressed tightly together, Making old people wrinkles in the corners. We laughed until we fell over and cried. I haven’t laughed like that in years. When I was with you, fireflies looked like tiny suns,

Just there to brighten the dark that follows day. Our very own personal night-lights. Two weeks later, they were gone, I never realized how quickly they died.

Somehow, you grew up without me, I have yet to toss away my daisy chain, My hands were stained from dandelions and grass. You became insecure, hiding behind a painted face, The daisy chain crowns are missing from a familiar, Ever present mop of brown hair. Do you miss them? Do you miss me? I go by a couple of names now, But call me childhood. Wanna go out and play?



BackAprPage 10

Can you spot the differences? easy For each picture, there is one difference, except for in the last one where there are four. The answers are on the bottom. Good Luck!

Answers: Thanks to Luke Walden, Charlie Haakenson and Tate Spencer ‘13 for posing in these pictures. Pictures by Bailey Dunning and Lucia Sandberg ‘12

In the first one, the colors are inversed. In the second one, the photo is missing. And in the last one, the bird on Charlie’s shirt is orange instead of red, the converse sign on his shoe is missing, the under armour sign on Luke’s shorts is gone, the stop sign in the background is missing, and the button on the drinking fountain is extended.


Spectrum: April 2010  
Spectrum: April 2010  

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