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"It's changing every day," one manager said.

see no challenges through the course of the ballgame. We have to be realistic, but the fewer, the better. Right MLB executive vice president for baseball operations now, I think our take on it is we've missed like one call Joe Torre, however, downplayed that angle. every 5.7 or 5.8 games. The fact is that there is nothing "The fact of the matter is we still have [to receive apinsignificant about any play that happens during the proval from the MLBPA and umpires union], so there is course of a game, because it can turn into something really nothing that is in stone at this point in time," Tor- big. re said. "But I thought it was a good opportunity to give "We just sort of planted some seeds today on some of the managers a little head's up, and especially the fact our thinking, on how we're thinking," Torre said. "As far that the next time we see them it will be Spring Trainas how many challenges, you know the fewer the better ing, just give them something to think about, and to let for me. Because it is probably easier to increase later as them call us with any questions or suggestions. opposed to pulling back, because the game would suffer "So it certainly wasn't a meeting where we said, 'This is if I think we've had too many of those." the way it's going to be,' Torre said. "It was basically, One thing that remains unchanged is that the replays 'This is where we are right now,' and I really don't want will be viewed and a decision made at MLB Advanced to go into it only because it may not be the same thing Media headquarters in New York. we start the season with. We have a pretty good idea of where we want to be, but, again, we still have to wait From the beginning, Torre has been mindful of how all for the unions to sign off." of this will impact the pace of play. As recently as last month, Torre was talking about ways to keep managers from stalling to allow a coach or press box employee to look at replays and give a signal whether or not he should appeal. Multiple managers were under the impression Wednesday, however, that not only would they be allowed to get electronic help, but that they had been told it would be available within 10 seconds and that each ballpark would have equal access to a monitor from either dugout. Asked specifically about that point, Torre didn't deny it, but added: "It's just that we've talked about a lot of stuff. The one thing in this process that our goal is to make everything uniform for all the teams. So you have a road team and a home team, we are making sure that that home team is not going to have an advantage over the road team. ... We plan on having the technology standardized for everybody."

"The game is the most important thing," Torre said. "I know we have technology. We can't ignore it. But we certainly don't want to affect the rhythm of the game. Our sport is a little different than other sports. We don't have the built-in timeouts that other sports have where they can do stuff. And we're trying to make sense of what we can do without interfering, and what is important for us." Torre remains confident that expanded replay, which was tested in the Arizona Fall League, can be implemented in time for the upcoming season despite the numbers of wrinkles that still need to be ironed out.

"I think it can come together very quickly," Torre said. "We're certainly not going to force something if we're not ready to do it the right way. We're pretty confident we can do it with the six or seven weeks of Spring Training and that will be our practice ground both in Florida The managers were also under the impression that they and Arizona. I think we'll be in pretty good shape by that would be given just one challenge per game, but would time. But they're just loose ends not tied up. It's not like we're all over the place." get another if their first was upheld. "Umpires are my responsibility," Torre said. "I'd like to

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