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Blake Butkiewicz’s Hidden Typography process book






I really like this assignment and the idea behind it. I did something in my high school graphic design class with my name and making it into a sort of artistic piece. I sort of made it look like what I thought could be a logo for a business card I might have in the future. This project is a bit reminiscent of that in the sense that each individual letter can’t just be random they had to be well thought out. This, admittingly, was not realized by me until after I took the sihouettes of myself. I wasn’t thinking about the element and parts of text and fonts and each individual part a letter may contain. I was focusing more on just forming the letter at all. But, as it turns out, it wasn’t a big factor in the end because my body remains directly proportional in each photograph. That is to say, my body doesn’t change ever really. I’m not getting any fatter or skinnier so all of my letters do look uniform because of that. The letter ‘A’ is the only one that looks different which is because I re-shot that. I decided on using all lowercase letters for my first name. I did this because I think it’s more socially acceptable to have all lowercase letters in a name than uppercase. In social media, many people don’t use capitalization at all for various reasons. In the same context, all caps seems like one is angry.

In the shadows hidden typography finalre