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When you decide that you need to advertise on the internet, there are two things you have to settle on. First there is the fact that you have to write the ad, then you have to figure out the best way to get it seen by the most eyes possible. This second step would include deciding which medium to use, be it T.V. programs, newspapers, bulletin board posters, PPC ads on Google, yahoo, face book etc. You also need to decide which medium is best suited to reach your desired audience in the quickest and least expensive way possible. When you are spending your own money, you will want the best "bang for your buck". The Number one objective is to select the audience you want to reach, and to understand how your target audience is defined on the internet, and what is the favorite medium of this audience. Your target audience is more than likely defined in terms of demographics, but, some believe that this way of describing your target market is too ambiguous. Since people are individuals, you will usually find in such a large group, a large variety of choices in terms of their desired brands and purchase behavior. It is a good bet that a target audience can be more precisely defined by the ways they consume the products. When you determine usage, this will include both brands and categories of the products. Of course, you also need to know, approximately how large of an audience you are talking about, including the number of households, if possible. This is about the only way you can arrive at a realistic figure regarding the buying power of your targeted audience. Now, after you have answered the above question regarding who your audience is, and how large it is and where is the audience located, you will have to decide on the best way to reach it. It is obvious that the answer is cell phone marketing. Cell phones at this time, are the hottest item on this planet. They are absolutely everywhere in the world, even in third world countries. Can you get your mind around this fact? Over four billion people world wide have cell phones right now. They all use their phones daily, and countless times each day. This means, that if you use cell phone marketing, your potential customer base is too huge to even count, and it is growing daily with no end in sight. No other medium can reach more people, more quickly and more economically than cell phones. There are more people that have cell phones than have TV, a computer, an ISP or any other medium you can name! Now, imagine a way to make money by advertising to this huge audience? Well, guess what, advertise on the cell phone network as if it were the internet. This way, you are putting your ads in front of people without them needing to search for them. And, they only see the ads if they have been looking for the item that you have for sale, imagine that! There are actually services out there that let you send messages to other people on their cell

phones, but you will never see them advertised by the so called internet Gurus or coaches, they don't like competition. By the way, these services are also legit and legal; you surely don't want to use something that is illegal. Remember back when PPC ads were new? Think about the money that first marketer with PPC made. Cell phone marketing is going to be the same. It is a virtually un-tapped market for advertisers. Also, with the number of cell phones in use today, and the rate at which number is constantly increasing, there is no chance of the market becoming saturated. "Important for global marketers, mobile handsets are the dominant way people access the Web in many emerging markets, as it is far cheaper", says John Gauntt, senior analyst at digital ad tracker eMarketer. "With a computer, the cost of entry to get Internet access is about $1,200 for the PC and broadband; a mobile is less than half the cost". "The pace for mobile won't be set in the U.S.", says Michael Baker, vice president and head of Nokia Interactive Advertising. "It's a global medium that's different from all other channels. It's cost effective and usually the centerpiece of a strategy. (That's) very different from what's going on in the U.S., which is mini-banner ads".

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==== ==== Make Money With Your Cell Phone: ==== ====

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