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Middle school students hear instructions on how to properly pack meals to send off to Haiti with LifeLine Christian Mission.


Welcome to the children and student ministries of Tates Creek Christian What does it mean to put a child’s faith in motion? One of the things that weighs heavily on the minds of any minister who works with student is whether or not they will actually live out their faith during the week and especially after they graduate. Summer is a great time to see that faith in motion, especially with so many camps and events available. We usually see more growth in our students during the summer than at any other time of the year!

Putting faith in motion for the summer of


So make sure to look through all of the summer programs offered here at Tates Creek Christian Church for children and youth. Camps, outings, an exciting VBS opportunity for families, and times for fellowship are all coming up and we are excited to see how God moves in our students through this season. Not only that, but there are specific activities set up to encourage families to participate in ministry together, and there is no person who is more influential in a

child’s spiritual life than the parent. We hope to see everyone lifting up Jesus together this summer!

in this issue: Faith in motion Pre-School Ministry Elementary Ministry Middle School Ministry High School Ministry

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Make sure to use this resource for your calendar and planning, but you can also get up to date information from our facebook pages and weekly email updates. Go to to connect to all of the various pages and updates that are available. We would also love to contact personally with anyone through email or phone.

Finding your way around Tates Creek Christian Church: 1st Floor: Elementary and Middle School areas

About our church:

denominational church. More

Our main contact times with children and students occur during our Sunday services:

than that we are a unique

Worship services:

Tates Creek Christian Church is an independent non-

community of believers representing many generations. Tates Creek 2nd Floor: Worship Center and Preschool

Christian Church is a progressive conservative nondenominational church. We are progressive in that we try new methods of sharing the message of God's Word,

3rd Floor: MMC and High School

Sunday Services

yet we are conservative in

Traditional - 8:40 am (Worship Center) Blended - 11:10 am (Worship Center) Contemporary - 11:10 am (Multi-Ministry Center) SUNDAY SCHOOL - 10 AM Preschool - Critterland Elementary - Uptown Middle School - Uptown

that we hold fast to the

High School - Youth Room

teachings of God's Word.

To get more information on any of the services, contact the office or any of the ministers directly using the info provided in this pack.

When you worship with us, you will find a family of God's people saved by His precious grace and empowered through His Holy Spirit. Check out the maps to the left

Why we exist:

to get a grasp of where things

to win people to Christ

are and contact us anytime at

(evangelism), build up

859.266.1621 or on the web at

believers in faith, knowledge and service (encouragement), to help those in need (benevolence) and to stand up for Christian values in the community (witness).

Meet our staff, they really want to get to know you and share Jesus with your family!

All of us on staff at Tates Creek Christian want to serve families and love getting to know the families connected to our children and students. Feel free to contact us anytime with questions about programs or concerns.

We are currently searching for a high school student minister and hope to find one by summer, but we have a dedicated team of sponsors working daily to continue the ministry to high school students and families here at Tates Creek.

Here are some quick bios on our staff here at Tates Creek Christian Church Judy Clark

Matt Lee

Brad Haggard



Middle School

I was born and raised in

I love seeing children discover

Lexington. I am proud to be a

something new about God's love

part of the BIG Blue Nation!! I

and purpose for their lives. I love

have been married forty eight

seeing how He shapes and molds

(48) years to William; we have a

them. I really love worshipping

daughter, Monica and son-n-law

alongside the children twice each


and every Sunday morning. I am thrilled to have this opportunity at

We have been members of Tates

TCCC to serve the children and

Creek for seventeen years the last

families, and I’m thankful that I

three (3) I have served as the

belong to HIM!

Preschool Director. I am a member and group leader of Bible

In my free time, I love to spend

Study Fellowship.

time with my wonderful family, have people over to our home,

I love children, teaching God’s

play disc golf with Colten, ride

word, reading and traveling.

horses, play sports, and build

Youth ministry is a passion for me, and I love showing Jesus to students and watching them catch the hope and love we have in Him. My prayer is that our students will become disciples for Jesus and share His love with the lost and hopeless that they meet everyday. In my free time,I enjoy spending most of that time with my wife and two daughters, and also following University of Kentucky sports, taking classes, and generally being nerdier than I want to let anyone else know.

crazy things like an ark for a trailer.




Our Vision for Students







Learn the basic building blocks of faith and learn about how the church acts as a family.

Begin to enjoy time at church, learn to play with other friends and respect those around.

Learn to love time at church and love being a part of a church family.

At Tates Creek Christian we envision spiritual formation occurring for our students along three areas: knowledge, action, and value. All of the programs we offer are designed to encourage this throughout the child’s development.




Gather all the stories of the Bible together and learn how Christ affects every area of our lives.

Start reading the Bible for themselves and begin searching for ways that they can serve others in the church.

Value the Bible as a source of truth and wisdom, and also appreciate the importance of being a part of the church.




Put together the pieces of the story of redemption and learn about our part in the story.

Develop a healthy devotional life and become an active part of serving the Church while sharing their faith with others.

Take ownership of their church community and internalize the teachings of Jesus for true life transformation.

Your chance to put faith into motion and make an IMPACT! What if God had never said, “Let there be light?” What if Jesus didn’t walk out of the grave? What if man never walked on the moon? What if Edison never created the lightbulb? What if our loved one didn’t die? What if our child had never been born? What if we never had accepted Christ as our Savior? What if? All of these events have shaped human, global, and personal history. Each of these have made an impact on our lives in some way. If I were to ask every person to name the events in their life that had the greatest impact I would probably get a different answer from each person. What does impact mean to you? This summer we are going to take a risk in changing our traditional VBS. This summer we are going to accept an enormous challenge as the church. This summer we are going to make an impact on our young families and on our community together!!! First our church family is going to spend three days impacting our young families. During these three days we will worship, serve, eat, laugh, play games, make family mosaics, and enjoy special family times as we discover three incredible things about David’s life leading up to his battle with Goliath. As young families we will be loved on and cared for by those in our church family that don’t have young children in their homes. That means that we are calling on EVERY person from

middle school youth group to our amazing group of senior citizens to lend a hand. It is my hope and prayer that our church family will take advantage of this opportunity to pour love, time, and energy into the hearts, minds, and souls of our families. We are asking our church family to “roll the red carpet out” for the families in order to refresh them and prepare them for the coming school year. Then, once our families are filled to the brim they will not be able to stop themselves from flooding into the community to love our neighbors. The second part of our Impact experience will happen when the young families take over for one special night in the Lansdowne-Merrick Park. In the park we will bring the story of David and Goliath to life in an open field. Together with our neighbors we will celebrate God’s great victory through the re-enactment, worship, and games. Then, at the end we will fellowship together complete with bounce houses, snacks, music, and lots of fun. The role of the family during this one night event will be to serve, serve, and serve those in attendance from the community. From the welcome, to the guides, to the food and games we will serve together. Pray about it! Put it on your calendars! Tell your Sunday School classes to get involved! Invite your neighbors! Join the team!

Don’t miss out on being part of making an IMPACT!

Checking into UpTown for a great time of worship and fellowship!

SMALL GROUPS Nic Skinner 859-361-7250 Dan Ewing 859-233-2262 Rick Layne 859-887-1694 Matt Lee 859-537-2634


For our families Without them student ministries wouldn’t be needed. We at Tates Creek place a high importance on family. Studies have shown time and time again that parents have the greatest impact on their children’s spiritual lives. For that reason, we encourage and challenge our parents to ensure that they too are


filling their cup so that they are prepared to pour themselves out


for their children daily.


To the left you will find a listing of small groups and Sunday

Good News

school classes that we think might be just the right fit for you. Whether it be in a small group, a Sunday school class, a prayer


group or something else, we want to partner with you to make

Grace & Truth

sure that you too are putting your faith in motion.

Fellowship Hall Heaven Bound Room 301 Open Bible 200-A&B

Faith in Motion: •Look to God •Love like Jesus •Live in the Spirit


The Love Bug came to visit in March to get mail and help us figure out how to lean on Jesus to solve our problems.

Meeting Jesus in the Park! What fun we had in the “Park”! In January we met Cowgirl Casey and Sheriff Caitlan who helped us discover “With God, all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26. We heard how He turned water to a super fancy drink; how He helped his friend catch so many fish their nets were about to break, He feed 5,000 people, walked on water and calm the angry sea. WOW! He can do anything. In February we learned From God’s Word (which is always true and always right), we were told to “Love ... God with all your heart.” Matthew 22:37 and too

Weekly Programs

Love others, the second greatest commandment. With the help of the Turbo 2000 we found many, many ways we could show our love to others. Lou, the Love Bug, came to visit in March. Lou just loves to get mail. Each week she shared a letter from one of the many boys and girls that wrote to her about their problems. She was very helpful always pointing them to the greatest problem solver of ‘Jesus’. A couple of the boys need some help with problems they were having at home. Steven Moore request some help with his dogs and Adam Ewing need direction as how to get ‘Lighting McQueen’ and some other vehicles repaired.

JESUS IN THE PARK - Sundays, 8:40 & 11:10 AM. Critterland SUNDAY SCHOOL - Sundays, 10:00 AM. Critterland WEDNESDAY NIGHT - Wednesdays (when Oasis occurs), 6:30 PM. Critterland

Promotion Sunday June 10

More Fun in the Park


The grand prize winners of 600 Grand at the family bowling night.

This summer the worship in UpTown will be flipped!

enjoy the summer weather and vacation.

With the weather we have been having it is nearly impossible not to be thinking about summer plans! Does your family have some fun things planned for this summer? Will you head to the beach for a few days? What about heading out to the lake or camping? It might be an exciting time just to get together with friends at a pool or at the baseball field. Whatever you have planned this summer I am sure that at some point you will wear a pair of sandals or flip flops so that your feet can feel the sun as well. What a great way to

This summer in Uptown we are going to try several new things to ensure your child’s summer is full of excitement and opportunities for your child to grow spiritually. You have probably already read about the huge plans for VBS, now called Impact. I personally can’t wait to share in that experience with each family. I also can’t wait to spend 4 days with your child at day camp or 6 days at 7-11. All of these special events are going to be great memory makers with huge impact, but our Sunday mornings can’t be

Weekly Programs

overlooked. That’s why we are going to put a summer twist to our Sunday morning programming. This summer we are going to flip flop our programming. During our normal worship times of 8:40 and 11:10 we will be focusing our time on serving others, team work, and small groups. That means that each Sunday at 10:00 will be our main worship time together. Our worship time will have the look and feel of summer camp complete with fun challenges, messy games, lots of laughter, exciting story time, and engaging worship.

UPTOWN WORSHIP - Sundays, 8:40 & 11:10 AM. UpTown SUNDAY SCHOOL - Sundays, 10:00 AM. UpTown WEDNESDAY NIGHT - Truth Travelers (when Oasis occurs), 6:30 PM. UpTown

Summer Dates for

Brooke and Grace are trying to keep warm at the lock-in at the Lexington Ice Center

Elementary: May 19: • 5th Grade Farewell June 3: • Flip-Flop Worship begins June 11-14: • Day Camps at Blue Grass Christian Camp

Teaching Schedule for UpTown May Main Point: Uptown is a place to Grow • May 6- Planting the Seed Scripture: Mark 4:3-8 • May 13- Where were you planted & Mother’s Day Special Scripture: Mark 4:3-8 • May 20- Growing Up Scripture: Mark 4:3-8

Kid’s Choice Camp this Summer • May 27- God gave us good rules! Scripture: Exodus 20:3-17 • June 3- God gave us good rules- 2 Scripture: Exodus 20:3-17 • June 10- God is the only true God! Scripture: Exodus 20:3 • June 17-  Do not make idols! Scripture: Exodus 20:4 •  June 24-  Do not misuse God’s name! Scripture: Exodus 20:7

• July 1-  Use the Sabbath to honor God.

July 22-27: • 7-11 Camp at Blue Grass Christian Camp August 5-8:

Scripture: Exodus 20:8 • July 8-  Honor your father and mother.

• July 15-  Do not murder.

August 5-7 6:00-8:30 PM at Tates Creek Christian Church

Scripture: Exodus 20:13

(Dinner will begin at 6 PM)

Scripture: Exodus 20:12

• July 22- Be faithful to your husband or wife. Scripture: Exodus 20:14 •  July 29- IMPACT FAMILY SUNDAY •  August 5- Do not steal. Scripture: Exodus 20:15 •  August 12- Do not lie. Scripture: Exodus 20:16 •  August 19-  Be content with what you have. Scripture: Exodus 20:17 •  August 26-  God’s rules are good for us! Scripture: Exodus 20:3-17

August 8 5:30-8:30 PM at Lansdowne-Merrick Park (Dinner will begin at 5:30 PM)

Middle School

Rachel and Elizabeth are ready to pack another meal to send to Haiti with LifeLine Christian Mission.

Coming together as the Church to work for the Kingdom. Merge this February was a picture of what God’s kingdom can look like. Sometimes in ministry it can be really easy to only focus on what’s going on right in front of you, with your own church’s concerns taking center stage all of the time. But when churches can break out of that and really work together, then neat things can happen. This past February that very thing did happen as middle school students from Tates Creek Christian,

Weekly Programs

Crossroads Christian, and Eastland Church of God came together to pack meals to send to hunger projects in Haiti. Not only did no one complain, but everyone worked hard and we passed our goal of 15,000 meals! Maybe be most significant part of the night, however, was the prayer time we had over the meals before we sent them out. Now three groups of students from three different churches know what it’s like to come together to fulfill God’s mission.

We hope to do more of this kind of service, especially as we welcome up a new group of 6th grade students this summer!

Important Dates: Graduation Sunday: 6/3 Promotion Sunday: 6/10 Small Group Kickoff 9/12

AMPLIFY - Sundays, 10:00 AM. UpTown YOUTH WORSHIP - Sundays, 6:00 PM. MMC WEDNESDAY NIGHT - Small Groups (when Oasis occurs), 6:30 PM. UpTown

Everyone was a little worked up after the weekend at C.I.Y. Believe

Summer Events for Middle School: May 18: • Game Night June 3: •Graduate Lunch June 10-14: •Blitz Week

Some big changes are coming for the Middle School space!

Here’s the Middle School teaching calendar for the summer:

For over a year now the middle school has been without a space we could call our own since the contemporary service started. The good thing about middle school students is that they are flexible, though! We’ve borrowed Rock Studio in UpTown for Amplify and the Fellowship Hall for small groups. Starting in the fall, however, Matt Lee, the Elementary Minister, has allowed us to go in and make Rock Studio ours! We’re really excited to have a dedicated space again, and to be able to fix it up to make it more useful for Middle School ministry. So look out for some changes happening to Rock Studio in July and the chance to maybe be a part of the remodeling. There will be a lot of work to do, but for the Kickoff in September we want to be fully in the new room. We’ll make sure to thank Matt for sacrificing some of his space, too!

Church 2.0: April 15 through May 27 • Taking a look at the Church in Acts and how it calls us to look at ourselves and our church differently.

Bully: June 3 through 24 • With a new documentary coming out following the effects of bullying, we will look at friendship relationships in our church and how to stand up for the weak.

Job: In Search of Hope July 1 through 29 • We will look through Job in 5 acts and see how God gives us hope even in the darkest of times.

Hunger Games: August 5 through September 9 • What are you hungry for, and how far are you willing to go to find what you really want from God?

June 24-29: •Camp at Blue Grass Christian Camp July 9: • Kings Island July 11, 18, 25, August 1, 8: •Home Groups

High School

Getting ready for everyone to switch seats at the Super Bowl Party.

Central Kentucky will be represented together at C.I.Y. Move

The high school has a really exciting summer camp lined up for the first week of July. All of the Christian Churches in the Lexington area have come together to form their own C.I.Y. Move conference to

Weekly Programs

be hosted in Panama City June 30 through July 6. Not only will this be a fun time at the beach, but students from the entire Central Kentucky area will be challenged in new ways by C.I.Y. This is an especially important opportunity for students who will be moving into high school to make new friends and become a part of the group. Students consistently say that this is the conference which causes them to grow and be challenged in their faith walk.

If you are interested let Kevin Fugette know. He is the chair of the high school ministry team while we are in the search process. Contact him at

Graduate Recognition Graduate Dinner Graduate Sunday Promotion Lunch Promotion Sunday

May 20 June 3 June 3 June 10

SUNDAY SCHOOL - Sundays, 10:00 AM. Youth Room COLLIDE - Sundays, 6:00 PM. MMC WEDNESDAY NIGHT - Small Groups (when Oasis occurs), 6:30 PM. Youth Room

Warming up after an afternoon of skating

Summer Events for High School: June 3: •Promotion Lunch June 3-8: •REverse Camp at Blue Grass Christian Camp June 30-July 6: •C.I.Y. MOVE @ Panama City September 3: •Kings Island •Lunch at the mall Fridays in July •Stay tuned for info on Collide Road Shows!


Sign up for any week of camp with the code “amplify� to receive the church discount and scholarship at

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Internet Safety Seminar With the prevalence of computers and mobile devices that access the internet, the issue of internet safety is quickly becoming one of the most important things that parents have to engage with their children. Because of that, we are offering again the Internet Safety Seminar for parents of all age children. This seminar is designed to equip parents to engage their children’s online lives. We will talk about blocking and

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filtering options, but we will also talk about how to constructively engage with your child online. Internet predatory activity is at an all time high and adult movie companies are actively targeting teenage boys, so there is no bad time to address this issue with your family. The effects of this problem can be lifelong and drastic, so don’t miss out on the chance to be informed! The children’s and student ministers will be presenting all of the information at this event and will be open for questions and hand’

Don’t miss out on this seminar on May 23 @ 6:00 This parent training will be offered during the final Oasis of the Spring, so dinner and childcare will be available. We will also hear from law enforcement on the front lines of this epidemic. FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT BRAD HAGGARD 859.229.7839 BRAD@TATESCREEK.ORG

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