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New Product Guide Autumn 2018

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About Us

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Since 1971 we have been supplying aerials, poles, brackets and all the hardware needed to fit to a property or business. NEW to the range this year, are our enhanced range of Log Periodic Aerials, the External Wi-Fi Aerial and the 4G/LTE Aerials.

Our additional brand PROception includes all of our AV, HDMI and RF Signal Distribution Products. NEW to this range this year are enhanced HDMI products. These are all capable of handling the latest generation of transmission such as 4K, UHD and HDR.

We also have a new and exciting brand – CappSure; our state of the art range of IP cameras which offer Alert, Playback and Talk Back functions linked direct to your phone via Wi-Fi or 4G signal. Wherever you are you can be constantly touch with what’s happening in your home or office with the help of our CappSure range. Blake UK • PROception • CappSure

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CappSure Cameras & PROception Accessories Log-Periodic Aerials Access Points, Wi-Fi & 4G Aerials TV Wall Mounts Wall Cabinets Compact Satellite Mount Tools HDMI UHD/HDR IR Splitters & Bi-Directional Switch HDMI Extenders HDBase T HDMI Matrix HDMI 4K/1080p Up De-Scaler Infra-Red Control Products HDMI Accessory Products 4K UHD/HDR V2 HDMI Cables & Accessories Digital Audio Converter & Fibre Optic Cables Galvanic Isolator Flat Interconnect Cable Slim Line Outlet Plates

CappSure Cameras & PROception Accessories

New and Improved...


We are excited to present to you our new and updated range of CCTV Wi-Fi IP cameras. With new designs, software and features, we are confident that you will agree CappSure is now better than ever.

We have now launched our Windows PC Software to enable you to watch and play-back recordings.

Privacy & Security: •

We use HTTPS protocol (not HTTP, as many others do).


Our private protocol uses dynamic and asymmetric encryption for data security, while most others use RTSP.

Privacy & Security is important to us.


Android /46-cappsure-products


Internal Wi-Fi/IP ‘Stick’ Camera Features: Motion Detection via PIR Talk-Back Audio Wall & Surface Mountable

Internal Wi-Fi/IP ‘Bulb’ Camera

Internal Wi-Fi/IP ‘Pan Tilt’ Camera




Magnetic Base


• • • •

Features: •

Motion Detection

Talk-Back Audio

Surface Mountable

Magnetic Base

Features: •

Motion Detection

Pan Tilt

Talk-Back Audio

Wall & Surface Mountable

Internal Wi-Fi/IP ‘Vertical’ Camera Features:

• • • •

Motion Detection Talk-Back Audio Wall & Surface Mountable Magnetic Base

External Wi-Fi/IP Camera Features:

• • •

CappSure Cameras && PROception Accessories CappSure Cameras PROception Accessories


All with Infra-Red Night Illumination

Motion Detection Wall Mountable IP66 Rating


A bit more about CappSure...

CappSure Cameras & PROception Accessories

The Cameras: • Power supply included. • H.264 720p HD performance. • Built-in IR LEDs for improved quality night time recording. • Supports Micro-SD card up to 64GB (optional extra). • Suitable for use in ‘Offline Mode’ (records without Wi-Fi) using Micro-SD

card. • High-quality, innovative and cost-effective surveillance.

The App: • Can support up to 15 user accounts on same system. • If the alarm is triggered whilst set, the app will send you a notification to • • • •

inform you there has been motion detected. Unique Video-Lock so that system remains secure even if phone is lost. The app offers a recording and a screenshot feature. 2.0 X digital zoom. Play-Back feature enables you to watch recordings by selecting a specific date and time on app or PC.

Windows PC software for Play-Back and viewing enables you to watch your cameras on your PC. • 4 screen display on iPhone App.

Did you know? We also sell micro-SD cards… CAPPSURE32GB (32GB) CAPPSURE64GB (64GB)

...and card readers! CAPPSURECR

CappSure aerials now available for weaker Wi-Fi signals!



This inexpensive, easy set-up system provides peace of mind surveillance!

CCTV Accessories... Save time and money with our new 4-way CCTV power supplies…


PROPSU14TS 4-way quick fit power T strip (No need to use DC power plugs)

4-way splitting CCTV power supply with 4 tail lead (Standard DC plugs pre-fitted) Input Voltage Output Voltage

Adjustable voltage for larger runs!

100-240VAC 12.0V

Input Current

880mA MAX

Output Current

0-5.0mA MAX

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity


All of our new series of power adaptors are EU standard with CE mark, & CE, EMC safety certification.

PROCCTVMIC • • • • • • • • •

Great for Security Monitoring Monitoring Range : 5~50 Square metres Audio Output: RCA Female Sensitivity: 200mA/ubar Current Consumption: 25mA Work Voltage: DC 9-16V Independence: 600 ohm Frequency: 100-10000HZ Loop through for power, no need to run separate power, use the same cable as the camera!

PROBAL01 No tail on one balun to allow more space in IP box for a neater and easier installation. Tail on the other balun allows movement to prevent cables being damaged or dislodged at the back of the DVR.

CappSure Cameras && PROception Accessories CappSure Cameras PROception Accessories

Quality, reliability and value for money as you would expect from PROception


Blake UK’s Range of Aerials

FM & DAB Aerials - FM Radio Aerials & DAB Digital Radio Aerials for all signal strength areas

SR Super Range Aerials - For medium & fringe reception areas

DMX/XK Digimaster Multibeam Aerials - For strong to medium & fringe reception areas

DMC Digimaster Contract Aerials - For strong to medium reception areas

CR Contract Aerials - For strong to medium reception areas

JBB Billboard & JBX Multibeam Aerials - For medium & fringe reception areas


New and Improved... 22 Element Mini-Log 28 Element BLA-LP36T


Double Element Design!

Features: • Better build quality, stronger elements, rugged construction. • Excellent impulse noise rejection. • 4G/LTE ready aerial, specially developed to reduce bandwidth without using LTE filters. • Moulded F connector in weather resistant rubber housing - F connector can be simply twisted into the required position with no need for any disassembly. • F-Connector always faces downwards whether polarised vertically or horizontally, enhancing weatherproofing. • Very flat frequency response over channel 21-60. • Universal bracket for installation suitable for horizontal or vertical polarity mounting.

New Design! Twistable F-Connector

With recessed waterproof grommet Unit Channel Bandwidth



Number of elements Gain


Front-to-back ratio


Size (packed)




BLA-LP28A 470-606 (Ch. 21-37)

470-790 (Ch. 21-60) 22










Log-Periodic Aerials Accessories CappSure Cameras & PROception


56 Element

>22 450




Dual Band, Less Frequency Interference, More Users...

Ceiling Access Point

Wave 2 Technology Wave 2 Technology, adopts 256QAM modulation, supports MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output). And 11ac dual band for data rates up to 1200Mbps.

5 Ports Gigabit PoE Switch

Available for use with ceiling and in-wall access points to provide 48v power down the same CAT5/6 cable.

In-Wall Access Point Features: •

Easy set-up for Domestic installs, directly from your Mobile Phone.

Gateway set-up for more advanced systems like Hotels.

Introducing our New 11ac wall mount style wireless access point with Qualcomm Chipset, upgrade to the latest wireless-AC technology, Dual Band & fast data rates (433Mbps in 5G and 300Mbps in 2.4GHz)

AccessCameras Points, 4G & Wi-Fi Aerials CappSure & PROception Accessories

Support latest 11ac standard, 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band, less frequency interference, more stable.




Access Points, 4G & Wi-Fi Aerials

External 4G/LTE 1800MHz Aerial

Features: • • • • • •

LTE aerial, designed to receive LTE signals for 4G mobile phones. 16 dB gain (1000MHz mobile cellular spectrum). Rear pole mount fixing; suitable for vertical polarization. Pre-fitted with 1m of cable and SMA connector. SMA connector and extension cables of 3, 5, 10m also available. Integral dipole housing. Frequency Range


Connector Gain

Receive 4G signals in weak signal


Number of Elements F/B Ratio


16 18






Nominal Impedance





Vertical or Horizontal

Max Power



Beam width


H:10 V:9

Network Provider

Rated Wind Velocity




1831.7-1876.7 1736.7-1781.7

Mechanical tilt




1805.1-1810.9 1710.1-1715.9





1816.7-1831.7 1721.7-1736.7



900 x 100 x 65

Accessories Page 16 276-4g-wi-fi-aerials

Downlink MHz

Uplink MHz

Vodaphone 1810.9-1816.7 1715.9-1721.7

MIMO 800-2170MHz Yagi Aerial with Dual Coax SMA Lead LTE-800-2200-YAGI MIMO stands for Multiple-input multiple-output. While it involves multiple technologies, MIMO can essentially be boiled down to this single principle: a wireless network that allows the transmitting and receiving of more than one data signal simultaneously over the same radio channel. The advantage of a MIMO network over a regular one is that it can multiply the capacity of a wireless connection without requiring more spectrum. The MIMO aerials are compatible with the following transmissions GSM ,DCS, UMTS,

HSDPA, LTE. Frequency Range


Connector Gain


Number of Elements

5-10,5 52

Half Power Beam V



Half Power Beam H



V.S.W.R Nominal Impedance Polarization




<2.1 Ω



Vertical or Horizontal



AccessCameras Points, 4G & Wi-Fi Aerials CappSure & PROception Accessories

The MIMO Aerial has two coax SMA leads to allow you to extend 4G & LTE!

See mobile cellular spectrum downlinks and uplinks Accessories Page 16 on next page... 13 276-4g-wi-fi-aerials


Access Points, 4G & Wi-Fi Aerials

MIMO 880-2700MHz Panel Aerial with Dual SMA Connectors LTE-880-2700-PAN


MIMO stands for Multiple-input multiple-output. While it involves multiple technologies, MIMO can essentially be boiled down to this single principle: a wireless network that allows the transmitting and receiving of more than one data signal simultaneously over the same radio channel. The advantage of a MIMO network over a regular one is that it can multiply the capacity of a wireless connection without requiring more spectrum. The MIMO aerials are compatible with the following transmissions GSM ,DCS, UMTS, HSDPA, LTE. Network Provider

Downlink MHz

Uplink MHz


1831.7-1876.7 1899.9-1909.9 2149.7-2169.7 2655.0-2600.0

1736.7-1781.7 1899.9-1909.9 1959.7-1979.7 2535.0-2600.0


811.0-821.0 930.1-935.1 939.7-947.3 955.1-959.9 1805.1-1810.9 1909.9-1914.9 2124.9-2134.9

852.0-862.0 885.1-890.1 894.7-902.3 910.1-914.9 1710.1-1715.9 1909.9-1914.9 1934.9-1944.9


1472.0-1492.0 1816.7-1831.7 1914.9-1920.0 2110.3-2124.9

1472.0-1492.0 1721.7-1736.7 1914.9-1920.0 1920.0-1920.3 1920.3-1934.9

801.0-811.0 925.1-930.1 935.1-939.7 947.3-955.1 1452.0-1472.0 1810.9-1816.7 2134.9-2149.7 2570.0-2595.0 2620.0-2600.0 2595.0-2620.0 2640.0-2655.0

842.0-852.0 880.1-885.1 890.1-894.7 902.3-910.1 1452.0-1472.0 1715.9-1721.7 1944.9-1959.7 2570.0-2595.0 2500.0-2600.0 2595.0-2620.0 2520.0-2535.0




Frequency Range



Connector Gain





Nominal Impedance






The MIMO Aerial has two SMA connectors to allow you to extend 4G & LTE, with a sleek and compact design!

Accessories Page 16 276-4g-wi-fi-aerials

External Parabolic Wi-Fi Wireless Aerial


Frequency Range




Gain (2.4/5.8 GHz)



F/B Ratio





2400-2485/ 5725-5850

Nominal Impedance

<1.4 Ω



Vertical or Horizontal

• Dual Band (2.4 MHz & 5 MHz).


• 15 dB gain & 24 dB gain.

Max Power



Beam width


H:25 V:28

• 1.5-5km range, dependant on ERP & terrain. • Rear pole mount fixing; suitable for both horizontal and vertical polarization. • Pre-fitted with 1m of cable and SMA connector. • Directional rear parabolic mesh reflector.

Accessories Page 16

Rated Wind Velocity m/s


Mechanical tilt






Grid Dimension


400 x 300


AccessCameras Points, 4G & Wi-Fi Aerials CappSure & PROception Accessories

Extend your Wi-Fi signal by up to 5km, providing there is a clear line of sight


Accessories... Connectors

Access Points, 4G & Wi-Fi Aerials

Part Code




SMA Plug Male to SMA RP Female Jack Gold connector 50 ohm


SMA Female Jack To RP-SMA Male Plug Gold Connector 50 ohm Straight RF Coaxial Adapter

SMA female to F type male connector Straight PROCON82 RF Coaxial Adapter Gold SMA connector 50 ohm

Leads LMR200 RF Coax Cable Patch Lead SMA Female to SMA RP Female

LMR200 RF Coax Cable Patch Lead SMA RP Female Jack to SMA RP Male Plug

Part Code


Part Code














New Designs...

26"-60" Fixed AV TV Mount (Max 25kg)

BTAR2/32 13"-32" Articulated Arm Double/Tilt/ Swivel AV TV Mount (Max 30kg) Tilt Adjustment 30째; Swivel Adjustment 270째

BTAR2/63 46"-63" Articulated Arm Double/Tilt/ Swivel with cut out for plug socket

Part No.


BTFX1/32 14"-32" Fixed AV TV Mount (Max 25kg) BTFX1/52 25"-52" Fixed AV TV Mount (Max 57kg) BTFX1/60 26"-60" Fixed AV TV Mount (Max 25kg) BTTL1/32 14" - 32" Tilt TV Mount (max 15kg) BTTL1/42 Tilt Mount 32" - 42" (max 40kg) BTTL1/75 Tilt Mount 42" - 75" (max 50kg) BTAR2/32

13"-32" Articulated Arm Double/Tilt/Swivel AV TV Mount (Max 30kg) Tilt Adjustment 30째; Swivel Adjustment 270째


46"-63" Articulated Arm Double/Tilt/Swivel with cut out for plug socket

TV Mounts CappSure Cameras & PROception Accessories



Fixing Bolts, Plugs & Washers

Did you know Our Fixing Plugs have an improved lip for ease of installation?

Part Code


Box Quantity


M8 x 50mm Fixing Kit M8 Coach Bolt, M10 Rimmed Plug & Washer



M8 x 80mm Fixing Kit M8 Coach Bolt, M10 Rimmed Plug & Washer



IP66 Enclosure Kits Height (mm)

Width (mm)

Depth (mm)









Features: • Steel Construction. • IP66 rating. • Supplied fully assembled to save you time.

Safe Weatherproofed Secure

• 2 most commonly used sizes available. • Door with chrome lock and triangle inserts. • ‘Super-Gland’ IP-safe cable entry system. • No drilling of mounting plate required because of the unique: » ‘KwikMount’ internal mounting panel to allow maximum ease and variety of fixing. » Metal ‘KwikMount’ panel overcomes EMC problems and saves time. » Cage nuts for ‘KwikMount’ panel. • RAL 7035 colour (to DIN43.656 standard). • Superb build quality.

Kwik Mount panel saves you the need of drilling


Wall Cabinets CappSure Cameras & PROception Accessories

Part Code


Bespoke Manufacturing Here at Blake UK we offer bespoke manufacturing to customise satellite mounts to your specific requirements. 1. You Request the following: •

Specify Heights up to 5M.

Specify Dish Size up to 2M.

Specify Mast Diameter up to 5”.

Specify Surface area Requirements.

You provide the dish size.

2. We Provide the calculations: •

Wind Loading Calculation.

T urning Moment Calculation.

3. We then design, fabricate and manufacture the product* * Manufactured within 2-4 weeks depending on specification.

Example of Specification:

Base - 41" x 39"

Tube - 1m x 2" Slab size - 450mm²

Features: •

The new flat packed 2" diameter non penetrating roof mount is ideal for mounting satellite dishes and terrestrial installations on flat roofs or patios.

Based on our larger version (also available SAT/5A) this compacted design is individually packed to make it easier to store, handle and move.

The hot-dipped galvanised finish provides weather protection from even the harshest British weather conditions.

Easy to… … store! … handle! … move!


Compact Mount Accessories CappSure CamerasSatellite & PROception


New to the range...


New to PROception... Cable Stripping Tools




• • • • •

Coaxial cable stripper, round cable stripper, cutter and flat cable stripper. Cassette is reversible, one side is available for RG 59/ RG6 and another side for RG 7/ RG11. Strips outer jacket of UTP and STP cable and CAT5 round telephone cable. Strips flat telephone cable. Cable cutter function.

• • • •

Double blades, coax cable stripper. Fully Adjustable. Removes 4, 6, 8 and 12mm Insulation (adjustable). Use easily, lock the tool over the cable, spin clockwise, then pull off the unwanted portion.

A high-quality coax cable stripper suitable for RG6/ CT100/WF100 size cable. Can be used for cable with a diameter between 4 and 10mm. Insert the cable into the tool, twist the tool two or three times around. The cable and the outer sheath is stripped and the braid is exposed. One end will remove the outer sheath only, the other will cut to the centre core.

• • • •


Compression Tools


• • • • •

F-Type Compression Stripper Tool Coaxial Crimping Crimper for RG6 Connectors PROCON22/23 Using high hardness tool steel material, which is lightweight and convenient to carry, durable, and has a long service life. Handle is comfortable to grip and can reduce slip. Handle lock set is convenient for protection.


F-Connector Extractor Tool PROFTOOL

• • •

This is a must for installers of CATV, SATV and MATV. The socket end is extended 6-inches for hard-toreach areas. The handle end has a threaded female connection for easy insertion of F connectors on coaxial cable.


Networking • • • •

EZ-RJ45 PRO HD CRIMP TOOL & WIRE STRIPPER FOR PROCEPTION PROEZRJ455 & PROEZRJ456 CONNECTORS . For crimping & cutting our feed through RJ45 Connector This tool crimps & cuts at the same time Can also be used with normal RJ45 Connectors.

PRORJ45-5 CAT5 Connector • • •

PRORJ45-6 CAT 6 Connector

Simplifies twisted pair terminations by allowing the wires to be inserted through the connector and out the front. Technician can easily verify the correct wiring order. Electrical performance of the termination is optimized by pulling the connector down over the cable jacket and seating it tightly in the rear of the connector.

CappSure CamerasTools & PROception Accessories

The professional Linear Compression tool is for RG6 Digital Video Signal F Type Coaxial Cable Plug Connectors, Heavy Duty Steel. Provides a clear view of connector as it's compressed and locked into place. • Compression Watertight Connections. RG22/23 • Smooth One-Cycle Full Ratchet Mechanism. • Rugged Carbon Hardened Steel Construction. • Rubberized Grip Handles. Ergonomic Design. Strong, lightweight construction.


Blake UK are pressing the button... 0114 223 5000

What is RED? RED is the Radio Equipment Directive-2014/53/EU and is the new standard covering all domestic TV amplifiers. From July 2017 ALL TV amplifiers MUST be RED compliant.

Trading Standards and OFCOM enforced the RED compliance. Manufacturers, distributors AND installers are responsible if they fail to comply.

Which RED Class are Blake UK’s products? • Blake UK’s PROception brand amplifiers are class 0. (Non-filtered). • They are extremely resilient to interference, overloading, and cope with multiple carriers (DTT and LTE) and promote efficient use of the radio spectrum. • Class 0 allows ALL channels to be received. Please be aware class 3 products are not designed to pass Channel 60, there are still 121 transmitters using this channel. Class 3 & 4 will not pass locally modulated channels (CCTV etc.) above channel 60. For further information please follow the link below*

How do you ensure RED compliance? Buy Blake UK’s PROception brand from your local distributor or contact Blake UK for more information. • • • • •

Class 0 Compliant. Works on all UK DTT channels (including channel 60). Allows locally modulated signals. (CCTV, hotel ‘in-house’ video etc.). High performance, great immunity and low noise. Allows the selection of the correct LTE filter (if required).

Visit * for more information to ensure YOU are RED compliant

2-Way HDMI UHD/HDR IR Splitter


4-Way HDMI UHD/HDR IR Splitter

Our HDMI UHD Splitters are HDCP 2.2 compatible with an advanced solution for splitting a single UHD HDMI input to two HDMI outputs, with the ability of controlling the source connected from each display remotely via IR. It provides high performance audio and video output through HDMI cables up to 4K2K@60Hz (YUV420) resolution and is capable of receiving and transmitting up to 9Gbps of bandwidth with no data loss. Supporting the latest features so you can be assured of reliable and high quality HDMI distribution.

Our UHD/HDR Splitters are: ✓ Compliant with HDMI2.0, HDCP2.2 and DVI 1.0. ✓ UHD/HDR compatible. ✓ Support video format up to 4k2k@30Hz with 24bit RGB / YcbCR 4:4:4/YCBCR 4:2:2,and up to 4k2k@60Hz with 12bit YCBCR 4:2:0.

✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

Support 3D frame sequential video format up to 1080p@60. Support high resolution VESA mode video format up to QSXGA@60Hz. Support LPCM 7.1CH, Dolby True HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio. Support smart EDID control. Support Super IR system for controlling source from any display connected.

Output Resolution

480i ~1080p50/60, 4Kx2K@24/30, YCBCR 4:2:0 Human Body model:

ESD Protection • ±8 kV (air-gap discharge)

• Power Supply

HDMICappSure UHD/HDR Switch IR Splitters & Bi-Directional Cameras & PROception Accessories


±4 kV (contact discharge)

5V/1A DC (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)


HDMI UHD/HDR IR Splitters & Bi-Directional Switch 26

HDMI UHD/HDR IR Splitter Diagram 1








LED Power Indication



Service INPUT for updating firmware





EDID Management





3. 4.








Our 4K Ultra HD Splitters for HDMI features EDID Management. Before the source can send video and/or audio to the display, the source reads the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) from the display devices connected to the splitter. This EDID information contains what type of audio/video data that the source can send to each output device. The splitter can use either the downstream “TV” EDID (from the display/sink) or the built-in internal “STD” EDID. Using the Internal “STD” EDID Use this EDID mode if problems are encountered when using the TV EDID. The built-in internal EDID provides the source device with a “generic” EDID which can be used by all display (sink) devices. The use of the internal “STD” EDID also provides control of the audio output format.


UHD/4K HDMI Cables (High Speed)


0.5m, 1, 3m, 5m, 7.5m, 10m

HDMI IR Sender / Receiver Kit

Page 38

PROHDMISPSW2 2-Way 4K Bi-directional HDMI Switch

Features: • Max. operation current 15ma. • Max. cable length 5m. Our new HDMI switch enables you to switch from two different HDMI devices on one TV with just the click of a button. Alternatively, you can also switch from one device onto 2 TVs with its unique bi-directional feature

• Main control: manual selection button. • LED Light indicates switch over option. • Supports HDMI Plug & Play. • Easy to install & operate. • Power free.

The bi-directional feature enables you to switch over the inputs and outputs with just the click of a button

2 Input, 1 Output

1 Input, 2 Output

HDMICappSure UHD/HDR Switch IR Splitters & Bi-Directional Cameras & PROception Accessories

2-Way Bi-Direction 4K/UHD HDMI Switch...


HDMI Extenders


50m HDMI / CAT5/6 Extender with IR, PoE & Distance Equaliser

This HDMI Extender over Single Cat5e/6 with IR extends high definition video, audio signals and IR at a distance of up to 164ft/50m over a single Cat5e/6 cable. Features EDID management, which allows and encourages source and display “handshake” for seamless integration and distance equalisation for long or short distances.



• • • • • • •

Extend 1080p@60Hz Video, Audio & IR up to 50m over CAT5, 6 or 7. Single CAT cable with dip switch distance equalisation. HDMI Loop through for local TV. Auto EDID. PoE (One power supply needed). IR kit available. Small discreet design, wall mountable.

70m HDMI HDBase T Extender with PoE 4K/2K

PROHDBTEXT11 Features: •

One pair of TX and RX units to complete as a full functional module.

Uses a single UTP/STP LAN cable (CAT-5e/6/7) to substitute HDMI cable to achieve long distance transmission.

UTP/STP cable termination follows the standard of IEEE-568B.

Transmission distance of up to 70m with video format of 1080P and 4K up to 40m.

POC (RX powered by TX)

HDCP2.2/1.4 compliant.

Full HD support: 1080p@60Hz@48b/pixels, 3D and 4K x 2K

LED indicators to show the power status.

Internal ESD (electro-static discharge) protection.

4 Mounting lugs per unit.

Bi-directional transfer of Infrared (IR) control signal together with the HDMI signal.

Phoenix RS232 Port for firmware update or RS232 control signal transmission.

HDMI Extenders CappSure Cameras & PROception Accessories

The PROHDBTEXT11 allows the extension of HDBaseT transmissions by (up to) 70M for 1080p and up to 40M for 4K over a single CAT5e, 6 or 7 cable.


4x4 True Matrix HDMIÂŽ Switch & Splitter over CAT5e/ CAT6 Cable with IR Remote control - Extends up to 40m (131ft) with 4 Duplicated outputs on HDMI.

4x4+4 HDBaseT HDMI Matrix

This effectivity makes a 4 x 8 Matrix!

HDBase T HDMI Matrix


Unlike most Matrix Switch/Splitters, this model also includes the capability of each output extending via Cat5e/Cat6 cables up to 40 meters (131 feet) away and / or HDMI (Max 10m on AWG26). This lets you deliver full 1080p/60 signals further than you could with HDMI cable alone and saves you money by using cheaper Cat5e/Cat6 cable for the longer distance.

The kit includes a remote for controlling the Matrix. It also comes with infrared eyes, allowing you to control your source devices from the remote location/s. As a bonus, the receivers and/or matrix unit can be controlled with a computer using the RS232 interface.


In addition to the Matrix's own remote controls, each receiver unit can receive the remote control signals from the various source devices (Blu-ray player, Satellite box, etc.). These IR signals are then transmitted back down the cables to the main Matrix unit, which then distributes the IR signal to an IR emitter that corresponds to the correct source device. This allows you to use identical source devices with identical remote control codes, yet still independently control each from the remote location (providing the emitters and devices are not positioned so that one can "see" the IR signal intended for the other).

Power switch


Output selection indicator


Power Input


Input indicator


Output1:HDMI1 and UTP1


IR indicator


Output2:HDMI2 and UTP2


IR RX:IR receiver 1 to 4


Input:4 Ports HDMI input


IR TX:IR emitter 1 to 4


Output3:HDMI3 and UTP3


RS232 port


Output4:HDMI4 and UTP4


DIP:DIP Switch for EDID setting

Features: •

View any of up to 4 sources on any of up to 4 outputs PLUS an extra 4 HDMI outputs (4 x 8).

Supports High Speed 1080p/60 video.

Supports 3D.

Supports HDCP.

Each output can be connected by HDMI (10m Range) and/ or CAT5E/ 6 cable (40m range) with IR Receivers.

Supports 12-bit per channel (36-bit all channel) deep colour.

Supports uncompressed audio (such as LPCM).

Supports compressed audio such as DTS® Digital, Dolby® Digital, DTS-HD Master Audio™ and Dolby True HD™.

Includes infrared emitters to enable remote IR control.

Gold-plated HDMI connectors.

CE and RoHS compliant.

HDMI Matrix Accessories CappSureHDBase CamerasT & PROception



Backwards Compatible... PROUHDSCALER

HDMI 4K/1080p Up De-Scaler

Features: •

Up/Down conversion 4K-1080p.

Pass-through repeater function.

Works up to 4K2K@60Hz.

Use a mix of 4K and 1080p TVs in one system.

HDMI input and output.

The HDMI scaler is used to convert 1080p up to 4K or to convert 4K down to 1080p. This is especially useful when a 4K source such as Sky Q is connected to a splitter. If a TV in the system is capable of only 1080p but all others are capable of 4K, the entire system will display resolutions limited to 1080p only. Using this device between a splitter and a 1080p TV will enable all 4K-capable TVs to display images at 4K from a 4K source and downscale the signal for the 1080p TV. Some splitters and matrixes use the resolution of the least capable TV in a network and set the resolution of all outputs to match that TV. Otherwise, a 4K image would be distributed throughout the house and any TV not capable of 4K resolution would show no picture at all. Alternatively, the device can also be set to convert 1080p up to 4K or to act as a repeater when set to pass-through mode.

Use your old devices with new 32

Remote Control Extender System Remote Control Extender Kit

Remote control your household A/V appliances such as VCR, DVD player, LD player, Set-topbox, Satellite Receiver from the existing coaxial cable


Remote Control Receiver

• Operating range: 5M(typ.) at ± 30º angle. • Comes with 3 IR Blasters. • Independently powered (no concern over power loss at distance). • Compatible with our digital modulators PRODMHD12/24. • Variable gain control to increase or decrease signal, depending on distance. • Uses existing pre-installed coax cabling perhaps from an old Sky RF2 system. • Can be used with DC pass splitters, such as PROSPL204. • Install up to 10 or more RX units with 1 transmitter. • Powered via 5v 75mA supply, such as USB from TV or Sky system. • Control any infra-red device over standard coax. • Discreet blaster eyes. • Great way to send IR commands to a DVR in the loft. Transmitter Receiver Carrier Frequency

From remote source


Operating Range


5M(typ.) at ±30° angle

Insertion Loss

470MHz~862MHz: 3dB (max.)

470MHz~862MHz: 3dB (max.)

Power Supply Dimensions

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External 5VDC External 5VDC (USB-A to DC plug cable) (USB-A to DC plug cable) 67 X 49.4 X 26.5 (mm)

67 X 49.4 X 26.5 (mm)


HDMI IR Control Injector The PROHDIRIJ11 allows the injection of an IR control method into a long HDMI cable (up to 20m) without having to change the existing HDMI cable.

Infra-Red Control Products

Contents: •

IR Blaster (3.5mm jack plug)

IR Receiver (3.5mm jack plug)

IR Adaptor Unit x 2


Features: •

The HDMI IR Injector can be used with most equipment including HDMI matrixes, splitters, switches and extenders, Blu-ray, DVD etc...

No power is required as the system utilizes the sending and receiving devices.

Switchable IR or CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) function.

Use HDMI minimum standard version 1.2a.

5m IR range.

Plug and play.

Simple and easy to use… The IR Signal can be transmitted in either direction - simply place the receiver where you want to control from and the blaster where you want the signal to go. You must set both adaptors to either IR or CEC. When you set the adaptors up it will transmit via the function you have selected.

Super IR Adaptor over HDMI Cable (Max. 20m) o

5m 20m



4-Way IR Control Blaster/Receiver


Features: •

Enables remote control (IR) of up to 4 Audio/Video (AV) devices that are located behind closed doors, in cabinets or behind walls.

Very simple to install and use.

Powered from either TV USB connector or separate PSU (not supplied).

Long cable lengths allow AV source devices to be placed up to 3 meters from the remote control (IR) receiver.

Adhesive pads on each of the four emitters allow easy attachment to AV devices.

Simple, effective and clever solution to keep your customers happy.

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Hide your devices away without losing IR control, even behind closed cupboard doors!


PRODVC11 The PRODVC11 is designed to assist customers still operating TVs and equipment that do not have any HDMI input or to utilise free RCA/SCART connections that may be available if all other HDMI connections are used. It converts a HDMI output from source devices such as STBs, COFDM modulator, games consoles, DVR, cameras, etc. to either a SCART or RCA phono input (via appropriate lead) on the TV. The convertor is small and easy to install.

HDMI Audio Extractor


HDMI Accessory Products

HDMI to SCART Convertor

The PROHDMIAUDEXT11 audio extractor supports 3D, 4K x 2K,ARC. It allows one HDMI or


one MHL source input and one HDMI output to be connected to one HD Display (like TV or Projector) and extraction of the audio to one SPDIF audio out + one L/R Stereo audio out. The device supports an ARC function which enables one connection between your TV and whatever you use to create sound e.g., a receiver or a sound bar.

The PROHDSP11 assists in protecting valuable video and audio equipment such as STBs TVs, games consoles, DVDs etc. using HDMI connections from damaging mains power surges and electrostatic discharge (ESD) such as lightning. A good piece-of-mind investment.


HDCP 2.2 TO 1.4 Converter for 4K Televisions

The PROHDCPCV11 is for new devices on old. Trying to play a new product on an old device gives the HDCP Error notification on the TV. Our new HDCP Converter enables equipment compatibility with next generation 4K HDCP 2.2 source devices. The Converter is also a great compatibility solution for AV distribution systems running a mix of new and old 4K displays.

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HDMI Power Surge Protector



4K UHD/HDR V2 HDMI Cables & Accessories




Part Code

Part Description


HDMI UHD/HDR 0.5m Male to Male v2.0 Gold


HDMI UHD/HDR 1m Male to Male v2.0 Gold


HDMI UHD/HDR 3m Male to Male v2.0 Gold


HDMI UHD/HDR 5m Male to Male v2.0 Gold


HDMI UHD/HDR 7.5m Male to Male v2.0 Gold


HDMI UHD/HDR 10m Male to Male v2.0 Gold

PROHDAPSWL HDMI Swivel Adaptor Female/ Male Gold 2160p@30Hz This adapter swivels from 90 to 180 degrees in total. Commonly used to allow HDMI cables to be plugged in easily where you may have otherwise been restricted (TV Wall mounting) and helps prevent kinks in the cable.

Features: • Gold plated connectors – Solid metal alloy with a gold plating for a better quality • •

connection. Adaptor supports all resolutions and is 3D & HDCP compatible. High Speed - Adaptor allows data transfer of up to 10.2GB/s.

The connectors used are type A. The ‘Type’ stands for the size of connector used and the amount of pins it has. Type A is the most commonly used connector and is used in Sky HD Boxes, PS3s and most HD ready plasma and LCD televisions.

HDMI IR Control Injector

Page 34

The UHD 4K/2K HDMI Repeater is the most advanced solution for HDMI signal extension or cascade. It amplifies signal and has equalisation to provide high performance I/O audio and video through HDMI cables for up to 20m at 4K@60Hz and 30m at 1080p@60Hz. Capable of receiving and transmitting 3Gbps bandwidth rate with CDR (Clock Data Recovery) to ensure no data loss.

Features: •

Support HDMI V2, 3D, 1080/4k and UHD 36840x2160/60Hz.

Max cable at UHD/30Hz is 30m (We recommend our HDMI leads).

Uses power from HDMI lead so doesn’t require extra power (Unless very long runs >15m). Input




Video Bandwidth 340MHz/10.2Gbps Resolution

HD:480i~4K2K@24/25/30 & 4K2K@50/60YUV_420 PC:VGA~WUXGA(RB)

Cable Distance

20m at 4K@60Hz

ESD Protection

Human Body Model:

4K UHD/HDR V2 HDMI Cables & Accessories CappSure Cameras & PROception Accessories

...with IR Pass Through when using our PROHDIRIJ11!


4K HDMI 30m Repeater

±8kV(Air-Gap Discharge)



The PRODAC22 is designed for either home or professional audio switching. It converts Coaxial or Toslink digital audio signals to analogue L/R audio via RCA phono outputs to make easy connection to an external device such as an amplifier.


Digital Audio Convertor & Fibre Optical Cables

Digital Toslink / Coaxial to Analogue RCA L/R Audio Converter Audio Input

Coaxial or Toslink digital audio

Audio Output

L/R audio

Input audio connector

Toslink, 1 x RCA(Coaxial)

Output audio connector

2 x RCA (R/L)

Sampling rate

32, 44.1, 48 and 96 KHz

External Power Supply

DC 5V 1A

Digital Optic Toslink (SPDIF) Highly polished lens of our fibre optics heads are excellent for focusing optical beams and reducing the reflection in the inner wall, so as to assure high-speed and accuracy even when the cable is distorted.

Gold Optical 4mm TOSLINK Digital Audio Cable.

Compatible with SKY, SKY+, PS3, XBOX, BLU-RAY,AV Amps, Surround Sound, LCD, LED, Plasma TV.

Connectors : Gold Shell with Toslink fittings (square shaped plug) optical Toslink plug to optical Toslink plug.

Suitable for entertainment, TV, PS3, PS4, XBOX, Blu-Ray, DVD, Media Centre etc.

Compatible with any device which has a Toslink interface / transmits all digital audio formats like 7.1, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio, DVD Audio, LPCM, SACD, MPCM, 3D Sound, 5.1, 7.1, Surround Sound with centre loudspeakers and subwoofer for optimal sound.

The soft-flexible PVC jacket protects the delicate fibre core. This cable's design eliminates EMI/RFI interference common to standard quality audio cables. Part Code

Part Description


0.5m Toslink (SPDIF) Male to Male Black 4mm Cable


1m Toslink (SPDIF) Male to Male Black 4mm Cable


2m Toslink (SPDIF) Male to Male Black 4mm Cable


5m Toslink (SPDIF) Male to Male Black 4mm Cable

Fibre Optic SC-SC/UPC (Ultra Physical Contact) polish Simplex Single-Mode 9/125um data Patch Cord High Quality and Cost-effective 9/125μm Single Mode Fibre Optic Cable for data networking, telecommunication networking and testing equipment. The 9/125μm single mode fibre optic cable meets RoHS compliant, and all cables are 100% optically tested for insertion loss to ensure high quality.

Applications: • • • • • • • • •

CATV / Metro Active device termination Telecommunication networks Local Area Networks (LANs) Data processing networks Test equipment Premise installations Wide Area Networks (WANs) Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel application

Insertion Loss

ILA<0.07dB ILB<0.12dB

Return Loss

RLA>52.4dB RLB>60.7dB


Single Mode





Part Code

Part Description


Fibre Optical 0.5m SC-SC Male to Male


Fibre Optical 1m SC-SC Male to Male


Fibre Optical 1.5m SC-SC Male to Male


Fibre Optical 2m SC-SC Male to Male


Fibre Optical 3m SC-SC Male to Male


Fibre Optical 4m SC-SC Male to Male


Fibre Optical 5m SC-SC Male to Male

Digital AudioCameras Convertor & Fibre Optical Cables CappSure & PROception Accessories

Fibre Optic SC-SC/UPC Data Patch Cord


Equipotential Bonding Bars The European safety standard for cabled distribution systems, BS EN 500831:1994, requires distribution systems to be designed and constructed so that no hazardous voltages can be present on the outer conductors of cables, or on accessible metalwork. This is usually achieved by earthed equipotential bonding, ensuring that all accessible parts of a system remain at substantially the same potential.




Features: •

5 - way versions available.

Substantial M5 earthing studs.

Supplied fully assembled.

High-grade Type-F back-to-back couplers for excellent impedance match and low insertion loss.

Each bar supplied with two yellow insulated crimp ring terminals (to suit 4 or 6 mm² cables). 46-equipotential-bonding-bars

Galvanic isolation is used where two or more electric circuits must communicate but their grounds may be at different potentials. It is an effective method of breaking ground loops, by preventing unwanted current from flowing between two units sharing a ground conductor. Galvanic isolation is also used for safety by preventing accidental current from reaching ground through a person's body. Under current regulations galvanic isolation is legally required to be added on each signal cable line link between each building.

Features: • • • •

‘F’ type connections for input and output. Covers frequency 5 - 2,400MHz. Directional flow indicators. Quick and easy to install.

This is a legal requirement

Galvanic Isolator CappSure Cameras & PROception Accessories


Equipotential Bonding Block


Coaxial IEC

Coaxial F-Type

Distribution Connectors

Male & female coax plugs including right angled options



A full range of F-Connectors available in crimp, push on, screw on & compression

Quick fit DC power connectors available in male & female


A choice of adaptors to join F-type & IEC plugs




PROFLATF This high quality flat interconnect cable allows you to install cable without the need for drilling holes, leaving your window slightly open or other methods you use to get cable into the building. Simply wire your cable, connect to the PROFLATF placing in a window ledge (as shown) and carry the cable on.

Features: • Professional, ‘Super-Flat’, low-loss, high-quality interconnect cable. • Allows speedy and simple connection of external and internal cables between Window and Door frames for homes, on Caravans, Motor Homes, Boats etc. • High-quality sealed ‘F’ type female inputs at each end - accepts all ‘F ‘ type male connectors. • Professional solution that does not require any holes to be drilled or surfaces

Interconnect Cable Accessories CappSureFlat Cameras & PROception

Great for temporary installations, new builds and caravans

punctured. • Can be bent into right angles (as shown). • Suitable for all Digital and Analogue TV and Radio reception signals.


Our range of Outlet Plates



We offer an extensive range of Ntype connectors




Have a look at our high quality none isolated and fully screened plates to fit the standard 35mm back box.

Take a look at our slim line outlet plates


Did you know?

PROSLO11C Slim Line Single IEC Female Outlet Plate

PROSLO11F Slim Line Single F-Type Female Outlet Plate

PROSLO22F Slim Line Double F-Type Female Outlet Plate

Fits in 16mm 1-gang Box

All of our slim line outlet plates are shielded and have DC pass (Non-Isolated)

Line Outlet Plates Accessories CappSureSlim Cameras & PROception

Our Shielded and Non-Isolated Slim-Line Outlet Plates represent excellent value for money, high quality and reliability.



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