Page 1 All images Copyright 2013 Written by Nathan Smith & Laura Healy Illustrations & Design by Blair Frame

Welcome to the collaboration between Psyched4Sport and Albam Clothing. We are very excited to have produced these designs in association with Albam. Since beginning Psyched4Sport we have looked at Albam as a company who share a similar philosophy and have provided us with a constant source of inspiration. It is with great pleasure that we worked together to select six sporting legends. Each of these legends is well deserving of a place within the series. Not all are obvious choices but that’s what makes this selection unique. Rather than talk about the athletes’ achievements, of which there are many, we have chosen to explain a concept of sport psychology using each individual as a case study. The series takes us from the process of setting goals and working hard, to experiencing flow and managing emotions. The idea begun with a set of vintage baseball cards, and gradually evolved into what you see now. These will introduce you to the discipline of sport psychology, but more than that are appealing to the eye and modernist aesthetic.

Psyched4sport & Albam Legends  

A collaboration between Albam Clothing and Psyched4sport. The staff at Albam selected some of their sporting heroes and we at Psyched4sport...

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