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Lay of the Land A well-churched atmosphere Copyright Doug Blair, Waterloo ON, 2020

Sunday Morning Poppa

the young Carpenter learning


I come for the kids

They need this good place

The singing. The reverence

The smile on each face.

And no they don’t sit still

And doctrine’s too deep

And many a Sunday

I’d much rather sleep.

While Mother attends

To Bible School things


The pews now are filling

The bell tower rings.

And other blessed children

Will welcome our brood

And grown-ups affirming

A ‘safe-for-you’ mood.

This must be the way

That Jesus foresaw

A family of child-like

Who treasure His stories


And deeds filled with awe.

Who know life is different

Because of their King

Who bow to His ethic

Above everything.

Awake now I’m thinking

The kids paved the way

For richness for this Dad

One more Sabbath day.

Wishing (Someone’s Testimony of Joy)


Wish I had heard this long before Stuff would have been different The baby wouldn’t have come that way Self-pity and envy not strangling Erosive self-doubt shoved aside But now after many messes I heard the Word And something made it important Very important My heart hurt for a while. Any particle of self assurance Forgotten. Another assurance arrived. A blessed one.


Saw the Man of Galilee Heard His promises Watched Compassion in action Let Calvary’s awesome Blood Have its startling effect. Became His purchase. His Lamb and charge. Seems awfully late in the Game. But no matter, Eternity is endless And being on the right side of things My inheritance and happy estate Hereafter with Jesus. Didn’t invent, earn or compile it Just said “Please…thank you…wow.” (2 Corinthians 5: 20, 21)


Done With Sermonizing

For now just a signpost

Slick sermons all through

Just stick to those Gospels

What Jesus would do


His depths of compassion

His promises rare

His tireless agenda

His boundless true care.

I’ve left all the ethics

And life-style report

Just want you to know Him

Your matchless resort.

It’s life for the looking

His life to convey

And thrilling encounter

Whenever you pray


Whenever you sit down

To probe the Good Book

Or dwell on His promises

Life for a look.

“No longer a teacher”

This signpost declares

Through clouds or in sunshine

Our Fore-runner cares.

Fall Down and Worship Twelfth Month Joy


I have the wisdom of the East

Have studied the stars

Poured over the ancient scrolls

Made discoveries like thunderbolts.


But now I journey

With some learned friends

And the trip seems


A King is expected

The fates tremble with anticipation.

Even our desert mounts


Sense a change

As they plod and jangle

Over the miles.

The heavenlies show One Great Star

In unprecedented alignment.

We are onto something.

Gifts in hand.


David’s City comes into view.

The small house‌the doting little mother.

The Child in precious simplicity.

We have found the Truth.

We fall down

And worship Him.

No longer able to stand


On our own two feet.

(Matthew 2: 11)

Poignant Moment in Music on A ​ ugust 13, 2011

I have been in meetings where the simplicity and trust of the following song lyrics have broken me and brought me into the celebration hall of the King of Kings. Truly an expression of worship which has no need to use the "enticing words of men's wisdom". It is simply spirit responding to Spirit:


Words and music: Tanya Goodman and Michael Sykes

The King of Who I Am

My days are filled with laughter, My heart has known Your peace. I've travelled far, still there is far to go. 'Cause in my heart there is a longing, To look upon Your face. Where You are is where I want to be.


You are my King; You are the Lamb; Lion of Judah, Seed of Abraham, The Holy One, God's only Son. You are the King of who I am.


Every road I've travelled down, You have walked before me. Made the light to shine out of darkness. I am looking for the day when I bow before You, Lay my crown at Your feet.

(Chorus Again)


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Lay of the Land  

A Well-Churched Atmosphere

Lay of the Land  

A Well-Churched Atmosphere