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Mariotto Residence

a m u l t i - l e v e l t o w nhouse downtown san f ranci sco

Ernie Mariotto, the client and owner of this three level townhouse was getting ready to move back into the building his family built and that he grew up in. Ernie, his sister and his niece would each be taking a floor. Naturally, he wanted each floor to represent the member of the family that would be living there. The top level was going to be occupied by his sister whose taste was very much in African art and style. For that reason I pulled my inspiration and design from there.

Living and Dining room view from entry

Dining Room and Living Room

The overall space is designed using subtle earth tones and accented with more saturated earth tones and african art and textile patterns. To give the space an earthy but clean quality I used natural rich natural grained woods, unpolished stone to give the space texture and contrast against the light linen and silk fabrics.

Entry of the middle unit

The concept for the middle unit was a Japanese stone garden. This space was going to be occupied by the client himself who, as an interior designer himself knew exactly what he wanted. “Just make it gorgeous”, he said. What he asked for was a Japanese inspired space with a museum-like quality which would “repel any guests from wanting to sit down and get too comfortable”. (He is quite the character). He wanted it to be clean and minimal.

Images show alternate views of Living Room and Dining Room

it look clear and seamless. The white stone pattern was inspired by the stepping stones that can often be found in Japanese gardens and the color palette and degree of contrast was inspired by more Contemporary Japanese calligraphy art. The wall fountain features green onyx stone to bring in the color and energy of plant-life without bringing any real plant inside as that was rule number one.

Dobie House

a n a d o b e h o u s e i n west los angeles f or a young coupl e

This two story house was designed for a young couple and their two young girls. The great thing about this project was that because there was no existing structure, I had an opportunity to design the entire property. The total lot was 60,000 square feet while the house itself was to be no larger than 2,065 sq. ft. including circulation. The program for the interior was strict-- adjacencies were all predetermined and each room was designated a specific number of square feet.

Images: Front exterior; back exterior; front entrance from the living room; 2nd Floor images: architectural niche with built in shelving and the doorway leading to one of the bedrooms; view of fenestration from the second floor balcony and landing. Front and back Exterior

Awaken Cafe

a c a f e t u r n e d c o mmunity center in downtown oakl and cal ifornia

The idea for Awaken Cafe was to make it feel like a private outdoor patio space. The biggest challenge of this space which only had a width of about 25 feet was being able to occommodate all of the needs for its intended use. One particular challenge was finding an effective way to incorporate a stage for live performances which would be taking place on a regular basis. Part of that was also being able to organize the stage area and extra seating in a way that would allow any people that didn’t want to be right at the stage to go somewhere a little more comfortable and outside of any crowd(s) of people.

The two images to the right are before shots of the space adjacent to the existing cafe. The first image is showing the existing bar which was resurfaced with blue glass mosaic tile as seen in the rendering above. The far right image is showing the open area adjacent to the bar and where you can see in the rendering a mezzanine was added.

These two images show the stage, mezzanine and open seating area. The sketch at the top left corner shows the open seating area facing the stage. The mezzanine is positioned above the open seating area. Both images depict the same space from different points in the room. the seating, and part of the mezzanine.

To provide another place for people go during performances or other activities that may be taking place, I added a mezzanine level with additional tables and seating. This space will also allows the owner to utilize that upper wall space for art display and gallery events.

Profondo Blu

h i g h e n d a c c e s s ory retail store in toronto, canada

Second Floor: Mens accessories, Mens & Womens outerwear

Profondo Blu is a retail store designed to attract young individuals who look for quality products and merchandise that complement unique styles - both artistic and sophisticated. The design concept of Profondo Blu is inspired by the natural contours and vibrancy of the Greek coasts; the predominately white architectural landscape with mixtures of primary hues. The overall visual landscape is organic in form, yet clear and vibrant against the colors of the nature surrounding it.

Ground Floor: Womens Accessories

Womens handbags area located on the ground floor near the main entrance

Materials: I used stone, glass tile, and wood to bring in and emmulate that contrast between land and ocean as it is all over Greece.

Mens fragrance and accessory area (left) and Mens Outerwear (right). Located on the second floor.

Zen Sushi

a c o n t e m p o r a r y sushi restaurant in millbrae calif ornia

Awaken Café was, at the time, a small café in Oakland California that was to be turned into a community center and after hour venue for the local Oakland community. It would need to. Awaken Café was, at the time, a small café in Oakland California that was to be turned into a community center and after hour venue for the local Oakland community. It would need to.

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