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From the Executive Director: Heather Crocker Why give private support for public education? Because someday you will need the students in our schools. The 1st grader who will become a firefighter. The middle school student who will become a veterinarian. Or the high school student attending the Medical Technical Academy with the goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. In Blaine County, we know that our children are our future. The Blaine County Education Foundation is focused on their success. It is a lasting investment with long-term dividends that never stop paying. The Blaine County Education Foundation ensures that our students have access to the best and brightest educators through programs like our Teacher Magnet Fund, providing down payment assistance and professional development to educators across grade levels and across subject areas. BCEF makes certain that our schools continue to be the great social equalizer, giving all students regardless of socioeconomic status the opportunity to thrive through the Can Do Fund. And BCEF gives educators the tools and confidence to try new programs, improve on what works, and bring new opportunities to their students through Mini-Grants and project-specific grants. Donors who give to the Blaine County Education Foundation see the opportunity to make a direct difference in the lives of those who need it most. Their return on investment is measured by the success of our students, our teachers, and in turn, our community. Programs like the Teacher Magnet Fund cost as little as $50 per student over the lifetime of the grant but reap social returns that are measured when a student graduates, attends college, secures a job and becomes a valuable and productive member of our society. This year we celebrate the people like you who have made this possible. Thank you for valuing future generations, for giving educators the means and confidence to innovate, and for believing in the students who are entering our brave new world. Together we have a global vision for public education.

Mission The mission of the Blaine County Education Foundation is to focus community resources and raise funds for the Blaine County School District -- promoting academic rigor, teacher excellence and innovation, equitable education opportunities, and a healthy and sustainable student environment.

From the Board Chairs: Patty Tobin and Mike Burchmore This last year we have experienced tremendous growth and success. Because of your support, the Blaine County Education Foundation funded over 100 grants totaling $204,000. Grants ranged from modest - $11.00 for a low income student to take an elective class – to more significant - $100,000 for the new Special Education Parent Liaison and Resource Center. This report demonstrates the remarkable impact that private funding can have on public education – accelerating the district’s progress and reinforcing the direction toward academic rigor, teacher excellence and innovation, equitable education opportunities and a healthy and sustainable student environment. We have simultaneously reached out – hosting public presentations such as the one on the Idaho Math Initiative – and reached inward – aligning our grant-making with the Blaine County School District Strategic Plan and ensuring accountability with tighter internal controls, such as a new gift acceptance policy. We unveiled our new website which offers details of our funding activities, we initiated electronic newsletters, we added new board members, and last but not least we added several new donor advised funds to the BCEF. Our goals this fiscal year are to focus on our constituents – the students, teachers, staff, parents, donors and community at large – to garner ideas for the best means of enriching and supporting student experiences in our schools. Look for our upcoming presentations, newsletters and surveys this year as we look for ways to better serve our mission – focusing community resources and raising funds for the Blaine County School District.

Board of Directors 2010 Patty Tobin and Mike Burchmore- Co Chairs Dr. Lonnie Barber Becky Benson- Interim Director Mike Chatterton Lyman Drake Jennifer Haemmerle- Chair Public Relations Dr. David Holmes Mark Mary- Secretary Executive Committee Michelle McStay Georgie Montgomery Laura Morawitz- Chair Fund Development Jeff Neel- Treasurer Executive Committee Mark Ratliff Betty Sudhadolnik Alexandra Sundali Penny Thayer Geoff Wells- Chair Fund Distribution

Donor Profile: Vicki Kohler An educator for over 30 years, Vicki Kohler retired as a 5th grade teacher at Carey Elementary in 2007 after teaching every grade at the school – over 600 students by Principal John Peck’s estimates. Students and staff recalled her exceptional commitment to teaching and her ability to empathize with every student. She was a living model of “relationships, relevance and rigor” long before it became a education moniker. Students from all over the country wrote to express their appreciation of her. Kohler was also an alumna of Wood River High School. Kohler was a long time supporter of the Blaine County Education Foundation, making regular pre-tax contributions through the employee giving program. Her contributions were pooled with others in her school to provide everything from art supplies to books and materials for the preschool. Kohler became the BCEF’s first legacy donor when the executor of her estate announced a $10,000 gift to Carey Elementary for new playground equipment. “This is humbling,” said Principal Peck, “to know that she gave her life to teaching and then left such a legacy for the school. Her gift will continue to affect children at our school for many more generations.”

Photo courtesy of John Peck, Carey School Principal

Donor Profile: Atkinsons’ Markets Atkinsons’ Family Markets have a long history with public education, from the time Judy Atkinson volunteered to teach art classes at Hemingway Elementary to the countless school fundraisers they support on every level. “We envisioned the 1% for schools program to be the best vehicle for giving back to the schools. It turned out that we continue to support all of the schoolrelated fundraisers, but this is the one way our customers clearly see their return on loyalty,” says Whit Atkinson. Atkinsons’ Family Markets has provided over $200,000 to public schools since the start of the program. You see the difference they make when you walk into the Social Studies classes at Wood River High School and see students using new net-books to access the latest information, or when you go to the art room in Carey and see the new art reproductions the teacher uses to teach Idaho State Arts Standards. Atkinsons’ funds are used every day by every student in our district to enhance the educational experience and bring it to the level we’ve come to expect in our community.

Did you know? 90% of your donation goes directly to the

program of your choice. 5% goes to a permanent endowment, a portion of which is distributed equally to all eight schools annually and 5% goes to administrative expenses. The majority of donations are donor advised.

Student Profile: Karla Ruiz “I’m graduating from high school early to go to college,” says Wood River High School senior Karla Ruiz. “I’m graduating with 12 college credits and enough high school credits to begin college early. I have a 4.0 and plan on attending the College of Southern Idaho in January.” Karla’s online classes were funded by the BCEF’s Can Do Fund. “I’m grateful to the community for supporting me – my family is so proud and supportive but I also know that I can’t do this alone – knowing that I have the community behind me makes me even more motivated to succeed.”

39% of Blaine County School District students receive free and reduced lunch. This federal program requires that a family of four makes less than $41,000 annually. That’s 1,250 students in the district who deserve equitable education opportunities. BCEF is the only organization in Blaine County working to serve all eight schools equally through grants. BCEF affects the lives of over 3,400 students and 300 educators every day.

BCEF By the Numbers: 4 preschool classes received $15,000 4 educators received Down Payment assistance through the Teacher Magnet Fund, affecting 800 students over the lifetime of the grants 447 Hemingway students benefited from generous donations to the school library

Program Profile: Special Education Resource Center and Parent Liaison

7800 miles were travelled by the Wood River High School Robotics team to competitions with funds through BCEF 830 students were affected by the College Bound Fund supporting the college counseling department 9 educators received grants to attend the College of Southern Idaho’s Summer Spanish Institute, representing nine different subject areas, four schools, and all levels of Spanish language experience 490 Wood River Middle School students participated in the Utah Shakespeare residency, funded with a BCEF grant

Special Educators in public schools throughout Blaine County have something to celebrate. Their students have achieved proficiency scores in reading and math that are higher than state averages by a significant margin. Eighty one percent of our community's special education students were proficient in reading compared to a sixty four percent average in the rest of Idaho. In education circles, even a margin of five percent is considered remarkable. To achieve seventeen percent higher than the state average is outstanding. “We have remarkable educators working together as a team to deliver the best education possible for everyone,” says Special Services Director Debi Gutknecht. A year ago, two donors approached the school district with their own success story. Their child had been identified with a learning disability and they were thrilled with the services their child received. They also recognized that parents of children with special needs are looking for resources and support beyond school. They had a vision for a parent liaison that would serve as a bridge between school and home, ensuring the success of every special education student. The Special Education Resource Center staffed with a Parent Liaison, Kelly Choma, is the outcome of that dream.

Program Profile: Vocal Music Program It was a wonderful holiday surprise when the Curtis W. McGraw Foundation donated $15,000 to the Wood River High School vocal music program. “This is the gift of time,” said teacher Max Stimac. “A surprising amount of my time as an educator is spent fundraising,” says Vocal Music instructor Max Stimac. “We receive tremendous support from the school district and feel fortunate to be in a school that values the fine and performing arts, but the high caliber of our performance groups benefits from an increased level of funding. The district covers the cost of sheet music, etcetera, but there are still unmet needs, which is why this gift makes such a difference. I now have the time to be creative and take my students to the next level of artistic excellence knowing that our other needs are met.” Funds have been used for everything from monitors, speakers and cymbals for Colle Voce to additional risers for the school choir to accommodate the growing number of students in the program. Stimac created a “Black Shoe” fund for students who cannot afford the dress requirements for performances. The anonymous donors expressed their desire to help by saying, “We saw how one educator positively affected a student’s life. Mr. Stimac cares so much about his students that he is constantly engaged in every aspect of their lives, asking them about their other classes and influencing them to be the best people they can be. We know a student who lives for choir – the class drives her desire to succeed in her other classes - and we wanted to give something back to the program that has given so much to us and the community.”

Photo of Colle Voce courtesy of Kirsten Shultz

Blaine County Education Foundation Donor List 2010 Our donors represent a community of people who truly have a Global Vision for Public Education. Thank you sincerely for your dedication to educating children throughout the County. $100,000 Anonymous $20,000

Curtis W. McGraw Foundation $10,000 Heart of Gold Fund, Idaho Lyman and Debra Drake $5,000 - $9,999 Atkinsons’ Market AGL Foundation Sheila and Randall Pollock $2,500 - $4,999 Power Engineers, Inc. Carlos A. Cordeiro Montgomery Foundation BHP Billiton Matched Giving

$1000 - $2,499 Geoff and Pattie Wells Papoose Club Little Black Dress Club LeRoy’s Ice Cream, Inc. Sue Woodyard Ketchum Eye Center $500 - $999 Hailey Rotary Foundation Inc. John Shay Ruscitto/Latham/Blanton Gail Kearns Sandy and Jodi Sanders Julia Shelly Wood River Women’s Charitable Fnd. Kiwanis Club of Hailey & The WR Valley

$250 - $499 Dr. & Mrs. Lonnie and Kitty Barber Marie Tanner Tristan and Dan Gralenski Michael Burchmore and Shannon Finnegan Cameron and Sandra Rottler Leslie Benz Len and Carol Harlig Lori Nurge Doug and Ann Christensen Patty Tobin and Karim Merchant Sam Adicoff Mark and Lisa Mary Jeffrey and Dorene Neel Wells Fargo Tom Weyhrich

$100 - $249 Kathleen Mardian Susan Coon Larry and Rebekah Helzel Laura and Werner Morawitz Drs. Kathryn Woods and Richard Paris Fritz and Jen Haemmerle Dody and Mike Chatterton Joyce Pratt Marcia Rausch Vicki Smith Barbara Tingey Chris Nelson Patricia Barto Joni Cashman Jean Bohl Keith and Mary Jacobson Bruce Clark Max Stimac

Donor List 2010 continued $100 - $249 Pamela Wells John Hand Ken and Marsha Edwards Char Roth Larry Barnes David and Valerie Seamons Steve Poklemba John and Carey Dondero Richard and Sharon Haugen Cynthia McCoy Michelle and Tom Praggastis Richard and Judith Smooke Gary and Nancy St. George Alexandra Sundali Sandra Shaw Joanne Cambareri-Smith Keith and Millie Reidy Capital Educators Chun and Serena Chin James and Willa McLaughlin Becky Benson Felisa Vanoff Timothy Gardiner Stephen Kearns

$50 - $99 Bill and Nancy Resko Sandy Scott Stani Malmgren Amy McGraw Paula Caputo Matt and Mary Gervase Page and Maureen Jenner Shari and Kyle Kunz Jean & Tony Mabbatt Debra and Charles Mitchell Barbara and Barry Neiwert Dennis and Aubrey Pace Wood River Insurance Julie Slocum Dahlgren Peter and Molly Prekeges Diane Jarmusz Alain and Karla Rinckwald Leigh Morse, M.D Linda Kish Leslie Gough

$10 - $49 Katie L. Palmer Cathy Lind Victor Lapa Dave Bell Lois Heagle Mary Hogan James and Joan Kino John and Carolyn Lloyd Julie and Michael Roos Jim Watkinson Hilarie Neely-Job Tracey and Patrick Busby Robert and Julie Casey Lynn Teresa and David Lipman Becca Pierce Edith Iler-Wiedemann Dave Hausmann Cecile Jones Matt and Calysta Phillips Carol Click Bookkeeping

Financial Data BCEF Income Foundations & Service Organizations


Annual Campaign


Dividends & Interest






School District Employees


Board Members


Scholarship Support


Total Income

BCEF Expenses Administration


Board Development/Consulting






Total Expenses



BCEF Income

BCEF Expenses

63% Foundations & Service Organizations Annual Campaign Dividends & Interest Individuals Businesses School District Employees Board Members Scholarship Support

1% 1% 2% 6% 8% 8% 11%


2% 2% 5%

Administration Board Development/Consulting Fundraising Programs

Financial Data continued 1% 3% 3%

BCEF Program Expense Breakdown Special Education Parent Information Center


Teacher Classroom Grants / Project-based learning


Teacher Magnet Fund




Playground Equipment


Student College Scholarships


Teacher Professional Development/CSI Summer Spanish Institute




Can Do Fund - Economically Disadvantaged Student Assistance




Total Expense on Programs

BCEF Program Breakdown




4% 5%

8% 8% 10% Special Education Parent Information Center Teacher Classroom Grants / Project-based learning Teacher Magnet Fund Technology Playground Equipment Student College Scholarships Teacher Professional Development/CSI Summer Spanish Institute Music Can Do Fund - Economically Disadvantaged Student Assistance Robotics

How You Can Get Involved To learn more please visit our website



Supporting education is a lasting investment with long-term dividends that never stop paying. Cash donations of any amount will add worthwhile quality to the education of our valley’s children. BCEF is a 501c3 nonprofit organization to which contributions are tax deductible and also may qualify for the Idaho Education Tax Credit.

Your expertise and willingness to help are valuable assets for the Foundation and our schools. We often need to consult with experts in any number of fields, and there will be opportunities to mentor and teach through our CAN DO Academy. Joining the PA or PTA, and attending District School Board meetings also can give you a sense of what is happening in the schools, and allows for your voice to be heard on important issues. If you have some time to give we would greatly appreciate your contribution.

Business and Property Owners: In-kind donations of goods, services, or property are welcome as long as they match the strategic long-term goals of the school district.

Stay Informed on Issues that Affect Education: Read the Blaine County School District’s Strategic Plan. Let your representatives in our Local, State, and Federal government know that Education is one of your most valued priorities.

Get an Atkinsons’ Advantage Card: When you get an Atkinsons’ Advantage Card it not only gives you great savings on your grocery bill, but you can also tell Atkinsons to dedicate the money you’ve saved to the Blaine County School District. This money is donated to the Education Foundation and distributed in equal amounts to each of the eight public schools in Blaine County. Thank you Atkinsons!

Blaine County Education Foundation P.O. Box 253, Hailey, ID, 83333 (208) 578-5449  Phone (208) 788-3922 Fax

Thank you for supporting us!

2010 Annual Report--Blaine County Education Foundation  
2010 Annual Report--Blaine County Education Foundation  

Outlines the activities that the Blaine County Education Foundation achieved in 2010.