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By: Richard Kestner, Gieve Kazerouni, Mina Roukbi, and Aya Abou-Jaoude


Issue No. Seventeen

Weddings, Tamed at Last, Love, and Minorities...

“And thereby hangs a tale”


Yes, the difficult task has finally been done. You would have needed a warrant too do such a thing but the highly esteemed Petruchio was able to succeed into doing so by taming the beast, Katherine Minola. The People had been jaded for a while now with Katherine's shrew like ways as they all were confounded and oblivious when a heralds had announced the taming of Katherine.

The people of Padua

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Not only are women regarded as weak but are abused by their husbands. Domestic abuse has destroyed lives and leaves many scarred. Katherine, newly wedded to Petruchio, was dragged away from her wedding against her own will. Petruchio, her husband, didn’t listen to her and took none of her words into consideration.

Lucentio and Bianca

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The two Minola sisters are finally married. With Katherine wed to Petruchio, Baptista has allowed Bianca to get married and the lucky bachelor was Lucentio. Continued on pages 5 and 6

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Katherine and Petruchio




“Women are being stepped on these days!” “Our voice is nothing to our masters.” By: Aya Abou-Jaoude

THE STING OF WORDS “Master Petruchio is not an evil one.


Yet sometimes, I believe he acts without thinking.” Grumio, Petruchio’s servant told us yesterday. Ever since slaves have been in households, they have been treated as less then important. They were to obey their masters and do anything their master pleased them to do. These tasks included everything, from hard labor to simple tasks their was no respect whatsoever. “The thing that hurts us the most, is not physical, but the comments we receive, the criticism, the harsh words.” -Anonymous. Yesterday, after Kate and Petruchio’s wedding, the new couple and their slaves made their way back to Petruchio’s estate. The whole way there both Katherine and Grumio were hurt by Petruchio’s actions. He aimlessly blamed things on the slaves and accused them of ridiculous things sending them into a nervous state. “Fie, fie on all tired jades, on all mad masters, and all foul ways! Was ever man so beaten? Was ever man so 'rayed? Was ever man so weary?” (Shakespeare.Act4.Scene1.Line 30) Grumio told another slave, Curtis, upon arrival. Curtis and the other slaves thought Grumio was over exaggerating and didn’t believe their master could be so cruel but as soon as Petruchio stepped through the door, Grumio seemed to be telling the truth. He came in screaming orders left and right. Complaining about everything imaginable and shouting orders that he expected to be done with no hesitation or mistakes. “It was a shock to all of us. These accusations and orders were complete and utter impossible and foolish tasks that made no sense to all of us. Why Petruchio was like this, none of us know.” The slaves said.

Along with slaves, women have been a minority for the longest of times. It was said that no woman was as strong as man and that they weren’t capable of the same things. A woman’s only role was to marry and take care of a home. They were to bear children and live their lives at home serving their husbands while they worked. “We are just as strong as they and shouldn’t be ordered around. They think we depend on them and wouldn’t survive without them. Yet we can, if they gave us the opportunity to work we could probably do a much better job than the men and get more things done properly.” Dr. Rosa says. Not only are women regarded as weak but are abused by their husbands. Domestic abuse has destroyed lives and leaves many scarred. Katherine, newly wedded to Petruchio, was dragged away from her wedding against her own will. Petruchio, her husband, didn’t listen to her and took none of her words into consideration. Not only did he embarrass her at her own wedding but he deprived her later on at home. He starved her until she was delicious and took every meal away from her. Already at a weak state without food, he didn’t let her sleep which could cause some serious complications in her health. “He pushed me to my limits and would not let me be. He took all food away from me and left me fatigued and fragile.” Katherine told us.

STOP ABUSE IN YOUR HOME AND TELL SOMEONE IF IT IS HAPPENING. “Abuse can ruin you life. If you feel like this is happening to you, let someone know and get help. Don’t throw your life away when you can all be great. Stand up for yourself, you will feel good.” Says Dr. Rosa




THE BEAST HAS FINALLY BEEN TAMED Yes, the difficult task has finally been

would need him. That was really

But I, who never knew how to entreat,

done. You would have needed a

Petruchio’s plan all along

for he

Nor never needed that I should entreat,

warrant too do such a thing but the

would then think that she was too good

Am starved for meat, giddy for lack of

highly esteemed Petruchio was able to



succeed into doing so by taming the

miserable for Petruchio would say that

beast, Katherine Minola. The People

the meals that his servants had given

had been jaded for a while now with

her and the bed that she was too sleep

Katherine's shrew like ways as they all

on was not good enough for her, which

were confounded and oblivious when a

lead to Katherine being starved and

heralds had announced the taming of

tired with the lack of food and sleep.


Katherine. Everyone would like to

Because of these actions though,

'Twere deadly sickness or else present

perpetuate the new kate for they would



never want to mar it. What tarried

Katherine under his control like a wife

I prithee, go and get me some repast,



should be standing by her husband.

I care not what, so it be wholesome




Grumio was able to remember the


Petruchio had explained to us the

same quote that Katherine had told him

Though the experience was painful, in

engender towards the new Katherine.


He had mentioned that really he had

actions in the beginning. “

just made it seem as if he made it look

The more my wrong, the more his spite

like he was making the rite decisions


for her. With that leading too Katherine

What, did he marry me to famish me?

starting acting submissively around

Beggars that come unto my father’s




petruchio because of how he could control






Petruchio her savior and that she












door Upon entreaty have a present alms. If not, elsewhere they meet with charity.

By: Gieve Kazerouni

With oaths kept waking and with brawling fed. And that which spites me more than all these wants, He does it under name of perfect love, As who should say, if I should sleep or

the end, it turned out better for everyone. Katherine has finally gotten her man, the people can finally sleep well tonight, and the men can finally persuade there mission on marrying Bianca. Though people thought that Petruchio was probably doing this for the money, I think we can see that the two do really love each other


Kate and Petruchio’s wedding was a grand slam for all of us. Petruciho showed up with poor habiliments and it looked like he did not put any effort into making this wedding a great memory. Not only did he look like a street beggar, but he arrived hours late to the wedding. Kate’s dad, Baptista, was not pleased. Kate was brought into tears because Petruchio had almost marred the wedding. As soon as Petruchio and Kate got married, Petruchio decided to rush out and not stay for the feast. “Gentlemen and

friends, I thank you for Thou I know you think to dine with me today And have prepared great store of wedding cheer, But so it is, my haste doth call me hence, And therefore here I mean to take my leave” (Act III Scene II pg.9) Was what Petruchio said to everyone. Kate was did not want to leave, but she didn’t do much to stop it because Petrucio was acting very violent towards her. Soon the Couple left and were set to go on their honeymoon. Petruchio was on a quest to “tame” Kate because he thought of her as a shrew, and most people think of her in that way

to. He used mind tricks on her to turn her into an obedient wife. He starved her and didn’t let her sleep and told her everything was for her own good. Below is a picture of the wedding crowd all waiting for Petruchio and the couples wedding.



The most Luxurious fur coat there is. This is a very pricy high-class robe and Baptista was seen wearing it. Kings and emperors all over the globe wear the robe.

By: Richard Ketsner

This is the dress Kate wore to her wedding. Made from find cloth, this dress was made by one of the finest tailors in all of Padua. It is a one of a kind and it is now on resale. The reason why this dress costs a bundle is because Katherine was married in it. “Ay, marry, sir, now it begins to work.” Said gremio. This is when the marriage started.




How well do you know the people of Padua?

Across 2. Young man from Verona who marries Katherine 5. Foolish old man 8. Traveling teacher from Mantua 9. Young man who disguises himself as a tutor 11. Another servant of Lucentio's 12. Servant who disguises himself as Lucentio Down 1. Rich gentleman of Padua 3. Man who disguises himself as a tutor 4. Elderly gentleman of Pisa 6. Sharp-tongued older daughter of Baptista 7. Petruchio's servant 10. Younger daughter of Baptista

Gieve Kazerouni

GOOD MORNING PADUA! MARRIAGE PROBLEMS? Having trouble with your relation with your mate? Well have no fear for Petruchio is the man for you. You may think that this man can’t handle what your dealing with? Well his young gentleman has done the unthinkable by taming, and marrying t h e B e a s t l y S h r e w, Katherine Minola. You may have heard stories about her for she isn’t someone you would want to cross paths with for she had a big reputation as a real shrew. If you need help come to Petruchio for he can be the one to save your marriage. Petruchio who’s what too do for he is considered the love expert. Come by at Petruchio’s home for we can save your marriage. After his actions he won over Baptista,

“Now, fair befall thee, good Petruchio! The wager thou hast won, and I will add Unto their losses twenty thousand crowns, Another dowry to another daughter, For she is changed as she had never been." Geive Kazerouni

This is one of the finest gentlemen’s suits you can find in Padua. There are so many positive attributes to this suit. The set is completed with a feather hat. Tranio was spotted wearing this.



FASHION ADVICE were we sad, fearing you would not come, Now sadder that you We’ve all come so unprovided. seen the clothing Fie, doff this habit, attires most shame to your estate, celebrities are wearing. Some are An eyesore to our solemn festival”(Act so beautiful, III Scene 2 pg.5) expensive, and was what Baptista glamorous, and said to Petrucio. other may be What did get quite revealing. some viewers Good Morning astonished was Padua knows what Bianca wore whats in and one day. It was an whats out this amazing dress season, meaning we know what you that blew our minds away. should be wearing. We’ve all Richard Ketsner heard of what style Petrucio was using at his wedding, silly, disrespectful, and ridiculous. Quite Frankly, he looked like a clown. Below is a picture of what he looked like. This is an example of what should be worn at a circus, not a wedding. “Why, sir, you know this is your wedding day. First

Petruchio’s Ways

The Collector, 1234 Main Street, Any Town, State ZIP | 123-456-7890 |


By: Mina Roukbi



Opinions on Lucentio and Bianca: HORTENSIO: I think Lucentio is not right for Bianca, she deserves someone who is more handsome, wise, and tough, like myself ! Why would she pick that fool over me? And I hear now that Baptista has warranted their marriage that is ridiculous! Does he not understand that I am better than Lucentio, I am more powerful and I would smother his lovely daughter with more love and care than this Lucentio would ever do. BAPTISTA: I believe my lovely daughter has made a splendid choice in who she will marry. Lucentio is a very kind and loving man who I know will take care of my daughter and won’t make her upset ever. They are truly in love, and I am glad that Bianca has chosen a lad like Lucentio.

PETRUCHIO: I am very proud of my sister in-law who couldn’t have picked a better man. I’m glad that we are now all a big family. Sweet and beautiful Bianca deserves a man just like strong, and wise Lucentio to take care of her.

KATHERINE: I really can’t believe that I even answered this silly question. My sister has fell in love so let her be. I don’t know Lucentio very well, but I trust that he will take care of my sister the way my dearest Petruchio loves and cares for me. TRANIO: As Lucentio’s servent I very much respect his choice in marriage. They have so much in common, they are both wise, beautiful, and kind to everyone. The first time Lucentio laid eyes on her, he knew she would be the one. It was love at first sight. I have never seen Lucentio so happy, and I know he will make Bianca’s life full of happiness.

Above, Lucentio reading to dearest Bianca.

Below,Lucentio teaching Bianca, while Horsentio sneaks up in the background.

“Shall sweet Bianca practice how to bride it?” (Lucentio, page 135, Act 3) “She shall, Lucentio. Come, gentlemen, let’s go.” (Baptista, page 135, Act 3)


By: Mina Roukbi PAGE


Why won’t dearest Bianca marry me? What does she see in that Lucentio? -Hortensio DEAR HORTENSIO,

I understand that you really love Bianca, but you have to understand that she loves Lucentio. You are a good man Hortensio, and I get that you don’t want to give up Bianca so I think that you should open your heart to her and tell her how you feel so that she understands and might begin to feel the same way about you. You are a strong man Hortensio, show off the strength to your loved one. “The base is right; ’tis the base knave that jars.

(aside) How fiery and forward our pedant is!” Now, for my life, the knave doth court my love. Pedascule, I’ll watch you better yet. (Hortensio, page 111, Act 3)

Above, Lucentio winning Bianca’s heart.

Why is Katherine such a shrew? Why can’t she be more like Bianca? -Tranio DEAR GRUMIO, Well Katherine isn’t as bad as she seems. Did you know that Petruchio is trying to tame her! So he himself doesn’t like her attitude and wants to change it. Also at Bianca’s wedding she acted very polite, so maybe she is turing more to her sister. Keep an open mind Tranio, and maybe you will even see the change.

Above, Katherine misbehaving.

For anymore advice please go ahead and talk me, Iris so I can answer your questions to help you out!




By: Aya Abou-Jaoude



Don’t be shocked when you see someone has changed completely. You could know this person very well and be very pleased with their new personality. There is no longer need to worry, your stars are aligned perfectly and many things will be in your favor. Let yourself relax and enjoy all the happiness around you. KATHERINA:

Change is good. It brings a fresh start with new possibilities for happiness and good times. Don’t forget to smile and appreciate the things you have. However don’t forget to stay your self and continue to have an opinion. A person with no opinion is not a person at all. BIANCA:

Love is in the air, no matter what happens, nothing can mar this bond you share with your love. All lies should explained, for a lie

will cause many problems. Be sure of yourself yet don’t jump at the people you love and care for. LUCENTIO:

Someone unexpected may pay a visit and be ready. Remember the truth is the only thing that can make things better and keep what you have alive. Don’t worry the person you love obviously loves you back. PETRUCHIO:

What you think may be the only way to handle things, c o u l d e ve n t u a l l y r u i n everything. Stay true to your morals and show the person you care for love, they might forget. HORTENSIO:

Time heals all wounds, even broken hearts. Who knows? You may meet someone today you will love even more and can relate to their situation.


A plan you might have thought was ingenious could eventually bite you right back. Think before you make decisions and keep your eyes and ears open, an unwanted guest could arrive soon. GRUMIO:

Cheer up! Things may not seem so dark anymore. With your master’s project out of the way, there won’t be any need to continue the full act and your sanity will return. VINCENTIO:

Hold onto your hat because you could be in deep shock s o o n . N o m at t e r h ow shocking the news may be, remember to keep your mind open and listen and trust your loved ones.

“See how they kiss and court! Signior Lucentio, Here is my hand, and here I firmly vow Never to woo her more, but do forswear her As one unworthy all the former favors That I have fondly flattered her withal.” Hortensio says in despair. What will happen to me? (Shakespeare.Act4. Scene2.30)

Good Morning Padua  

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