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With leaf confetti you throw a handful of celebration into the air! How is leaf confetti made? Do the twist! Create your own crate! Our crate hero Packing and off it goes! The confetti is gone, but the memories remain! leaf confetti packages Frequently asked questions Benefits/ Business

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Happy, natural and fitting for your wedding. Not only is your relationship enduring, but also the packaging! Furthermore, you can match the products to suit your day. In addition, the venue you choose will also be pleased: the confetti leaves no stains, and within 4 to 5 days it disappears back into nature. Leaf confetti: hand-made, personal, natural and celebratory moment during your big day!

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How is leaf confetti made? Leaf confetti is made in the Netherlands, with help from our valued workers from the social workshop. The leaf confetti comes from the Netherlands. Leaves are selected and sorted according to their moisture content, and then dried for a week. If they are dried for too long they become powdery, and if they are dried for too short a time they remain moist and will go mouldy. After the drying process the leaves are passed through a machine and cut into small pieces. Voila, leaf confetti: unprocessed and from Dutch soil! Ready to take your celebration back to nature.

Do the twist! In order to give the leaf confetti a personal touch, we add the Twist. Leaf confetti is not only biological, biodegradable confetti: it is your confetti, in your own style, which suits your day. The Twist is a biodegradable disc between the dried leaves, which you can have embossed with natural ink, which leaves no stains. With the Twist you can carry through the theme of your day with the leaf confetti! For example, think about your wedding date, the logo on your wedding invitations, or your names.



back in the nature

Of course you can also use the leaf confetti for other occasions and adjust the Twist, for example for the opening of a new business, a baby shower or a graduation party. Leaf confetti is delivered in bags made from recycled paper, printed with water-based ink. From each bag you can on average throw three handfuls of celebration into the air! Pssst! Not only do we think it fantastic that it is a biodegradable product, but so do the owners of the party venue! It is a safe product, leaves no stains, and completely disappears within 4-5 days- if you use it outside, of course!

crate hero

Create your own crate! The wooden crates are made in the community workshop. Here we employ people who are unable to work in a regular workplace, but in this environment they can use their talents and creativity. We are proud of them, and of the products they make for us, such as Willem, our crate-builder:

Hi, I am Willem, I work in the social workshop and make the crates for Leaf Confetti. I love the work, because I am very good at it. I make the crates from the slats of wood my team-leader has sawn with the machine. I put the slats in the mould and staple them. On the long-side there needs to be a whole slat, without a hand-grip that you see on other crates. I only have to sand two hand-grips instead of four. My colleagues are very jealous of me that I can do this work, haha! But I am simply the best, I am the crate hero for Leaf confetti.

Once Willem has finished the crates this is a plain wood, basic crate. However, you can also choose to have the crate either finished in ‘White Wash’ with a water-soluble paint or the burnt version, ‘Fire and Flame’.

W hitewash To achieve the ultimate personal touch, you can have your own text or logo engraved on the crate. In this way you can match the Twist with the crate: perfect for your day!

In addition to the engraving, you can also choose a pattern for the sides. This can be for only the front, or all sides. It is your choice: everything is hand-made and created especially for your day. We understand that it is tense waiting to see if the end-result is exactly as you pictured it would be. For this reason, we send a preview to you before we engrave. On this preview you can see how your order looks, like the examples below:

Only if you give us the go-ahead will we get to work. In this way you can keep track of the progress, be assured that all is well, and avoid unnecessary stress before your big day!

Packing and off it goes! Yes, the crate is finished. Time to pack it. In the social workshop the edges of the paper bags are folded over, so that they fit perfectly in the crate. This also makes it easy to take a handful of confetti out of the bag. The edge also looks attractive! The bags are filled by Willem’s colleagues. They mix the Twist with the Leaf confetti. The bags are put into your crate, the filled crate is put into a made-to-measure box with the Leaf confetti logo. We have made these boxes the exact size to avoid the need for unnecessary packaging. And, yes, the boxes are recyclable and printed with water-soluble ink.

The confetti is gone, but the memory remain! Make a showpiece of the crate: display your beautiful wedding shoes, the guest-book or the ring-cushion so that they are in the limelight for more than a few seconds.

W hitewash

Package of Leaf confetti

· 10 bags of Leaf confetti · Personalised Twist · Personalised engraving on the crate

Crate of Leaf confetti

· Personalised engraving on the crate · Color Processing Fire and Flame · Color Processing Whitewash

BAGS of the Leaf confetti

· Bag of Leaf confetti · Personalised Twist

Frequently asked questions Bas from Leaf confetti never ‘leaves’ out the truth….and answers a few questions which are frequently asked. How many bags fit in one crate?

Ten bags fit in each crate Do I need to order Leaf confetti by the crate?

No, you can order for example one crate and twenty bags, or only bags, or only crates, or bags without Twist, or…… us and we can see what is possible! How many bags do you suggest we need for our wedding?

The average order is forty bags. However, it will also depend on the number of guests. In any case you will not need one bag per guest. How long in advance do we need to place our order?

It takes us approximately three weeks to develop the order. This is because everything is handmade and we take great care over our, eh your, products.

Is your question not here? Bas from Leaf confetti would love to help you! You can reach him on +31 (0)6 13 900 132. Or send a mail to

Business Wedding location? Office party? Leaf confetti can make it a great occasion without causing you problems! products are completely natural, 100% recyclable or degradable. We have summarised the advantages and disadvantages of comparable products, so that it is easy for you to see that we are the right choice!

Material Rice

Rose petals


Ordinary confetti

Bubble blower



Birds can choke

Pure natural, so fine

on it eat rice.

by eating animals.

If they get wet, there may

Does not give patches,

your suit or dress stains.

too if it gets wet.

These continue in the next are 3 years.

Decays within 4-5 days.

Difficult to clean up

Decays within 4-5 days

and sometimes gives off color.

and does not stain.

On your suit or

Does not give patches,

dress can stains.

too if it gets wet.

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