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cold spring harbor laboratory press

Drosophila Neurobiology A Laboratory Manual Edited by Bing Zhang, Marc R. Freeman and Scott Waddell

Evolution The Molecular Landscape Edited by Bruce Stillman, David Stewart and Jan Witkowski

This manual offers detailed protocols for researchers using Drosophila for investigating the nervous system. It covers analysis of neural development, recording and imaging activities in the nervous system, and analysis of behaviour.

This volume reviews the latest advances in evolution research. Topics include the appearance of the first genetic material, the origins of cellular life, evolution and development, selection and adaptation, and genome evolution.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, May 2010 HB 9780879699048

£172.00 PB 9780879699055


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, July 2010 HB 9780879698706

£214.00 PB 9780879698713

£87.00 Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology

Imaging A Laboratory Manual Edited by Rafael Yuste

Imaging has rapidly become tremendously valuable in nearly every field of biological research. This manual, the cornerstone of a new series, is designed as an essential guide to a wide array of visualization techniques.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, October 2010 HB 9780879699352

£166.00 PB 9780879699369


coming soon

Imaging in Developmental Biology A Laboratory Manual Edited by James Sharpe and Rachel Wong coming soon

New imaging technologies have revolutionized developmental biology. Researchers can now visualize dynamic form and function throughout the entire developmental process. This manual describes live imaging techniques for a variety of standard model organisms.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, December 2010 HB 9780879699390

£166.00 PB 9780879699406


earthscan publications

Renewable Energy 4 Vol. Set Edited by Bent Sørensen

This set of thousands of key writings covers all the main renewable technologies, the fundamental principles by which they function, and the issues around their deployment.

Earthscan Publications, November 2010 HB 9781844078677



coming soon

Blackwell Special Promotion Price £530.00 until 30th January 2011 List price £725.00 editions technip

Corrosion and Degradation of Metallic Materials Understanding of the Phenomena and Applications in Petroleum and Process Industries

This book is intended for engineers and technicians and for science and process engineering students wanting to understand the mechanisms involved in the corrosion of metallic materials, its prevention and treatment.

Editions Technip, March 2010 HB 9782710809449

€ 65.00

François Ropital

CO2 Capture Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fabrice LeComte, Paul Broutin and Etienne Lebas


Where, how and at what price can CO2 be captured? This book attempts to provide the answers to these questions reviewing the state of the art of the technologies required.

Editions Technip, August 2010 PB 9782710809487

€ 25.00

issue 1, 2010/2011

editions technip

Heavy Oils Production and Upgrading Alain-Yves Huc

The Oil & Gas Engineering Guide Hervé Baron

The voluntarily wide scope of this volume encompasses the geology, the production, the transportation, the upgrading, the economics and the environmental issues of heavy oils.

This book gives the reader an overview of how oil & gas facilities are engineered. It covers their entire design cycle, from the high level functional duty to the detailed design.

Editions Technip, September 2010 HB 9782710808909

€ 100.00

Editions Technip, April 2010 HB 9782710809456

€ 55.00

elsevier science & technology

Advanced Industrial Control Technology Peng Zhang

Coal and Peat Fires A Global Perspective Volume 1: Coal-Geology and Combustion Edited by Glenn B Stracher, Anupma Prakash and Ellina V. Sokol

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Turbomachinery 6th ed. S.L. Dixon and C.A. Hall

A solid grounding is provided in traditional control techniques, followed by detailed examination of modern control techniques such as real-time, distributed, robotic, embedded, computer and wireless control technologies. In addition to working principles and operation mechanisms, this book emphasises the practical issues of components, devices and hardware circuits. A compelling collection of research conducted by scientists and engineers around the world. The first of four volumes in the collection, ‘Coal Geology and Combustion’ features case studies on a country by country basis, with coverage of prehistoric and historic coal fires and their implications.

Alan R. Katritzky et al.

Materials Engineering, Science, Processing and Design 2nd ed. Michael Ashby, Hugh Shercliff and David Cebon

science & engineering

Elsevier Science & Technology, August 2010 HB 9780444528582


Echo eBook Single User Access 9780080962597

Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier Science & Technology, April 2010


HB 9781856177931

3rd ed.

HB 9781437778076


Includes new design studies of several turbomachines, applying the theories developed in the book along with new photos added, to better illustrate the topics presented.

$89.95 Echo eBook Multi-User Access 9780080962597 EBL eBook Single User Access 9780080962597


£39.99 Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Elsevier Science & Technology, September 2010

Written by leading scholars and industry experts, the ‘Handbook of Heterocyclic Chemistry’ contains more than 1500 clearly drawn structures and reactions. The highly systematic coverage given to the subject makes this one of the most authoritative single-volume accounts of modern heterocyclic chemistry available.

This is the ultimate materials engineering text and resource for students developing skills and understanding of materials properties and selection for engineering applications.

Elsevier Science & Technology, August 2010 PB 9780080958439


Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier Science & Technology, November 2009 HB 9781856178952



elsevier science & technology

Materials Selection in Mechanical Design 4th ed. Michael F. Ashby

Orbital Mechanics for Engineering Students 2nd ed. Howard Curtis

Includes significant revisions of chapters on engineering materials, processes and process selection, selection of material and shape, hybrid materials and the environment, while retaining the book’s hallmark structure and subject content.

Fully supported by the analytical features and computer based tools required by today’s students, it also includes a substantial number of worked examples, accompanying figures, and end of chapter exercises.

Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier Science & Technology, September 2010 HB 9781856176637


Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier Science & Technology, December 2010 HB 9780123747785


coming soon

Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual Construction, Design, Fabrication and Examination Philip Ellenberger

The focus of the book is to enhance participants’ understanding and application of the spirit of the code or standard and form a plan for compliance.

Echo eBook Single User Access 9780080958996

Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier Science & Technology, March 2010


PB 9781856176934

£60.99 Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry Edited by Gordon W Gribble and John A. Joule

Semi-Active Suspension Control Design for Vehicles Sergio Savaresi et al.

Up and Running with AutoCAD 2011 2D and 3D Drawing and Modeling Elliot Gindis

Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor Simulation 2011 A Step-by-Step Guide to Engineering Design Solutions 2nd ed. Wasim Younis


‘Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry’ (PHC) is an annual review series commissioned by the International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry (ISHC), containing both highlights of the previous year’s literature on heterocyclic chemistry and articles on emerging topics of interest.

Appropriate as a tutorial for students in automotive systems, an applicationoriented reference for engineers and a control design-oriented text for researchers that introduces semi-active suspension theory and practice.

$99.95 Echo eBook Multi-User Access 9780080958996 EBL eBook Single User Access 9780080958996

$99.95 Elsevier Science & Technology, September 2010 HB 9780080966854

£110.00 Progress in Heterocyclic Chemistry. Vol.22

HB 9780080966786

£49.99 Echo eBook Single User Access 9780080966793


Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier Science & Technology, August 2010

Echo eBook Multi-User Access 9780080966793

Explains “why” something is done, not just “how”: the theory behind each concept or command is discussed prior to engaging AutoCAD, so the student has a clear idea of what they are attempting to do.

Academic Press / Elsevier Science & Technology, September 2010

This book is the perfect resource for professionals and students in any design and manufacturing field. With clear guidance and real-world tutorials, its step-by-step approach will help users of all skill levels become Simulation experts.


PB 9780123757173


Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier Science & Technology, April 2010 PB 9780123821027


issue 1, 2010/2011

ice publishing

Asset Management Whole-life Management of Physical Assets Edited by Chris Lloyd

ICE Manual of Health and Safety in Construction Edited by Ciaran McAleenan and David Oloke

ICE Manual of Highway Design and Management Edited by Ian Walsh

coming soon

Rock Engineering Arild Palmström and Hakan Stille

Structural Analysis with Finite Elements Paolo Rugarli

The first book of its kind, ‘Asset Management’ offers comprehensive and accessible coverage of all the major aspects of the subject, providing an invaluable reference to those working in or learning about asset-intensive industries.

‘ICE Manual of Health and Safety in Construction’ provides invaluable practical guidance on how hazards can be removed, controlled or managed, from the initial design and planning stages, through construction, to asset maintenance and eventual demolition, to help maintain the safety and health of workers and others involved in or affected by construction projects.

A one-stop reference for all practicing engineers working in the field of highway engineering covering each of the key aspects of highway engineering projects as well as the management and maintenance of existing highways assets.

The first book to focus on risk and uncertainty, ‘Rock Engineering’ explains the geological principles and concepts required for successful geotechnical design and engineering of underground excavations.

‘Structural Analysis with Finite Elements’ reveals the theory behind the finite element (FE) method as it relates to structural engineering and explains how to overcome commonly encountered problems and errors found in everyday structural modelling with finite element software.

ICE Publishing, February 2010 PB 9780727736536


ICE Publishing, June 2010 HB 9780727740564


ICE Publishing, December 2010 HB 9780727741110


ICE Publishing, July 2010 HB 9780727740830


ICE Publishing, June 2010 HB 9780727740939


john wiley & sons

Dynamics of Structures Patrick Paultre

Energy Production and Storage Inorganic Chemical Strategies for a Warming World Robert H. Crabtree

science & engineering

Applying mechanical engineering principles to structures of all sizes, this title examines the effects of loads, impacts, and earthquakes on materials comprising buildings, bridges, tunnels, and more.

New from the EIC Books Series, this title covers a wide range of topics from a subject that is of vital importance in the modern world - energy production and storage.

John Wiley & Sons, September 2010 HB 9781848210639


John Wiley & Sons, September 2010 HB 9780470749869








Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering 2nd ed. Edited by Antonio Luque and Steven Hegedus

This work is updated to reflect the significant growth that has occurred in the industry and addresses new developments in processing, cell and module design, efficiencies and greenhouse initiatives.

John Wiley & Sons, December 2010 HB 9780470721698


coming soon

Uhlig’s Corrosion Handbook 3rd ed. Edited by R. Winston Revie


Roger Penrose Collected Works 6 Vol. Set

Thoroughly revised, the third edition includes new chapters on hightemperature oxidation of metals and alloys, dental materials, and anodic protection, as well as updated coverage of corrosion rates and behaviour

Spanning fifty years of science, this collection brings together the works of one of the most eminent mathematicians of the 20th Century , Professor Roger Penrose.

John Wiley & Sons, November 2010 HB 9780470080320

£133.00 The Electrochemical Society Series

Oxford University Press, October 2010 HB



£201 Blackw Black well Special P Blackwell Promotion Price £499.00 until 31st December 2010 List price £700.00

coming soon


Theory of Applied Robotics Kinematics, Dynamics and Control 2nd ed. Reza N. Jazar

VDI Heat Atlas 2nd ed. 2 Vol. Set VDI Gesellschaft

Students, researchers, and practicing engineers alike will appreciate this user-friendly presentation of a wealth of robotics topics, most notably orientation, velocity, and forward kinematics.

One of the most important established books in matters of heat transfer engineering. This updated and thoroughly revised edition incorporates all state-of-the-art methods and analyses.

Springer, July 2010 HB 9781441917492

£69.00 Springer Engineering Collection

Springer, July 2010 HB 9783540778769



A Concise Handbook of Mathematics, Physics & Engineering Sciences Andrei D.Polyanin


This book provides extensive coverage of the basic ideas, formulas, equation problems, theorems, methods and laws from the fields of physics, mechanics, maths & electrical engineering.

CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, September 2010 HB 9781439806395


issue 1, 2010/2011

taylor & francis

Advanced Engineering Mathematics with Matlab 3rd ed. Dean G. Duffy and Thomas L. Harman

Advanced Mathematical Methods in Science & Engineering 2nd ed.

Updated & expanded, this edition builds a solid background in the mathematics required throughout the engineering disciplines. The book now incorporates the use of Matlab to reinforce the concepts presented.

This title elucidates integral methods, field equation derivations & operations applicable to modern science systems.

CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, October 2010 HB 9781439816240


CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, July 2010 HB 9781420081978


Sabih I. Hayek

Biology for Engineers Arthur T. Johnson

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Design Fundamentals 2nd ed.

Rather than treating biology as a science requiring memorization of connections & classifications, the book explores its relevance as an application area for engineering analysis & design.

Thoroughly updated, this title presents the design fundamentals, component sizing and systems interactions of alternative vehicles.

Iqbal Husain

Radioactive Air Sampling Methods Mark L. Maiello and Mark D. Hoover

This book contains step-by-step methods for measuring airborne radioactive substances, including information on sensitivity, possible interferences and safety precautions for each method.

CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, September 2010 HB 9781420077636


CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, August 2010 HB 9781439811757


CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, October 2010 HB 9780849397172


coming soon

wit press

Petroleum Resources with Emphasis on Offshore Fields O.T. Gudmestad, A.B. Zolotukhin and E.T. Jarlsby

Lessons learnt from mature Norwegian offshore projects form the cornerstone of this book, whose principle aim is to increase the general understanding of the ‘upstream’ part of the petroleum industry.

Wit Press, January 2010 HB 9781845644789

£98.00 Echo eBook Single User Access 9781845644789


Wind Power Generation and Wind Turbine Design Edited by W. Tong

Wind power is the fastest growing alternative energy segment, with an attractive cost structure. This book provides engineers and researchers with up-to-date, and advanced design techniques and practical approaches.

Wit Press, June 2010 HB 9781845642051

£298.00 Echo eBook Single User Access 9781845643881


science & engineering


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