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September 2009

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Ingram Digital to Distribute MyiLibrary ebooks to the Academic Library Community On July 10, the agreement was announced between Blackwell and Ingram Digital, giving Blackwell e-book distribution rights to libraries around the world via Ingram’s MyiLibrary® platform, with the exception of the United Kingdom and Canada. The agreement will allow Blackwell Digital Services customers to discover and order MyiLibrary ebooks via Collection Manager, the Blackwell interface. Read our entire release on our website at berg publishers

Integrating ebooks into a library can be a challenge, not just technically, but also from a collection development perspective. Blackwell can help you overcome these challenges in order to develop a compelling and sustainable ebook collection that complements existing print acquisition policies. With our in-depth knowledge of developing print collection plans, we have created a new service that helps libraries create a comprehensive ‘blueprint’ for ebook collections. Whether a library is only interested in a limited adoption of ebooks or a fullscale implementation, Blackwell’s Digital

Advertising Critical Readings 4 Vol. Set Edited by Brian Moeran

Services team can provide solutions to the following questions: • How can a library quickly build a critical mass of ebooks that matches current collecting priorities? • In what subject areas should ebooks be consistently preferred over print editions? • How and where should patron driven acquisition technology be utilized? • Which ebook aggregators are most appropriate from administrative and patron standpoints? Ultimately, effectively integrating ebooks into a library’s acquisition mainstream will greatly benefit patrons, reduce strain on the acquisition budget, and has significant potential to streamline internal processes. Simply send an email to digital@blackwell. com or your Regional Sales Manager to start the ebook collection development planning process.

‘Advertising: Critical Readings’ brings together the key writings – drawing on both journals and books – to present an authoritative and comprehensive survey of the field.

Berg Publishers, December 2009 HB



£175 OFF RRP With the Blackwell Special Offer Price of £475.00 until 31st March 2010. Price thereafter £650.00

coming SOON

cambridge university press

Global Crises, Global Solutions Costs and Benefits 2nd ed. Edited by Bjørn Lomborg

The Fall of the House of Credit What Went Wrong in Banking and What can be Done to Repair the Damage? Alistair Milne


Lomborg offers an authoritative assessment of how the world can best spend money to resolve the problems, from disease and malnutrition to conflict and climate change, of the world’s poorest people.

How was it possible for problems in one relatively small sector in the global financial system - the American subprime mortgage market - to lead to the most serious economic crisis in living memory? Alistair Milne untangles the complex world of modern banking and examines solutions to the crisis.

Cambridge University Press, July 2009 PB



Cambridge University Press, July 2009 HB 9780521762144


SeptEmber 2009


Management Richard L. Daft, Martyn Kendrick and Natalia Vershinina

This major new European edition of Daft’s market-leading textbook, ‘Management’, breaks new ground in tackling the key theory, issues and challenges facing global business today.

Cengage Learning, November 2009 HB 9781844808823


coming SOON

Organizational Behaviour & Management 4th ed. John Martin and Martin Fellenz

A heavily revised new edition that brings organizational behaviour textbooks into the 21st century: Martin & Fellenz sets the standard with cutting-edge research and examples.

Cengage Learning, December 2009 HB 9781408018125


coming SOON

elsevier science & technology

Handbook of Development Economics Edited by Dani Rodrik and M.R. Rosenzweig

coming SOON

Handbook of Agricultural Economics Farm Policies and Regional Development coming SOON

Edited by Robert E. Evenson and Prabhu Pingali

Presents an accurate, self-contained survey of the current state of the field, summarising the most recent discussions and new developments. Although original material is included, the main aim is the provision of comprehensive and accessible surveys.

A comprehensive and accessible survey of the current state of the field of agricultural economics. This volume examines national and international food agriculture policies and how they enhance agricultural productivity growth.

Elsevier Science & Technology, December 2009 HB 9780444529442

£108.00 Handbook in Economics. Vol. 5

Elsevier Science & Technology, October 2009 HB 9780444518743

£91.00 Handbook in Economics. Vol. 4

essvale corporation ltd.

Business Knowledge for IT in Trading and Exchanges A Complete Handbook for IT Professionals Essvale Corporation Limited

‘Business Knowledge for IT in Trading and Exchanges’ covers topics that align IT and business in Trading and the Exchanges (market in which securities, commodities, options or futures are traded) where trading takes place. Essvale Corporation Ltd, October 2008

HB 9780955412486

£49.95 Echo eBook Single User Access ISBN 9781906096427

US$37.00 Echo eBook Multi-User Access ISBN 9781906096427

US$55.00 Bizle Professional Series

Business Knowledge for IT in Insurance A Complete Handbook for IT Professionals Essvale Corporation Limited

HB 9780955412431

‘Business Knowledge for IT in Insurance’ covers topics that align IT and business in the Insurance industry as well as the Reinsurance industry.


Essvale Corporation Ltd, April 2009


Echo eBook Single User Access ISBN 9781906096625 Echo eBook Multi-User Access ISBN 9781906096427

US$84.56 Bizle Professional Series global professional publishing

Strategic Business Forecasting Jae K. Shim


This book provides a working knowledge of the fundamentals of business forecasting that can be applied in the real world regardless of the firm’s size.

Global Professional Publishing, September 2009 PB




global professional publishing

The International Handbook of Islamic Banking and Finance Elisabeth Jackson-Moore

Law Relating to Financial Services 7th ed. Graham Roberts

The Management Accountant’s Standard Desk Reference Jae K. Shim

Retail Banking 2nd ed. Keith Pond

john wiley & sons

Handbook of Improving Performance in the Workplace

This new and exciting book describes the business that is practiced today. It explains why special modes of finance are needed in the Islamic world.

This established guide to the law relating to corporate and retail banking, cuts to the core of the legal rules and includes the latest Statutory Codes.

The book is a working guide that will assist those studying the subject - they will find themselves referring to it for clear, to the point guidance.

An introduction to the business of retail banking completely updated after the credit crunch. The book includes an updated chapter on the day-to-day practicalities of retail banking.

A three-volume series reference library covering core topics in the growing fields of training and development, workplace learning, and individual and organisational performance improvement.

3 Vol. Set Kenneth H. Silber et al

3 Vol. Set Hossein Bidgoli coming SOON


HB 9781906403317


Global Professional Publishing, August 2009 PB 9781906403263


Global Professional Publishing, October 2008 PB 9781906403072


Global Professional Publishing, August 2009 PB 9781906403546


John Wiley & Sons, December 2009 HB



£54 Special Introductory Offer of £216.00 until 31st March 2010. Thereafter £270.00

coming SOON

The Handbook of Technology Management

Global Professional Publishing, June 2009

A comprehensive handbook series on technology management with coverage of core topics. Edited by the renowned Doctor Hossein Bidgoli, the three volumes include all the basics for students, educators, and practitioners.

John Wiley & Sons, February 2010 HB



£100 Special Introductory Offer of £500.00 until 30th April 2010. Thereafter £600.00

SeptEmber 2009

kogan page

Armstrong’s Handbook of Performance Management An Evidence-Based Guide to Delivering High Performance 4th ed.

This book provides practical advice on managing staff performance, including innovations in the performance management process, guidance on 360-degree feedback, pay and personnel development planning.

Kogan Page Ltd, September 2009 PB 9780749453923


Michael Armstrong

Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice 11th ed.

This is the definitive HR guide. Includes HRM processes and strategies, organisational behaviour, rewarding employees, performance management, employee relations plus much more.

Kogan Page Ltd, May 2009 PB 9780749452421


Michael Armstrong

Armstrong’s Handbook of Management and Leadership A Guide to Managing for Results 2nd ed.

This book provides guidance on what managers and aspiring managers need to know about the skills of successful management and approaches to effective leadership.

Kogan Page Ltd, June 2009 PB 9780749454173


Michael Armstrong

Qualitative Research Good Decision Making Through Understanding People, Cultures and Markets Sheila Keegan

‘Qualitative Research’ looks at the different theoretical qualitative research models and explores the strengths and weaknesses of qualitative research for different business problems.

Kogan Page Ltd, October 2009 PB 9780749454647

£24.95 Market Research in Practice Series

coming SOON

Marketing Accountability How to Measure Marketing Effectiveness Malcolm McDonald and Peter Mouncey

Category Management in Purchasing A Strategic Approach to Maximize Business Profitability

A groundbreaking new title based on rigorous research introduces a new marketing metrics model enabling marketers to measure the impact of marketing activities against corporate objectives.

‘Category Management in Purchasing’ offers a set of tools and processes to deliver value and cost savings when sourcing and purchasing.

Kogan Page Ltd, May 2009 HB 9780749453862


Kogan Page Ltd, June 2009 HB 9780749452575


Jonathan O’Brien



mcgraw-hill education

Repositioning The New Battle for Your Mind Jack Trout

Nearly 30 years after Jack Trout’s landmark work, ‘Positioning’, comes ‘Repositioning’ - which explains how marketers can evolve their original positioning and attack and weaken competitors.

McGraw-Hill Education, December 2009 HB 9780071635592


coming SOON

The Next Evolution of Marketing Connect with your Customer by Marketing with Meaning Bob Gilbreath

‘Marketing with Meaning’ is a breakthrough methodology to engage customers and win their business by adding value to their lives. Case studies include Dove and Samsung.

McGraw-Hill Education , November 2009 HB 9780071625364


coming SOON

palgrave macmillan

Palgrave Handbook of Econometrics Volume 2 : Applied Econometrics Edited by Terence C. Mills and Kerry Patterson

This highly anticipated second volume comprises ‘landmark’ essays by the world’s leading scholars and provides authoritative guidance in key areas of applied econometrics.

Palgrave Macmillan, June 2009 HB 9781403917997


The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Second Edition The definitive resource for a new generation of economists Edited by Steven N. Durlauf and Lawrence E. Blume

In May 2008 Palgrave Macmillan published a new edition of The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. This was the first revision in 21 years of what has been the standard reference source for economists since its foundation by Sir R. H. Inglis Palgrave in 1894. Expanded from four to eight volumes, the new Dictionary contains 1,872 signed articles by 1,506 of the world’s leading economists, including 25 Nobel laureates. Together these expertly-written, carefully researched articles cover the key thinkers and concepts that comprise this vast and influential subject.

Published May 2008 7680pp • 246 x 189 mm Print: 978-0-333-78676-5 • Hardback £1760.00 (£1600 until end of 2009) Online: Prices available upon request. For more details, please email

Published in eight print volumes and, for the first time, in online format, this second edition is the definitive scholarly reference work for a new generation of economists, ‘from lower-level undergraduates through faculty/researchersHighly recommended,’- Choice. The Dictionary also received the 2008 PROSE Award for Best Multi-Volume Reference Work in the Humanities, with the online version a finalist for Best E-Product. The online version offers new content, 24/7 concurrent access, and excellent search, browse and bookmarking facilities.

Visit for more information 6 BLACKWELLRECOMMENDS

SeptEmber 2009

palgrave macmillan

The Palgrave Encyclopedia of World Economic History Since 1750

This easy-to-use encyclopedia looks at key events, themes and people that have shaped the modern world and economic thinking.

Graham Bannock and Ron Baxter

Palgrave Macmillan, October 2009 HB 9780230223929


coming SOON

The Future of Work Richard Donkin

A cohesive argument for a change in attitudes to work if we are to create a society that meets the expectations of a developing economy.

Handbook of Research in Mass Customization and Personalization

Edited by two leading authorities in the field of mass customization. Both volumes of the handbook discuss the latest research and insights on customization strategies.

Palgrave Macmillan, November 2009 HB 9780230576384


coming SOON

world scientific publishing co.

Strategies and Concepts, Applications and Cases. 2 Vol. Set

World Scientific Publishing Company HB



£71 Introductory set price £285.00 until 31st December 2009. Set price thereafter £356.00

Edited by Frank T. Piller and Mitchell M. Tseng

The Global Business Publishing Event of 2009 “Incredibly thorough” Jim O’Neill, Chief Global Economist, Goldman Sachs ● Compiled by over 300 leading finance professionals

Introd uctory Offer


until 3 1/12/0 (norma 9 l pri

● The essential finance reference for both junior accountants and students, through to the most senior investment banker or CEO

ce £15 0)

RRP: £150.00 ISBN 9781849300001 Format 212 x 278mm Extent 2208 pages hardback Publication Date 1st October 2009



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