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cambridge university press

Environmental Politics Scale and Power Shannon O’Lear

The book presents a geographer’s perspective on environmental politics: climate change, energy, food security, toxins, waste, and resource conflict. It will appeal mainly to advanced students and researchers from a geography background, but also to social and political scientists who wish to look at the topic from this different perspective. Cambridge University Press, August 2010

Smart Solutions to Climate Change Comparing Costs and Benefits Bjørn Lomborg

Thought-provoking contribution to the debate about how to respond to the threat of global warming. Presents authoritative economic analysis of the costs and benefits of a very wide range of policy options and invites readers to form their own conclusions about which ones make most sense. Cambridge University Press, September 2010

Troubled Waters Ocean Science and Governance Edited by Geoff Holland and David Pugh

This full-colour volume focuses on key ocean issues, such as marine pollution, exploitation, and hazards, and emphasises the need to ensure a sustainable future for this precious resource. It is essential reading for researchers, students, policymakers and managers of the marine environment, also providing an accessible overview for general readers.

HB 9780521765763

£60.00 PB 9780521759137

£24.99 ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780511799037

US$99.00 EBL eBook 9780511900600

US$99.00 HB 9780521763424

£55.00 PB 9780521138567

£19.99 ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780511799006

US$90.00 EBL eBook 9780511900570

US$90.00 Cambridge University Press, September 2010 HB 9780521765817


elsevier science & technology

Biomass Gasification and Pyrolysis Practical Design and Theory Prabir Basu

This book offers practical, comprehensive coverage of the design, analysis, and operational aspects of the gasification of biomass.


HB 9780123749888

Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, July 2010


ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780080961620 ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780080961620


Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Processes 2nd ed. Aldo Vieira Da Rosa

Discusses how and why the most popular renewable energy sources work, including wind, solar, bio and hydrogen. Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, May 2009 HB 9780123746399


Generating Electricity in a Carbon-Constrained World Edited by Fereidoon Perry Sioshansi

Provides comprehensive coverage of technologies and policy options for the power generating sector. Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, October 2009

ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780080878232

US$120.00 ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780080878232

US$180.00 EBL eBook 9780080878232


HB 9781856176552

£82.00 ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780080889719

US$135.00 ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780080889719


Micro Fuel Cells Principles and Applications Edited by Tim Zhao

Major corporations believe that microfuel cells could be the next generation power source for electronic products. This book presents an overview of the micro fuel cell systems and applications. Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, July 2009 HB 9780123747136

ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780080878874

US$150.00 ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780080878874

US$225.00 EBL eBook 9780080878874




issue 3, 2010/2011

elsevier science & technology

Renewable Energy It’s Physics, Engineering, Environmental Impacts, Economics & Planning

Gathers all the most important cuttingedge advances from the explosive growth of renewable energy over the last decade.

4th ed.

Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, December 2010 HB 9780123750259


Bent Sørensen

Renewable Energy Conversion, Transmission, and Storage Bent Sørensen

Provides the reader with a complete background on how renewable energy is transformed into power and the best methods for transmitting and storing the energy produced.

ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780080559049

Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, December 2007


HB 9780123742629

Bent Sørensen et al.

Fundamentals, key techniques, engineering best practice and rules-ofthumb together in one quick-reference sourcebook. Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, February 2009 HB 9780123747051

The Choice and Modeling of 100% Renewable Solutions Henrik Lund

Stephen J. Fonash

US$130.00 ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780123747068


Demonstrates effective methodologies for analyzing the feasibility and efficiency of large-scale renewable energy systems to help implementers avoid costly trial and error.

ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780080962993

Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, October 2009


US$89.95 ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780080962993 EBL eBook 9780080962993



2nd ed.

ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780123747068


HB 9780123750280

Solar Cell Device Physics

EBL eBook 9780080559049

EBL eBook 9780123747068


Renewable Energy Systems

ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780080559049


£66.99 Renewable Energy Focus Handbook


Classic text now updated with new advances in nanomaterials and thin films that point the way to cheaper, more efficient solar energy production.


HB 9780123747747

Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, May 2010


ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780080912271 ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780080912271


Solar Energy Engineering Processes and Systems Soteris A. Kalogirou

Covers the hottest new developments in solar technology - including solar cooling and desalination.

ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780080922874

Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, July 2009

ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780080922874

HB 9780123745019



EBL eBook 9780080922874



Sustainable Land Development and Restoration Decision Consequence Analysis Kandi Brown et al.

Provides a toolbox for both the novice and experienced environmental practitioner of valuable techniques for addressing site specific environmental issues, as well as managing a portfolio of liabilities on an international scale. Butterworth Heinemann/Elsevier Science & Technology, February 2010 HB 9781856177979

ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780080963013

US$125.00 ebrary eBook Multi-user Access 9780080963013

US$187.50 EBL eBook 9780080963013



environmental studies


elsevier science & technology

Valuing Wind Generation on Integrated Power Systems

An essential guide for analysts, consultants, engineers and regulators involved in the integration of wind generation into power systems, and the related economic modeling.

William Andrew Publishing/ Elsevier Science & Technology, September 2010

In its first edition, this book helped to define an emerging field. This new edition incorporates all of the latest research findings and grounds economic enquiry in a more robust understanding of human needs and behaviour.

Island Press, November 2010




Ken Dragoon

island press

Ecological Economics Principles and Applications 2nd ed. Herman E. Daly and Joshua Farley

Foundations of Environmental Physics Understanding Energy Use and Human Impacts Kyle Forinash

Designed to focus students on the current environmental and energy problems facing society and to give them the critical thinking and computational skills needed to sort out potential solutions.

HB 9781597266819


Island Press, September 2010 HB 9781597267090


john wiley & sons

Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies A Primer Gunilla Oberg

Sustainable Development in Practice Case Studies for Engineers and Scientists 2nd ed. coming soon

kogan page

Edited by Adisa Azapagic and Slobadan Perdan

People, Planet, Profit How to Embrace Sustainability for Innovation and Business Growth Peter Fisk


This timely book presents a core framework for conducting high quality interdisciplinary research. This book’s lucid, problem-solving approach is framed in an accessible easy-to-read style and will be indispensable for anyone embarking on a research project involving interdisciplinary collaboration.

The second edition of this successful text explores the concept of sustainable development and its implications for science and engineering practice. Taking a life cycle approach to address economic, environmental and social issues, the book will present a series of new practical case studies drawn from a range of sectors, including mining, energy, food, buildings, transport, waste and health. The first book to truly address business growth in the context of social and environmental concerns and how to deliver profitable growth whilst also doing the right thing.

Wiley-Blackwell / John Wiley & Sons, November 2010 HB 9781444336863

£75.00 PB 9781444336870


Wiley-Blackwell / John Wiley & Sons, January 2011 HB 9780470718711

£85.00 PB 9780470718728


Kogan Page, February 2010 HB 9780749454111

£18.99 e-ISBN 9780749458638

issue 3, 2010/2011

kogan page

Sustainagility How Smart Innovation and Agile Companies will Help Protect our Future Patrick Dixon and Johan Gorecki

Demonstrating companies that have successfully used innovative and agile ideas and processes to improve their businesses and fight some of the greatest threats to the world’s ecosystems.

Kogan Page, May 2010 HB 9780749460839


national academies press

Toward Sustainable Agricultural Systems in the 21st Century Committee on Twenty-First Century Systems Agriculture, National Research Council

oxford university press

Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather 2nd ed. 2 Vol. Set

Assesses the scientific evidence for the strengths and weaknesses of different production, marketing and policy approaches for improving and reducing the costs and unintended consequences of agricultural production.

A two-volume A - Z compendium featuring over 300 entries, offering numerous cross references and definitions of weather and climaterelated terms. Includes nearly 300 photographs, maps and charts.

National Academies Press, November 2010 PB 9780309148962


Oxford University Press, April 2011 HB



£100 coming soon

Introductory price £300.00 until 31st May 2011. Price thereafter £400.00

roberts & company publishers

Conservation Science Balancing the Needs of People and Nature Peter Kareiva and Michelle Marvier

‘Conservation Science’ is the first book to teach the scientific foundations of conservation while highlighting strategies to better connect its practice with the needs and priorities of a growing human population.

Roberts & Company Publishers, December 2010 HB 9781936221066


rsc publishing

Ecosystem Services R.M.Harrison and R.E. Hester

Environmental Forensics Proceedings of the 2009 INEF Annual Conference Edited by Robert D. Morrison and Gwen O’Sullivan

environmental studies

This volume brings together emerging topics in environmental science, making an excellent source for policy makers and environmental consultants working in the field or related areas.

This professionally edited book is the first of a series of conference publications chronicling the current state of the art in environmental forensics sponsored by the Society of Environmental Forensics.

RSC Publishing, June 2010 HB 9781849730181

£59.95 Issues in Environmental Science and Technology

RSC Publishing, August 2010 HB 9781847552587

£99.95 Special Publications


rsc publishing

Sustainable Water R.E.Hester and R.M.Harrison

This book is part of a series on key issues in environmental science and technology. Focusing on the sustainability of water supplies to the growing populations throughout the world, this volume consists of articles contributed by a group of experts drawn from around the globe.

RSC Publishing, August 2010 HB 9781849730198

£59.95 Issues in Environmental Science and Technology


Environmental Communication Skills and Principles for Natural Resource Managers, Scientists and Engineers 2nd ed.

Informing the public is a critical part of the environmental professional’s job. ‘Environmental Communication’ is a step-by-step guide for communicating complex information to groups not familiar with scientific material.

Springer, June 2010 HB 9789048139866

£44.99 Springer Earth and Environmental Science Collection

Richard R. Jurin, Donny Roush and Jeff Danter

Sustaining Groundwater Resources A Critical Element in the Global Water Crisis Edited by J. Anthony A. Jones

Burgeoning population and climate change have critical implications for groundwater resources, especially in many developing countries. This book looks at socio-economic and political problems and technical developments in groundwater science.

Springer, May 2011 HB 9789048134250

£87.00 International Year of Planet Earth

coming soon

stacey international

When Will the Lights Go Out? Britain’s Looming Energy Crisis Derek Birkett

The first major book to address the issue of the consequences of a widespread power failure in Britain. David Birkett lays bare the facts of power engineering and assesses the viability of the Government’s renewable energy policy and expectations.

Stacey International, June 2010 PB 9781906768409

£9.99 The ‘Independent Minds’ Series

taylor & francis

New Directions in Sustainable Design Edited by Adrian Parr and Michael Zaretsky

Describes a variety of new ways to approach sustainable design and it equips the next generation of designers with necessary conceptual tools for thinking sustainably.

Routledge/Taylor & Francis, October 2010 HB 9780415780360

£95.00 PB 9780415780377

£29.99 ebrary eBook Single User Access 9780203843031

US$49.95 Spatial Planning and Climate Change Elizabeth Wilson and Jake Piper

Wilson and Piper explore a wide range of issues in this comprehensive book on the relationship between our changing climate and spatial planning.

Routledge/Taylor & Francis, August 2010 HB 9780415495905

£95.00 PB 9780415495912

£29.99 The Natural and Built Environment Series

Implementing Sustainability The New Zealand Experience Caroline L. Miller

Offering a practitioner’s insight, the book looks at those strategies and techniques that have proved successful with New Zealand’s Resource Management Act (RMA).

Routledge/Taylor & Francis, December 2010 HB 9780415495509

£95.00 PB 9780415495516

£29.99 The RTPI Library Series


issue 3, 2010/2011

taylor & francis

Principles of Sustainable Energy

The field of renewable energy has grown beyond the use of solar power as an alternative energy source. Offering an interdisciplinary approach, this book presents a comprehensive overview of the many renewable energy sources available.

Frank Kreith and Jan F. Kreider

wit press

Wind Power Generation and Wind Turbine Design Edited by W. Tong

The topics addressed in this book involve the major concerns in wind power generation and wind turbine design, and include the more recent developments in wind power generation.

CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, December 2010 HB 9781439814079

£76.99 Mechanical Engineering Series

WIT Press, April 2010 HB


£298.00 ebrary eBook Single User Access 9781845643881


Solar Thermal and Biomass Energy G. Lorenzini, C. Biserni and G Flacco

This book concerns renewable energy sources and in particular, it collects the state-of-the-art in thermal solar techniques and biomasses.

WIT Press, February 2010 HB 9781845641474

£85.00 ebrary eBook Single User Access 9781845641474


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9780125515702 Microbiology of Waterborne Diseases £120.00 £72.00

environmental studies

9780080451510 Digital Communications with Chaos £120.00 £84.00

9780126930184 Identifying Marine Phytoplankton £100.00 £60.00

9780120885893 Encyclopedia of the Solar System 2e £66.99 £46.89

9780444521866 Chemical Kinetics £130.00 £91.00


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publishing for a sustainable future

The Resources for the Future Library Collection Winner of the FEEM 20th Anniversary Prize for its contribution to the field of environmental economics, Resources for the Future is the preeminent research institution devoted exclusively to environmental issues. The RFF Library Collection brings back the landmark books published by RFF throughout its nearly 60-year history. Available as a 76-volume collection, individual books, or thematic sets, it is essential for libraries seeking to acquire literature in environmental and natural resource management, planning and land use, agriculture, environment and development, and energy.

SUBJECT SETS: Policy and Governance Set 14 Volumes | 9781617260070 | £880.00 Forests, Lands, and Recreation Set 10 Volumes | 9781617260049 | £630.00 Energy Policy Set 9 Volumes | 9781617260025 | £560.00

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Essential Titles in Environmental Studies  

Blackwell Recommends November 2010

Essential Titles in Environmental Studies  

Blackwell Recommends November 2010