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RECOMMENDS issue 9, 2010/2011

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Biohealthcare publishing

Allergens and Respiratory Pollutants The Role of Innate Immunity Edited by Marc A. Williams

Concepts and Techniques in Genomics and Proteomics N. Saraswathy and P. Ramalingam

A collection of twelve authoritative and specially commissioned papers that critically explore the biological and immunological mechanisms that contribute to immune dysfunction on exposure to allergens and the susceptibility to infectious disease on exposure to ambient pollutants.

Biohealthcare Publishing (Oxford) Ltd, July 2011

Primarily aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students, this book covers the important concepts of high-throughput modern techniques used in the genomics and proteomics field. Each technique is explained, with underlying concepts; simple line diagrams and flow charts are included to aid understanding and memory.

Biohealthcare Publishing (Oxford) Ltd, July 2011

HB 9781907568541

£110.00 Biohealthcare Publishing Series on Medical and Health Science, Technology and Policy

HB 9781907568107

£70.00 Biohealthcare Publishing Series on Pharma, Biotech and Bioscience: Science, Technology and Business

cengage learning

Introduction to Health Care (International Edition) 3rd ed.

Provides learners with an easy to read introduction to the foundational skills necessary for a range of health care professions.

Delmar/Cengage Learning, March 2011 HB 9781111311476


Joyce Mitchell and Lee Haroun

Parasitology for Medical and Clinical Laboratory Professionals John Ridley

This easy-to-read text guides readers though the identification of a broad range of organisms to enable the thorough understanding of parasitic infections and effective diagnosis and treatment.

Delmar/Cengage Learning, March 2011 PB 9781435448162


de gruyter

Health, Medicine and Human Development Edited by Joav Merrick

NEW series

Patient Safety Edited by Oswald Sonntag and Mario Plebani

NEW series

elsevier science & technology

Comparative Anatomy and Histology A Mouse and Human Atlas Edited by Piper M. Treuting and Suzanne M. Dintzis

coming soon


The series provides a forum for an international multidisciplinary group of researchers, practioners and clinicians in the field. Forthcoming titles in the series include: Adults with Childhood Illnesses (ISBN: 9783110255218/ € 99,95), Dementia in Down’s Syndrome (ISBN: 9783110255232/ ⁄€ 99,95) and Pharmacotherapeutics in Adolescent

Medicine (ISBN: 9783110255225/ € 99,95). All titles are also available as ebooks.

This new handbook series with internationally known editors fills a vacancy in the relevant and promising area of patient safety and quality assurance. Titles just published in this series include: Medical Errors and Patient Safety (ISBN: 9783110249491/ € 49,95), Effects of Herbal Supplements on Clinical Laboratory Test Results (ISBN: 9783110245615/ € 49,95) and

Immunodiagnostics and Patient Safety (ISBN: 9783110249477/ € 49,95). All titles are also available as ebooks.

Suitable for mouse investigator as well as medical and veterinary pathologists who need to expand their knowledge base into comparative anatomy and histology, this title guides the reader through normal mouse anatomy and histology using direct comparison to the human.

Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, December 2011

De Gruyter

De Gruyter

Multimedia 9780123813619


issue 9, 2010/2011

elsevier science & technology

DNA Repair in Cancer Therapy, Molecular Targets and Clinical Applications Mark R. Kelley coming soon

Global Clinical Trials Effective Implementation and Management Edited by Richard Chin and Menghis Bairu

Growth Factors and Their Receptors in Cell Differentiation, Cancer and Cancer Therapy Gajanan V Sherbet

Histopathology of Preclinical Toxicity Studies Interpretation and Relevance in Drug Safety Evaluation 4th ed. Peter Greaves

The Human Cerebral Cortex An MRI Atlas of the Sulci and Gyri in MNI Stereotaxic Space Michael Petrides coming soon

The Human Nervous System 3rd ed. Juergen K. Mai and George Paxinos

coming soon

Pediatric Bone Biology & Diseases 2nd ed. Edited by Francis H. Glorieux, John M. Pettifor and Harald Juppner coming soon

Cancer therapeutics include an array of tools at the disposal of clinicians in their treatment of this disease. This title focuses on the translational and clinical use of DNA repair as a target area for the development of diagnostic biomarkers and the enhancement of cancer treatment.

By exploring the various regulations specific to the major players and providing insight into the logistical challenges including language barriers, this book provides a working tool for clinical researchers and administrators to navigate the intricacies of clinical trials in developing countries.

Provides insights into the signalling processes involved in morphogenesis and pathogenesis with emphasis on using the elements of the signalling cascades as targets for therapeutic deployment. This book focuses on the interrelationships and convergence of growth factors and their receptors in development and pathogenesis.

Describes the pathology found in drug safety studies in laboratory animals with an evidence-based discussion of the relevance of these findings to the clinical investigation of new drugs for humans. This reference is suitable for those involved in drug safety evaluation, including pathologists, toxicologists, and pharmacologists.

An atlas that provides nearly 200 photographs of 3D reconstructions of human brains in a standard series of coronal, sagittal, and horizontal sections. It illustrates in detail and labels 95 per cent of the cortex sulci and gyri, and images are presented in the MNI stereotaxic space.

Covering genes and anatomy, gene expression studies, and glia cells, this title includes physiological data, functional concepts, and correlates to the neuroanatomy of the major model systems (rat and mouse) as well as brain function.

This title deals with the biology and diseases of bone as they affect children. It highlights and discusses the various diseases of bone which are peculiar to children in the light of our knowledge with regard to the causation, clinical signs and treatment.

Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, October 2011 HB 9780123849991


Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, July 2011 HB 9780123815378


Elsevier Science & Technology, July 2011 HB 9780123878199


Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, January 2012 HB 9780444538567


Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, December 2011 HB 9780123869388


Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, December 2011 HB 9780123742360


Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, October 2011 HB 9780123820402



elsevier science & technology

Primer on the Autonomic Nervous System 3rd ed. David W. Robertson et al. coming soon

Vitamin D 3rd ed. Edited by David Feldman, J. Wesley Pike and John S. Adams

Presents information about how the autonomic nervous system controls the body, particularly in response to stress. This title is suitable for students, scientists and physicians seeking key information about various aspects of autonomic physiology and pathology.

Vitamin D, a steroid hormone, has mainly been known for its effects on bone and osteoporosis. This title includes over 100 chapters covering topics from chemistry and metabolism to mechanisms of action, diagnosis and management, analogs, and emerging therapies.

Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, December 2011 PB 9780123865250


Academic Press/Elsevier Science & Technology, July 2011 HB 9780123819789


emerald group publishing

Access to Care and Factors That Impact Access, Patients as Partners in Care and Changing Roles of Health Providers Edited by Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld coming soon

Biennial Review of Health Care Management Volume 2 Edited by Grant T. Savage, John Blair and Myron Fottler

This volume examines both macro and micro-level issues involving access to care, factors that impact access such as race, ethnicity and demographics, patients as partners in care and the changing roles of health providers within the health care delivery system.

This is the second biennial volume reviewing the state-of-the-art on a wide variety of micro and macro health care management topics in the popular “Advances in Health Care Management” series.

Emerald Group Publishing, October 2011 HB 9780857247155

£72.95 Research in the Sociology of Health Care

Emerald Group Publishing, September 2011 HB 9780857247131

£67.95 Advances in Health Care Management

euromonitor international

World Health Databook 4th ed.

‘World Health Databook’ has hard-tofind health statistics for 71 countries with research for 8 years (20032010). The research includes data on sanitation, healthcare services and causes of death. Assess the health set up of these countries and see how prepared they are to face the health challenges of the coming years.

Euromonitor International, May 2011 PB 9781842625468


john wiley & sons

Dental Implant Complications Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment Edited by Stuart J. Froum

Dewhurst’s Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 8th ed. Edited by D. Keith Edmonds

The first comprehensive reference of its kind designed to provide clinicians of all skill levels with practical instruction grounded in evidence-based research. Featuring cases from a variety of dental specialties, the book covers the most commonly occurring implant complications as well as the unique.

Fusing contemporary knowledge with classical values, the 8th edition of Dewhurst’s remains the best clinical companion a trainee in obstetrics and gynaecology could wish for.

Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, June 2010 HB 9780813808413


Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, December 2011 HB 9780470654576


coming soon


issue 9, 2010/2011

john wiley & sons

European Handbook of Neurological Management 2nd ed. 2 Volume Set coming soon

Edited by Nils Erik Gilhus, Michael Barnes and Michael Brainin

Evidence-based Orthopedics Editor in Chief: Mohit Bhandari

coming soon

Harper’s Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology 3rd ed. 2 Volume Set coming soon

Edited by Alan D. Irvine, Peter H. Hoeger and Albert C. Yan

The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines in Psychiatry 11th ed. David Taylor, Carol Paton and Shitij Kapur coming soon

The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures 8th ed. Edited by Lisa Dougherty and Sara Lister

Schiff ’s Diseases of the Liver 11th ed. Edited by Eugene R. Schiff, Willis C. Maddrey and Michael F. Sorrell coming soon

Sherlock’s Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System 12th ed. Edited by James S. Dooley et al.

Developed by a consensus approach, using graded evidence, and then fully peer reviewed, the guidelines in the handbook volumes provide goldstandard, best-practice guidance to the treatment of neurological disorders.

This book, for the first time, brings together the best evidence for treatments as well as any complications. Not only does it cover the evidence base for orthopedic surgery: but also orthopedic conditions requiring medical treatment, offering a unique source of information for all orthopedic specialists and trainees.  

A new generation of editors brings fresh, innovative thinking to common and rare skin ailments. This comprehensive classic now includes revisions by 350 authors, bringing a global perspective.

The essential guide for anyone responsible for prescribing, dispensing or administering drugs for patients with mental health disorders. Reviewed by an expert team of psychiatrists and pharmacists, this is the leading clinical reference for handling complex prescribing problems and formulating prescribing policy.

Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, October 2011 HB 9781444350906


Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, November 2011 HB 9781405184762


Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, October 2011 HB 9781405176958


Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, November 2011 PB 9780470979488


The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures, Professional Edition provides up-todate, evidence-based clinical skills procedures related to every aspect of a person’s care. Procedure guidelines are based on an appraisal of the latest research findings and advice from clinical experts.

Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, June 2011

This book provides hepatologists, both researchers and front-line clinicians, with a comprehensive guide to the treatment of patients with the HCV virus.  Its main focus is on the efficacy and clinical use of antiviral therapies, including the use of antivirals post liver transplantation and in the presence of the HIV virus. 

Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, December 2011

This is an iconic textbook and the most famous liver book in the world. The new edition is thoroughly modernized, written in a unique style, providing concise, didactic clinical guidance for those treating patients with liver disease.

PB 9781444335095


HB 9780470654682


Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, April 2011 HB 9781405134897



john wiley & sons

Smith’s Textbook of Endourology 3rd ed. 2 Volume Set Edited by Arthur D. Smith et al. coming soon

Edited by the founding father of endourology, this two volume textbook addresses every aspect of this procedure including methods of access, operative techniques, complications, and postoperative care. The reference comes with a DVD containing 100 high quality videos of endourology in action.

Wiley-Blackwell/John Wiley & Sons, December 2011 HB 9781444335545


manson publishing

Acne and Rosacea Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Treatment David J. Goldberg and Alexander Berlin

coming soon

Burns A Practical Approach to Immediate Treatment and Long Term Care Robert L. Sheridan coming soon

Cutaneous Manifestations of HIV Disease Clay J. Cockerell and Antoanella Calame coming soon

This book covers both the medical and cosmetic treatments of the common skin disorders Acne, rosacea and sebaceious hyperplasia, including all clinical aspects of the condition, aetiology, epidemiology, diagnostic challenges, and the latest theories on pathophysiology, current medical therapeutics and laser treatment.

This book’s concise visual approach will appeal to all professionals caring for burn patients in acute or recovery phases. It is of special value to those surgeons, physicians, nurses and related professionals in burn and emergency units.

This book is designed to help dermatologists and non-dermatologists alike to recognise the cutaneous manifestations of HIV infection and AIDS. Latest treatments are described including Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART).

Manson Publishing, October 2011 HB 9781840761504


Manson Publishing, October 2011 HB 9781840761337


Manson Publishing, January 2012 HB 9781840761429


Oxford University Press

Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes 2nd ed. Edited by John A. H. Wass and Paul Stewart

Oxford Textbook of Trauma and Orthopaedics 2nd ed. Editor-in-Chief Christopher Bulstrode

Completely revised and updated since publication of the highly-valued first edition in 2002, the Oxford Textbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes second edition provides an up-to-date, stimulating and comprehensive account of endocrinology and diabetes.

The Oxford Textbook of Trauma and Orthopaedics second edition provides comprehensive coverage of the relevant background science, theory, practice, decision-making skills and operative techniques required to provide modern orthopaedic and trauma care.

Oxford University Press, July 2011 HB 9780199235292


June 2011 HB 9780199550647


RSC publishing

Neglected Diseases and Drug Discovery Edited by Michael J. Palmer and Timothy N.C. Wells

An invaluable guide to successful practice in neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) and highlights best practice to guide the ongoing drug discovery effort.

RSC Publishing , November 2011 HB 9781849731928

£132.99 RSC Drug Discovery

coming soon


issue 9, 2010/2011

RSC publishing

New Horizons in Predictive Toxicology Current Status and Application

This thorough and up-to-date insight into predictive technologies considers what is on the horizon for safety prediction in human health.

RSC Publishing , December 2011 HB 9781849730518

£159.99 RSC Drug Discovery

Edited by Alan G. E. Wilson coming soon

Pharmaceutical Process Development Current Chemical and Engineering Challenges Edited by A. John Blacker and Michael T. Williams

This book is aimed at graduates and postgraduates interested in a career in the pharmaceutical industry by informing them about the breadth of the work carried out in chemical research and development departments.

RSC Publishing , September 2011 HB 9781849731461

£121.99 RSC Drug Discovery


Blaustein’s Pathology of the Female Genital Tract 6th ed. Robert J. Kurman, Brigitte M. Ronnett and Lora Hedrick Ellenson

Botulinum Toxin in Urology Michael Chancellor and Christopher Smith

The Daschner Guide to In-Hospital Antibiotic Treatment European Standards 2nd ed. coming soon

Uwe Frank and Evelina Tacconelli

Blaustein remains the gold-standard reference for practising pathologists and trainees, as well as for obstetrics and gynecology practitioners and residents. Includes 350 new illustrations and 22 revised chapters.

The minimally invasive use of botulinum toxin in the lower urinary tract has revolutionised the treatment of debilitating bladder, urethra, and prostate conditions refractory to conventional therapy.

The handy pocket guide to the treatment of infectious diseases, detailing spectrum, dosage and side effects of the most important antibiotics and antimycotics. With numerous tips and a troubleshooting guide.

Springer, November 2010 HB 9781441904881


Springer, July 2011 HB 9783642035791


Springer, October 2011 PB 9783642184017


taylor & francis

Evidence-based Care for Breastfeeding Mothers A Resource for Midwives and Allied Healthcare Professionals

Based on the UNICEF UK Baby Friendly best practice standards, this accessible text equips students with the essential knowledge and skills to support breastfeeding mothers.

Evidence, Policy, and Public Health Practice Edited by Neal Cohen and Sandro Galea

HB 9780415499064

£80.00 PB 9780415499071


Maria Pollard

Population Mental Health

Routledge/Taylor & Francis, July 2011

This fascinating book examines the evidence-base for incorporating mental health into the public health agenda. Linking the available research on population mental health with public mental health policy and practice it sets out an innovative model for integrated care.

Routledge/Taylor & Francis, March 2011 HB 9780415779210

£80.00 Routledge Studies in Public Health


TSO (the stationery office)

British Pharmacopoeia 2012 6 Volume Set British Pharmacopoeia Commission

The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) 2012 is the official collection of standards for medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances. It will become legally effective in the UK on 1 January 2012.

TSO (The Stationery Office), August 2011 HB 9780113228690


wolters kluwer

Bates’ Nursing Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking Beth Hogan-Quigley, Mary Louise Palm and Lynn S. Bickley

Based on the award-winning Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination & History Taking, this brand-new text combines the renowned features of the classic Bates’ with a new nursing-focus.

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins/ Wolters Kluwer, October 2011 PB 9780781780698


coming soon

DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg’s Cancer Principles and Practice of Oncology 9th International ed. Vincent T DeVita et al.

Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing Theory and Application 7th International ed.

Acclaimed by the worldwide medical community as the standard-setting oncology reference, the primary goal of this text is to present the practicing oncologist with the practical as well as cutting-edge information needed to ensure the best possible care for each individual patient.

Hundreds of carefully designed exercises along with clear discussions of theory teach nurses and nursing students how to integrate effective management skills with expert leadership skills.

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins/ Wolters Kluwer, May 2011 PB 9781451118131


Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins/ Wolters Kluwer, February 2011 PB 9781451118216


Bessie L Marquis and Carol J Huston

Nutrition Made Incredibly Easy! 1st UK ed. Katherine Martyn

Nutrition Made Incredibly Easy! makes nutrition both accessible and appetising! Covering both health promotion and clinical nutrition, it offers comprehensive information on nutritional care throughout the lifespan.

Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins/ Wolters Kluwer, January 2011 PB 9781901831177


world scientific publishing

The Epidemiology of Eye Disease 3rd ed. Edited by Gordon J Johnson et al.

This is a comprehensive coverage of the epidemiology of the world’s major blinding eye diseases. Essential for any eye care practitioner interested in the causation or prevention of disease.

Imperial College Press/World Scientific Publishing, November 2011 HB 9781848166257


coming soon


issue 9, 2010/2011


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