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Blackwell’s News Blackwell’s Win in UK and Europe We are pleased to announce that in recent weeks, Blackwell’s Library Services has been awarded prestigious tenders in both the UK and Europe; with a place on the contract to supply library books to the University of Seville, and the award of tender to supply English Language standing order material to the British Library.

It was a pleasure to see so many of you throughout the conference. Thank you for visiting us at our stand. Congratulations to the winners of our UKSG Conference and Exhibition Prize Draw: First Prize £100 Blackwell’s Gift Card Robin Armstrong-Viner – University of Kent Second Prize £25 Blackwell’s Gift Card Gavin Brindley – Coventry University Denise Barnett - University of Hull

We are delighted to have been awarded these tenders and look forward to working in partnership and providing the best possible service to both libraries.

Conferences In March, Blackwell’s Library Services exhibited at the UKSG conference in Glasgow.

Collection Manager During May, we released a number of enhancements to Collection Manager to provide a range of improvements including: Improved Searching • Extended search filters • An increased search limit, raised from 1,000 to 4,000 records Faster Results • New powerful search engine enabling faster results on searches • Fast faceted search capability New Look • Cleaner search display – including clear ‘hover’ functionality indicators • Jacket images where available These exciting enhancements have been introduced with the aim of increasing user friendliness and have been designed to provide an intuitive user experience whilst ensuring that fundamental features and core functionality remain unchanged.

cambridge scholars Publishing

Current Trends in Human Ecology Edited by Priscila Lopes and Alpina Begossi

Anthropology, sociology, and ecology come together in this book. The unifying goal of theorizing and practising disciplines in human ecology is shown by tracking examples of current trends and developments.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, June 2011 HB 9781443803403

£44.99 PB 9781443830003


commonwealth secretariat

Saving Small Island Developing States Environmental and Natural Resource Challenges

Introduces and explains the key policy challenges small island states face in dealing with the environmental consequences of climate change.

Commonwealth Secretariat, December 2010 PB 9781849290319


Edited by Shyam Nath, John L. Roberts and Yeti Nisha Madhoo


issue 3, 2012

elsevier science & technology

Fundamentals of Ecosystem Science Kathleen C. Weathers, David L. Strayer and Gene E. Likens

Offers an introduction to modern ecosystem science. This title covers major concepts of ecosystem science, biogeochemistry and energetics. It addresses contrasts and compares both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Academic Press / Elsevier, November 2012 HB 9780120887743


coming soon

Hydropedology Synergistic Integration of Soil Science and Hydrology Henry Lin

coming soon

Comprehensive Renewable Energy Ali Sayigh

coming soon

Handbook of Energy Edited by Cutler J. Cleveland and Christopher G. Morris

This title brings together pedology (soil characteristics) with hydrology (movement of water) to understand and achieve the goals associated with modern soil sicence. It includes case studies that demonstrate the need for hydropedology in various practical applications.

The only multi-volume reference work of its type at a time when renewable energy sources are seen increasingly as realistic alternatives to fossil fuels. Research into renewable energy is spread across a number of different disciplines, this work unites the different areas of research and allows users to navigate through the most essential concepts.

This title covers various phases of energy and its role in society, including its social, economic, political, historical and environmental aspects.

Academic Press / Elsevier, July 2012 HB 9780123869418


Elsevier Science & Technology, May 2012 HB 9780080878720


Elsevier Science & Technology, August 2011 HB 9780080464053


elsevier science & technology

The Future of the World’s Climate Ann Henderson-Sellers and Kendal McGuffie

Predictions of climatic models must be placed in their geological, paleoclimatic, and astronomical context to create a complete picture of the Earth’s future climate. This book presents that perspective with data and projections that have emerged from climate modeling.

Elsevier Science & Technology, December 2011 HB 9780123869173


island press

Environmental Land Use Planning and Management Creating Sustainable Communities, Watersheds and Ecosystems 2nd ed. John Randolph

environmental studies

Offers a unique framework for teaching and learning interdisciplinary environmental planning and addresses emerging challenges for planners including climate change and new methods, technologies, designs and policies for responding to these challenges.

Island Press, February 2012 HB 9781597267304



island press

Introduction to Restoration Ecology Evelyn A. Howell, John A. Harrington and Stephen B. Glass

This new textbook, written for undergraduates and first-year graduate students, offers a real-life introduction to the field of restoration ecology and an interdisciplinary overview of the theory behind it.

Island Press, January 2012 HB 9781597261890

£57.00 Science and Practice of Ecological Restoration

rsc publishing

Molecular Solar Fuels Edited by Thomas J. Wydrzynski and Warwick Hillier

Nuclear Power and the Environment R.M. Harrison and R.E. Hester

Sustainable Solutions for Modern Economies Edited by Rainer Hofer

This book is written by experts from various fields working on the biological and synthetic chemical side of molecular solar fuels to facilitate advancement in this area of research. The latest knowledge and chemical prospects in developing hydrogen as a solar fuel are presented.

This book is concerned with reviewing the political and social context for nuclear power generation, the nuclear power fuel cycles and their implications for the environment. It will be of interest to scientists and engineers working in the field and to policy makers, university students and the wider range of people concerned about the environmental impacts of nuclear power generation.

This comprehensive book outlines the contribution of chemistry and renewable chemical or biological resources to the sustainability concept and potential resolution of the world’s energy problems.

RSC Publishing, November 2011 HB 9781849730341

£144.99 RSC Energy and Environment Series

RSC Publishing, August 2011 HB 9781849731942

£65.00 Issues in Environmental Science and Technology

RSC Publishing, November 2009 HB 9781847559050

£144.99 RSC Green Chemistry Book Series


Environmental Sensing Analytical Techniques for Earth Observation James K. Lein

Managing Forest Carbon in a Changing Climate Edited by Mark S. Ashton et al.


Remote sensing has witnessed a renaissance as new sensor systems, data collection capabilities and image processing methodologies have expanded the technological capabilities of this science into new and important applications areas.

Accessible overview for advanced students, resource professionals and policy makers to acquaint themselves with the established science, management practices and policies that facilitate sequestration and allow for the storage of carbon in forests.

Springer, September 2011 HB 9781461401421


Springer, December 2011 PB 9789400722316


issue 3, 2012

taylor & francis

Climate Change Mitigation and Agriculture Edited by Eva Wollenberg et al.

The book captures an exciting period in the development of land-based climate change mitigation as attention is increasingly focused on agriculture’s role in contributing to climate change.

Earthscan / Taylor & Francis HB 9781849713924

£85.00 PB 9781849713931


The Energy Imperative 100 Percent Renewable Now Hermann Scheer

The Right to Water Politics, Governance and Social Struggles Edited by Farhana Sultana and Alex Loftus

For decades, Scheer was one of the worlds leading proponents of renewable energy. In this last book before his death he lays out his vision for a planet powered 100 percent by renewables and examines the fundamental ethical and economic imperatives for such a shift. And most importantly he demonstrates why the time for transition is now.

The right to clean water has been adopted by the United Nations as a basic human right. The issues discussed here include how people access water, who controls the flow of water and how such provision might be restructured in fairer ways.

Earthscan / Taylor & Francis, December 2011 HB 9781849714334


Earthscan / Taylor & Francis, November 2011 HB 9781849713603

£85.00 PB 9781849713597

£29.99 Earthscan Water Text Series

wit press

Environmental Innovation in China D. Strangeway, L. Xielin and F. Zhijun

China has both the capacity and the need to become a global leader in sustainable development and innovation in environmental technology. This book acknowledges past mistakes, but more importantly it presents a blueprint for the future.

Wit Press, December 2011 HB 9781845646400


world scientific

Handbook of Environment and Waste Management Air and Water Pollution Control Edited by Yung-Tse Hung, Lawrence K. Wang and Nazih K. Shammas

This handbook covers the areas of air pollution control, water pollution control, water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial waste treatment and small scale wastewater treatment.

World Scientific, April 2012 HB 9789814327695



Introductory Offer £157.00 until 30th June 2012. Price thereafter £197.00

Handbook of Sustainability Management Edited by Christian N. Madu and Chu-Hua Kuei

Sustainability is about the effective management of nonrenewable and nonreplenishable natural resources. This handbook explores the role of sustainability in achieving social development, environmental protection, and economic development.

World Scientific, May 2012 HB 9789814354813



Introductory Offer Price £164.00 until 31st July 2012. Price thereafter £178.00

environmental studies


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Blackwell's Recommends Issue 3, 2012

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