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BlackVelvetMagazine.Com - 41 melancholy vibe. The album as a whole will bring out an array of feelings and emotions that all us humans bear, and shows that Three Days Grace are as human as the rest of us. YYYY SBV THREE DAYS GRACE HUMAN (RCA) At the beginning of 2013, Three Days Grace announced that vocalist Adam Gontier was resigning from the band. Bassist Brad Walst’s brother, Matt, who just happened to front My Darkest Days, took over touring duties and eventually was confirmed as the replacement for Adam. Matt had some big shoes to fill but has done a sterling job, while bringing his own style to the mix. The album begins with ‘Human Race’ which is quite atmospheric and electro-styled despite also bearing a big rock punch. Matt sings about not belonging and being sick of running. Third song, ‘Fallen Angel’ includes Matt asking ‘How can I take the pain away?’ There are a lot of thought-provoking lyrics that sound like they’ve come from the heart. There’s the emotive ‘Car Crash’, which is a deep song that straight away pierces your heart. The album is not as uptempo as some rock records, it also doesn’t sound as polished as previous releases due to Matt’s vocals having a rougher, grittier style, most notably ‘Landmine’, yet the quality of the songs is high (as expected). The album ends with ‘The Real You’ and Matt promising ‘I will never give up on you’. It’s another tune that has a

ZEBRAHEAD THE EARLY YEARS - REVISITED (RUDE) 'The Early Years – Revisited' is exactly what it says on the tin: a compilation of old hits, re-recorded and refreshed by Zebrahead's current line-up. It's made up of 11 fan favourites from the past recorded with co-vocalist Matty Lewis (who joined in 2005) and lead guitarist Dan Palmer (who joined in 2013) plus two new songs to tease the bands next release. The album starts strong with 'Check', a 90's track with a catchy chorus and fast-paced rapping. The pop-punk kicks in at 'Jagoff,' a chilled-out, fun and carefree track perfect for any summer playlist. It's all wonderfully nostalgic, however none of the tracks sound wildly different to the originals. It feels more like a greatest hits album paying tribute to the best songs Zebrahead have written rather than a new take on older hits. At least that's until the new tracks take over - 'Devil On My Shoulder' has a grooving

bass intro, lightning quick vocals and solid pop-punk chords. 'Sex, Lies And Audiotape' is pure Zebrahead, with their signature punk meets nu-metal sound and a slightly shouted chorus. These two new tracks are a breath of fresh air, and enough to get fans excited for the new material to come. All in all, this record is ridiculously nostalgic, and pays tribute to what Zebrahead sound like live nowadays. Whether or not a re-recording was needed is questionable, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a fun, fast, sentimental album that both new and old Zebrahead fans can enjoy. YYY Carissa Thorne

grab the world by the throat. These guys just don’t let up, not even with final track ‘Home’ which switches between a beautiful acoustic ballad and full-on pounding drums and exuberant electric guitar. It’s an incredibly strong debut album and a wonderfully assured, confident performance. YYYY Clare Huckett

DAMN DICE THE GREAT UNKNOWN (DAMN DICE) Somewhere between rock and metal lies Damn Dice, an energetic foursome from London aiming to blow up your speakers with this high octane debut album. The appropriately named ‘Power’ opens proceedings with a kickass intro of thunderous drums and frenetic riffs that promises great things to come. It’s a no holds barred, riotous start. ‘What Now?’ keeps up the pace with a deceptively simple beat that really gets under your skin, while the metal guitars of ‘Driven’ are a snarling contrast to Alex’s higher pitched vocal, although Wallis’ guitar soars in the solo. ‘Bang Your Head’ and ‘Rock (Like You Mean It)’ are practically guaranteed to whip a mosh pit into a frenzy, while ‘Take The Fight’ with its particularly strong drumline is a highly infectious call to

WILSON RIGHT TO RISE (RAZOR & TIE) Wilson have come to kick your ass – and provide inspiration. The five-piece from Detroit go full throttle with their second full-length album, ‘Right To Rise’, an invigorating rock record that will get the blood flowing and rising. The opening song is the title track – ‘Right To Rise’ which straight away sets the gears in motion; it’s focused, forceful and fiery. It’s about getting out there, rolling your sleeves up, doing hard work and beating any obstacles that come your way and is also a tribute to their hometown of Detroit. Songs such as ‘Crave’ also make you grit your teeth with lust, as they sing about a hunger that won’t go away. It’s real meaty. They power through the likes of ‘Hang With The Devil’ and ‘Windows Down!’, the latter being one of those tracks that make

you want to speed up to 100 miles an hour and crank it out loud. This is rock ‘n’ roll that is pure, unadulterated and that you can really let your hair down to. The whole album is a total blast. Wilson are here and you’d better listen. YYYYY SBV EXIT 31 KILLER BODY (EXIT 31) Exit 31 are a down and dirty rock band from the Netherlands. They’ve actually been around a while, first forming in 2004 – although went on a brief hiatus in 2012. We’re glad they’ve had a change of heart though as new album ‘Killer Body’ is an impressive piece of work. You can definitely tell that these guys have been playing music for a while – the quality of their song writing is very high. Tracks like ‘Back To You’ sound like they deserve repeat rotation on the radio. They have the hooks, the melody, the star-like vocals and all round great instrumentation. The title track, ‘Killer Body’ is a grungy, slinky, sleazy affair, while ‘Lullaby’ is a tender ode to a baby who’s been born into the world – it starts off calm and peaceful before the full instrumentation packs in. Opening track ‘My Hate’ has a funky bassline while Ivo Pender’s vocals become the most mesmerizing in ‘Reality’. The guitars invite you to rock out – and that we will. There’s some definitely talent in Exit 31 – let’s hope they don’t exit the rock world again. YYYY SBV

Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’ - Koko Coconut Milk AKA WHAT WE’VE MOSTLY BEEN CONSUMING SINCE THE LAST ISSUE... We want to tell you about another drink this issue. Over the last few months we’ve been trying out some different milk alternatives. We’ve mostly drank soya milk since becoming vegan over a decade ago. However, now there are so many different types of milk you can get - oat milk, rice milk, hemp milk, almond milk, and our new fave, coconut milk, to name a few. We really like the texture of coconut milk - it’s silkier than some milks, not too watery but not overly thick either. It also gives a nice froth when you heat it up. At weekends when we’re able to catch up on sleep from too many gigs and work in the week, we get up and have a hot chocolate for breakfast (by breakfast, we mean at 4pm in the afternoon!). Koko is one of our favourite coconut milks. Not only do they do plain coconut milk but you can get 1 litre cartons of chocolate coconut milk. Just pour it in a saucepan and heat it up for a gorgeous hot chocolate. It saves messing about with chocolate powder and plain milk. Koko also do smaller milkshakes that includes strawberry flavour. The dairy free milk includes calcium plus vitamins B12 and D2 so Koko is exceptionally good for your body. You can find Koko in supermarkets such as Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys. Go go find Koko!


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UK independent rock music magazine. Issue 85 includes interviews with Ginger Wildheart, Papa Roach, Sleeping With Sirens, Fearless Vampire K...

Black Velvet Issue 85  

UK independent rock music magazine. Issue 85 includes interviews with Ginger Wildheart, Papa Roach, Sleeping With Sirens, Fearless Vampire K...