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KEY DATES(CLICK TO GO TO WEBSITES) • 17 - 18 January, 2014 NSW State Age 10-12 Years Championships  • 20-25 January, 2014 NSW State Age 13-18 Years Championships  • 1-2 February, 2014 Speedo Sprint Heats 


• 28 February-2 March, 2014 NSW State Open Championships  • 8 March, 2014 NSW Speedo Sprint Finals  • 15-16 March, 2014 NSW Grand Prix



With this newsletter, we bring 2013 to a close. The year has been filled with many challenges, changes, ups and downs - but as a Club we have moved forward and faced those challenges head on. We continue to grow and look forward to a fabulous New Year in 2014. For our swimmers, as they faced these new changes, they have continually focused on their training - this is evidenced in their swimming results through out this year in both the Pool and also Open Water events. All of our swimmers have grown in strength and confidence as they reach out and achieve their individual goals they are a credit to both their parents and to our Club. Congratulations to all of our swimmers. Effort, Diligence, Determination and Hard Work at training along with our awesome coaching staff = GREAT RESULTS!!

Full results can be found on the results page. If you始re new to swimming or Club nights - interested in competitive swimming - there are some great long course carnivals on the calendar for the 2014 season. We look forward to having you represent BCSC, wearing our new club uniform and cap with pride. You can get more swimming carnival updates and information from our Race Secretary Darlene Carroll or contact her on the email below. On behalf of Blacktown City Swimming Club, we wish you a wonderful, joyous Christmas and a fabulous New Year. Thanks kindly - have a great day Darlene Carroll Blacktown Race Secretary [2]



Our Blacktown City Swimming Club website is such a labour of love for Darlene Carroll and Kirsty Mooy that you need to get online and check it out. In just a few minutes you can be a member of the site and sharing your photographs and socializing with other members. The website is also your one stop for all things swimming! With quick links that take you directly to Swimming NSW, Metro South West Swimming and a host of other useful information, it really should be your first place to head online. You can also check your club night and carnival results, look at carnival entries or even just keep up to date with any news, so head over and check out the fabulous site that has been created for our members.


Savannah Amaral - 3rd Grace Dollimore - 5th Hayley Anschau - 13th Diego Tarr - 14th Brooke Asbury - 18th Joshua Howard - 18th DECEMBER

• • • •



Feel free to send your swimming photos and special newsworthy information to - we look forward to sharing your special news with you. All correspondence and pics can be sent to the following email: or  see one of our wonderful National swimmers and give them the written information... I promise those kids are super fabulous (and they don't bite!!) Darlene


Matthew Kelshaw - 1st Emma Sanders - 7th Fady Farid - 8th Bernice Druett - 12th

NEWS GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS For our Blacktown Swimmers that received the YPS - Youth Performance Squad members package at the BCSC Presentation (Oct 2013) - you have the opportunity to go into the draw to win an Australian Swim Team Cap signed by members of the 2013 World Championships Team!!! You must have qualified for the 2012/2013 Youth Performace Squad (YPS) Program. Swimming Australia needs your input to help review the YPS Program so we can ensure swimmers are getting the most out of the program and reaping the benefits of their swimming success. As a thank you for providing us with some feedback, you’ll go into the draw to win Australian Swim Team Cap signed by members of the 2013 World Championships Team. Click here to take the survey Your feedback will help us better meet the needs of swimming members and shape the future of swimming in Australia. The survey will take approximately five minutes to complete, and the will remain open until Friday 11th January 2014. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Swimming Australia

Split / Relay - Information for Swimmers Split/Relay Lead Off Entry Time

If you wish to use a Relay Lead Off or Split Time from a Swimming NSW Meet to enter another Swimming NSW meet, please click here to fill out the Application Form. If you need any help - please see Blacktown Race Secretary (Darlene Carroll)



SOCIAL SNIPPETS Thank you  to  those  who  have  given  me  sugges2ons  about   fundraising  ideas  for  the  club.  Keep  a  look  out  in  2014  for  those   ideas  to  help  the  club  in  our  fundraising  goals  and  if  you  have  any   sugges2ons  at  any  2me,  please  feel  free  to  share.   We  are  s2ll  looking  for  local  businesses  to  sponsor  and  adver2se   in  2014  if  you  know  of  any  –  get  them  to  contact  us  for  more   informa2on.   The  role  of  social  secretary  is  not  only  for  fundraising  but   sociability  within  the  club.  With  that,  our  first  ladies  lunch  was  a   small  but  lovely  event.  We  enjoyed  a  delicious  yum  cha  at   Westpoint  Blacktown.  Our  next  ladies  event  is  dinner  on  Friday  3   January.  All  swim  member  mums  are  warmly  invited  to  aLend   (venue  TBA)  if  you  would  like  to  join  us  for  a  fun  night  out  please   contact  either  myself  or  Darlene  to  RSVP.    Keep  a  look  out  in  the   newsleLer  for  upcoming  social  events.   Thank  you  for  your  fundraising  and  support  of  the  club  in  2013,   have  a  wonderful  Christmas  with  your  family  and  loved  ones.   Fiona



RSVP - for those last minute members - you are all welcome to attend... Please see Fiona Crabb or Kirsty Mooy for further details at the pool before Friday


Achieving their first National Time - 5km Open Water attending either the MSW Area or NSW State Open Water Carnivals or both. Haydon Illingworth Tayla Martin Scott Anschau Imogen Yeung Holly Ryan (Silver - MSW Area)

We would also like to make special mention of our young swimmers who attended their very first 2.5km JX Open Water Swim. Zachary Asbury Kasey Mooy Tira Pepper (Silver - MSW Area) Cameron Smith

Australia's Favourite Swim + Run turns 15... and Charity Walk JANUARY 26 2014 AT WOLLONGONG HARBOUR Australia Day in Wollongong kicks off with Australia's favourite all ages 'Smile Team Australia Day Aquathon and Charity Walk'. With three swim and run events it offers kids to seniors a fun, safe fitness challenge and the charity walk is for everyone. 2014 is set to be a special year as 'Aquathon' turns 15 and we have a magic event planned. So its time to get the joggers and togs out, hit the running or walking tracks, splash in the local pool or beach, rally your friends and get fit and ready. The Australia Day Aquathon & Charity Walk 2014 entry is the best value yet: Over $50,000 prizes, and sponsor offers, Over $250 of entry kit value across services, offers, merchandise and kids you get FREE finisher medals (teams too!), plus loads extra's as ST George Illawarra Dragon's merchandise, hangdog climb gym entry, Big Fat Smile merchandise and loads more...


CARNIVAL RESULTS Over the past couple of Sundays, we have had the majority of our swimmers attend Area Championships and a variety of Long Course Qualifying Carnivals. All of our swimmers represent Blacktown with a wonderful sense of sportsmanship and pride. All had a wonderful days of swimming with plenty of new PB’s and medals and swimmers achieving Metropolitan, State and National times. Congratulations to the following swimmers…

NEPEAN CARNIVAL - 24 November 2013 Swimmers Attending: Jayden Amaral, Savannah Amaral. Scott Anschau, Zachary Asbury, Ashlee Bloomfield, Gavin Bloomfield, Benjamin Crabb, Dyana Crabb, Celin gould, Estelle gould, Ethan gould, Haydon Illingworth, Dakota Jackson, Montana Jackson, Kasey Mooy, Tatiana Nguyen, Taylah Ozdemir, Emma Sanders, Nicole Sanders, Imogen Yeung

Results: • • • • • •

Jaden Amaral - Silver (11 yrs 50 Fly, 11 yrs 100 Fly) Scott Anschau - Gold (14 yrs 100 Back, 14 yrs 100 Free) Zachary Asbury - Gold (11 yrs 50 Fly, 11 yrs 100 Back, 11 yrs 50 Free) Silver (11 yrs 100 Breast) Estelle Gould - Gold - (9/U 50 Fly, 9/U 50 Breast) Haydon Illingworth - Silver (14 yrs 100 Fly, 14 yrs 100 Breast, Open 200 IM, 14 yrs100 Back) Imogen Yeung - Bronze (13 yrs 100 Fly, Open 400 Free)

SWIMWEST CARNIVAL - 24 NOVEMBER 2013 Swimmers Attending: Jasmine Howard Results: • Jasmine Howard - Gold (Open 200 Fly) CORRECTIONS - RESULTS Apologies to the following swimmers for missing these results at the Blacktown Carnival from our November newsletter. Haydon Illingworth- Gold - (14 yrs 100 Free, 14 yrs 100 Fly), Silver (14 yrs 200 IM, 14 yrs 50 Breast, 14 yrs 100 Back) Yoong Ling Kilgannon- Gold - (13 yrs 50 Fly, 13 yrs 100 Fly) Bronze - (Open 200 Fly)


CARNIVAL RESULTS NSW METROPOLITAN CHAMPIONSHIPS - 07/08 December 2013 This NSW Championship event is for those swimmers that have achieved the set NSW Metro Qualifying Time in their respective age group in an individual event. All Medalists and Top 10 finalists gain points for their club. CONGRATULATIONS to... BLACKTOWN CITY SWIMMING CLUB: 10TH PLACE - NSW LC Metropolitan Championships Gold - 4 Silver - 6 Bronze - 1

Swimmers Attending: Hayley Anschau, Scott Anschau, Zachary Asbury, Matthew Carroll, Caitlin De Cruz, Lily Hardman, Tim Hodge, Jasmine Howard, Haydon Illingworth, Eliah Joaquin, Matthew Kelshaw, Hayley Lawther, Tayla Martin, Amy Maxwell, Aaron Morelli, Tira Pepper, Ella Pinder, Holly Ryan, Nicole Sanders, Imogen Yeung. Medalists: • • • •

Hayley Anschau - Gold (Open 400 Free, 10/O 400 IM), Silver (16/O 200 fly, Open 800 Free) Lily Hardman - Gold (10/U 100 Back) Silver (10/U 100 Breast, 10/U 100 Free, 10/U 100 Fly) Tim Hodge - Silver (10/O MC 50 Back) Bronze (10/O MC 50 Fly) Jasmine Howard - Gold (11 yrs 100 Fly)

Top 10 Finalists: Hayley Anschau - 16/O 100 Breast (5th) 16/O 200 Free (5th) 16/O 100 Fly (6th) Matthew Carroll - 15 yrs 100 Breast (10th) Tim Hodge - 10/O MC 50 Free (4th), 10/O 50 Breast (5th), 12 yrs 100 Back (9th) Eliah Joaquin - 13 yrs 100 Breast (6th), 13 yrs 200 Breast (7th) Hayley Lawther - 12 yrs 100 Back (10th) Amy Maxwell - 16/O 100 Breast (7th), 16/O 200 IM (4th), 16/O 400 IM (4th), 16/O 200 Breast (8th) • Aaron Morelli - 16/O 400 Free (8th) • Holly Ryan - 14/15 yrs 200 Fly (7th), 14 yrs 100 Fly (6th) • Nicole Sanders - 10/U100 Free (8th), 10/U 100 Fly (6th) • • • • • •




SWIMMING AND NUTRITION SWIMMING AND NUTRITION by: Sports Dietitians Australia As young swimmers, especially those elite swimmers who train several times (sessions) per week, nutrition and what one eats is of vital importance to maintain the energy levels that are required to cover the kilometres of swimming that each swimmers covers per session. Sports Dietitians Australia have a Fact Sheet on Swimming and Nutrition giving an overview of: •

Nutrition/Dietary Requirements for Training

Food and Fluids needed

Competition Requirements

Body Fat Levels

Recovery Advice

General Tips: Always be aware that this is a guide only for parents and swimmers. Some swimmers have special dietary requirements due to allergies, illness, etc - medical advice from your doctor or a Dietary Nutritionist is recommended.

Click link below for Fact Sheet Information »

Further Information can be found in the following Online Booklet called: Nutrition For Swimmers (eBook) $9.99

Click link to purchase A helpful resource for all parents and swimmers




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Between The Lanes - December 2013  

Blacktown City Swimming Club's newsletter

Between The Lanes - December 2013  

Blacktown City Swimming Club's newsletter