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That’s how I started, looking out the window and finding beauty in that view. I decided to recreate it - in each small gesture that leads to the creation of a sofa. Handmade.

Pier Luigi Frighetto

It’s been 35 years since I started. And now I feel ready to start making handmade sofas again. Nowadays it’s so hard to think of a craft that takes up so much time just imagining how it will turn out, imagining its shape and creating its very being. Instead I decided to start a new phase using the word that had inspired my work so much as a starting point - elegance. It’s no coincidence that my new design is called Black Tie, because it originates from my need to find and create elegance, although it also originates from my personal belief that making a sofa demands the best – the best suit – to use a metaphor which has become my trademark – from those who plan it, design it, and create it. I still believe this today elegance has to be a way of thinking, long before it becomes an object. Black Tie has originated from my desire to match elegance and design

with quality using the human touch - that Italian craftsmanship which unfortunately is disappearing, getting swallowed up by market forces. I want to offer customers, who share my desire for elegance, a sofa which has been designed and tailor-made. Something completely outside mass market rules, which demands the best materials and most exclusive upholstery. Handcrafting requires time, dedication, and even more time than was imagined at the beginning. It doesn’t matter as long as you feel what you’re working to achieve counts for something. Black Tie sofas have to be produced in limited numbers. No more than ten sofas per day which I always check personally, one by one, because experience and taste are in my eyes first and foremost. This is my way of giving substance to the word exclusiveness. A word which is often bandied about without there being the minimum requisites to even mention it.

Small choices determine the final result. That’s how I have always seen it. An innovative choice which will become fundamental, every time you sit down. An exclusive choice whose precise origin we know well. A choice to last the course, that will stand the test of time. A stylish choice, arising from a clear idea of elegance. A “land” choice. The best business choice.

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