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What Would The Strip Club Be Without The DJ

: The Coalition DJs (Atlanta) by Stephanie B.

What would the strip club be without the DJ? According to DJ Funky of the Coalition DJs “That’s a good f*cking question!” The Coalition DJs starting four DJ Big X, DJ Funky, DJ X-Rated, DJ Nando are a down to earth and hilarious crew where everyone is a boss in their own spot. When they are not spinning hot records at some of the hottest Atlanta strip clubs the Coalition DJs find time to be radio personalities on V103’s 9’O clock Mix tape, promote parties, produce music, manage artists, shoot HD videos and design websites. The Coalition DJs also have a new online radio show and they are celebrating their 2nd year anniversary August 19th- 22nd. You can catch DJ Big X, DJ Funky, DJ X-Rated and DJ Nando, on the wheels of steel at strip clubs Kamals 21, Rooster, Onyx, Strokers and Magic City. Coalition DJs cont on next page…. 4

Coalition DJs cont...

Breaking Records in the Strip Club As a crew the Coalition DJs feed off each other when it comes to breaking records. If one DJ has a new hot song playing at their club the other DJs hear it and like it they will play it too. “The dancers will tell you if the song hot, they will lay down on the stage and look at the DJ like he’s crazy,” states DJ X-Rated. He also explains that when bonk ass records are played it kills the momentum in the club. DJ Funky will take time out on a slow night to give an independent artist a chance but won’t waste any time to discredit them if the music is wack. DJ Big X explains that both major and independent artist need to, “show the DJ love” especially if they want to be popping in some of most popular strip clubs in Atlanta. According to DJ Nando, the most essential thing the independent artist has to have is good music. Not their homeboy or momma telling them it’s hot, someone outside their circle, like the DJ. Realize that the DJ doesn’t have a lot of time to listen to everything on a song. Nando emphasized, “Music is a feeling you get when you hear a record, If I gotta keep playing a song for a motherf*cka to get it, nine times out of ten it’s really NOT hot and you just want somebody to believe in the record!”

Follow THE COALITION DJs On Twitter: @CoalitionDJsATL @SpearheadX @TheDJXRated @DJNando404 @DJFunkyATL


HOT TEN STRIP CLUB SONGS!! 1. Playaz Circle - "All We Do Is Juug" 2. Wayniac ft Backbone - "That Loud" 3. Scrap Deleon ft Lloyd - "The World Is Mine" 4. Milion ft Yung LA - "Outfit" 5. Akon ft Big Meech & Rock City - "Time Is Money" 6. 2Win - "Em All" 7. Wes Fif ft Schife - "All We Do Is Get It" 8. Young Dro ft TI, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross "Freeze Me" RMX 9. Big KRIT - "Country Shit" 10. C White & Rio - "Astronaut Ridin"



Strip Club : Cookies N Cream MOBILE, ALABAMA 7



Bizzle aka Chowtime supporting the “Naked Hustle” If you visit any strip club and haven’t heard the words “She Said Im A Stripper and This Is My Life…” tell your DJ he is slippin because indie artist Bizzle definitely supports the “Naked Hustle.” After producing other artist’s music for eight years, Bizzle caught a huge break when his single “Naked Hustle” took on a mind of its own in local Miami strip clubs and spread like wildfire. It’s impossible to listen any of Bizzle’s contagious songs and not get on your feet to jook to it. Check out Bizzle chopping it up with Black Strippers USA editor Stephanie B… SB: How long have you been pushing "Naked Hustle” in the strip clubs? Bizzle: “Naked Hustle” has been around for three years if I’m not mistaken. It was the song I chose to go with after it had been in my computer for decades when I kind of gave up on the music business. A friend of mine got a hold of the song and he took it to the strip club. That wasn’t the song I would have ran with but fortunately he got [Naked Hustle] took it to the strip and a month later he was having a party and told me to come through. He played the song and the people went crazy. It took me a couple of seconds to realize it was being played and then I heard “and this is my life” 15 -16 seconds later I was like “oh hell naw” and turned to him in disbelief. SB: What was that first strip club your single was played? Bizzle: Take One. It’s one of the smallest but the most popular strip club in Miami.


SB: Is “Naked Hustle” still being played in the strip clubs? Bizzle: Believe it or not it made its way into Georgia like Waycross, Valdosta, Albany and running concurrently with my next single. SB: Do you frequent strip clubs when you are not performing or for business? Bizzle: After coming out with a song like that it could overwhelm you and it did take a toll financially. I spent a lot of money and when you got a song that says “so pray that you make it rain” if they know that’s your song they gonna look at you hoping that you to make it rain. They don’t know how old the song is and you can’t continue to make it rain. When I first came out with the song I did a lot of making it rain. No I don’t visit strip clubs like that but I go once in a blue moon. When I’m home I don’t go to strip clubs especially in Miami because things are very crazy in the streets and things are happening to people in the clubs. If I have a show out of town I’ll visit strip clubs all day. SB: What is the next single you are pushing on the radio? Bizzle: The song I came out with after “Naked Hustle” is “Lip Bitin Animal.” It’s a song you can vibe to and have fun with. SB: Have you worked with any major artists/producers? Bizzle: I had chances where I could have but I chose to do it on my own. I don’t consider myself one of best rappers sometimes I don’t feel like I am a rapper I just get on a song and just act stupid and like it before you know it other people like it. I’m not arrogant and I don’t feel like I’m the shit. I don’t want to get on a song with somebody feeling like that and they trying to out do me on my song. I have my own vibe and I like to keep it. SB: Are you working towards an album? Bizzle: No I have the mixtape, but I didn’t want to drop the mixtape, some people it works for and some people it don’t. I think when you focus on a single you can get more attention because in the one single if you want to play Bizzle you have to play that song, you don’t have an option. If you don’t like it right now the Djs that are playing it will blow it up then you have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon and play it as well. When you got a whole mixtape DJs pick and choose what they want to play and everybody ain’t on the same page so the mixtape don’t go nowhere because everybody ain’t playing the same shit. It takes everybody to play that one song to get where you’re trying to go and when you got several songs to do that with it knocks the focus off that artist. A single is the best way to go.


SB: Now that you have a name for yourself do you find it easier to approach Strip Club Djs when you drop a new song? Bizzle: It don’t matter if you have a name or not it’s irrelevant. Shouts out to all the DJs, but most DJs have funny ways. You just have to work with them. They are the reason you are known and without them you won’t be anything. The bigger the DJ the more you got to basically kiss his ass, straight up. The [music] game is real funny, the game is like a stuck up bitch. Once you convince that bitch you have control of your movement but if you can’t you will remain where you at. What helped me a lot with my song “Naked Hustle” was that money moves mountains. I threw up thousands at a time. Places like Atlanta and Miami want to see what you claim to be. I did a lot of shows and the strippers knew the name Bizzle real quick. Strippers would have a birthday party, most of them have three birthdays a year, and would want me to perform at their party because they knew I would throw a thousand dollars. I still do it but not nearly as much as I used to. I got lucky because the kids got a hold it and started posting their videos dancing to “Naked Hustle” on YouTube and there is not a clip under 20, 000 hits. Check out Bizzle on Twitter @bizzlechowtime or on



Magic City is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, fairly close to the Greyhound station, ladies can literally hop off a bus and onto a pole. 14



John Blu “In Love Wit Yo Booty” by Stephanie B. Chicago native and newly signed Jive recording artist John Blu is “In Love Wit Yo Booty.” Since the release of his first single after being signed to Jive records in early 2010, Blu has been hitting the road doing promo tours. When asked why he calls himself the R&B Bully John Blu response was, “a bully is somebody who picks until he gets what he wants I call myself the R&B Bully because I’m gonna pick on the music industry until I get what I want out of it, which it success.” With the help of his independent label AAU Records (All About Us) John Blu hit the streets of Chicago, grassroots style, by flooding the clubs and attacking radio with the record. He continued to push until the record finally popped becoming the #2 most played song in the city grabbing the attention of Jive Records. “In Love Wit Yo Booty” has been spinning in local Chicago strip clubs such as Ernies and The Factory as well as strip club in cities like Atlanta. Even though his single raves about his love for a woman’s ass Blu said he does like the whole package, a women that is put together the right way that has a good heart but it doesn’t hurt if she has a nice booty. John Blu is also working on a 2 nd single “Cologne” and has an upcoming album called Undescribable (date pending) looking to drop in the first quarter. ”...I call the album Undescribable because when people ask how do you describe John Blu you can’t, I don’t want to put into a box with a roof over me like you can’t do this and you can’t do that. I’m pretty much going to touch and tap on everything from the pop, r&b, the rock, inspirational, the bedroom bangers, the club bangers I’m trying to do everything.” – John Blu If you want more of John Blu :

www.itunes (John Blu) Twitter @JohnBlu




J Harden The King of Hood and Blues wants her to “Work Dat Pole” By Stephanie B. J Harden aka The King of Hood and Blues started his movement back in 2008 and since then has won over 172 open mic competitions just in the city of Atlanta. One of the first artists to bring pole dancing into the clubs beyond the strip club by hauling “heavy ass” portable poles to every performance to go along with his single “Work Dat Pole” featuring a talented pole instructor. The King of Hood and Blues will be flying abroad on October 15 th and 16th to perform his single in London, England for the Pole 2 Pole and The British Isles pole competition. Harden is currently pushing his “Work Dat Pole” single to radio and went on to say, “a lot of people need to understand apparently it’s not the song or the grind that gets you on the radio or gets you made, it’s the politics.” J Harden is also working with Club Ritz in Atlanta to have the first Miss Work Dat Pole Georgia Competition in late 2010 where $5000 will go to the winner. Street album “King of Hood and Blues” includes “Work Dat Pole” and newest single “Throw A Party on Dat P*ssy.” Why Hood and Blues? “I’m from the hood and I tell a story. If I want to talk about sex ill talk about sex if I want to talk about changing the world and our financial state worldwide I can talk about that, because people need to understand when you have a direction, you have some artists talk about I love you all you all day, we know that bullshit ain’t real, we have some artist talk about f*ck f*ck f*ck bed up all day, some artist talk about selling dope and ain’t selling no dope. Hood and Blues talks about an array of stuff that’s going on in the world whether its sex or whether it’s good or bad or whether its love or hate that’s Hood and Blues. “ – J Harden Find J Harden on J Harden Booking Contact: Big Rob @ 770-655-2069


RAINBOW Strip Club Club:: Silver Fox Jacksonville, FL 20


FOXXY LADY 1800 NW 79ST MIAMI, FL. 305 305--691 691--5032 CLUB LEXX 12001 NW 27THTH AVE. MIAMI, FLA. 305 305--685 685--7408 954 744 954--744--6582 COCO’S 1430 NW 119THTH ST. MIAMI, FLA. 305 305--688 688--5005 KING OF DIAMONDS 17800 N.E. 5THTH AVE N. MIAMI, FLA. 305 305--999 999--9590 TAKE ONE LOUNGE 333 NE 79THTH ST. MIAMI, FLA. 305 305--751 751--9313 THE MINT LOUNGE 14380 NW 27 AVE. OPA OPA--LOCKA, FLA. 305 305--624 624--8876 CLUB ONYX ONYX--DALLAS 214 214--545 545--5600



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