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June 2013

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One Heart to Win

by Johanna Lindsey Reader to be announced

Bestselling author

#1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey’s golden anniversary novel!

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Simultaneous Release 6/11 Exclusive Fiction / Romance / General (axi3) 9½ hours • 11 CDs • 2 MP3 CDs 978-1-62460-532-1 SLD3400 $84.95 978-1-62460-533-8 CMP3400 $59.95 978-1-62460-534-5 PLY3400 $99.95

Symbol Key Library CD MP3 CD

Some young ladies marry for money and social standing, a few lucky ones marry for love—but Tiffany Warren is marrying to end a feud. Tiffany reluctantly travels west to meet her estranged father and his enemy’s eldest son, rancher Hunter Callahan. Once the Warrens and the Callahans are united by marriage, both clans will stop squabbling. In the chaos of a train robbery Tiffany seizes a golden opportunity. She discovers that the rivalry between the Warrens and the Callahans has escalated when the Callahans steal the Warrens’ “housekeeper” who’s identity Tiffany has assumed, as soon as she steps off the train! Johanna Lindsey is one of the world’s most successful authors of historical romance. All of her novels have been national bestsellers, and several of her titles have reached the number one spot on the New York Times bestseller list. Ms. Lindsey lives in New England with her family. • Johanna Lindsey is one of the most popular and bestselling romance authors in the world


• Simultaneous with the Gallery hardcover

First time appearing in our catalog

• She has sold over sixty million books worldwide.

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New Releases

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Redemption Mountain

A Novel by Gerry FitzGerald • Read by Mark Bramhall In this emotional debut, a New York executive, restless in his success, is sent to West Virginia, where a small-town girl and her son open his eyes to a richer life than he could have imagined.

Simultaneous Release 6/25 • Exclusive Fiction / General (7711) 16 hours • 13 CDs • 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1233-3 BSCD0099 $118.00 978-1-4829-1230-2 BSMP0099 $29.95 978-1-4829-1460-3


On the surface, Charlie Burden and Natty Oakes could not be more different: she, the daughter of rural farmers; he, an executive at a multinational engineering firm. But in each other they find the new lease on life they both so desperately need. Natty dreams of a life beyond her small town. Unhappily married, she passes the time nursing retired miners, coaching her son’s soccer team, and running the mountain trails. Charlie has everything he ever thought he wanted, but after twenty-five years of climbing the corporate ladder, he no longer recognizes his own life. When he is sent to West Virginia to oversee a mining project, it is a chance to escape his stuffy life—but he must soon choose between his old life and his new love. FitzGerald, an advertising pro, adeptly sells the duo’s unlikely romance… His compelling take on the behind-the-scenes politics driving the area’s energy industries is eye-opening. ­—Publishers Weekly

The Kill Room

A Lincoln Rhyme Novel by Jeffery Deaver Read by Edoardo Ballerini, Jay Snyder, and January LaVoy Lincoln Rhyme returns in Jeffery Deaver’s next blockbuster thriller A US citizen in the Bahamas is shot by a sniper par excellence—a man capable of delivering a “million dollar bullet” into the heart of his targets, a mile or more away. The investigation reveals that the victim, Robert Moreno, a man known to have strong anti-American sympathies, was assassinated by the US government. New York assistant district attorney Nance Laurel, unwilling to let the government get away with ignoring the rule of law, brings a criminal case against both the director of the National Intelligence and Operations Service (NIOS), who ordered the killing, and the sniper himself.

Simultaneous Release 6/4 • Exclusive Fiction / Thriller (axkl) 13½ hours • 12 CDs • 2 MP3 CDs 978-1-4789-5072-1 SLD3377 $89.99

This is Deaver at his very best and not to be missed by any thriller fan.

978-1-4789-5073-8 CMP3377 $69.99

—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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New Releases The Last Summer of the Camperdowns by Elizabeth Kelly • Read by Rebecca Gibel

Set on Cape Cod during one tumultuous summer, Elizabeth Kelly’s gothic family story will delight readers of The Family Fang and The Giant’s House.

Simultaneous Release 6/3 • Exclusive Fiction / Literary

Riddle James Camperdown is the twelve-year-old daughter of idealistic Camp and his manicured wife, Greer. It’s 1972, and Riddle’s father is running for office from the family compound in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. Between Camp’s desire to toughen her up and Greer’s demand for glamour, Riddle has her hands full. When she accidentally witnesses a crime, her confusion and fear keep her silent—to devastating effect. The mysterious and powerful Devlins slowly emerge as the keepers of astonishing secrets that could shatter the Camperdowns. As things spiral out of control, Riddle can only watch, hoping for the courage to reveal the truth.

(7757) 11 hours • 9 CDs • 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-1551-8 BSCD0002 $100.00 978-1-4829-1555-6 BSMP0002 $29.95 978-1-4829-2322-3


The Last Summer of the Camperdowns is one of the most delightful beach books evah! It is the literary equivalent of a dozen Wellfleet oysters—salty, sweet, sublime. ­—Elin Hilderbrand, New York Times bestselling author

All That Is

A Novel by James Salter • Read by Joe Barrett An extraordinary literary event, this novel is a sweeping, seductive, deeply moving story set in the years after World War II—a world on the brink of change. After his experiences as a young naval officer in battles off Okinawa during World War II, Philip Bowman returns to America and finds a position as a book editor. It is a time when publishing is still largely a private affair—a scattered family of small houses here and in Europe—a time of gatherings in fabled apartments and conversations that continue long into the night. In this world of dinners, deals, and literary careers, Bowman finds he fits in perfectly. But despite his success, love eludes him. His first marriage goes bad, another fails to happen, and finally he meets a woman who enthralls him and sets him on a course he could never have imagined for himself.

Exclusive Fiction / Sagas (7898) 10 hours • 8 CDs • 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-2621-7 BSCD0324 $100.00

The best novel I’ve read in years. All That Is will be treasured by its readers… A novel of the highest artistry.

978-1-4829-2622-4 BSMP0324 $29.95 978-1-4829-3318-5


—Tim O’Brien, National Book Award–winning author of The Things They Carried •


New Releases

all titles unabridged


by Rose Tremain • Read by Paul Daneman From Rose Tremain comes the Booker Prize shortlisted novel that “restored the historical novel to its rightful place of honor” (New York Times). Robert Merivel, an aspiring physician, finds his fortunes transformed when he is given a position at the court of King Charles II. But when he’s called on to serve the king in an unusual role, he transgresses the one law he is forbidden to break and is brutally cast out. Thus begins his journey to self-knowledge, which will take him into the lowest depths of seventeenth-century society. Nothing less than superb.

—New York Times


(7892) 13½ hours • 11 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Historical 978-1-4829-2770-2 BSCD0348 $84.95

978-1-4829-2771-9 BSMP0348 $29.95

The Silent Wife

A Novel by A. S. A. Harrison • Read by Karen White and Donald Corren

Bestselling author

A chilling psychological thriller about a marriage, a way of life, and how far one woman will go to keep what is rightfully hers Jodi and Todd are at a bad place in their marriage. Much is at stake, including the affluent life they lead, as she, the killer, and he, the victim, rush haplessly toward the main event. The Silent Wife is about a marriage in the throes of dissolution, a couple headed for catastrophe, concessions that can’t be made, and promises that won’t be kept. A. S. A. Harrison knocks it out of the park with her first novel, The Silent Wife. With a spare, elegant, and deft hand, she paints two dueling psychological portraits…in a tale that no one is likely to forget any time soon. I couldn’t put this book down. —Elizabeth George, New York Times Bestselling author

Simultaneous Release 6/25 • Exclusive

(7638) 12 hours • 10 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Literary 978-1-4829-1156-5 BSCD0088 $105.00 978-1-4829-1463-4

978-1-4829-1153-4 BSMP0088 $29.95


Stoker’s Manuscript

by Royce Prouty • Read by Stephen R. Thorne A classically gothic horror story set against an intricate historical mystery When Joseph Barkeley receives a call enlisting his services to authenticate the original draft of Bram Stoker’s Dracula he is intrigued—the promise of a huge commission, regardless of the outcome of his findings is pretty enticing but the real draw is a trip back to his childhood homeland of Romania. He soon finds himself on his way back to the place he was orphaned almost a quarter century ago. Once there he discovers he is dealing with entirely inhuman forces... (axjf) 9½ hours • 7 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Horror Simultaneous Release 6/13 • Exclusive

978-1-62460-094-4 SLD3186


978-1-62460-096-8 PLY3186


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978-1-62460-095-1 CMP3186 $44.95


New Releases Trial by Fire

The Stranded Series, Book 2 by Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts • Read by Charles Carroll The second middle-grade adventure from the host of Survivor They thought it couldn't get any worse. They were wrong.

Simultaneous Release 6/13 • Exclusive

Buzz, Vanessa, Carter, and Jane are no closer to being rescued than they were when they first found themselves stranded on a deserted island. If anything, they’re worse off than ever, having lost their boat to a tropical storm—and with it, all their supplies. Now, the four must team up and make important survival decisions if they ever want to be found. But with food running low and tensions running high, their chances of being saved continue to decline, and they find it necessary to rely on one other to endure whatever lies ahead for them. (axji) 3 hours • 2 CDs • Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / Survival Stories 978-0-7927-9628-2 SLD3056


Shadow People

by James Swain • Read by Stephen R. Thorne

In Shadow People, national bestselling author James Swain’s brilliant follow-up to Dark Magic, magician Peter Warlock has a dark secret. During a séance, psychic and magician Peter Warlock is confronted by a group of evil spirits called shadow people, beings who can kidnap souls. Peter is taken to another plane, where he confronts a serial killer about to claim his next victim. To save many lives, Peter may have to tap into a legacy he has always dreaded—and a power that may consume him. This book grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. —Michael Connelly, New York Times bestselling author, on Dark Magic

Simultaneous Release 6/11 • Exclusive

(7933) 11 hours • 9 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Thrillers 978-0-7927-9126-3 SLD2872


978-1-4829-2635-4 BSMP0350 $29.95

The Ides of April

The Flavia Albia Mysteries, Book 1 by Lindsey Davis • Read by Lucy Brown Flavia Albia has taken up her father’s profession, but it’s not her father’s Rome

Simultaneous Release 6/11 • Exclusive

Flavia Albia is the adopted daughter of Marcus Didius Falco and Helena Justina. From her mother, she learned how to blend in at all levels of society; from her father, she learned the tricks of their mutual professional trade. But her wits and (frequently) sharp tongue are hers alone. Now, working as a private informer in Rome during the reign of Domitian, Flavia has taken over her father’s old ramshackle digs at Fountain Court in the Surbura district, where she plies her trade with energy, determination, and the usual Falco luck. (axki) 11 hours • 9 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths 978-1-62460-538-3 SLD3402


978-1-62460-539-0 PLY3402


978-1-62460-552-9 CMP3402 $54.95 •


New Releases

all titles unabridged

The Possibility Dogs

What a Handful of “Unadoptables” Taught Me about Service, Hope, and Healing by Susannah Charleson • Read by Susannah Charleson A heartwarming and inspiring story that shows how dogs can be rescued and can rescue in return. This uniquely personal, moving, and inspiring journey delves into the rapidly emerging world of psychiatric service dogs, as Susannah Charleson works as an evaluator in shelters, plucking unwanted dogs, big and small, training them for this unique kind of service, and matching them with people in need.

Simultaneous Release 6/4 • Exclusive

Beautifully written and impassioned…This is the rare book that can change minds about the reality of animals’ emotional lives. —Publishers Weekly (starred review) (7707) 11½ hours • 8 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Pets / Dogs / General 978-1-4829-1204-3 BSCD0096 978-1-4829-1462-7

$90.00 $69.99

978-1-4829-1201-2 BSMP0096 $29.95

Eating on the Wild Side

Masaryk Station

Simultaneous Release 6/4 • Exclusive

Simultaneous Release 6/18 • Exclusive

This planet-conscious diet guide introduces the next stage in food revolution

World War II is over—but John Russell can’t escape his role as accidental spy

Ever since farmers first planted seeds 100,000 years ago, humans have been destroying the nutritional value of their fruits and vegetables. Unwittingly, we’ve been selecting plants that are high in starch and sugar and low in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants for over 400 generations. Eating on the Wild Side reveals the solution—choosing modern varieties that approach the nutritional content of wild plants but also please the modern palate.

Berlin, early 1948. The city, still occupied by the four Allied powers, still largely in ruins, has become the cockpit of a new Cold War, and as spring unfolds its German inhabitants live in fear of the Soviets enforcing a Western withdrawal. Here, as elsewhere in Europe, the legacies of the War have become entangled in the new Soviet-American conflict, creating a world of bizarre and fleeting loyalties, a paradise for spies.

(axgg) 9 hours • 8 CDs • Health & Fitness / Nutrition

(axhj) 11 hours • 9 CDs • Fiction / Thrillers / Espionage

The Missing Link to Optimum Health by Jo Robinson • Read by TBA

The John Russell Series, Book 6 by David Downing • Read by Michael Healy

978-1-4789-5093-6 SLD3379 $69.99

978-1-62460-029-6 SLD3160 $74.95

978-1-4789-5095-0 PLY3379 $79.99

Death of the Demon

A Hanne Wilhelmsen Novel by Anne Holt • Read by Kate Reading From Edgar Award finalist Anne Holt comes the captivating third book featuring the brilliant and tough police inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen. Just outside Oslo, the aging director of an orphanage, Agnes Vestavik, is murdered. Twelve-year-old Olav, in whose eyes Agnes saw sheer hatred, is nowhere to be found. The case goes to maverick investigator Hanne Wilhelmsen, whose supreme deductive skills, usually an asset, are leading her astray. Soon Olav will lead police on a chase that will upend all of their assumptions. Simultaneous Release 6/18 • Exclusive


—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

(7646) 11 hours • 9 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Women Sleuths 978-1-4829-1150-3 BSCD0093 $100.00 978-1-4829-1461-0

978-1-4829-1147-3 BSMP0093 $29.95


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New Releases The Examined Life

How We Lose and Find Ourselves by Stephen Grosz • Read by Peter Marinker An extraordinary book for anyone eager to understand the hidden motives that shape our lives In his work as a psychoanalyst, Stephen Grosz has spent the last twenty-five years uncovering the hidden feelings behind our most baffling behavior. Here he distills more than fifty thousand hours of conversation into pure psychological insight without the jargon. This extraordinary book’s aphoristic and elegant stories teach us a new kind of attentiveness. Simultaneous Release 5/28 • Exclusive

Written with generosity toward both its subjects and its readers, with authentic wit, and with flashes of profound insight…[this book] will leave you wiser about humanity than you were when you picked it up. —Andrew Solomon, National Book Award–winning author

(7899) 5½ hours • 7 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Psychology / Movements / Psychoanalysis 978-1-4829-2765-8 BSCD0415 $64.95

Twelve Years a Slave

978-1-4829-2766-5 BSMP0415 $29.95

The Center of the World

by Solomon Northup Based on a lifetime of research by Dr. Sue Eakin • Read by Louis Gossett, Jr.

by Thomas Van Essen Read by various readers

Simultaneous Release 6/4 • Exclusive


This landmark autobiography vividly evokes the time of slavery.

A startling debut novel about the erotic allure of art.

This riveting autobiography transports us to 1840s America to experience the kidnapping and twelve-year bondage of Solomon Northup, a free man of color. Published in 1853, this true story was a bombshell in the national debate over slavery leading up to the Civil War and helped tilt public opinion in favor of abolition.

Alternating between nineteenthcentury Europe and present-day New England, this tale follows British painter J. M. W. Turner—and his scene of artists, intellectuals, and lovers—and Henry, a middle-aged family man whose mundane existence is disrupted by the discovery of The Center of the World, Turner’s controversial painting of Helen of Troy that had been thought lost forever.

(7787) 8 hours • 7 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Biography & Autobiography / Cultural Heritage

(7417) 10 hours • 8 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Alternative History

978-1-4829-1617-1 BSCD0188 $76.00

978-1-4829-1618-8 BSMP0188 $29.95

978-1-4708-8147-4 BSCD0050 $90.00

978-1-4708-8144-3 BSMP0050 $29.95

978-1-4708-8148-1 $64.99


The Books of Mortals, Book 3 by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee • Read by Henry Leyva Book three of the New York Times bestselling Books of Mortals Series Nine years after Rom Sebastian was thrust into the most unlikely of circumstances as hero and bearer of an unimaginable secret, the alliance of his followers is in disarray. An epic battle with The Order has left them scattered and deeply divided, but his meager band must fight for survival as The Order is focused on their total annihilation. As the hand of this evil is raised to strike and destroy them, they must rely on their faith in the abiding power of love to overcome all and lead them to sovereignty. Simultaneous Release 6/18 • Exclusive

With great plot twists, compelling writing, and unanswered questions, this is a must-read for Dekker fans.

—Library Journal on Forbidden

(axja) 12 hours • 11 CDs • 2 MP3 CDs • Fiction / Christian / Fantasy 978-1-4789-5081-3 SLD3378


978-1-4789-5082-0 CMP3378 •



New Releases

all titles unabridged

Until She Comes Home

by Lori Roy • Read by Marguerite Gavin Winner of an Edgar Award for Best First Novel for Bent Road, Lori Roy returns with Until She Comes Home, a tale of spellbinding suspense in which a pair of seemingly unrelated murders crumbles the façade of a changing Detroit neighborhood. In 1958 Detroit, neighbors on Alder Avenue struggle to care for one another in a city rife with conflict. Life erupts when childlike Elizabeth disappears, and the ladies of Alder fear that the recent murder of a black woman may portend Elizabeth’s fate. Only one among them knows the truth. Moody, tension-filled…[A] well-written period piece.

Simultaneous Release 6/13 • Exclusive

—Publishers Weekly (7481) 9½ hours • 8 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Literary 978-1-4708-8173-3 BSCD0064 $90.00 978-1-4708-8174-0 $64.99

Studio Saint-Ex

978-1-4708-8170-2 BSMP0064 $29.95

Crossing Purgatory by Gary Schanbacher Read by William Dufris

A Novel by Ania Szado Read by Cassandra Campbell

Simultaneous Release 6/1 • Exclusive

Simultaneous Release 6/4 • Exclusive

A powerful story of relationships, human frailties, and redemption

A deft, romantic novel about a wartime love triangle.

Set in 1940s New York, between the shock of Pearl Harbor and the landing of American troops in Europe, this is a sleek novel about a wartime love triangle involving a young fashion designer, a French expatriate writer and war pilot named Antoine Saint-Exupéry, and Antoine’s estranged wife.

In spring of 1858 Thompson Grey, a young farmer, travels to his father’s estate seeking funds to expand his holdings. Far overstaying his visit, he returns home to find that his absence has contributed to a devastating family tragedy. Haunted by remorse, Thompson abandons his farm and begins a westward exile in the attempt to outpace his grief.

(7772) 12 hours • 10 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Historical

(axfp) 10 hours • 7 CDs • Fiction / Westerns

978-1-4829-1594-5 BSCD0179 $105.00 978-1-4829-2324-7

978-1-4829-1595-2 BSMP0179 $29.95

978-1-62460-323-5 SLD3280 $64.95


In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods


by Matt Bell • Read by Charlie Thurston

A Novel by Helen FitzGerald Read by Kirsten Potter

Simultaneous Release 6/18 • Exclusive

Simultaneous Release 6/11 • Exclusive

An epic, mythical debut novel from a thoroughly original voice

A darkly engaging new story from Scottish sensation Helen FitzGerald

In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods tells the story of a newly married couple who take up a lonely existence in the title’s mythical location. In this blank and barren plot far from the world they’ve known, they try to conceive, but their every pregnancy fails. This epic debut novel is about marriage, parenthood, and the dreams parents have for their children—as well as what happens to a marriage whose success is measured solely by the children it produces, or else the grief that marks their absence.

When sixteen-year-old Abigail’s mother dies in Scotland— leaving a faded photo, a weirdly cryptic letter, and a one-way ticket to America—she feels nothing. Why should she? Her mother abandoned her as a baby to grow up on an anti-nuclear commune and then in ugly foster homes. But the letter is a surprise in more ways than one: her father is living in California. What’s more, she has an eighteen-year-old sister, Becky. And the two are expecting Abigail to move in with them.

(axh3) 8 hours • 7 CDs • Fiction / Literary

(axg1) 7 hours • 6 CDs • Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure / General

978-1-62460-512-3 SLD3361 $64.95

978-1-62460-514-7 SLD3362 $59.95

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New Releases The Shining Girls


by Lauren Beukes Read by various readers

A Story of Faith, Family, and Life on the Line by Nik Wallenda with David Ritz Read by TBA

Simultaneous Release 6/4 • Exclusive

Simultaneous Release 6/4 • Exclusive

The Time Traveler’s Wife meets The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in this stunning mystery

A tightrope walker finds stable ground thanks to family and faith

In Depression-era Chicago, Harper Curtis finds a key to a house that opens on to other times. But it comes at a cost. He has to kill the shining girls: bright young women, burning with potential. He stalks them through their lives across different eras until, in 1989, one of his victims, Kirby Mazrachi, survives and starts hunting him back.

Nik Wallenda, “King of the High Wire,” doesn’t know fear. As a seventh generation of the legendary Great Wallendas, Nik grew up performing and entertaining, pushing the boundaries of gravity and balance. As a child he watched the 1978 video of his great-grandfather Karl walking between the towers of a high-rise hotel and falling because of a faulty balance pole. He took his great-grandfather’s words—“Life is on the wire, everything else is just waiting”—to heart and vowed to be a hero.

(axl4) 8½ hours • 8 CDs • Fiction / Thrillers

(axey) 6½ hours • 7 CDs • Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs

978-1-4789-5086-8 SLD3381 $64.99

978-1-4789-5097-4 SLD3382 $54.99

978-1-4789-5088-2 PLY3381 $74.99

978-1-4789-5099-8 PLY3382 $64.99

Knowledge and Power


by Ryan Lockwood Read by Tom Taylorson

The Information Theory of Capitalism and How It Is Revolutionizing Our World by George Gilder Read by David Cochran Heath

Simultaneous Release 6/25 • Exclusive

Simultaneous Release 6/10 • Exclusive

One of the twentieth century’s defining economic minds has returned with a new philosophy to carry us into the twenty-first century.

America’s economy is struggling—and now is the time to rededicate our country to the pursuit of free market capitalism. In Knowledge and Power, George Gilder proposes a bold new theory on how capitalism can help propel America’s economy toward future success. (7859) 13 hours • 10 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Political Science / Political Ideologies / Conservatism & Liberalism 978-1-4829-2380-3 BSCD0201 $105.00

978-1-4829-2383-4 BSMP0201 $29.95

In the bestselling tradition of Jaws— from the depths of the sea comes a new kind of terror.

Professional diver Will Sturman has never encountered a killing machine more ferocious than the great white shark or as deadly as the piranha—until now. With the help of a brilliant and beautiful oceanographer, Will races to stop a devastating new predatory species.

(7891) 12 hours • 10 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Thrillers 978-1-4829-2625-5 BSCD0329 $79.95

978-1-4829-2639-2 BSMP0329 $29.95

Evil and the Mask

by Fuminori Nakamura • Read by Kirby Heybourne The follow-up to 2012’s critically acclaimed novel, The Thief The second book by prize-winning Japanese novelist Fuminori Nakamura to be available in English translation, a follow-up to 2012’s critically acclaimed The Thief—another fantastically creepy, electric literary thriller that explores the limits of human depravity ... and the powerful human instinct to resist evil. When Fuminori is eleven years old, his elderly, enigmatic father calls him into his study for a meeting. “I created you to be a cancer on the world,” his father tells him. It is a tradition in their wealthy family: a patriarch, when reaching the end of his life, will beget one last child to dedicate to causing misery in a world that cannot be controlled or saved. Simultaneous Release 6/11 • Exclusive

(axis) 9 hours • 5 CDs • Fiction / Thrillers 978-0-7927-9455-4 SLD2991

$54.95 •


New Releases

all titles unabridged

Wisp of a Thing

The Cleaner of Chartres

by Salley Vickers • Read by TBA

The Tufa Novels, Book 2 by Alex Bledsoe • Read by Stefan Rudnicki

Simultaneous Release 6/27 • Exclusive

Simultaneous Release 6/18 • Exclusive

From the author of Miss Garnet’s Angel comes the story of a woman’s tragic loss and the redemptive power of love and community.

Alex Bledsoe’s The Hum and the Shiver was named one of the best fiction books of 2011 by Kirkus Reviews.

Touched by tragedy, musician Rob Quillen comes to Cloud County, Tennessee, in search of a song to ease his pain. He knows little of the mysterious Tufa, only that they are an enigmatic clan of mountain people whose roots are lost in myth. Rob finds both mystery and music in the mountains as he gets caught up in a power struggle he can’t comprehend.

Agnès Morel arrived in Chartres twenty years ago. Each morning she can be found cleaning the medieval cathedral and doing odd jobs for the townspeople. No one knows where she came from or why—and no one suspects the dark secret she is hiding. When an accidental encounter dredges up a series of tragic incidents from Agnès’ youth, her peaceful life is threatened.

(7386) 10 hours • 8 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary

(7444) 8 hours • 7 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Literary

978-1-4829-1560-0 BSCD0143 $90.00 978-1-4829-2323-0

978-1-4829-1561-7 BSMP0143 $29.95


978-1-4708-8194-8 BSCD0060 $76.00 978-1-4708-8195-5

Echoes of My Soul

978-1-4708-8191-7 BSMP0060 $29.95



by Robert K. Tanenbaum Read by Traber Burns

by Roxana Robinson • Read by Kirby Heyborne Simultaneous Release 6/4 • Exclusive

Simultaneous Release 5/28 • Exclusive

Suspenseful and perceptive, Sparta captures the nuances of the unique estrangement that modern soldiers face as they attempt to rejoin the society they’ve fought for.

A classic in the making from New York Times bestselling author Robert K. Tanenbaum

Echoes of My Soul relates the inside story of how Mel Glass, an assistant district attorney under the legendary DA Frank Hogan, took it upon himself to investigate the Career Girls Murders in Manhattan and another murder in Brooklyn, believing that the accused man, with an IQ of about seventy, had been coerced into confessing murders he did not commit. (axgh) 10 hours • 8 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • True Crime / Murder / General 978-0-7927-9764-7 SLD3138 $69.95

978-1-62460-553-6 CMP3138 $49.95

Conrad Farrell has just returned home after four years as a marine in Iraq, and something is very wrong. He hasn’t been wounded, and he’s never had psychological troubles, but as he attempts to find his footing in the civilian world, he can’t adjust. As time goes on, Conrad’s bitterness festers, and he begins to fear that his rage will have irreparable consequences. (7836) 13 hours • 10 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / General 978-1-4829-2369-8 BSCD0195 $105.00

978-1-4829-2372-8 BSMP0195 $29.95

The Hanging A Thriller

by Lotte and Søren Hammer • Read by Michael Page A stunning crime novel from two authors whose international fame is exploding One morning before school, two children find the naked bodies of five men hanging from the gym ceiling. The case leads detective Konrad Simonsen and his murder squad to the school janitor, who may know more about the killings than he is telling. Soon, Simonsen realizes that each of the five murdered men had a dark and terrible secret in common. Simultaneous Release 6/11 • Exclusive

The best Danish crime fiction in years. —Lars Kepler, author of The Hypnotist (axkf) 12 hours • 11 CDs • Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General 978-1-62460-074-6 SLD3183


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New Releases Death of a Dyer

The Will Rees Series, Book 2 by Eleanor Kuhns • Read by Richard Waterhouse Will Rees investigates a murder in 1790s Maine. Will Rees feels at home. It’s been a long time since he last felt this way—not since before his wife died more than five years ago and he took to the road as a traveling weaver. Now Rees is back on his farm, living with his teenaged son, David, and his housekeeper, Lydia—whose presence contributes more towards his happiness than he’s ready to admit. But his domestic bliss is shattered the morning a visitor brings news of an old friend’s murder. Kuhns creates a marvelously chilly atmosphere throughout this suspense tale about seemingly upright people guarding evil secrets. Rees, the weaver, is a wonderful creation. —Booklist (starred review)

Simultaneous Release 6/18 • Exclusive

(axfv) 12 hours • 9 CDs • Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General 978-1-62460-541-3 SLD3403 $74.95

That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick

The Wall

by Ellin Stein • Read by Jim Meskimen

by Marlen Haushofer • Translated by Shaun Whiteside • Read by Käthe Mazur

Simultaneous Release 6/24 • Exclusive

Simultaneous Release 6/6 • Exclusive

That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick brims with insiders’ stories and offers crucial insight into a raucous transformation in comedy that still echoes today.

This classic dystopian novel is soon to be a major motion picture starring Martina Gedeck.

In 1969 humorists Henry Beard and Doug Kenney presided over a team at National Lampoon that within a decade conquered the mainstream with a brand of subversive humor that provoked, offended, and illuminated. With unparalleled access to the architects and impresarios of this boom, Ellin Stein takes us behind the scenes of that era.

When an ordinary, unnamed middle-aged woman awakens to find she is the last living human being, she surmises her solitude is the result of a military experiment gone awry. Surrounded by an invisible wall that limits her resources, she begins the terrifying work of not only survival but self-renewal.

(7774) 15 hours • 12 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Humor / Form / Essays

(7418) 8 hours • 7 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Literary

978-1-4829-1600-3 BSCD0180 $118.00 978-1-4829-2325-4

978-1-4829-1601-0 BSMP0180 $29.95


978-1-4708-4418-9 BSCD0392 $76.00

978-1-4708-4415-8 BSMP0392 $29.95

978-1-4708-4513-1 $59.99

The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones

The Witches’ Hammer

by Stanley Booth • Read by Nick Sullivan

by Jane Stanton Hitchcock Read by Carrington MacDuffie



“Stanley Booth’s book is the only one I can read and say, ‘Yeah, that’s how it was.’”

A missing tome hides deadly secrets…

—Keith Richards

Stanley Booth met the Rolling Stones just a few months before Brian Jones drowned in 1969 and lived with them throughout their American tour that year. His thrilling account is a detailed history of the band and one of the best books about the sixties. (7109) 18 hours • 14 CDs • 1 MP3 CD• Biography & Autobiography / Composers & Musicians 978-1-4829-1103-9 BSCD0416 $118.00

978-1-4829-1100-8 BSMP0416 $29.95

A respected surgeon and rare-book collector is murdered after showing a book dealer the fifteenthcentury manual of black magic he received from a patient … and now the priceless tome is missing. The victim’s daughter, Beatrice, must track down the malevolent tome to put things right, but the search will lead her into an expanding labyrinth of powerful evils. (7545) 14 hours • 11 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Psychological 978-1-4829-1126-8 BSCD0075 $109.00 978-1-4829-1465-8

978-1-4829-1123-7 BSMP0075 $29.95

$89.99 •


New Releases

all titles unabridged

The Square of Revenge

An Inspector Van In Novel by Pieter Aspe • Read by Steven Crossley An ancient family name hides sinister secrects of love and betrayal. The beautiful medieval architecture of Bruges belies the dark longings of her residents. When the wealthy and powerful Ludovic Degroof ’s jewelry store is broken into, nothing is stolen, but the jewels have been dissolved in jars of aqua regia, an acid so strong it can even melt gold. In the empty safe is a scrap of paper on which a strange square has been drawn... A very likable and very politically incorrect group of detectives. Humor is permanent, the plot is well constructed,and the whole story extremely exotic.

Simultaneous Release 6/1 • Exclusive

—L’Express (France) (axl6) 9½ hours • 7 CDs • Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Historical 978-1-62460-321-1 SLD3279 $64.95

Drop Dead, Gorgeous

Capacity for Murder

by J. D. Mason • Produced by Buck 50 Productions • Read by TBA

The Professor Bradshaw Mysteries, Book 3 by Bernadette Pajer • A Poisoned Pen Press Mystery • Read by Malcolm Hillgartner

Simultaneous Release 6/25 • Exclusive


Desdimona returned to seek revenge in Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. Now her best friend, Lonnie, is out for a little payback of her own.

Jordan Gatewood made a huge mistake when he put his hands on Lonnie Adebayo, Desdimona Green’s best friend, thinking he could get away with it—but he made an even bigger mistake by not making sure she was dead before he left that house. Finding Jordan’s secret half brother is just the beginning of Lonnie’s plot for revenge. (7227) 11 hours • 9 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Urban Life 978-1-4708-3954-3 BSCD0029 $100.00

978-1-4708-3951-2 BSMP0029 $29.95

Professor Bradshaw is again drawn in to a murder with an electric undercurrent, and this one will affect the woman he loves.

In the early 1900s, health resorts are a popular draw, and Healing Sands Sanitarium is famous for its rest cures and electrotherapy. But when someone dies there, Professor Bradshaw is summoned to investigate and finds a clue to foul play. Meanwhile, one among them is a walking dead man, and another possesses the capacity for murder. (7441) 8 hours • 7 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General 978-1-4708-7994-5 BSCD0417 $76.00

978-1-4708-7991-4 BSMP0417 $29.95

978-1-4708-8254-9 $74.99

Bittersweet Love

Bottom Line


Simultaneous Release 6/15 • Exclusive

Love arrives when you least expect it.

As the economy heads toward a major recession and companies struggle to survive, one businessman is tempted to turn to crime.

Belinda Eaton is dedicated to her job as a teacher in one of Philadelphia’s most challenging high schools. Committing to a man, however, is not on her agenda. Then a tragedy brings her closer to gorgeous attorney Griffin Rice, and they must share custody of their twin goddaughters. Can Griffin teach Belinda that they have a loving relationship powerful enough to last?

In a failing economy, two managers of a huge consulting and accounting firm find themselves battling one another to save it. One is the founder and a ruthless CEO, the other an idealistic senior executive. When the CEO resorts to crime and absconds with millions, the younger man hires a private eye to hunt him down.

(7430) 6 hours • 5 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

(7347) 8 hours • 7 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General

by Rochelle Alers • Produced by Buck 50 Productions • Read by TBA

978-1-4829-1114-5 BSCD0054 $55.00 978-1-4829-1466-5 $54.99

978-1-4829-1115-2 BSMP0054 $29.95

A Novel by Marc Davis • Read by Joe Barrett

978-1-4708-8180-1 BSCD0040 $76.00

978-1-4708-8177-1 BSMP0040 $29.95

978-1-4708-8181-8 $59.99

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New Releases The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide

How to Survive, Thrive, and Prosper during Obamageddon by Wayne Allyn Root • Read by Tom Weiner Exclusive

Don’t just survive Obama—learn how to outsmart his big-government socialist system and thrive!

Wayne Allyn Root knows how to turn setbacks into success, and you’re going to need his expertise as you tackle the biggest challenge facing Americans today: Barack Obama’s second term in the White House. Root offers the step-by-step instructions you need to protect yourself and your family from Obama’s biggovernment socialist system.

(7897) 11½ hours • 10 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Political Science / Political Ideologies / Conservatism & Liberalism 978-1-4829-2613-2 BSCD0384 $100.00

978-1-4829-2616-3 BSMP0384 $29.95


by Garry Kilworth • Read by Simon Vance Exclusive

A story of courage, loyalty, friendship, incredible landscapes, and cunning plot twists, Attica has a richness and depth that will delight listeners of all ages.

When Jordy, Alex, and Chloe cross a portal through the trapdoor of their attic, they find a vast continent full of limitless surprises, where the small inhabitants drive vehicles powered by old sewing-machine parts. The three children embark on a spellbinding adventure to recover a prized possession, save a life, and find a way back home. (7294) 10 hours • 8 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Juvenile Fiction / Fantasy & Magic 978-1-4708-8233-4 BSCD0033 $90.00

978-1-4708-8230-3 BSMP0033 $29.95

978-1-4708-8236-5 $64.99

The Flinch Factor

The Flinch Factor is another welcome addition to the wonderful Rachel Gold series, a clever engrossing legal thriller punctuated by sharp humor and many unexpected developments. ­—Scott Turow, #1 New York Times bestselling author

by Michael A. Kahn • A Poisoned Pen Press Mystery • Read by Hillary Huber Simultaneous Release 6/4 • Exclusive

Savvy Saint Louis attorney Rachel Gold is embroiled in a lost cause, a.k.a. the Frankenstein case, when she turns up surprising evidence.

Savvy Saint Louis attorney Rachel Gold is embroiled in a lost-cause lawsuit for clients fighting a land developer when she turns up surprising evidence in the suspicious death of handsome Nick Moran. As Rachel discovers facts suggesting Nick’s death was staged, things rapidly grow darker in what increasingly becomes a real Frankenstein of a case. (7483) 8 hours • 7 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Mystery & Detective / General 978-1-4708-8201-3 BSCD0066 $76.00

The Shark’s Paintbrush

Biomimicry and How Nature Is Inspiring Innovation by Jay Harman • Read by Steven Crossley Simultaneous Release 6/25 • Exclusive

Award-winning inventor and biomimetic entrepreneur Jay Harman takes listeners inside the growing movement of biomimicry.

978-1-4708-8198-6 BSMP0066 $29.95

At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft Read by Edward Herrmann

A master of terror and nightmarish visions, H. P. Lovecraft solidified his place at the top of the horror genre with this macabre supernatural tale.

In a world of depleted natural resources, entrepreneurs and scientists are turning to nature to inspire future products that are more energy and cost efficient. Jay Harman introduces us to the pioneering engineers at the core of biomimicry as they seek sustainable solutions.

When a geologist leads an expedition to the Antarctic plateau, his aim is to find rock and plant specimens from deep within the continent. In the ruins of a lost civilization, they find strange fossils of creatures unknown to man. But it is their discovery of the terrifying city of the Old Ones that leads them to an encounter with an untold menace.

(7864) 10 hours • 8 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Science / Environmental Science

(7905) 4 hours • 4 CDs • 1 MP3 CD • Fiction / Horror

978-1-4829-2392-6 BSCD0202 $90.00

978-1-4829-2394-0 BSMP0202 $29.95

978-1-4829-2630-9 BSCD0326 $49.95

978-1-4829-2631-6 BSMP0326 $29.95 •


Newly Added from Paradise Music & Media Animal Healing Workshop

by Holly Davis • Read by Holly Davis

(7515) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Healing 978-1-4708-8402-4 BSCD0393 $20.00 978-1-4708-8405-5 BSMP0393 $19.95

Chronicles of Magick: Moon Magick

by Cassandra Eason • Read by Cassandra Eason

(7516) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Magick Studies 978-1-4708-8408-6 BSCD0394 $20.00 978-1-4708-8411-6 BSMP0394 $19.95

Chronicles of Magick: Prosperity Magick

Ghosthunting Workshop

by Jacky Newcomb and Barrie John Read by Jacky Newcomb and Barrie John

(7521) ½ hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Supernatural 978-1-4708-8438-3 BSCD0399 $20.00 978-1-4708-8441-3 BSMP0399 $19.95

Guided Meditations for Pregnancy & Birth

by Michelle Roberton-Jones • Read by Michelle Roberton-Jones (7522) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Self-Help / Meditations 978-1-4708-8444-4 BSCD0400 $20.00 978-1-4708-8447-5 BSMP0400 $19.95

Healing with Your Guardian Angel

by Jacky Newcomb • Read by Jacky Newcomb

by Cassandra Eason • Read by Cassandra Eason

(7523) ½ hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Angels & Spirit Guides 978-1-4708-8450-5 BSMP0401 $20.00 978-1-4708-8453-6 BSCD0401 $19.95

Chronicles of Magick: Workplace Magick

Magick Workshop

(7517) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Magick Studies 978-1-4708-8414-7 BSCD0395 $20.00 978-1-4708-8417-8 BSMP0395 $19.95

by Cassandra Eason • Read by Cassandra Eason

by Cassandra Eason • Read by Cassandra Eason

(7524) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Magick Studies 978-1-4708-8456-7 BSCD0402 $20.00 978-1-4708-8459-8 BSMP0402 $19.95

Drum Workshop

Meditation Workshop

(7519) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Music / Instruction & Study / Exercises 978-1-4708-8426-0 BSCD0397 $20.00 978-1-4708-8429-1 BSMP0397 $19.95

(7525) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Meditation 978-1-4708-8462-8 BSCD0403 $20.00 978-1-4708-8465-9 BSMP0403 $19.95

(7518) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Magick Studies 978-1-4708-8420-8 BSCD0396 $20.00 978-1-4708-8423-9 BSMP0396 $19.95

by Chris Puleston • Read by Chris Puleston

by Philip Permutt • Read by Philip Permutt

Faerie Workshop

Teen Witch Workshop

(7520) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Angels & Spirit Guides 978-1-4708-8432-1 BSCD0398 $20.00 978-1-4708-8435-2 BSMP0398 $19.95

(7526) 1½ hours • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Witchcraft & Wicca 978-1-4708-8468-0 BSCD0404 $20.00 978-1-4708-8471-0 BSMP0404 $19.95

by Alicen Geddes-Ward • Read by Alicen Geddes-Ward

by Alicen Geddes-Ward • Read by Alicen Geddes-Ward

The Little Crystal Meditation Album

Yoga Workshop

by Philip Permutt • Read by Philip Permutt

by Trish Munro • Read by Trish Munro

(7527) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Crystals 978-1-4708-8474-1 BSCD0405 $20.00 978-1-4708-8477-2 BSMP0405 $19.95

(7528) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Health & Fitness / Yoga 978-1-4708-8480-2 BSCD0406 $20.00 978-1-4708-8483-3 BSMP0406 $19.95

Shaman Workshop

Angel Guided Meditations for Children

(7529) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Spirituality / Shamanism 978-1-4708-8486-4 BSCD0407 $20.00 978-1-4708-8489-5 BSMP0407 $19.95

(7738) ½ hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Meditation 978-1-4829-1413-9 BSCD0159 $20.00 978-1-4829-1416-0 BSMP0159 $19.95

by Lynne Sibley • Read by Lynne Sibley

Great Spirit Told Me

by Michael Looking Coyote • Read by Michael Looking Coyote (7737) 1 hour • 1 CD • 1 MP3 CD • Body, Mind & Spirit / Spirituality 978-1-4829-1408-5 BSCD0158 $20.00 978-1-4829-1411-5 BSMP0158 $19.95

by Michelle Roberton-Jones • Read by Michelle Roberton-Jones

Experience one of television’s greatest science fiction series: The Twilight Zone. This collection of episodes is fully dramatized for audio and features a full cast, music, sound effects, and narration by some of today’s biggest celebrities.


by various authors Starring Stacy Keach, featuring Lou Diamond Phillips, Jane Seymour, Chris McDonald, and others (8188) 4 hours 4 CDs 978-1-4829-3682-7 BSCD0425 $49.95 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-3684-1 BSMP0425 $19.95


by various authors Starring Stacy Keach, featuring Kim Fields, Mike Starr, Chris McDonald, and others (8189) 4 hours 4 CDs 978-1-4829-3688-9 BSCD0426 $49.95 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-3690-2 BSMP0426 $19.95


by various authors Starring Stacy Keach, featuring Jim Caviezel, Adam Baldwin, Adam West, Jason Alexander, and others (8190) 4 hours 4 CDs 978-1-4829-3694-0 BSCD0427 $49.95 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-3696-8 BSMP0427 $19.95


by various authors Starring Stacy Keach, featuring Jim Caviezel, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lou Gosseett, Jr., and others (8191) 4 hours 4 CDs 978-1-4829-3700-8 BSCD0428 $49.95 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-3702-2 BSMP0428 $19.95


by various authors Starring Stacy Keach, featuring Mike Starr, Tim Kazurinsky, and others (8192) 4 hours 4 CDs 978-1-4829-3706-0 BSCD0429 $49.95 1 MP3 CD 978-1-4829-3708-4 BSMP0429 $19.95 FICTION / SCIENCE FICTION / GENERAL • EXCLUSIVE

Permit #110




The Will Trent Series, Book 8 by Karin Slaughter Read by TBA

New York Times bestselling author Karin Slaughter delivers another explosive Will Trent thriller

Second Honeymoon

by James Patterson Read by Jay Snyder and Ellen Archer

A killer targets lovers in Patterson’s latest blockbuser

Ava Gardner

The Secret Conversations

AudioGO Monthly, June 2013


Get ready for the most revealing Hollywood autobiography in decades.

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by Peter Evans and Ava Gardner Read by TBA

June 2013 Monthly  

June 2013 Monthly