Medea's Visions archives. Part 2

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Medea’s Visions archives/2

Archive 4 Teatro Bellini Napoli 14, 15 january / janvier / gennaio 2020 8.00 pm Teatro Bellini Napoli Un lavoro multidisciplinare dal mito di Medea/Eva con la direzione artistica e la regia di Alessia Siniscalchi. Opere di Valerio Berruti, musiche live di Phil St. George, opere fotografiche di Giovanni Ambrosio, un testo di Paulina Mikol, light design di Benjamin Sillon. Mise en scène/Director Alessia Siniscalchi Art work/painting Valerio Berruti Live and original music Phil St. George Live photography and scene photography Giovanni Ambrosio (some photos by Luca Florino) Live projections/light design Benjamin Sillon Videos Piero Vivenzio Objects, body Ania Martchenko Original text/écriture Paulina Mikol Spiechowicz With a free adaptation by/adaptation libre de Alessia Siniscalchi inspired by George Bernand Shaw, Dario Fo, Franca Rame, Euripide, Grillpartzer With/avec/con Félicie Baille, Alessandra Guazzini, Fanny Guidecoq, Francesco Calabrese, Alessia Siniscalchi, Zelia Pelacani Catalano, Chiara Gistri Voice Vincent Callot Siniscalchi, Katarina Lanier Mouvements/movements/movimenti Ivana Messina, Alessia Siniscalchi Supported by/Soutiens de La Ménagerie de Verre StudioLab, Snaporaz Verein/Federica Maria Bianchi, Kulturscio’ k Italia/Francia, Kulturfactory International Residencies, SPEDIDAM, ArtGarage, Tagina Ceramiche d’Arte, FSG Partners, Black Spring Graphics Studio.

How do I archive a performance which is not mine. How do they perform an archive. It’s heavy, undisclosed, fragile and partial. Archive/installation/sculpture/ performance with

pictures coming from the documentation of Medea’s Visions creation, a performance by Alessia Siniscalchi and Kulturscio’k live art collective. The archive is engraved in blocks of printed papers/

photographs bound with a plastic ribbon coming from an on-line low cost printer. The ribbon is fragile and cans be easily broken. Blocks have different sizes and weights.

Eroding the archive Weighing its. compactness Crumbling and corrupting Interrogating Activating Jouer / dÊjouer To perform Inside out Stacks blocks How to How do I How do they The archive is everything and nothing The archive is accessible and inaccessible The archive dissolves or compact itself again It expands The archive is space. To archive is the beginning. How many pictures. How do I store. What’s the meaning. How do I a archive a performance which is not mine.  Archive is all. Archive is nothing.