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// Great creative in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay. Nothing woolly about that!

baa! Autumn 08

was all about sports branding at Black Sheep

‘October, the trees are stripped bare, of all they wear, what do I care?’ Taken from ‘October’ by U2 Photo: Windsor Esplande, Cardiff Bay 21.10.08 © Neil Asher

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// Great creative in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay. Nothing woolly about that!

Autumn 08

we’re In November 1998, we set up shop with one goal in mind, ‘how about being the best?’

Since that day, we’ve built a reputation for great creative work and a client service that’s second to none, whilst doing work we love and believe in. Providing strategic and creative thinking across all media, whilst building strong and consistent brands for clients in the public and private sectors from our pen in Cardiff Bay. It’s been a roller coaster ride, one which we’re not getting off!

98 08

10 years later and that goal is still in mind.

Our five point mantra for the last 10 years. 1. Doing ‘ok!’ isn’t good enough 2. Get great results for our clients 3. Learn and improve, so that we get better 4. Make a living, doing what we love 5. We’re in business for the long term

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was all about sports branding at Black Sheep

‘October, the trees are stripped bare, of all they wear, what do I care?’ Taken from ‘October’ by U2 Photo: Windsor Esplande, Cardiff Bay 21.10.08 © Neil Asher

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// Great creative in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay. Nothing woolly about that!

Autumn 08

finishing 1st In February 2008, Black Sheep were

its weight in its contributions to

invited to tender on the rebrand /

British teams. One that offers

relaunch of Welsh Athletics Ltd.

first-class athletics venues across

before they relocated to their new

the country, providing a premier

home at Cardiff International Sports

athletics environment with back-

Stadium, the new home of Athletics

up services including top coaching

in Wales.

and sports science to hand. An organisation with a real sense of

Recognised by the Sports Council

heritage and national pride.

for Wales, the Commonwealth Games Council for Wales and

In getting to the final solution,

UK:Athletics as the National

we held focus groups to canvas

Governing Body for athletics in

opinion and made numerous micro

Wales, Welsh Athletics has over

adjustments to the concept. The

5,000 registered athletes at 70+

finished concept received a glowing

registered clubs in Wales.

endorsement from the board and was officially unveiled at their

We set about creating a brand

annual Awards Dinner and ‘Hall

that projected Welsh Athletics

of Fame’ held at the Vale Resort,

as a modern, forward-looking

Hensol in September 2008.

organisation, clear in its vision and underpinned by core values: To be professional, well-organised

‘It’s an identity that builds on past

and build on past success to shape

success to shape a new future for

a new future for athletics in Wales.

athletics in Wales, with a real sense

Where opportunities exist for all

of heritage and national pride.’

ages and all abilities to get involved.

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A country with a wealth of elite

Matt Newman-CEO,

talent that regularly punches above

Welsh Athletics Ltd.

4/12/08 15:28:09

We created a comprehensive set of guidelines to help maintain a strong and consistent brand. 4

The key to successful communication


Only by carefully following these guidelines can we ensure that our communications are distinctive, instantly recognisable, consistent and memorable.

Our logotype

12 Placement of logotype on printed material

Our logotype is the single most important element of our visual identity. It represents our name and what we stand for.


The logotype should always be placed on the right of printed materials. It can be placed at the top or the bottom as appropriate.

Our brand identity consists of several integral elements:

Get Set

Our logotype Our typefaces Our colour palette Our photographic style

The primary mark (shown here) is the preferred logotype. It is always bilingual and consists of two elements; the modern three feathers and the typography.

The way these elements are applied and their relationship to each other are critical in building the new Welsh Athletics brand.

Which file format? .eps Illustrator eps is a vector file format and as such is infinitely scaleable without loss of quality. Eps should be used wherever possible and should always be supplied to designers and printers.

10 Logo use with colour


.tif Tif is a pixel based file format so will suffer loss of quality if it is enlarged. It should be used at the size it is supplied or smaller. This file format is useful for PC users.

.jpg Jpeg is also pixel based but is designed to use on screen. Use on PCs for powerpoint presentations and websites. Jpeg should not be used for printed materials.

Logo use with imagery

20 Internally produced documents


A number of templates have been provided. The principles shown here should be applied every time a document is produced.

Tint matrix Legibility is paramount when deciding which version of the logotype to use. An example is given in the tint matrix below.

Imagery When the logotype is placed over a photograph, the typography must be clearly legible. Changing the positioning of the image may be necessary.

For use when the Welsh Athletics address needs to be included.

    .!&##*0".*0&+*(,+.0/0!&1) " '3&0%+!.!&## 

3333"(/%0%("0& /+.$ +#7 "3"(/%0%("0& /+.$   

Use the primary mark on paler images.

Use the red feathers/white type version on darker images where the colour contrasts sufficiently with the red to maintain legibility. This version should be selected in preference to the all white mark.

Use the all white mark on darker images where contrast is not sufficient to support the red/white mark.


False start!




   ((+!5 +,5/%+1(!"&*(&$%0+.."$1(.,03&0% ,0("!&*$+,5/%+1(!(35/ "("#0(&$*"!"2"+*" (".(&*""03""*,.$.,%/.0%".0%*1/&*$,.$.,% &*!"*0/+*$(&*"("*$0%//%+1(!"2+&!"!0+)&*0&*."!&(&05

Document content should never extend below the 15mm margin at the bottom of each page *+*1((10")&*10,01))5*+*100&+*2+(1,002+("//" 0")!+(+."# &,&/!&$*1$&0 (*!.""4".&,".&(&0/&/!1&/!+(++.&(&/!++!&03&/"0 +*1((+.")+!00

"("/0+!1&,"4"(&/&/"("*&%"1$&01")+!+(1)&*$".&0*+/0+!+(+.""0 +.") !+(1)/*!." +.01)!+ +."!+ +.".&,&/"1$&0&*%"*&)*1)003&/". &*10 (1,00!+(+./"-1&000&1." +))5*&/*1((*2+(1)"1$&0")!+(+.0&+"1)!+("/0+"1 #"1)/*10")66.&1/ &"/0.1!"4"0*1((#"1$&)2"(&/("//&)2"(&/1$&)2"(&1.")&* 1((10" +))5*1((*2".0() +*/"-1&/&0(1,00"4"1$1""*&/&/*&)2"(1(,100    

2008 Sponsorship Brochure



+.")2"(&*$"1$1".&1."#"1#"1$1".++!"01$&0(# 1)!)$* +))5   

For use when a partner logo needs to be included



!# ! ""  $" "!!   




#"""!   "  # "" # $ !   

   ((+!5 +,5/%+1(!"&*(&$%0+.."$1(.,03&0% ,0("!&*$+,5/%+1(!(35/ "("#0(&$*"!"2"+*" (".(&*""03""*,.$.,%/.0%".0%*1/&*$,.$.,% &*!"*0/+*$(&*"("*$0%//%+1(!"2+&!"!0+)&*0&*."!&(&05


2007-08 Annual Report

Competition review p7

Roll of Honour p20

Hall of Fame p21

Realising our potential

6082 WA AR 07-08 AW2.indd 1

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   ((+!5 +,5/%+1(!"&*(&$%0+.."$1(.,03&0% ,0("!&*$+,5/%+1(!(35/ "("#0(&$*"!"2"+*" (".(&*""03""*,.$.,%/.0%".0%*1/&*$,.$.,% &*!"*0/+*$(&*"("*$0%//%+1(!"2+&!"!0+)&*0&*."!&(&05

Road Running p9

Realise your potential


#"""!   "  # "" # $ !   

#"""!   "  # "" # $ !

Placing the logotype over areas of high contrast or heavy pattern should be avoided. Winner!

For use when only the WA logo is required leaving maximum space for content: Document template_WA logo only.docx


+.")2"(&*$"1$1".&1."#"1#"1$1".++!"01$&0(# 1)!)$* +))5 *&//" 0")2"*0&*&%"("*&)2"("/0.1!0&/01".+/0+ +.0&/"*!&)"01))5*+*"1) !&$*&/&)!+(+./1)/*%"*&0!0"#"1$&)21(( +*"0(&0(#"1)/*%"*!.""4".+/0&" "1$&0!+(+."". &*%"*&)&,&0(++.,"."(&/(10(1)2"(&-1&,/1)1$&)"0)*&/ Red/white mark This version of the logotype should be used in preference to the all white mark but only where the background colour contrasts sufficiently with the red.

This document leaves space for a partner logo: Document template_WA logo and partner.docx

For use when an address is necessary: Document template_CISS address.docx Document template_NIAC address.docx

For use when only the Welsh Athletics logo is required



Word templates (provided on CD) A number of templates have been created:

2007—08 Welsh Athletics Annual Report

10/10/08 11:01:11

28/11/08 10:06:57


// Great creative in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay. Nothing woolly about that!

Autumn 08

Cardiff International Sports Stadium

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Cardiff Council’s, International Sports Stadium opened its doors in October with a brand created by Black Sheep. An on-going project which includes a master brand, with a vibrant sub-brand colour palette, identifying the many activities on offer at the stadium, as well as a supporting visual identity for marketing materials, including banners and event leaflets.



Cross Country



General Info



Mini Football The home of


Cross Country Training

Football Fitness Classes Hospitality Activity Zones

Relaxing Rugby

Fitness Training Lacrosse Hockey Physio Artificial Training Pitch

Sunday mornings 9-11am £2.50 per session Join in the fun!

Open Daily 7am-10pm visit: for more info


Championships 14-15 June 2008 Entry by Programme £5 Join in the fun!

Now open! 10x20ft Poster.indd 1

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// Great creative in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay. Nothing woolly about that!

Autumn 08


For the second year running, Black Sheep have produced the Sports Council for Wales’ Annual Report and Accounts and Good Practice document.

Sports Council for Wales Annual Report and Accounts 06/07

As the Sports Council exists to promote sport and physical activity as part of everyday life, we wanted to produce a concept that conveyed that ethos. We came up with a graphical representation of time. 1 year, 12 months and 365 days of sport in Wales, since the last report was published. A second document highlights the momentum achieved in the last year, with case studies of individuals and organisations, from elite athletes to lunchtime walking clubs.

5304 SCW AR0607_annual AW.indd i

17/10/07 16:27:19

We are All Stars

‘Black Sheep have consistently produced creatively challenging concepts that convey our message effectively.’ Adam Fairbank Senior Marketing Officer Sports Council for Wales

5304 SCW AR0607_allstars AW.indd1 1

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17/10/07 15:53:36

28/11/08 10:07:07

one year/ 12 months/ 365 days/ of sport in wales

sports Council for wales annual report and accounts 07/08

sports council wales cyngor chwaraeon cymru

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// Great creative in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay. Nothing woolly about that!

Autumn 08 Our latest identity was for Culture, Leisure and Parks Service, a division of Cardiff Council. It’s aim is to promote the benefits of a more active population in Cardiff. Watch out for it around the city in the coming months.

lets get active!

Logo use with Imagery


BrandMake Variants. it legible. When Brand the logotype is placed a The Master logotype shouldover be used at photograph, the typography must be clearly all times where possible as it represents our Changing thefor positioning of the image name legible. and what we stand in it’s purest form. maybe necessary. However, there will be times when it cannot be reproduced in it purest form. Monotone, Positive and Negative versions have been created for use when only one colour is available, i.e. News Print or when colour is beyond your control.

Use the master logotype on paler images.

Use the master logotype on darker images where the colour contrasts sufficiently with the logotype to maintain legibility. This version should be selected in preference to all other monotype marks if appropriate.

Use the black and white logotype on images where contrast is not sufficient to support the colours of the main logotype.

Placing the logotype over areas of high contrast or heavy pattern should be avoided.


Use of Logotype Use of Logotype in literature in literature materialsmaterials

The brandingThe should branding carry through should carry into leaflets, throughbooklets into leaflets, and booklets and information packs. information packs.

The placement The of placement the Active Cardiff of the Active logotype Cardiff and logotype its relationship and itswith relationship with the Cardiff Council the Cardiff is something Council for is something creative tofor consider. creative to consider.

Literature Literature materials materials should should looklook freshfresh and and use use clearclear communication. communication. ThisThis approach approach supports supports the Active the Active Cardiff Cardiff brand. brand.

swim swim

Left: Swimming Left: activity Swimming pro- activity programme 2009gramme for Fairwater 2009 for Fairwater Leisure Centre. Leisure Centre. There are 4 key There elements are 4 key toelements to consider in the consider creation in the of acreation of a cover for a piece coverof for literature: a piece of literature: 1. A clear heading 1. A clear at theheading top of at the top of the piece thatthe communicates piece that communicates the the contents of the contents item and of visually the item and visually draws in and draws engages in and the viewer. engages the viewer.


These two colours Theseare twotaken colours fromare taken from the main Active theCardiff main Active logotype. Cardiff logotype. These coloursThese can be colours used for can be used for titles, headlines titles, andheadlines blocks ofand blocks of colour. They are colour. fresh, They engaging are fresh, engaging and support the andbrand. support the brand.

Left: Cover ofLeft: a leaflet Cover with of a leaflet with information about information local football about in local football in the community. the community.

football football

The Active Cardiff The Active logo should Cardiff logo should be placed in the be placed bottominleft the bottom left hand corner. The handCardiff corner. Council The Cardiff Council logo should then logoplaced shouldon then theplaced on the opposite sideopposite in the bottom side in the bottom right hand corner. right Ifhand this is corner. If this is not appropriate notthen appropriate the two then the two logotypes canlogotypes switch places. can switch places.

2. Colours used 2. Colours from theused Active from the Active Cardiff colourCardiff palette.colour palette.

fairwater fairwater leisure leisure centre centre

3. Use a clean3.typographic Use a cleanstyle. typographic style.

football football in your in your community community

4. a ‘hero’ image 4. a that ‘hero’ inspires image that inspires people to want people to doto the want same. to do the same.

activity activity programme programme 09 09



development development programme programme 09 09

The Active Cardiff The Active and Cardiff Cardiff and Cardiff Council logotypes Council should logotypes not beshould not be placed directlyplaced next todirectly each other. next to each other. The Active Cardiff The Active logotype Cardiff is atlogotype is at its best whenits placed best when on a white placed on a white background, background, as seen left. as seen left.

- Use a different - Use typeface a different that typeface will that will confuse and de-value confuse and the Active de-value the Active Cardiff brand.Cardiff brand. - Use a colour- that Use does a colour notthat does not feature in the feature colour palette. in the colour palette. - Use a montage - Use ofaimages. montage of images. One image is One always image a stronger is always a stronger composition, composition, whereas a montage whereas a montage looks visually looks confused. visually confused.

++++ ++++ leisurecardi leisurecardi

Use CMYK values Use CMYK for printing values when for printing pantonewhen numbers pantone cannot numbers cannotMatching colours Matching across colours different across media different isImages not an media exact isImages science not an exact so a science so a N.B. have N.B. been supplied have courtesy been supplied courtesy ®consistency. ®consistency. be specified. be RGB specified. values should RGB values be used should for TV beand used broadcast for TV and broadcast visual check should visual check be always should bebe made always to ensure be made toareensure of Getty Images ofand Getty Images used for and are used for applications. Html applications. is for website Html isand fornew website media anduse. new media use. illustrative purposes illustrative only. purposes only.

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y, ay d h t r i b a d h t h t 0 r 1 r0th bi u1 o ’s uou t i o y s r A u o ’s y It lebratingr,abtey bgyivgiinvg g in b e e c l e ’reewant to c next 10 job*s* e w w d r next 10 jobs n u a o r 10% offff y you 10% o

*No funny business or small print! Just get up to 10 jobs finished and invoiced by the end of November 2009.

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// Great creative in the bleating heart of Cardiff Bay. Nothing woolly about that!

Autumn 08

Get in touch! We’d love to know what you think of baa!

bye for now! We try our best to adopt environmentally friendly solutions for ourselves and our clients, without banging on about it too much! Let us know if you want to do it too and we’ll advise you of the options! One last thing! We know that you’ll love and cherish this piece of print so much you’ll want to keep it forever. However, if you run out of space and are thinking of putting it in the bin, please, please, please try and recycle it. You could even wrap your chips in it!

Printed on revive 100 Uncoated, a recycled grade, containing 100% post consumer waste and manufactured at a mill accredited with ISO 14001 environmental management standard. The pulp used in this product is bleached using an Elemental Chlorine Free process (ECF).

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