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With its breath-taking views, the opportunities are endless for outdoor enthusiasts in Langford. But two spots that often go unnoticed by visitors are the Goldstream Trestle Bridge and little Niagara Falls.

While not quite as splendid, there is also Goldstream Falls, a smaller waterfall located in the southwest corner of the park near the campground.

Located in the heart of Goldstream Provincial Park, Niagara Falls and the trestle are often missed as residents and visitors flock to the north side of the park for salmon spawning, hiking and the nature house.

Once you’ve snapped enough shots of Niagara Falls, head up the trail to the Goldstream Trestle Bridge. Don’t worry, the steep climb is well worth the view at the top. Nestled in the tree tops overlooking the park, this hike is not for the faint of heart, or anyone afraid of heights.

But hidden just off the highway on the south side, a short walk from the parking lot, is little Niagara Falls, a 47.5-metre-high waterfall that is particularly spectacular during the spring and fall months.

While this railway line was not active at the time of publishing, maintenance crews do travel on the tracks and visitors are asked to use extreme caution while on the bridge as it may be slippery.

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Special Features - 2019 Langford Guide