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Referendum needed on bridge

It has been a long time since I wrote a letter to the editor but I cannot sit back and watch the City of Trail proceed with a “walking bridge” without going to their citizens with a referendum one more time. Council has, on one occasion, approached the people who voted down a regular traffic bridge. Yet, council went to referendum a number of times over our library when each of those referendums indicated that the citizens of Trail were fully supportive of a new library. I believe council should now approach the people for their opinion on what type of bridge they want to have. There seems to be three options: • demolition of the old bridge and construction of a pedestrian footbridge and sewer

line • maintaining the old bridge as for pedestrian use only • renovating the old bridge for both pedestrian and vehicle use (perhaps restricted to light traffic or emergency only traffic. Is the old bridge really a total write off and in no way fixable? There are some very old bridges that still being used safely today. Have the expert engineers said that this bridge cannot be fixed and is totally unusable? With all the industrial-based companies on the west side of the Columbia River (Castlegar to Trail) and the regional hospital on the east side, at a minimum we should be ensuring that there is an alternate crossing for emergency vehicles. Is

it really too unlikely that the Victoria St Bridge to become impassable at a time when people might need it the most? What is the detailed logic behind the argument that the old bridge absolutely cannot be used again opened to traffic (even if it is restricted to light or emergency only vehicles). What would the cost to the taxpayers be to have this bridge reopened? Would this option truly be over the $20 million mentioned in Mr. Gabana’s letter to the editor on April 22? I and many other that I have spoken to, would like this bridge dilemma to go to referendum indicating the three above options before any decisions are made. Lynn Gould, Trail


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Poll citizens on amalgamation For the last 15 years or more our area councils have been hinting about amalgamation of the communities in the south Columbia area. We have all heard of disputes between mayors and councilors over boundary expansion, tax portions, and lately recreation and culture. I believe now is the time

to be an end to this bickering and to allow all of our leaders to get back running more pressing matters, so I would suggest that all councils pass motions to call for a public vote on amalgamation along with November elections. Just a simple question, are you in favour or are you against.

Let the people let everyone know what they want. Passing these motions now would allow time for those interested to have their say by letter or public forum. Lets make a decision and get on with life. Cal Hockley, Trail

Accessibility a growing problem in Trail When the city of Trail removed last year the handicapped space in front of the arena they said they would be fixing this in the spring. Their fix was the parking spot at the bottom of the hill. This was their solution. I guess they believed this made everything better. Well, they sure did that! They should try wheeling someone up from the bottom of the ramp. They would find out it is not so easy, especially if you are on the hefty side. Perhaps they are planning on buying electric wheelchairs for everyone who wants to go into the memorial centre since Trail has so much money. I can remember when the city modified streets to make Trail more accessible for peo-

ple with disabilities. Now Trail seems to be turning their backs on those who are dealing with handicaps and who don’t have a large budget for buying books. The library was always there for all to use. If they can access it, I don’t understand the logic when our population is aging to make a public building like the Trail Memorial Centre harder to use for people dealing with physical limitations. Unless this is part of their rebranding of Trail. After all, judging by the actions of the current council, Trail is rolling in money to spend on what they want. Look at the proposed walking bridge. About this bridge – If anyone walks over it they are apt to break their neck on Riverside sidewalk as it is a disgrace. They

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continue to rip up our street corners to put in more flower beds. Seems this is all they can think about is their grand schemes while basic maintenance on roads and sidewalks is ignored. Their focus is on this expensive footbridge. We could put in a skateboard park with a portion of the money the council is planning on spending without taxpayers approval on this bridge. The kids waiting for a skateboard park will be all grown up with kids of their own and Trail still won’t have a skateboard park. And anyone in a wheelchair will be looking at the Trail Memorial Centre remembering when it was accessible by all. Gladys Sedgewick Trail

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Trail Daily Times, May 07, 2014  
Trail Daily Times, May 07, 2014  

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