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Thursday, May 1, 2014

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A mayor we can respect


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EDITOR Paula Carlson

ianne Watts is citizens appreciate. There that rarest of are few Surrey jokes today. politicians – She has been a good someone who spokesman for Surrey in actually does what she said the regional arena, where she would do. many of the key decisions What makes her parare made, such as those ticularly unique is that involving transportation. the promise she made She has consistently stated came nine years ago. She Surrey’s case. said then that she had no She has also had good plans to serve more than relationships with federal three terms. She fulfilled and provincial politicians that pledge on Saturday, of all political stripes. announcing at the open There are two areas house for the new city hall where Surrey is falling that she would not seek behind, in the view of another term as mayor. many residents, as a poll I remember discussing released Monday indicates. that specific Surrey point with her, residents early in her first are not term. But like happy with many other peothe growing ple, that specific transpledge slipped portation my mind. challenges, Having dealt such as the with hundreds tolls on of politicians in two bridges Frank Bucholtz (and none more than 35 years of writing on othabout municipal ers), lack politics, I’ve become used of commitment to rapid to them doing 180s. It’s transit expansion, lack of almost part of the DNA new bus routes, unfulfilled of a successful politician. promises on bus routes But Watts is different, and over the Port Mann Bridge that is one of the things and others. that has endeared her to The other area has pera large number of Surrey haps been Watts’ Achilles residents, voters and nonheel. That is a deep and voters alike. widespread concern about Watts will leave office crime and policing. with an impressive While Surrey RCMP are resume. She had, for the generally  respected, the most part, united council actual number of police and had it working as a officers on the street is low team. This is a rare, if not compared to other big citunique, occurrence in ies, and high-crime areas Surrey. Coun. Barinder are of particular concern Rasode’s bolting of the to many residents. Surrey Surrey First team several needs a substantial boost weeks ago shows just how in the visibility of police difficult it is to hold fracofficers.   tious politicians together. Adding substantially Watts led the drive for to policing budgets won’t the new city hall and for come cheap, and will intense redevelopment of mean a big boost in taxes Whalley, to turn it into – something council has Surrey city centre. This been reluctant to do. Howprocess is well underway, ever, no community can although much remains to grow the way Surrey has be done. without proper attention She also led council into to policing. agreeing to more intense Watts has been a good development of parks and leader for Surrey. Her sucrecreation facilities than cessor will have immediate before. She initiated pride challenges, and they won’t in Surrey, something that be easy to deal with.

Surrey North Delta Leader, May 01, 2014  
Surrey North Delta Leader, May 01, 2014  

May 01, 2014 edition of the Surrey North Delta Leader