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Following in the footsteps of Hemingway

t still feels like visiting these clubs, summer here in training with them the Cariboo, until and letting you know the sun goes down what it's like to walk at least. After that into a gym with the you can feel winter body of playdough, Jonas Gagnon creeping up. full of people with Winter Weight For some this means the bodies of Greek skiing, skating and gods and goddesses hockey. and join in on the fun. For others it means hiding Hopefully, at the end of it all, indoors with hot chocolate you'll have had a peek inside and getting up to their winter each one and a better idea of weight, which they'll resolve which club suits you. to get rid of once the new year The Two Rivers Boxing club rolls around. is starting up again this month But just because you hate the and that's where we'll be cold doesn't mean you have to starting. hide. Approaching the club from There are a bevy of clubs in the outside can be a lesson in town that will help you stay intimidation. active through the winter Not only does the building months so you can hit spring at itself seem a bit intimidating, full speed. but movies have long put a tooOver the course of the last tough, bad rap on boxing clubs. few months of the year, I'll be Images of tattoo-covered,

gimlet-eyed tough guys dance through my head when I think of boxing clubs. To get into the Two Rivers boxing club you have to know it’s there, like a speak easy. The side door of the Quesnel Tillicum Society is left slightly ajar Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 6 – 7:30 p.m. Pop the door open and inside you'll see a group of men and women in workout wear sparring or throwing around a medicine ball and just sweating in general. Though it feels intimidating, members, both competitive and non-competitive, found the club welcoming the moment they crossed the threshold. “We have a great community here,” Kyle Tessier, one of the club’s competitive boxers, said.

The club hopes to change the intimidation factor by moving to West Park Mall, where the old Easy Homes was, but for now it remains a mystery until you step inside and starting talking to the people, which is where you'll find the club’s heart. What you'll find at that heart is more diverse than you might think, with boxers there getting ready for their next bout training beside people just in for an intense workout. And it is intense. Emmalena Hermanson, a casual member of the club, remembers her first go in the club. "The first week there were a lot of things I couldn't do, but I got in shape fast," she said. Matt Tessier, the club's head coach, said that while the workouts can be intense he makes sure to start out slowly.

“A lot of times you get in there and you see everyone going hard and you want to keep up,” he said. “It’s not worth it. A lot of guys come in work really really hard that first session and you don’t see them again because they hurt so badly. So you’re best bet is to go easy.” Tessier outlined a beginners workout, starting with learning the punches and how to defend against them, along with stretches, aerobic workouts and work with the medicine ball. Next week I begin my flirtation with boxing as I try my hand, or fist, at throwing punches and the medicine ball. I’ll keep you up to date on the pain in my muscles and the enjoyment and skills that pain buys me. If you want to join in, the club is happy to have drop ins.

Learn the Joy of Water Colour


Two Kangaroos compete for the coach’s attention at the Kangaroo’s try outs.

Jonas Gagnon photo

Registration now on! Sept 1 - Sept 13

Sept 14 - Sept 30 (Late Registration) U5-18 SPONSORS U5-U8 $120.00 * U5-U8 * SPONSORS Aroma Foods &$90.00 Deli Century 21 U5-18 Bob Sutton Realty Ltd McDonald’s Restaurants (2) U9-U12 $125.00 * TO U9-U12 $75.00* Take one or both Saturday workshops with Prince George artist Laurie Chandler Aroma Foods & Deli McDonald’s Century 21 Bob Sutton Realty Ltd Tax THANK YOU OUR B & A Autobody Q Tax Quality Services Restaurants (2) Claytons Funeral Directors Ltd U13+ $130.00 * U13+ $80.00 * at the Quesnel Arts & Recreation Centre and learn the basics of water colour B & A Autobody Q Tax Quality Tax Services Claytons Funeral Directors Ltd BB Rox Streetwear Fashions BBBig Rox Streetwear Fashions Country Printers Ltd BigBliss Country Printers The Ultimate GrillLtd

Quesnel Bakery 2012/2013 Bakery Save On FoodsQuesnel (3) Save On Foods (3) Co-op Service Electric Ltd Crystal Glass Canada Ltd SPONSORS INDOOR Cloverdale Paint Co-opCloverdale Paint

painting. Papers, paints and brushes will be supplied to you for use in the sessions. The first Saturday will cover all the basics of materials, colour mixing and Bliss The Juice Ultimate Grill ServiceLtd Electric Ltd Crystal Glass Canada LtdTrimline Performance Booster Canadian Western Mechanical technique and the second Saturday will focus on furthering skills and image • BlissPulp & Paper Co • Clayton’s Funeral Chapel Ltd Canadian Western Booster Trimline Performance Ltd Mechanical CaribooJuice Ultimate Trophies & Engravings *Includes one game and one practice per week, Team Picture, making. Session one is a prerequisite to session two for beginners. Session two LtdCredit Union • Quesnel • Custom Polish & Wax Integris Cariboo Pulp & Bakery Paper Co Ultimate Trophies Cariboo Security Ltd and United Steel Workers Local 1-424 & Engravings Jersey, shorts socks. Integris Credit Union Expressions United Steel Workers Local 1-424 is for those continuing through the first session and for those who have previous Cariboo Ltd (2) Kal Tire • TimSecurity Horton’s • Joyful Cariboo Water Kal Tire water colour experience. Bring your lunch, tea and coffee are provided. Cariboo Water • Crystal Glass ADOPT A SOCCER•KID Century 21 SPONSORS ADOPT SOCCER SPONSORS 1) Saturday September 28 10 am – 3 pm Jean Atkinson,ARoy Josephy & KID Cariboo Protection (2) McDonald’s Restaurants (4) • B & Fire A Autobody • Aroma foods Jean Loving Atkinson, Roy & Cariboo Fire Protection (2) Family—In Memory of Josephy Sam McDonald’s Restaurants (4) $140 resident rate / $175 non resident rate #15432 City Furniture & Appliances Quesnel Iron • Save-On Foods (3) Atkinson • BB Rox Family—In Loving Memory of Sam City Furniture Appliances Quesnel Iron James & Sons& Electric Ltd United Steel Workers Local 1-424 2) Saturday October 5 10 am – 3 pm • Ultimate Trophy • Cariboo Hose Atkinson James & Sons Electric Ltd Mary Gradnitzer—In Loving Memory (2) United Steel Workers Local 1-424 Mary Gradnitzer—In Memory $140 resident rate / $175 non resident rate #15433 Atkinson • Integris Credit Unionof Sam • BigLoving country Printers(2)(2) of Sam Atkinson • McDonald’s (2) • Cloverdale Paint (2) REP SEASON AND TINY TOTS REP SEASON AND TINY TOTS you Denny’s for sponsoring Register at least one week in advance: • Cariboo Pulp Thank & Paper • USW1-424 (Local) you Denny’s for sponsoring theThank Quesnel Strikers REP season • QTax Canadian Western Mechanical the Strikers REP• season and theQuesnel Tiny Tots program and the Tiny Tots program

Member is open to Friday 9-3pm THANKServices YOU TO ALLMonday OUR VOLUNTEERS!

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS! Quesnel Youth Soccer Association

Quesnel Association 980 Anderson DriveYouth • 250 992Soccer 2223 • 980 Anderson Drive • 250 992 2223 •

500 North Star Road Quesnel V2J 5P6 250.992.8200

Quesnel Cariboo Observer, September 04, 2013  

September 04, 2013 edition of the Quesnel Cariboo Observer

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