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Cedar Creek Cafe

Lucky Cupcakes is happy to announce a sweet match will be made at 503 Baker Street beginning June 1, 2013! Our well-loved, artisanal desserts together with fine offerings of

We look forward to serving you at 503 Baker Street! Everything you love... and more!

Open 11-5 Tuesday to Saturday 564 Baker Street 250.352.7370

May 31st - Tantrum Desire w/ Deeps, Dirty Tactix vs. L-Nix June 1st - Lars Moston Berlin House June 6th - Dancekids Dance Kevin McAlister & J Wolf June 7th - Clicks & Whistles June 8th - The Cave Singers with Special Guests June 13th - Michael Red Lighta! June 14th - Tofu Stravinsky w/ Chinese for Travelers June 15th - Electro Swing Club June 20th - Clinton Swanson & Friends June 21st - Vinyl Richie & DJ Hoola Hoop June 22nd - Deep Dark Woods June 25th - Besnard Lakes w/ July Talk & Grounders June 29th - Arthur Funkarelli July 6th - Live Burlesque Show July 19th - The Boom Booms July 20th - Fort Knox Five July 25th - The Cat Empire

Come Try our New meNu ITems! Food delivery: Sunday to thurSday 9am- 11pm Friday and Saturday 9am - midnight

liquor delivery

Music at the Cedar Creek Cafe in Winlaw continues through the spring and summer with a wide range of performers showing up. Here’s what’s coming: On Thursday, June 6 see Canadian singersongwriter Lynn Jackson, with her gentle voice, rich instrumentation and sweet melodies and a sound that is roots-Americana with a hint of folk-pop. On Thursday, June 13, drop by to listen to Factories and Alleyways, a band of brothers, bonded together in the melodies they sing and the stories they tell. Like a pot of beans simmering over a campfire on the lonesome high plains, The Real Ponchos’ music has a deep, soulful and honest groove. On Monday June 17, they will be shuffling into the Cedar Creek Cafe to help you find yours! On Thursday, June 20 Buckman Coe delivers a worldbeat concoction of sun-sweetened folk, down-home Americana and souldrenched roots. Most Cedar Creek Cafe music begins at 6:30 p.m. and admission is usually a donation for the performers. For more information, contact the Cafe at 250-226-7355.

Lars Moston

British-German DJ/producer Lars tracks, most recently “Oh My God” Moston from Berlin is a solo art- and “I Go Round” on Malente’s new ist as well as one half of Moston & label No Brainer Records, which Malente. You can find his tracks and will also be releasing Lars Moston’s remixes on some of the hottest la- forthcoming solo EP. bels in dance music today, including When DJing, Lars Moston mixes Top Billin, No Brainer, up unique, energetic sets Wearhouse, Coco Mamade up of cutting edge Lars Moston chete, Moonbootique House, lots of unreleased June 1 Doors 10 p.m. and Discobelle. material and his own edSpiritbar Moston & Malente its. Combining a bit of Cover $5 have been big in the tongue in cheek humour game ever since their with dance floor functionfirst release "In the Sky" on Ham- ality, Lars’s sets are raising roofs all burg-based Moonbootique Rec. over the place and he has headlined became a worldwide club hit back shows from San Francisco to Sibein 2004. Since then, the duo has ria with positive electronic party put out a whole bunch of massive sound.

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Phono Files Eli Geddis

{vurb} columnist So yeah, to overuse a common cliche, the drummer is almost certainly the backbone of any good live band. I know some people like to be contrarians and bestow this honour upon the bassist, but let's be honest: that's often just a consolation prize for never being heard and getting constantly overlooked. Don't worry, diligent bassists. I still love you. But those drums... it's hard to compare to a nice, taught set of tom toms. But what happens when that backbone leaves the body to embark on his or her own and create a meaningful artist statement? If the backbone in question is named Lars Ulrich, just subtract the back off the beginning of bone and add a head to the end of it. And then brace for discomfort. Luckily for us, bonehead Lars is nowhere in sight, and we can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Which brings us to... Pick a Piper - Pick a Piper Pick a Piper is the brainbaby of Brad Weber, drummer for the critically-acclaimed, Polarisnominated Canadian artist Caribou. Now, when it comes to side-projects, I have the tendency to fall off the fence into the decidedly meh category. But from the album cover (What IS that anyway?? It looks like Dr Seuss' venereal disease — in a good way!) to its opening sounds, it's clear that we're getting something unique and exciting. Pick a Piper is a beat-enthusiast's album, all the way through. Without the burden of a frontman's ego to keep him in the spotlight,

Weber has put together a full-on collaborative album, bringing in guest vocalists from the likes of Born Ruffi ans, Braids (my Canadian music crushes -- and the reason that I knew my girlfriend was cool enough to date when she put on their album Native Speaker the first time I was at her place), and Ruby Suns. So the album is varied in terms of voices, but it's the complex and beautiful drum patterns that tie the whole thing together. If I could bestow a gerund on Pick a Piper — and I'm in control of this review, so why can't I?? — it would be shimmering. In the best sense of the word. The percussion zooms around through the mix, sometimes glitchy and spastic, sometimes smooth and dream-like, but always outfi tted with this sort of deliberate sparkling veneer. The voices are awash in reverb, blending in with the thick and varied

synth noises throughout the album. The best guest vocals on the album come courtesy of Raphaelle Standell-Preston of Braids. Her turn in the song "Once Were Leaves" is hypnotic and binding, full of loops and echoes. Think Austra with a little more upper register. One of Pick a Piper's surprising strengths is incorporating and blending a brass section into the music. Yeah, we've been seeing a lot of the brass lately, with its mid-2000s explosion into indie rock, but I don't think I've heard it utilized this well in electronic-slanting music before. The flute and brass sections in "South to Polynesia" are particularly delicious, verging at times on becoming free form jazz solos without (thankfully!!) quite reaching that point. Altogether, Pick a Piper is a polished and mature artistic statement that sometimes even surpasses some of Caribou's better work. You likely find similarities between Pick a Piper and Caribou, but that's to be expected. But if there's one bit of solid, bulletproof praise, it's this: when I was playing this record around the house for my girlfriend, who I always, shamelessly, try to impress with my musical choices, stopped what she was doing, turned her head, and immediately said, "Whoa, who is this? I want it!" Pick a Piper will be playing Nelson on June 26 in the Kootenay Coop Radio CJLY Basement. I've honestly never been in there and I have no idea what to expect. But, hey, as I always say, if it's a jumpy and sweaty basement show in an unfamiliar location, count me in!

Eli is a Nelson-based writer, art instructor and musician. He blogs at

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Nelson Star, May 31, 2013  

May 31, 2013 edition of the Nelson Star

Nelson Star, May 31, 2013  

May 31, 2013 edition of the Nelson Star