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Wednesday, April 10, 2013  Terrace Standard

B.C. is not for sale at any kind of price Dear Sir: “We have established what you are madam, now we’re just haggling over the price.” This famous quotation attributed to George Bernard Shaw or to Winston Churchill springs to mind when considering Christy Clark’s earlier statements to Alberta Premier Redford about BC’s price for endorsing the Northern Gateway pipelines and Clark’s own recent endorsement of David Black’s proposed $25 billion refinery in Kitimat. We already know that the oil industry in Alberta has been flooding Clark’s election coffers to stave off a win by the NDP that has come out against both the pipelines and oil tanker traffic, so I guess the price of her compliance has been paid. The timing of Black’s announcement that he has the funding and of Clark’s endorsement of the refinery is, of course, no accident. With just weeks to go to the provincial election that almost ev-

Andrew Williams eryone expects to send the provincial so-called “Liberals” into well-deserved oblivion, Clark is desperately trying to create the impression that after years of mismanaging it, she can miraculously kick start BC’s economy with the promise of thousands of jobs from exporting liquefied natural gas and now, oil. Even if these pipedreams were attainable, citizens of British Columbia need to remember two important things: the concerns about the impacts of pipelines and oil tankers on our rivers, mountains and coastline remain;

and we would still have to trust the cowboys at Enbridge. Almost three years after the initial spill and almost a billion dollars spent, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has recently instructed Enbridge to dredge and remove the substrate of the Kalamazoo River because the EPA’s tests have show that not only does dilbit sink – despite Enbridge’s test results to the contrary – but it is also migrating downstream and collecting in the impoundments along the river. Imagine, if you can, a similar spill, not in a slow-moving, flat-land river with dams, but on a fast-flowing, glacial, mountain tributary on the Skeena, or in the Douglas Channel with its deep, rocky bottom. That bitumen would be there forever. Why would anyone in his right mind trust anything Enbridge says? While participating in the hearings of the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel – that has never

turned down an oil pipeline – the company along with other oil corporations was successfully lobbying the Harpies in Ottawa for the elimination of protection for the very rivers that the Northern Gateway pipeline would cross. The result was Bill C-45 and Bill C-38. We need to make clear to Christy Clark, David Black, Premier Redford, Prime Minister Harper and the oil corporations they represent that, unlike our premier, this province is not for sale, at any price. Andrew Williams, Terrace, B.C.

Universal Geomatics Solutions Corp. is pleased to announce their expansion into British Columbia with the acquisition of Derry Land Surveying Inc. in Terrace, B.C.. Guy Derry, B.C.L.S., will remain with Universal and take on the role of Branch Manager of USI Land Surveying (BC) Inc., a division of Universal Geomatics Solutions Corp. effective April 2nd, 2013. Under Guy Derry’s direction, Derry land surveying has provided quality land surveying and geomatics services in the Terrace, Kitimat and Prince Rupert area for many years. With this acquisition, Universal will continue to offer that same level of service as well as expanded geomatics services for years to come. Guy Derry, B.C.L.S., C.L.S. 4416 WaLSh avenue TerraCe, B.C., v8G 4J5 250-635-6608

Dear mortgage, I’m taking time off to get lost.

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Better recycling method needed So mine will go to the dump, and if I get chastised again for this, I will, in future, smash the tubes into little bits into a garbage bag of other household garbage and they will still go to the dump. As for other household garbage, I use very few canned food items, other than pet food and most of these are aluminum cat food cans that I rinse out to prevent smell and flatten and store them for sale as scrap aluminum. A standard garbage can will hold a couple of years of them and at the current prices for scrap metals, it gives me a nice chunk of pocket money. If the recycling industry could find ways to put a value (to the household

user) on recyclables then more people would be willing to recycle materials that now go to the dump. I “recycle” all of the drink containers I get at Encorp Pacific or a liquor outlet for a nice bi-monthly stipend. Incidently, liquor stores must not be considered as recycling points by the Regional District of KitimatStikine as they are not listed on the pamphlet. Come on, Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, get your head out of the sand and do something to promote recycling that will be more convenient and maybe profitable to use by householders. Wilf Butters, Thornhill, B.C.

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Enforcement found lacking Dear Sir: I was wondering why nothing is being done by the City of Terrace about the illegal parking situation at the casino. I know I have called twice in the last four weeks. I work in the area and on any given day at any hour there can be as many as six cars parked along the building.

The curb is clearly painted yellow. Clearly a no parking zone. I also find it curious that there are never tickets posted on these vehicles. I was told by the city that our one by law officer didn’t work on weekends. What about today, yesterday, the day before! Kim Tessier, Terrace, B.C.


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Terrace Standard, April 10, 2013  
Terrace Standard, April 10, 2013  

April 10, 2013 edition of the Terrace Standard