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Wednesday, April 10, 2013  Terrace Standard

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Members of the Kitsumkalum communications team are, left to right, back row, Allan Bolton, Arjunna Miyagawa and Joanne Bertsch. In front, left to right, Julie Nyce, Andrea Sam-Good and Jennifer Bolton.

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Kitsumkalum vote A separate deal, signed in January, would provide the Kitsumkalum with an immediate further 148 hectares from the province should the Kitsumkalum approve the agreement in principle. One of those parcels is earmarked for a housing development and another would extend the area of the Kitsumkalum quarry which has recently started operations.


Out-of-town ballots sent by mail have been coming in and are being carefully kept until the count begins when in-person voting ends tonight at 8 p.m. at the Kitsumkalum hall. The communications team is spending today offering rides to voters and will be keeping track of who has voted and phoning those who have yet to cast a ballot to encourage them to do so.

BG 55 Gas Blower


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Tackling the graffiti Some of the solutions could include a bylaw for business owners to clean up graffiti on their buildings within 48 hours, imploring local businesses to limit who they sell spray paint to – and potentially keeping it under lock and key, and a graffiti hotline for public tips. There is also talk of introducing a graffiti cleanup team – potentially made up of one main staff member, volunteers, youth groups and people serving community service – to remove the graffiti as soon as possible. Removing graffiti very soon after it is put up acts as a deterrent to other vandals, said Const. Angela Rabut of the Terrace RCMP detachment. Bob Park of All Seasons Source for Sports says a bylaw isn’t necessary, but it is time for businesses to work together to fix this problem. “There’s no use being penalized twice. You’re penalized because it’s done to your building, and then you have a time limit to clean it up and if you don’t clean it up on time, you get another fine on top of that? No,” he said, of the bylaw idea. “Word of mouth, co-operation, it works. If you clean it up, it helps, that’s the best way.” Murals, like the one on the side of the All Seasons and Elan Travel

building act as deterrents as well, said Park, adding more murals could be part of the solution. Although the city of Terrace said they have no plans for murals at this time. But Park said businesses can do their part to alleviate the mess. “I think they can have better lighting, they can put in outside cameras, and just make sure that if they do get graffitied that they clear it off right away,” he said. “We gotta get the word out there that we’re not going to accept it, that we have to get rid of it when it is done.” One business owner who has dealt with more than his fair share of vandalism is Richard’s Cleaners’ John Heighington. He says each act of vandalism is a personal attack on people who pay business taxes in the downtown core, that insurance doesn’t cover the cleanup costs, and that the RCMP need to educate the perpetrators on how these acts affect local people who have to deal with the aftermath. “Nothing can be done to the culprits even if they are caught red-handed and the cost to everyone just goes up,” he said. “Frustrating. I just clean the mess up the next day and stay prepared.”

27.2 cc / 0.7 kW / 4.1 kg (9.0 lb)

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FS 38 Gas Trimmer

MS 170 Gas Chain Saw

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STIHL Canada

3011 Blakeburn Street, Terrace

Phone: 250-635-6567 • Fax: 250-635-4161




Terrace Standard, April 10, 2013  
Terrace Standard, April 10, 2013  

April 10, 2013 edition of the Terrace Standard