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BC TRANSIT has suggested expanding it handyDART service to Saturdays to better serve its customer based.

Transit service could expand CITY COUNCIL was set this week to decide how soon local transit service could be expanded on weekends. An additional six hours of handyDART service on Saturdays will mean better access to medical services such as dialysis, B.C. Transit official Todd Dupuis told council at a committee of the whole meeting April 2. “Because there is no handyDART service on Saturday but there is conventional bus routing we decided it is important to provide this,” Dupuis said. The additional service would also give those with disabilities access to the farmers’ market, said city councillor Bruce Bidgood. Dupuis recommended 2014 to begin the new service, however councillor Brian Downie submitted that the need is too urgent and suggested council see to implementing it this year. The other councillors seemed in agreement on this point but was holding off on an official discussion at this week’s meeting to finalize the decision. The second B.C. Transit recommendation concerned routing. Dupuis showed council three revised bus routes designed to make service

more direct. The new routing would include a stop at UNBC on Keith Ave. as well as express service from Northwest Community College on the bench to downtown. It is possible that buses will no longer service the Halliwell area directly, but now residents in the top east quarter will have direct access to the college. Getting consumers to and from Walmart and the grocery stores is a priority, said Dupuis. Dupuis also said that Terrace is currently in the top three municipalities in terms of cost per hour and cost recovery, adding that the changes to routing has nothing to do with budget cuts. Before a final decision can be made on the new routing option, Dupuis said further public consultation is required. And he wants to move away from this static open house model to conducting surveys on the buses themselves. Councillor Tyers agreed that more consultation needs to go into the finalized routing plan, and spoke in support of the handyDART upgrade. The matter was discussed by council April 8.

LAKELSE LAKE Advisory Planning Commission

The Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine is inviting applications to fill vacancies on the Lakelse Lake Advisory Planning Commission (APC). The Lakelse Lake APC is a seven member volunteer commission, appointed by the Board of the Regional District, to advise the Board on land use planning matters at Lakelse Lake. The provincial Local Government Act requires at least 2/3 of the members be residents of Lakelse Lake. Appointments are for a two year term. Interested persons may complete an application form available from the Development Services section of the Regional District website ( or from the Regional District office. Alternatively, applicants may submit a letter with a short biography containing name address, occupation, length of residency at Lakelse Lake or area, a description of their involvement in community organizations and reasons for interest in serving on the Lakelse Lake APC.

Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine 300 - 4545 Lazelle Avenue Terrace, BC V8G 4E1

Phone: (250) 615-6100 Toll Free 1-800-663-3208 Fax: (250) 635-9222

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Terrace Standard, April 10, 2013  

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