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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


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Featuring the spirit of the local people Local beeswax t medical conditions “I justhoney wantand to serve mybenefi country,” Newgard says

hands, hands, he he said, said, adding adding get to do, like shoot cool guns,” he said, that that several several people people adding that his favourites included the reported reported to to him him that that Carl Gustav, an 84 mm recoilless rifle, the the beeswax beeswax cream cream the 50 calibre machine gun and the C-9 “I just honey wanted to serve my counNatural Natural honey and and worked worked wonders, wonders, and and Light Machine Gun. try,” said Army Corporal Lee Marten beeswax products beeswax products all all the the prescription prescription Newgard has had several posts durNewgard, rifleman could aa new could develop develop new in the Second ointments ointments they’d they’d tried tried ing his three years in the army. Battalion Princess to Patricias Canadian medical medical branch branch to didn’t didn’t do do much much good. good. His first post was in California Light Infantry. help skin help with with skin probprob“I “I think think part part of of the the where he trained with the U.S. army for Stationed in Shilo, Manitoba where lems and lems and allergies. allergies. reason is that the beesreason is that the beessix weeks, and instead of using targets, he Certified has been training beemasCertified beemas- for most of three wax has chemicals, wax has no no their chemicals, they had a type of laser in guns years, Newgard just recently signed his ter ter and and local local beekeepbeekeepnothing is in there that nothing is in therethey that and wore vests that went off when second three-year er, Ludditt er, Harold Harold Ludditt has hascontract with the doesn’t belong there,” doesn’t belong there,” were hit, like laser lag, he said. Canadian owned for owned bees beesarmy. for 23 23 or or Ludditt. said Ludditt. In May or Aprilsaid 2010, Newgard was to has the army 24 years 24 Drawn years and and has harhar- by the sense of Ludditt Ludditt hopes to to sent with ten men to Sydney, hopes Australia vested honey, adventure, Newgard vested and and sold sold honey, says he’s always make a cream with make a cream with made and just for two weeks for the 60th (or sixtieth) made candles candles and in justit and spent five been interested because wintergreen, because recently makrecently started makanniversary of thewintergreen, Battle of Capyong, years thestarted Houston army cadets, startwintergreen causes wintergreen causes ing hand cream with ing at hand cream with a battle won by his battalion, he said. age 12. the skin up the skin toa warm warm up beeswax and honey, beeswax and says honey, Newgard says it was liketo vacation Newgard his favourite part which could be which could be good good he he said. said. where they were part of the celebration of cadets was the shooting, which infor he for arthritis, arthritis, he said. said. Having gotten Having gotten into into and parade with the Royal Australian cluded regional and provincial comBesides hand cream Besides hand cream beekeeping beekeepingandthrough through Regiment, and they also travelled and petitions was something that he and honey, Ludditt and honey, Ludditt astarted friend who raised a frienddoing who atraised saw different parts of Australia. a young age with his also hasreturning also sold sold beesbeesbees aa boy, bees as as boy, Ludditt Right after has from Dad and littleLudditt brother Brendan, who wax candles, made by gained his expertise wax candles, made by gained his expertise Australia, Newgard says he was decompeted at nationals in England last through books, exthrough books, exmelting down honey melting down honey ployed in Brandon and Portage la year. perience, aa six-week perience, six-week combs and combs and pouring pouring Prairie, Manitoba to fight floods, Lisa Newgard, Marten’s mom, says bees-master certificabees-master certificamoulds, the wax into moulds, which were reallythe badwax thatinto year, espethey have always done shooting, so tion at Simon tion course course at and Simon he said. said. cially in Brandon.he both Marten Brendan have gotFraser University and Fraser University and learned Dana Giesbrecht the honey Dana to Giesbrecht and Harold Harold Ludditt Ludditt check check the the bees bees on on Sept Sept 13, 13, to to make make sure sure that that there there is is enough enough room room on on theyear honey Ludditt Ludditt has never never This Newgard was has posted in ten used to guns and respect and combs so the bees keep producing and don’t swarm. Giesbrecht bought the bees from Ludditt and came with him talking with expericombs so the bees keep producing and don’t swarm. Giesbrecht bought the bees from Ludditt and came with him23 turned talking with experiaa profit for turned profit for his his Hawaii, June to Aug. 8, training them at an early age. several times over several timesof over the the summer summer to to visit visit the the bees bees and and learn learn all all she she could could about about beekeeping. beekeeping. enced beekeepers, enced beekeepers, he products, but products, but asmakes makes with the U.S. Marine Corps part They also have he a family history says. says. and the candles candles exercise, and loloof the Rim of the the Pacific military involvement on his Mom’s Through course Through his course tions tions for for his his own own enenRIMPAC. side and hishis family was always a strong and at and attendance attendance at the the years and and he he doesn’t doesn’t use use any any antibiotics, antibiotics, making making and and selling selling his his own own hand hand creams creams “I’ve never been overseas joyment, he says. joyment, he yet,” says. said supporter of defending the country years 1999 Vancouver Apimondia, the world he says, which is one of the reasons he at $3 per container, he said. 1999 Vancouver Apimondia, the world he says, which is one of the reasons he at $3 per container, he said. Newgard, adding is a posand honouring veterans, she said. But has sold his this But Ludditt Ludditt hasthat soldthere his bees bees this council of Ludditt exHe council of beekeepers, beekeepers, Ludditt met ex- believes believes his his honey helps with allergies. He makes makes the the lotions lotions with with beeswax, beeswax, spring sibility of himof to reasons, Afghanistan Newgard says his first yearmet in the medical planspring because because ofgoing medical reasons, planperienced that has He perienced beekeepers that he he it has kept in He believes believes the the honey honey has has medical medical honey, honey, natural natural oils, oils, glycerine, glycerine, water water and and ning next and he’d like go. Giesarmy was beekeepers what he expected tokept be. in to for Dana ning summer to be be aa consultant consultant for to Dana Giescontact with, he said. value for those with allergies to airborne a little Borax, sometimes adding bath oil contact with, he said. value for those with allergies to airborne a little Borax, sometimes adding bath oil His and mom, Lisa Rourke, Newgard, saysamashe “It was a lot like the movies, you brecht Michael the brecht and Michael Rourke, the two two amaFor first few he lost 40 pollen and the like. to For the the first and few years years lost ups 40 per per to give give aa scent, scent, he he says. says. has feelings. know, yelling doinghepush in pollen and the like. teur Houston beekeepers teur mixed Houston beekeepers who who bought bought his his cent “About Ludditt cent of of his his bees bees each each winter, winter, said said Ludditt, Ludditt, “About aa tablespoon tablespoon aa day day will will reduce reduce Ludditt reports reports that that people people have have found found “You’re very proud of them for what the mud and all that stuff, but after bees, he said. bees, he said. which his which is is on on the the higher higher end end of of the the average average your your allergic allergic reactions,” reactions,” he he says. says. his creams creams help help with with skin skin rashes rashes such such as as they’re doing,and you’re to that was over it was a lot more laid Giesbrecht Rourke will carry Giesbrecht andbut Rourke willscared carry on on expected And expected loss, loss, 25 25 to to 40 40 per per cent. cent. And though though years years ago ago at at the the world world eczema, eczema, said said Ludditt, Ludditt, adding adding that that he he is is death,” she said, adding that the possiback than I expected it to be,” he said. the Houston Houston beekeeping beekeeping along along with with John John But But now now he he has has brought brought itit down down to to only only council council of of beekeepers, beekeepers, his his honey honey was was rere- sending sending six six containers containers to to family family friends friends the bility of Marten goingMcKilligan, to Afghanistan They set up and attack fake enemies, rounds, like paintballs, and train by at- Siebenga He says he spends most of his time and Devon two Siebenga and Devon McKilligan, two five five per per cent cent lost lost each each winter, winter, because because he he quested quested by by the the ton, ton, Ludditt Ludditt himself himself says says on on Vancouver Vancouver Island Island who who asked asked for for more more is really nerve wracking. now training with the Charlie Company machine targets that flip up, sometimes tacking each other with those, Newgard other beekeepers, said local beekeepers, said Ludditt. Ludditt. stopped after stopped buying buying bees bees and and instead instead raised raised he he doesn’t doesn’t eat eat the the stuff. stuff. after seeing seeing the the affect affect on on their their grandson’s grandson’s other local “But you have be of proud of them with little gun noisemakers that shoot said. and colonies getting readytheforbees the possibility “I’ll here as sort aa consultant, “I’ll be be here as to sort of consultant, new “I’d new colonies from from the bees that that had had sursur“I’d rather rather have have peanut peanut butter butter and and eczema. eczema. and let them do their thing,” she said. back, said Newgard. “It’s all been pretty fun actually, you of the next big war, doing navigation, and they’ll be carrying on the beekeepvived jam,” Ludditt vived the the winter, winter, he he said. said. jam,” he he says. says. Ludditt also also makes makes aa lotion lotion with with lanolano- and they’ll be carrying on the beekeep“And we are so very proud of him.” Sometimes they get simunition do all kinds of stuff that don’t usually shooting and training as a section. ing,” he said. ing,” he said. Ludditt Last Ludditt has has not not bought bought bees bees for for 15 15 Last October, October, Ludditt Ludditt also also started started lin lin that that helps helps heal heal cracked cracked and and dry dry feet feet or or Jackie Jackie Lieuwen Lieuwen Jackie Lieuwen Houston Today Houston Houston Today Today

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Houston Today, December 12, 2012  

December 12, 2012 edition of the Houston Today

Houston Today, December 12, 2012  

December 12, 2012 edition of the Houston Today