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Water usage is down, despite blistering temps By Andrea Klassen STAFF REPORTER

Despite a recent wave of heat, water usage is down in the City of Kamloops. Utilities services manager Michael Firlotte said between 93 and 95 million litres of water are being used per day in the city this month, compared to between 125 and 130 million litres a day in past Julys. Though temperatures have hovered in the low-to-mid 30s during the past week, Firlotte

It appears as though Kamloopsians are retsricting unlimited water usage to water parks, such as the popular splash attraction in Riverside Park. KTW photo

said the dismal weather that preceded the heat wave probably has something to do with the drop in water usage. “Our weather had been miserable in June,

so people’s minds weren’t exactly on watering,” he said. However, Firlotte believes the city’s ongoing water-meter installation program likely

played a bigger role in getting residents to cut back. “We’ve seen reductions in flows over the last three years from where we were,” he said. When we first opened the plant, it would have been an easy 130, 135 [million litres] at this time of year, and every year you see it dwindle down a little bit more.” Though the city isn’t yet billing people based on the meters, Firlotte said their presence is likely enough to get people thinking about

responsible water use. “We’re hoping that’s the trend that will continue,” he said. “Even when we had the word out there for water meters, we did see a small drop.”

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Father describes normal life pre-bus driver X From A1

Pearce read from one message, sent by Hanson to the girl: “So, why were you so quiet and not there for me when I said have a good long weekend, and sat in the middle of the bus? . . . Know this — do not play with what I can and wish to give to you.” Court heard police in another province are now investigating Hanson for harassment relating to his involvement with that teen. Pearce said Hanson’s actions as a bus driver were out of line. “He was in a position of authority and trust,” she said. “He abused that position, I believe, to try to form relationships with [students].” Pearce went on to testify about Hanson’s past, which includes allegations of sexual and physical abuse from his stepdaughter. He was never charged.

The 15-year-old girl’s father also took the stand, describing a fairly normal family life prior to the commencement of Hanson’s music lessons. “We had no problems with [her],” he said. “The problems seem to have started when there were the music lessons with Merv.” The distraught dad said his daughter and Hanson bought each other “matching necklaces” — and he believed Hanson had plied her with alcohol on at least one occasion. Court heard the girl’s parents waited to contact police because they had no evidence of any wrongdoing, other than thinking the situation was “odd.” The girl’s father said he later found a cellphone bill showing multiple, lengthy phone conversations between his daughter and Hanson, conducted in the middle

of the night. “As a parent, any man contacting her at two in the morning — 59, 39, bus driver, not a bus driver — none of those are acceptable in our society,” the father said. “He’s a bus driver. You think everything’s OK. You think these guys go through some kind of checks. “It was inconceivable.” Entered as evidence was an apparently threatening text message from Hanson to the girl’s parents, sent in May. “I’m going to fight you with all I know and the truth,” it read. “I hope you have deep pockets. . . . I’ve been in court with the ministry before and beat them with their B.S. Ask them.” The hearing continued past KTW press time. Go online to for updates.

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Kamloops This Week, July 17, 2012  

July 17, 2012 edition of the Kamloops This Week

Kamloops This Week, July 17, 2012  

July 17, 2012 edition of the Kamloops This Week