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Cultural & Historical Outreach & Awareness

The sacrifices made by all those who came before us are not forgotten as we are a living testimony of their existence, however we are not remembering. We answer the questions you did not know to ask‌What we leave behind should enable our descendants to understand the power of their legacy. We WILL Remember

BlackPoppyRose Cultural & Historical Outreach & Awareness     

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We sold just over 3,500 BlackPoppyRose Pins; £7,000 Visited over 20 Cities within the UK delivering talks, presentations & workshops including Cardiff, Dublin & Glasgow; Laid the 1st BlackPoppyRose wreath for the South African Native Labour Corp aboard the SS Mendi, Southampton Laid the 1st BlackPoppyRose wreath to remember World War II veteran Sam King MBE who joined the ancestors; We laid 6 BlackPoppyRose wreath for the first time on Remembrance Sunday in: Croydon, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Leicester, and Luton, as well as on the BWIR graves found in Europe; Documented graves, monuments in Jamaica, England, Wales, France & Belgium; Delivered Talks & workshops to: Schools, Elders groups, NHS nurses, Black Police Associations, and at various organisations & universities; Worked with: West Indian Association for Service Personnel (WASP), Black Cultural Archives, Nottingham Black Archives, National Archives, SOAS (School of Oriental & African Studies) Narrative Eye, Black History Walks, Recognize Black Heritage & Culture, ED:UK8 Global, National Nubian Networking, The Great War in African Association and others; Culture Pulse, The Voice and Barbados Nation published our article; On Radio with BBC, The Beat and Supreme FM; WASP Annual Remembrance March Pass 2.10.16; Sponsored Back2Black Awards 2016; Our first November 11th Remembrance Day Event, held at the Black Cultural Archives, Brixton, London; Our 2nd Remembrance event of the Taranto Mutiny’s 98th Anniversary, Karibu Centre, Brixton, London; Received an invitation to bring BlackPoppyRose to SIERRA LEONE by the High Commission of Sierra Leone, Mr. Edward Turay; Attended the first Krio Descendant Yunion’s homecoming programme in Sierra Leone; Assisted a team member into gaining FT work; Presentations in schools, including special needs BlackPoppyRoses on sale in North, East, South and West London BlackPoppyRoses on sale within Schools in London




Selena Carty Cultural & Ancestral Consultant: Afro Centric Genealogist & Founder/Creator of the BlackPoppyRose

Born in the early 80’s Selena has always been passionate about learning, exploring her history and trying to understand her culture, especially being born in Brixton, London to parents coming for the British Colony of Jamaica – both parents were born prior to Jamaica’s independence 1962. Selena has been on a journey of Cultural & Ancestral awareness since 2008. Eldest of eight siblings Selena has always been adventurous and willing to explore and learn more about life.


Selena started studying World History consistently since 2008 and in 2010, felt she was ready to bring the BlackPoppyRose to the world. Within the same year, Selena became a mum and decided that redundancy was a sign for her to move on from being a PA at Orange telecommunication. Leading her to become an Afro-Centric Genealogist; tracing Family Trees with a twist. Selena has been Home schooling her son Mjnari, investigating the United Kingdom, teaching him of the African History that can be found within the peninsular, as well as exploring: Egypt, Canada, U.S.A, Sardinia, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Jamaica, Barbados, and Sierra Leone. Selena loves to read & travel and feels education can be experienced through a variety of methods which includes visiting the places we so often read about. Driven by love and passion for the truth about her African communities’ history and how important it is that our heritage be celebrated and respected; Selena advocates history is designed to empower the future. Africa is a continent and its diverse History and Culture must have an opportunity to be shared and understood from the very beginning of education. Extremely positive relationships have been established with many individuals and organisations, these include, High Commissioner of Sierra Leone Mr. Edward Turay, West Indian Association for Service Personnel (WASP), Black Cultural Archives, Nottingham Black Archives, National Archives, SOAS, Narrative Eye, Windrush Foundation, Black History Walks, Recognize Black Heritage & Culture, ED:UK8 Global, National Nubian Networking, Sweet Patootee, The Great War in African Association, Slavery Remembrance, African Heritage and Culture Centre, Krio Descendant Yunion, Rosemary Sadler, Gilbert Carty, Sierra Leone’s: Fourah Bay College, The National Museum of Sierra Leone, Monuments & Relics Commission & Mr. Tunis – Minister of Tourism, and Liberia’s, Samuel Gbeintor, William Allen & Francis Maweah from University of Liberia . These connections allow Selena to continue spreading history and a narrative to many people who were unaware of it. 2

The Honourable Marcus Mosiah Garvey said, “A People without knowledge of their past history, origin, culture is like a tree without roots”

Selena is invested in this understanding and continues to educate and empower all those who wish to find more answers to the questions that we did not know to ask.

Why A BlackPoppyRose? Est 2010 by Selena Carty

Poppy – For Remembrance When hearing Poppy, you automatically think of war. This is important as the symbol is reflective of the contributions made by communities whose histories are titled ‘Forgotten’! from all over the globe not just the British Empire. Rose – For Honour & Respect Wars affect more people than we acknowledge. Men, women & children all contribute in various ways and are most certainly affected by it. This too much be remembered. REMEMBER ALL WHO FOUGHT, CONTRIBUTED, AND SACRIFICED


Black – For the People The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey created the Pan African Flag for the African/Negro communities of the world. Red is for the Blood, Black is for the People, Green is for the land. Therefore, the PoppyRose is Black.

Description 8 petal poppy + 1 rose center = 9 9 is the highest number Neely Fuller Jnr’s book The United Compensatory Code/System/Concept highlight that there are 9 areas of oppression that the Africa communities are affected by globally. 1. Economics 2. Education 3. Entertainment 4. Labour 5. Law 6. Politics 7. Religion 8. Sex 9. War / Counter War We explore the 9 areas of the different elements of war faced by the Black communities past and present.


BlackPoppyRose Pins & Wreath


These are worn ALL YEAR AROUND & By everyone who wishes to remember as we are remembering a great number of wars. These symbols are reflecting the commonalities of our historical footprints of wars faced since the 16th century (1500’s) Order or check for your local distributor online: If there are no distributers in your area, would you consider becoming one?

Order your BlackPoppyRose Wreaths 3 weeks prior to your event to ensure you receive it on time


Language Campaign Language is an important part of all cultures. Over 3,000 languages are spoken in the continent of Africa. Arabic & English are the most common spoken languages in the world, however there are still millions of people in the world who speak neither of them. Many people do not see the value in teaching their children their cultural language as they feel it holds little importance in the world, today. This is far from true.

The African community speak the languages below due to colonialization. The languages found within the West Indies are a strong indicator our African ancestry as the languages created were due to the complexities of the different nations of people who had to find a way to communicate with one another. We should take pride in the languages spoken by our fore-parents. We all remember something worth sharing when we speak our own languages. Help us to discover more and add to the collection below.


Languages are tools to understand cultures, establish trade and to travel & explore. These are key reasons why many people learn languages outside of their common tongue. It takes a variety of ways to get people to remember. Stories, phrases, songs, sayings and limericks in their native tongue can help to do that.

English / Patois (British WI) / Creole (French WI) / Papiamento (Dutch WI)/ French / German / Dutch / Portuguese / Spanish / Italian


Historical Timelines 0


BCE Before Christ Era

Wars we explore NDOGO VS PORTUGAL 1631 - 1663


Queen Nzingha Over 40 years she fought against the Portuguese to keep her people/country free from slavery

Africans were promised their freedom and land if they fought within the war. These ended up being empty words.

MAROON WARS 1690 – 1739 / 1795


Nanny of the Maroons Maroons can be found in Jamaica, Haiti, Guyana and throughout South America, the West Indian Islands, Nova Scotia & Sierra Leone.

Jean Jacques Dessalines Right hand man to Toussaint L’Overture. Dessalines became the 1st Emperor of Hayti.



King Prempeh I Five Anglo Ashanti Wars took place between the Ashanti Tribe and the British.

An African soldier on Nelson’s column, London, England. There are names of African men documented as serving during these wars.


CRIMEAN WAR 1853 – 1856

Zulu Warriors Training established by Shaka Zulu allowed the Zulu Nation to secure the 1st victory against the British. Islandwana and Rouke’s Drift are 2/5 of the battles we hear about.

Mary Seacole Paid her way to Crimean and established a hotel to support the British side during the war.


RSM Alhaji Grunshi – GCR: WAFF This war set ripples all over the globe. The African/Black/West India/ Pacific island communities contributed heavily

Empress Taitu – Menelik II Wife Ethiopia was independent during the Scramble for Africa. Italy had tried to take control before and were unsuccessful. This was attempt Number two.


AD / CE Anno Domini Christ Era

WORLD WAR I 1914 - 1918

HUT TAX WAR - 1898

WORLD WAR II – 1939 - 1945

Bai Bureh A resilient General, military Strategist and Warleader of the Temne tribe nicknamed ‘Kebalai’ (he whose basket is never full of dead enemies) Fought against the British forces.

Johnny Smythe Born in Sierra Leone at the start of World War I, he went to serve for Great Britain in WWII.

Seven Year War Slave Uprisings Indian Wars Black War Xhosa War The Berlin Conference / Scramble for Africa Abolitionists Establishment of Sierra Leone Cotton African Holocausts & Genocides The Slave Trade Abolition of the Slave Trade Act & Apprenticeships Pan Africanism / Negritude Race Riots Apartheid World War II Korean War Independence And more

We can talk about history that takes us back to 90,000BCE (Before Christ Era) in Africa. However, we are embarking upon a historical journey so we can all understand systematically ‘how’ actions of the past have impacted the present. Exploring how the African, Black, Caribbean, West Indian & Pacific Islanders communities’ contributions to historical events have impacted the world.


                  

What we deliver Cultural & Diversity Consultancy Work Talks / Presentations / Workshops Courses / Training Exhibitions Tours Family (Tree) Legacy explorations Events We travel all over the UK and world to deliver.


Sierra Leone 2017 In Dec 2016 The High Commissioner Mr. Edward Turay (In picture below) of Sierra Leone invited BlackPoppyRose so we could like to share the work we are doing. We celebrated the 1st Krio Descendants Homecoming Yunion 26th December 2016 – 2nd January 2017. We were exposed to more about Sierra Leone as well as the Krio community who have a link to Nova Scotia, the Maroons and England. We also had the opportunity to meet many people who have supported us and led us in the right direction to gain more knowledge. We learnt about significant areas through tours, meetings, and events:  Regent  Waterloo  York  Freetown We were told old stories and learnt about Anglican & Maroon churches, Songs, Games, Foods and more. Following the reunion, we have gone on to meet with:


          

Lieutenant General John Edson Milton – Chief of Staff, Ministry of Defence (right) Mr. Sidi Yaya Tunis – Minister of Tourism Mr. Alie Badara Mansaray – Commissioner of National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) Isatu Smith – Monuments & Relics Commission Josephine Kargbo – Sierra Leone National Museum Dr. Spencer – Head of History: Fourah Bay College Prof. Joe A.D. Alie – Author: Fourah Bay College Dr. Kojo Carew – Blue Shield Hospital Mr. Abdul-Rahman Savage – Head of Finance & Education Dr. Francis Dove-Edwin – Krio Descendant Yunion (in picture above) Simone Kemi Anderson – Edward Davies and Associates LTD. (EDA)

We aim to create documentaries about Sierra Leones’:      


History: Islands & Areas: The Peoples War 1991 - 2001 The Roads – journeys that are made today that were not possible in the same way 80 years ago Highlighting the cosmopolitan nature of Sierra Leone with many groups of people living side by side Traditional Cultural Practices Trade / Wars / Slavery / Abolition Significance of being Britain’s first colony

We are also exploring the possibilities of:  Delivering a 6-week course in Fourah Bay College  Launching a 2-month exhibition in the National Museum  Developing Tours  Visiting & Documenting the historical gaps Sierra Leone provides to world history. (Picture – Selena & Mjnari at the ‘Turning of the Sod’ – Head of KDU & The Pouring of libations to the ancestors: Water, Alcohol & Kola Nuts)

Liberia 2017 Invited by Samuel Gbenitor; Commercial Counselor & Roland Johnson at the Liberian Embassy in Sierra Leone 2017 Liberia is celebrating 170 years of independence. BlackPoppyRose aims to explore more about the history that can be found here. Liberia has never been colonized, however America has created a strong presence here.

     

William Allen, Ph.D – Dean of History, University of Liberia Anthony Mehns – Forestry & Agriculture, University of Liberia Francis Maweah – Program Director, University of Liberia Dr Guannu – Liberian Historians Dr Konneh – Liberian Historians Edwin Barclay – Liberian Politician

They have all shown interest in the BlackPoppyRose and we will be exploring the possibilities of working together.


January 2016 BlackPoppyRose has gone on to meet and contact:

A conference for 2017 is currently being planned to be held at the University of Liberia. Below are a few monuments we visited whilst in Liberia. To commemorate the struggles, those who fought, contributed and sacrificed


BlackPoppyRose 2017 We have already started securing bookings between May – November… Have you secured yours? Harambee Pasadia Harambee (Swahili) Let’s get together) Pasadia (Spanish) ‘to spend the day’

A small festival that takes place in Barnard Castle. It's the first Afro Fusion Music and Dance festival in the North East of England and our aims are to celebrate the diverse music, cultures and fusions of the African and Latin Diaspora; to get folks out of the city and into the country; to create a space where musicians, visual artists, dancers, and theatre makers who specialize or have an interest in African, Caribbean, and Latin cultures can network and collaborate and more.

Release D Riddim – Carnival 2017 Watch out for BLACKPOPPYROSE in


Notting Hill, London Carnival 2017 Carnival is a reflection of the West Indian/African expression due to the wars of oppression. This is our culture brought to the streets on Notting Hill for 51years. Release D Riddim’s theme this year fits in with what the BlackPoppyRose is all about…Join us in promoting our work with RDR 2017… Learn more about this history with us. Look out for the Band Launch MARCH 2017 –

Empowerment Radio - Coming June 2016 BlackPoppyRose on the radio waves after being approached by Empowerment Radio. They have offered us the opportunity to share our message with the airwaves 2017 as our themes and missions are very similar.

Lagos University: From the Pepperfarm to the Mega City (and beyond) 15th – 17th June 2017 BlackPoppyRose will be delivering a paper discussing Northern & Southern Nigeria Pre1919 Legacy building. We submitted our paper in November 2016 and have been selected to share our work.

A few of the other Groups we will be working with


UK Exhibition 2017 Since November 2016 we have been exploring ideas about creating a mobile exhibition to tour the UK. We would like to ask for your active involvement and investment in the creation and execution of the first BlackPoppyRose Community Exhibition. We are aiming to present an exhibition that has heavy participation from the community. This is NOT a London Based exhibition but a UK Based Initiative. As we are in London it will be launched there SATURDAY 9TH SEPTEMBER 2017 and will remain for 3 months until December 2017.

ADULTS & CHILDREN WE NEED YOUR HELP 1. We NEED your Memories (World War I & II – most certainly others too) Can you Share… a. ANY items or copies of items from the Wars? b. Uniforms, medals, trinkets, badges, and anything else you can think of? c. Your relatives/ancestor’s memories of their involvement in the war or their memories of the times around the war years/periods? d. Copies of photos, Birth/Marriage/Death certificate/Occupations of your relatives? e. Children created stories and images of their ancestors/soldiers they wish to remember? 2. Can a. b. c. d. e.

help us to raise the funds to purchase the items needed for the exhibition? Can you… Donate? Sell pins to raise funds? Host a fundraising event/sponsored activity to help raise funds and awareness? Ask others if they would be interested in supporting? Approach your schools, employers, local businesses, clubs, societies, organisations if they are able to provide any financial or ‘in kind’ donations?

We have five months to raise £5,000 UK-Wide (Feb – June) (That’s 20 cities raising £250 each)


In preparation for the end of the centenary for World War I, it will then be on tour throughout the major cities within the UK 2018: Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Cambridge, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle & Oxford.


Support Us – World-Wide What we need…Community support to help us to grow


 BlackPoppyRose Ambassadors: To be the face of the BlackPoppyRose in your local area o Who can speak different languages (Braille, Sign language & Urban slang included) o Passionate learners. o Distributers of BlackPoppyRoses  Volunteers: 3 hours per week (If more hours are possible let us know) o Research: At home, Within the Archives/Libraries/Universities etc. o Read Books, Materials & Websites o Light Admin: Translations, Emails, Calls, Minute meetings etc. o Help to design marketing products/initiatives o Assist at events / Host Events in your local area o Flyer within your local area: Barbers/Salons, Food shops, libraries, schools/colleges/universities, Dr’s & Dentists…EVERYWHERE o Help promote: Ask local business if they would Put up posters/ purchase a banner and sell BlackPoppyRoses from 1st October – 30th November  Investors/Sponsors: o Who can provide financial support o Who can assist with ‘In Kind’ donation o Who can provide resources, equipment, mentoring, volunteers etc.  Monthly Donation: Will help us to do much more to spread the work of BlackPoppyRose… A manageable amount I.e. £4 - £8 per month (£1 or £2 per week etc.) o Purchase a higher number of BlackPoppyRose Pins o Launch new designed pins o Produce Flyers / Posters / Banners o Publish Booklets / Books o Purchase Books & Materials o Future Exhibitions/Monuments/Plaques/Documentaries o Travel to spread the BlackPoppyRose, Locally, Nationally & Globally o Printing in different languages and larger fonts & Braille o Create jobs and work experience


 Your Families stories - Please share them with us. o Do you have records of your families Birth, Marriages & Death certificates from the Early 1800’s? Or stories of their lives? o Do you have pictures of your families from the early 1800’s – Today? o Do you have any items you think we would be able to share with the world to assist with our aims to educate and empower?

What we need 2018/19/20‌ CULTURAL & DIVERSE ACTION WORLDWIDE DOCUMENTING OUR ELDERS We would like to document our elders all over the world to ensure we are capturing not only events but to include thoughts, feelings and emotions that are also affiliated with them. Just like today we all know how we feel/felt about BREXIT‌In times to come it will be the feelings we remember more than the event that connect our histories.

HERITAGE CENTRES To make the West Indian Association of Service Personnel (UK BASED) a Heritage Centre in London for the permanent remembrance of the African/West Indian history. Their 40 -year presence in Clapham as well the legacy of the West Indies contribution to Britain since the formation of the West India Regiment 1795.


We aim to start bridging the gap between the Elders, Adults, Teenagers, and Children to start handing over information and certain levels of responsibilities, which comes with delivering and telling the stories of the past. To help each group to identify if there are any similarities between what we face now and what they faced before.

This we aim to start in London & Leicester and spread throughout the UK and World. To be able to host permanent exhibitions and artefacts and for the elders to have a safe place to engage, share, teach and learn. PERMANENT MONUMENTS / EXHIBTIONS The African / Black / West Indian influences and contributions to the UK and world which needs to reflected. It is time we came together to incorporate our history within our home.

Will you Invest in the BlackPoppyRose? For more information please contact us


The BlackPoppyRose aims to serve as a permanent remembrance of the legacy the African, Black, Caribbean, West Indian, Pacific Islanders have contributed to history. Every Child Matters, Every Childs culture is a-part of who they are and how they express themselves. It is our duty to help them make sense of who there are and what their ancestors have contributed to world history. We need your support to keep it going for generations to follow.



For more information & to book our services please contact us.


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