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Friday, February 13, 2009

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Friday, February 13, 2009



A little belter! SPLASH 1.0

Women’s view: Jeep Cherokee Road test: Renault Scenic 1.4

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FUEL economy and emissions of planet warming gasses have never been bigger issues for motorists than they are today. Rather than lusting after bigger and more potent engines, large sections of the public have turned their attention in the opposite direction and are more interested in extracting the maximum mileage from each tank of fuel they pump. This trend is good for the environment, good for our pockets and, if they can successfully tap into the demand for more frugal vehicles, it can be good for the manufacturers too. Suzuki is one brand which is aiming to attract cost conscious buyers and the 1.0-litre Splash mini MPV will have an important role to play. The Splash originally made do with a 1.2-litre petrol engine and a 1.3-litre diesel. Now there’s a 1.0-litre petrol to consider as well. It’s aimed at customers who care substantially more about keeping money in their pockets than the performance of their vehicle because priced at just £500 below the 1.2-litre engine, it gives away 18bhp and 2.4s on the 060mph sprint to that unit. Of course, if your everyday driving consists of battles to and from work through the rush hour traffic or rarely takes you out of the confines of urban streets, you’ll scarcely notice the difference in pace between the two units. The 1.3-litre diesel engine’s torque would be more of a miss. It produces 190Nm at 1,750rpm where our little petrol can only manage 89Nm at 4,800rpm but you’ll need £2,000 more to step from the 68bhp 1.0-litre into one of those. On the open road, it’s likely that the 1.0-litre engine will be found out a little with its sluggish 14.7s 0-60mph time and 99mph top speed but Splash target customers are unlikely to venture too far from home on a regular basis. Space inside is quite generous with the mass of headroom adding to the roomy feel. The boot is pokey but when the rear seats are unoccupied, you can fold them down to make room for the shopping. The 1.0-litre Suzuki Splash is only available in GLS trim with the plusher GLS+ level reserved for the larger engines. Pricing looks reasonably competitive compared to other superminibased MPVs but there is a fly in the ointment

FACTS CAR: Suzuki Splash 1.0

PERFORMANCE: 0-60mph 14.7s/max speed 99mph

PRICE: £8,350 - on the road

FUEL CONSUMPTION: (urban) 47.9mpg / (extra urban) 64.2mpg / (combined) 56.5mpg

INSURANCE GROUP: 3 [est] CO2 EMISSIONS: 120g/km in the shape of Vauxhall’s Agila which is broadly identical to the Splash beneath the surface but undercuts it on price. Suzuki will hope that its generous equipment levels tip the balance. It’s the bottom line that will tempt buyers into the entry-level Suzuki Splash. It promises to be an extremely cheap car to run. It’ll save you money over the larger engines in the showroom, particularly if you remember to get your haggling hat on. Then there’s the 56.5mpg economy, 5mpg better than the 1.2-

STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: ABS, EBD, BA, ESP, six airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners litre petrol and only 6mpg behind the diesel with its much higher list price. Emissions are just 120g/km which are the same as the diesel and carry big tax advantages while insurance costs will also put a smile on your face. The Splash is one of the finest small MPVs out there, offering decent practicality within the confines of its small body and proving a hoot to pilot around town. The boot is small and the ride firm but the build quality, equipment levels and lively handling all impress.


City car that’s simply sensational FACTS

C1 SPLASH CITROEN’S C1 is a great example of simplicity in car manufacturing. Citroen makes no bones about the fact that this is a city car in a basic, pared down form. You can see and feel where corners have been cut and weight has been shaved to keep the vehicle economical and affordable but none of it matters because the C1 does what it needs to do in an area of the market where cost is king. It’s hard not to admire the C1’s honesty and in special edition Splash form, the little Citroen is at its most disarming. Citroen actually offers a 1.4-litre diesel engine with the C1 but that hoists the price up by a fair whack. Most buyers will find it best to stick with the feisty little 3-cylinder petrol engine and as luck would have it, this is the only unit offered with the Splash special edition model. The 1.0-litre petrol feels more alert and responsive than the oil-burner anyway and buzzes about the place emitting a surprisingly

CAR: Citroen C1 Splash PRICE: £7,345 - on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 1 CO2 EMISSIONS: 106g/km PERFORMANCE: Top Speed 93mph / 0-60mph 13.7s FUEL CONSUMPTION: (combined) 62.8mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front and side airbags, ABS with EBD purposeful engine note. You won’t be going particularly quickly in a straight line but there’s definitely fun to be had in the C1’s hot seat. The Splash special edition is based on the VT model from the standard C1 range but it adds a series of extras. There’s air-conditioning thrown in as standard as well as electric front

windows and remote central locking. The Where the C1 scores an almost unbeatable mark is in the field of cost of ownership. The nippy 1.0i 68hp petrol engine emits less CO2 than any other petrol powerplant currently on sale in the UK, boasting lowered CO2 emissions of just 106g/km and a combinedcycle fuel consumption figure of 62.8mpg.

women’s view

GIRL TALK with June Neary

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tough guy 4x4

THERE’S a lot of talk in the specialist motoring press about what is and what isn’t a ‘proper’ 4x4. The confusion has sprung from the growing penchant among manufacturers for creating vehicles that display the rough and ready looks of an offroader but have little or no off-road ability. Some of them don’t even have four-wheel drive. It can all be a little confusing for the humble car buyer but there are models with which you always know where you stand and amongst them is Jeep’s Cherokee.


purely to perambulate outside city centre shopping arcades. The live rear axle is also another reminder that the Cherokee is built extremely tough. While the ride on road isn’t as composed as the most car like compact 4x4 models, the Jeep feels better able to withstand some abuse than any of its rivals.

VALUE FOR MONEY The Cherokee is offered only in wellappointed Limited trim, a specification that includes features such as leather seats and a leather-trimmed steering wheel and gear knob, big alloy wheels, stability control and air conditioning.


With decent ground clearance, a proper low range transfer box, Hill Descent Control (with the automatic gearbox option) and a clever SelecTrac II four-wheel-drive system, the Cherokee comes well equipped for off-road work. Build quality can best be described as functional. The American domestic market doesn’t seem to place too much store on materials quality and the Cherokee feels built down to a price. The plus side of this is that it’s very rugged and doesn’t take much recourse to the manual to establish how the controls function. The feel is a good deal more masculine than its rather rounded predecessor, a car that gained 60 per cent of its sales from women. This time


So for your money, you’re getting a serious car with a decent level of equipment.


round the target demographic is a little more hairy of chest.


Only one engine is offered to UK buy-

ers but it’s the most relevant one available to Jeep; a 174bhp 2.8-litre four-cylinder diesel. It’s not the most refined powerplant

in the world but it suits the rugged feel of the Cherokee very well and leaves you under no illusions that this is a vehicle that’s not been designed

If you’re after a compact 4x4 that can cope with being driven off-road, there aren’t too many choices available. The Jeep Cherokee is certainly one of the few that could hack it and that you’d have confidence in when the going gets tough. It’s also well equipped and reasonably composed on the road but there are more refined and sophisticated options out there.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009



Friday, February 13, 2009


Just what the driver ordered

THERE are quite a few key criteria to tick off when selecting a miniMPV and Renault think they’ve got them all covered. Safety is the key issue, customers prioritising crash protection for their families and the Scenic boasts a full five-star Euro-NCAP crash test result. Next up is practicality, and Renault score here too, with years of experience producing this sort of vehicle. The final driver is running costs. The 1.4-litre version of the latest entry-level Scenic that we examine here not only wears a distinctly friendly sticker price but scores big in terms of fuel economy, insur-

SCENIC 1.4 ance bills and spares costs. No wonder Renault have such high hopes for this model. The 1.4-litre car’s 100bhp engine isn’t the most inspiring powerplant we’ve come across but it does get the job done with a minimum of fuss. Only if you load the Scenic up to the gunwales will it struggle. If you can afford another £500 or so, those looking for something a bit peppier can opt for the 1.6litre models which offer marginally better fuel economy and much better performance figures. Three trim levels are offered,

FACTS CAR: Renault Scenic 1.4 PRICES: £14,191 - on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 4E CO2 EMISSIONS: 173g/km PERFORMANCE: Max Speed 114mph / 0-60mph 14.5s

FUEL CONSUMPTION: (urban) 29.1mpg / (extra urban) 47.1mpg / (combined) 38.7mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front, side & curtain airbags / seatbelt pre-tensioners / ABS with emergency brake assist

starting with the entry-level Authentique at £13,945. Then there’s the well equipped Expression which tacks just over £1,000 onto the price and the Dynamique, a car with vaguely sporting pretensions, topping off the range at up to £15,745. Each is well equipped and the Scenic’s equipment levels need to be taken into account when pricing the car against rivals from Ford and Volkswagen. Although it may not major on excitement when it comes to offering what mini-MPV buyers really want, the Renault Scenic 1.4-litre range looks to have the bases covered.

Friday, February 13, 2009



Friday, February 13, 2009

dealer profile

Weekend for bargains

... and brand new Insignia goes on show MOORLAND MOTORS MOORLAND Motors will be holding their Big Event Weekend next Saturday and Sunday, February 14 and 15. Star of the show will be the all-new Vauxhall Insignia. This will be the first opportunity to see this fabulous new car in the showroom and Moorland Motors’ team are eager to demonstrate its state-of-the-art features to all their customers. The Vauxhall Insignia marks the start of a new era for Vauxhall and there are plenty of reasons for optimism. The manufacturer has worked hard to broaden the appeal of the Insignia beyond that of the fleet-favourite Vectra and it certainly looks to have been successful. Its efforts to inject extra style and flair to the look of the car should be much appreciated, the front camera arrangement is neat and the optional four-wheel-drive system is an interesting addition to the medium range sector.

This car is as sharp to drive as its Mondeo rival and the clever FlexRide system gives it a real technological edge. Overall, what’s crucial is that the basics of this car seem to work. The Insignia looks a very desirable, cleverly designed package that will give its rivals something to really think about. The launch weekend of the Vauxhall Insignia will also see the promotion of the exciting new car ranges of Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Saab as well as a massive choice of approved used cars, all at incredibly low prices. There really has never been a better time to replace your car as both prices and deals have never been better!

It is also nearing that time when the registration plate changes and the new ‘09’ plate will be available from March 1, 2009. The Moorland Motors’ Big Event Weekend will be an ideal opportunity to select your new car ready for its ‘09’ plate. Buying a new car is an exciting experience and Moorland Motors’ sales team will ensure that it is also a rewarding and satisfying one. They have a wide range of models available from Vauxhall, Chevrolet and Saab along with a comprehensive choice of specifications and options. Their sales team will be happy to demonstrate the car of your choice and arrange a test drive while you are there.

If you require finance to assist with the purchase of your car, then the dealership can offer you a range of competitively priced packages that can be tailored to your specific circumstances. To make the process as smooth as possible, they will also take your existing vehicle in partexchange. Why not make it a date for the Moorland Motors’ Big Event Weekend? Cars, both new and used, have never been such good value. You can find Moorland Motors on Whitehills Business Park, Lytham St Annes Way in Blackpool, FY4 5PQ or, for more information, telephone (01253) 696747. You can also visit their website at

Fab deals on offer FOR the best offers and savings, 2009 is now the time to buy your next car. And at Harry Feeney Toyota in Blackpool they have the exciting range of new Toyota models and the centre’s brand new sales experience called “Toyota Viewpoint” to whet your appetite. This is another of Toyota’s state-ofthe-art visual showroom systems that enables you to build the car of your choice on a 40-inch display screen. The Harry Feeney’s new sales experience also features new model launches, discount prices along with exceptional value for money. The new Toyota Aygo also offers fun, style, convenience and a certain chic that is irresistible. Starting at just £7,040 for the entry level model or £8,250 for the particularly special Aygo Black or Blue Limited Edition models, these prices will ensure that any Aygo will be right up your street. Their low Co2 emissions cost only £35 per year in Road Tax and return

62mpg on a combined cycle. The all-new 2009 Yaris really does deserve to be treated with respect. With a strong level of specification and class leading safety features, the Yaris is everything you could wish for in a small car. The feature models of Yaris TR and SR have additional specifications to give an even more value-added package. Yaris 1.0-litre and 1.33-litre engines with Optimal Drive start at £8,585 and offer reduced Co2 emissions, better fuel economy and enhanced performance throughout the range. The new Toyota Auris really does make you feel different inside. Once in, you will really appreciate the new design as well as the build quality of this model and with a starting price of just £12,435 it is easy to understand why it will prove an instant success. Come and test drive the latest IQ and see for yourself what the motoring press are so excited about! The

dealer profile

Friday, February 13, 2009


HARRY FEENEY TOYOTA unique IQ is the smallest 4-seater in the world and produces only 99g/Km of Co2 emissions in manual transmission mode and is totally exempt from any Road Tax. Also available since January is the all-new Toyota Avensis. With its cutting edge design and safety, it just exudes quality. Harry Feeney still have available a

BUY LOCAL Harry Feeney Toyota

selection of the ‘Blue Moon Sale’ savings on specific models ranging from £1,400 off a Yaris 1.3-litre SR 3-door up to a massive £4,000 on a Rav4 SR 180 diesel. Add to this their brand new “Access Toyota” low rate finance offers and you may be surprised to see just how easy it is to drive away in a 2009 09-plate Toyota. Why not call in to Harry Feeney

Devonshire Road, Blackpool Tel 01253 302741

Toyota and savour the centre’s new sales experience “Viewpoint” for yourself? It really has never been a better time to buy a new Toyota and with some fantastic offers available you can save some serious money. You can find the Toyota centre at Devonshire Road Garage, Devonshire Road in Blackpool or, for further information, telephone them on (01253) 308200. You can also visit their website


Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009



Friday, February 13, 2009

A great range of choice

dealer profile Fiat 500 range (left)

Fiat has latterly built a reputation for having a wide range of excellent powerplants, especially at the smaller end of the product portfolio. Indeed, the 1.3litre 16v Multijet diesel engine fitted to the 500 is so good that it overshadows the otherwise excellent pair of petrol powerplants. Five or six speed manual transmissions are offered and the 500 has been designed to replicate the original car’s nimble feel and ability to put a smile on its driver’s face. There’s such a cheekiness and personality to its design that people would have bought the car even if it was irredeemably awful in every other respect.

Fiat 500 Abrath

Fiat’s famous ‘city button’ as featured in the standard 500 models is changed to a sport button in the 500 Abarth. Instead of making the steering lighter, it weights the helm up for more feel and a sportier driving experience. Abarth badging is everywhere from pride of place on the grille to the rear wings, the 16” alloys wheels, the steering wheel hub and the tailgate. Even the engine gets an Abarth scorpion crawling across it. At the front, a pair of fog lights is set into the air-intake and these jewellike additions are mirrored by the chromed exhausts that protrude from the rear diffuser. Side skirts and flared wheelarches dominate the flanks along with the distinctive Abarth racing stripe decals.

Fiat Bravo

It’s easy to forgive the Bravo any minor shortcomings when you walk round the car, taking in its beautifully integrated detailing and elegant proportions. Just as the Grande Punto added a touch of the exotic to the supermini class, the Bravo does the same for cars the next size up. The interior feels very well built. Bright finish plastics lift the cabin and the controls are easy to figure out without recourse to the manual.

Fiat Doblo

Fiat have been beautifying their range of late, taking a scalpel to the excesses of the Multipla, launching the quite startling Grande Punto and now giving the Doblo a nip and tuck. The rather odd looking front end has been thoroughly revised, Bigger headlamps and wider underbumper intakes give the Doblo a little presence without looking like it’s been tagged by the ugly stick. The changes are likely to put the Fiat onto the shortlists of many buyers who previously rejected it on the grounds that it looked a little unconventional, there’s a choice of three trim levels – Active, Dynamic and 7-seat Family.

Fiat Grande Punto

Fiat isn’t about to let this Grande Punto fade into the background as a forgotten fashion accessory in the supermini market, hence this useful package of upgrades. The things that matter haven’t changed though. It still looks great and the 5-star Euro NCAP rating testifies to the fact that it’s still one of the safest small cars that it’s

CHORLEY FIAT possible to buy. Above the ‘Active’ entry-level, there’s basically a choice between ‘Comfort’ versions (badged ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Eleganza’) and ‘Sport’ models (badged ‘GP’ and ‘Sporting’). The GP versions look ideal for younger drivers who wanted a more aggressive look but need lower insurance premiums. This variant gets unique, sporty (that word again) interior trim, ‘sports’ instruments (argh!), dark-tinted headlamps, front foglights, a rear spoiler and 16-inch alloy wheels. They’re pretty sporty too.

Fiat Multipla

The Multipla is great fun to drive. the long wheelbase and the more rigid body mean that the Multipla handles better. Certainly, the direct, beautifullyweighted steering helps, as does a slick, snappy gearchange manipulated via a stick protruding from the fascia. And what a fascia: with various satellite areas for the ventilation controls, the air vents and the built-in stereo. Perched on top is a crescentshaped speedometer incorporating a fuel gauge, warning lights - but no rev counter. There are only two engines on offer and neither is particularly rapid

Fiat Panda range

The range starts with the 1.1litre Active, from where you can then step up to the 1.2 Dynamic. Above this are the 1.2 Dynamic AirCon and the 1.2 Dynamic SkyDome, effectively giving customers the choice of air conditioning or a vast electric sun roof.The next priciest model is the 1.3-litre MultiJet Dynamic diesel, followed by the wellspecified 1.2 Eleganza. Most city car ranges would stop there but the Panda line-up finishes with some very attractive ‘boutique’ models. The 1.2-litre 4x4 even offers all-weather offroad ability, as does the Panda Cross. Finally there’s that sporty 100HP version which features a 1.4-litre engine, a six-speed gearbox, lowered suspension, all-round disc brakes and a big bagful of fun thrown in. The upholstery on the seat covers is completely washable because as any parent knows, accidents do happen. The colour scheme is lively with orange airvent surrounds and special mats for the foot wells.

Fiat Sedici

Fiat’s Sedici compact 4x4 looks a clever package. It’s a Compact SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), but also a versatile family hatchback you can afford. Inside, the fascia is attractively designed with some decent and hard wearing materials used. The combination of a raised driving position, height adjustable driver’s seat, rake-adjustable steering wheel and deep front quarterlight windows offer the driver a commanding driving position with good all-round visibility. Chorley Fiat have some fantastic 09 deals on all new models. Call in Chorley Fiat, Amy Johnson Way, Squires Gate, Blackpool. Tel: 0844 249 5136 or visit

BUY LOCAL Chorley Fiat Amy Johnson Way, Squires Gate, Blackpool Tel 0844 249 5136 (local rate)


Space for the family COTTONING on to the fact QASHQAI+2 that a host of families exist who want neither a big, bulky screen pillars forward is stan4x4 nor a style vacuum that dard Qashqai. Everything most MPV people movers repbehind this point has been resent, Nissan has brought us modified in the Qashqai+2. the seven seat Qashqai+2. The wheelbase has been )A true ‘crossover’ vehicle extended by 135mm and the with elements of a number of overall length has grown by genres, the company hopes it’ll 211mm to 4,526mm. To make catch on. Don’t bet against it. sure that rear seat occupants There’s one of the widest don’t feel too hemmed in, the choices of engines in the sector roof line has been reprofiled as with two diesels and two well, adding 38mm to the petrol powerplants. car’s height. The doors have The range kicks off with a been redesigned and the side 1.6-litre 115bhp petrol unit windows are now bigger, as is and moves up through 106bhp the rear tailgate window, mak1.5dCi diesel and 140bhp 2.0ing the back feel anything but litre petrol units before topclaustrophobic. ping-out with the 150bhp 2.0The middle row of seats litre dCi diesel. splits 40/40/40 and the backNissan hasn’t skimped when rest reclines to no fewer than it comes to transmission nine adjustment positions. options either, the Qashqai+2 The back being supplied row of seats with five and is designed six- speed for kids or manual boxes, adults up to a six-speed CAR: Nissan Qashqai+2 range 1.6m (5ft auto option PRICES: £15,495-£22,222 3ins), the and even an seats fold advanced INSURANCE GROUPS: 5-10 [est] 50/50 and Constantly CO2 EMISSIONS: 139-208g/km can be folded Variable PERFORMANCE: [2.0 petrol away simply Transmission 2WD] 0-60mph 10.1s / Top by pulling a (CVT). Speed 112mph strap. There’s The ALLno need to MODE 4x4 sysFUEL CONSUMPTION: [2.0 go through tem is available petrol 2WD] (urban) 26.4mpg / the hassle of on the 2.0-litre (extra urban) 42.8mpg / (comremoving vehicles. This is bined) head rests an electronic 34.9mpg first. system which STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: When foldautomatically ABS with Brake Assist and EBD, ed down, engages fourActive front headrests. there’s a maswheel drive sive 500 litres the moment a WHO TO SEE: Fantastic offers of stowage loss of traction at Chorley Nissan, Amy space, and is detected. It Johnson Way, Squires Gate the rear hatch offers more Blackpool. Tel: 0844 847 5192 or is both wider safety and visit and has a security in lower loading extreme weathsill than the standard Qashqai er on-road. model. Nissan makes no bones of There’s even an underfloor the fact that the Qashqai+2 is stowage area to keep valuanything but an off-roader, citables out of sight. The sturdy ing its lack of ground clearlid of this stowage area also ance. doubles as a cargo divider to What precludes it from tackprevent your eggs getting ling rutted tracks makes it a squashed by your Irn Bru. better car on the blacktop, the Like the five seat Qashqai, hunkered down centre of gravthe +2 is available in three difity giving the Nissan the driving ferent trim and equipment verdynamics of a typical family sions – the now familiar Visia, hatch. Acenta and Tekna levels. The Qashqai+2 weighs Overall? Well, with a broad 100kg more than its five seat range that encompasses four sibling and the suspension and engines, three trim levels and steering systems have been the choice of two or fourretuned to take account of wheel drive, it’s hard to see this. how Nissan can fail. Everything from the wind-


BUY LOCAL Chorley Nissan Blackpool

Amy Johnson Way, Squires Gate, Blackpool Tel 0844 847 5192 (local rate)

Friday, February 13, 2009



Friday, February 13, 2009

ONE CLUBMAN IF the Clubman is the MINI in its most utilitarian form, it should make even more sense with the MINI’s most utilitarian engine. It all bodes well for the MINI One Clubman. Say what you like about the MINI’s iconic design, zesty driving experience and exemplary economy, it’s not the most practical destination for around £12,000 of your hard earned cash. Those stingy rear seats and the less than captious boot on the hatchback model mean that family journeys can be a bit of a squeeze. The Clubman was created to address this point and did a decent job without setting the world alight. More affordably priced in One form, the Clubman could be at its most appealing. The MINI One Clubman has a 1.4litre petrol engine and with 95bhp, it isn’t the most vigorous performer. Give the accelerator pedal a sound stomping and, if you’re slick enough with the gearbox, 60mph can be reached in 11.6s. That and the 114mph top speed makes this the slowest MINI Clubman but neither the Cooper’s 9.8s nor the Cooper D’s 10.4s are particularly rapid and yet those cars are more than capable of getting their drivers grinning. Like all MINI products, the Clubman’s fun factor comes from its responsive steering, firm suspension and tight body control, the One Clubman should be no different, particularly as it shares the Cooper’s sporty suspension set-up. With a longer wheelbase and around 2cm of extra roof height plus identical components as far back as the B-pillars, there doesn’t seem to be much scope for the Clubman to dramatically exceed the interior space of the MINI. Crucially though, it’s 24cm longer overall thanks to the extended rear overhang and that has helped BMW squeeze in 8cm of extra rear legroom while upping the boot capacity from a paltry 160 litres to a respectable 260. The rear seats take the form of a


Beat the squeeze


three-seater bench in the standard car but the standard MINI’s two-person pods can be reinstated as a no cost option if you don’t need the middle berth. The Clubman is a five-door car but the doors aren’t exactly where you’d expect them to be. It’s business as usual at the front but access to the rear seating is through a single ‘suicide’ door on the right-hand side. Hinged on its rearmost edge so

that it opens in the opposite direction to the front doors, it’s positioned on the right-hand side of the Clubman and there’s no equivalent on the left. It means that rear seat passengers in right-hand drive markets like the UK are forced to exit into the road. The One Clubman comes in at around £1,200 less than the Cooper Clubman, a decent saving that will bring this more practical MINI into range for a wider group of buyers. The MINI One Clubman can return

52.3mpg on the combined cycle which is very good for a petrol model and its emissions are a similarly strong 130g/km. Anyone looking for a small car with loads of space and practicality built in might not appreciate the MINI Clubman. There are far better ways of accommodating the family comfortably for this kind of money. As a MINI with a bit more space, however, it’s a fine product and that holds true regardless of which engine is installed.

CAR: MINI One Clubman PRICE: £13,290 - on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 7 [est] CO2 EMISSIONS: 130g/km PERFORMANCE: Max Speed 114mph / 0-60mph 11.6s FUEL CONSUMPTION: 52.3mpg (combined) STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Six airbags, ABS with EBD and CBC, DSC, runflat tyres

BUY LOCAL Derek Woodman Mini Whitehills Business Park, Lytham St Annes Way, Blackpool Tel 01253 607622


Bigger, better and more powerfully built than ever A4 2.7 TDI WITHIN the ranges of any serious car maker you have the niche models that can be a bit adventurous, the image building halo products and then you have the cars that represent the seed corn. The A4 is that car to Audi – a model that it cannot afford to get wrong. With this latest third generation car, Audi has played a resolutely straight bat, applying simple procedures. Make it slightly bigger, slightly more powerful and better built than ever. Throw a few innovations trialled elsewhere at it. Above all, do not make it radical. The A4 is certainly better than its predecessor to drive. Moving the engine lower and backwards in the chassis has helped weight distribution for a subtle difference in chassis dynamics. The other headline feature of this latest A4 is the fact that it sits on the


CAR: Audi A4 2.7 TDI PRICES: £27,755 - £30,835 - on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 15 CO2 EMISSIONS: 176g/km PERFORMANCE: 0-60mph 7.3s / Max Speed 140 mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: (urban) 34.9mpg / (extra urban) 49.6mpg / (combined) 42.8mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front, window & side airbags, ESP, ABS, traction control, longest wheelbase in its class which enables a 36mm increase in rear leg room, with the added bonus of a 20litre boost in boot capacity, making this car easily the most spacious in its sector. The 2.7-litre TDI version of the A4 starts at around £28,000 which is

closer to the 3.0-litre diesel than the 2.0-litre oil burner in price, if not in power output which, on the face of it, would appear to make the 3.0-litre car the better buy. It’s worth remembering that this price includes the not inconsequential cost of the Multitronic CVT gearbox and when

prices are adjusted accordingly, the 2.7 TDI looks good value. For a premium of around £1,200, you can also opt for an estate ‘Avant’ version. Here, space in the back is rated at 490 litres with the rear seats in place and 1,430 with the rear bench folded. A combined fuel economy figure of

42.8mpg is an excellent return for a model of this potency and even the urban figure of 34.9mpg is not to be sniffed at. On a longer run, this A4 can chalk up nearly 50mpg which means an effective range of over 700 miles from a tank full of diesel. Get inside and there’s still the reassuring feel of solid build quality, with soft touch finishes and excellent ergonomics. The mark of a great car is its depth of engineering - how long and hard its designers have thought about how it’s going to be used. The A4 impresses in this regard. In all likelihood, this 2.7-litre model is going to remain a niche player in the A4 range; a compromise between the bigger selling 2.0 and 3.0-litre diesel models. It’s a car that deserves a little more credit as a model in its own right, offering a mature and well-rounded alternative to BMW and Mercedes that stacks up well as a financial proposition.

BUY LOCAL Preston Audi Riversway Motor Park, Nelson Way, Preston Tel 01772 730000


Friday, February 13, 2009


ROOMSTER FANCY an affordable compact vanbased MPV? Something like a Renault Kangoo or a Citroen Berlingo Multispace? Then you probably wish it was a little less, well, van-like. In which case you’re probably going to like the alternative we’re looking at here, Skoda’s Roomster. It’s a competitor in this sector, sure, but without the commercial vehicle origins. The Roomster is a car of two halves – or ‘rooms’ as the Skoda PR machine would have us refer to them. The “driving room” is the area occupied by the driver and front passenger and it feels very much like that of a conventional family hatchback. The driving position is comfortable, with a good degree of adjustment and much less upright than in most MPV products. Quality materials have also been used and build quality is strong. As you progress rearward, you enter the Roomster’s “living room” and it’s here that the vehicle’s van-like silhouette pays dividends. The roofline steps up, allowing the rear seats to be mounted 46mm higher than those in the front: this boosts the space available to passengers. Leg and headroom are both extremely generous and there’s a light, airy feel to the space thanks to the large windows. An optional panoramic glass roof increases this effect with Skoda pointing out that children become bored more quickly if they don’t have a good view of the scenery. The rear seating has also been thoughtfully designed. All three sections of the rear bench are individually foldable and removable. They also recline as well as sliding fore and aft so that owners can choose either to maximise passenger legroom or to bump up capacity in the extremely generous boot behind. This boot is accessed through a large tailgate which lifts to reveal a capacity of 450 litres. Then, depending on the position of the rear seats, owners have the option of increasing that cargo space right up to a truly van-like 1,780 litres – which is achieved when all three

The roomy vroom seats are positioned in the garage at home. All this helps to open up a wide range of potential interior configurations for the Roomster – a real strength when it comes to meeting the varying needs of modern families. Skoda have laid-on six engines for buyers to choose from and these are equally split between petrol and diesel. The petrol range includes a 70bhp 1.2-litre unit, then there’s an 85bhp 1.4 and a 105bhp 1.6. Dieselwise, you get 70 and 80bhp 1.4-litre three-cylinder options or a 105bhp 1.9-litre TDI.

There’s no doubt that, with its composed handling and clever interior, the Roomster is a far more sophisticated proposition than your typical vanbased MPV but it’s priced accordingly. The basic price of around £10,000 for a 1.2-litre model in base Roomster 1 trim looks attractive enough but the range-topping Roomster 3 car stretches to over £14,000. All derivatives look well-equipped, however, with air-conditioning, front, curtain and side airbags, bodycoloured bumpers and an MP3-compatible CD stereo.

The top Roomster 3 derivatives really pile it on, adding the panoramic glass roof, parking sensors and cruise control amongst other items. The other option is the Roomster Scout which piles on the off-roader design cues to create a more imposing air. It’s not four-wheel-drive though. The unorthodox styling and clever cabin of the Roomster mean that, at last, we could be looking at a Skoda that you buy with your heart as well as your head. Taking the van out of the van-based MPV equation could prove to be a masterstroke.


CAR: Skoda Roomster range PRICES: £10,020-£14,125 - on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 2E-5E CO2 EMISSIONS: 138-170g/km PERFORMANCE: [1.9TDI] 0-60mph 11.5s / Max Speed 113mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: [1.4TDI 80bhp] (combined) 54.3mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: ABS, front, side and curtain airbags.


MPV with personality plus won’t send you to sleep S-MAX THERE was good reason to sit up and pay attention when Ford started making some big noises about its SMAX MPV model and that self same model was named as European Car of the Year 2007. For a start it’s got the right sort of shape. There’s room inside for seven people but it’s a radically sportier vehicle than the latest Galaxy model with which it shares the same underpinnings. Ford point to the fact that the SMAX in fact shares just a handful of exterior parts with the more conventional Galaxy, the headlamps and bonnet having the same part numbers. The comparative height of the vehicles (1676mm for the Galaxy and 1607mm for the S-MAX) shows that the sleek, hunkered down appearance of the sportier S-MAX is not merely down to clever penmanship. This is the sleekest people mover this side of a Mercedes R-Class. Recent improvements include the


CAR: Ford S-MAX range PRICES: £18,205-£27,894 - on the road INSURANCE GROUPS: 10-14 CO2 EMISSIONS: 164-224g/km PERFORMANCE: [2.5 Zetec] Max Speed 143mph / 0-60mph 7.4s FUEL CONSUMPTION: [2.0TDCi] (combined) 44mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front, side and curtain airbags, ABS, EBA addition of a 175bhp 2.2-litre TDCi model, a flexifuel version (FFV) capable of running on any mix of bioethanol and petrol in the same fuel tank, plus extra equipment including Bluetooth compatibility. Let’s get to the heart of any MPV style vehicle – the seats. Ford’s designers appear to have become fed up

with Vauxhall taking all the plaudits for clever seating solutions and have come up with a system of their own. FFS (Ford FoldFlatSystem before you attribute a baser meaning to that acronym) allows 32 different seating permutations. The second and third rows of seats all fold flat to form a genuinely huge load floor that mea-

sures 2.0 by 1.15 metres which is about as big as a double bed. In addition to the Ford FoldFlatSystem, a number of lashing points are located across the floor and on the cabin sides, helping to prevent your belongings from destroying themselves if you do fail to resist the Ford’s sporty character. If you do wish

to run the S-MAX in removal van mode, it’ll heave around up to 2,000 litres of goods with all the rear seat folded flat. There are also no fewer than 26 different cubbies located around the cabin so you’ll need to know where you left that key/credit card/wedding ring or it could be a lengthy search. In total, there’s a full 90 litres of oddment stowage in total. Prices start from under £19,000 for a 2.0-litre Edge with a pair of diesel engines just above that, the 1.8 TDCi 125bhp Edge and the 2.0-litre TDCi 140bhp Edge. You can also get Ford’s 6-speed Durashift automatic allied to 2.0 TDCi 130bhp power. The 2.5-litre engine is quite a tool, in effect being an almost direct transplant of the unit found in the Focus ST. This is good for 220bhp and looks good value in either Zetec trim or range-topping Titanium guise. Most MPVs are enough to put you to sleep. In the S-MAX, Ford have developed one with a bit of personality. Let’s hope they’re rewarded for doing so.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Set to be a winner MORE striking to look at than the Vectra but also more spacious and with an improved engine range, the Vauxhall Insignia looks like a winner. The optional four-wheel-drive system should go down well at the top end of the range helping the Insignia to extend its appeal to more private buyers. The people that made the Vauxhall Vectra the success that it was would ultimately have a big part to play in its downfall. The car was popular through all its various versions but popular with the wrong people. Fleet managers loved the dependable style of this low cost family car but private buyers were less enamoured. Too many found its prosaic qualities a little, well, boring. Now the Vectra’s replacement has arrived and with its new name comes a new focus. The Insignia is offered with five engines initially. For petrol buyers,


THE INSIGNIA there’s an entry-level 1.8-litre 140PS ECOTEC unit, then a rather large gap to a 220PS 2.0-litre turbocharged unit, sitting below a 2.8-litre V6 260PS range-topper. If you want a CDTi diesel, there are a couple of fresh 2.0-litre ones, developing either 130 or 160PS. The Insignia is offered in two or fourwheel-drive guise with the 4x4 model benefiting from the clever adaptive all-wheel-drive system pioneered by Saab. It adapts the distribution of torque between all four wheels instantaneously to enhance traction and handling. This should give the Insignia a key advantage over its predominately 2WD rivals. A clever adjustable damping ‘FlexRide’ system has been developed for this car, enabling drivers to choose

a chassis setup that matches their own particular driving style. In addition to the Standard ride setting, FlexRide enables the driver to select a relaxed (Tour) setting or a firmer suspension set-up (Sport) by pressing one of two buttons on the instrument panel. Offered as a five-door, a four-door or an estate, this car tries for a dynamic, head-turning appearance and isn’t unsuccessful. The five-door hatch and four-door saloon versions are nigh-on impossible to distinguish at a glance. Both have the same bowed roofline which drops dramatically towards the rear and, perhaps the Insignia’s signature stylistic device,

the “blade” feature that’s cutaway behind the front wheelarches. At the front, all Insignia models feature a bold chrome grille with the latest Vauxhall badge at the centre. It sits on a raised centre section which runs down through the bumper and up to merge with the lines of the Insignia’s fluted bonnet. The result is as easy on the air as it is on the eye with Vauxhall claiming the sector’s best aerodynamics at 0.27Cd, one of the most slippery shapes of any car. Is this car as sharp to drive as its Mondeo rival? Perhaps not, but there’s not much in it and the clever FlexRide system gives it a technologi-

cal edge. There’s not very much on the debit side, unless you count the big gap between the two four cylinder petrol engines’ output and their unremarkable fuel economy. Overall, what’s crucial is that the basics seem to work. The Insignia looks a desirable, cleverly designed package that will give rivals something to think about. Experience the Insignia at the Moorland Big Weekend (Saturday, February 14, Sunday, February 15). Ride and drive available all weekend, book your test drive now to avoid disappointment, limited places available. Prices range from £15,601 to £28,867.

BUY LOCAL Moorland Motors Whitehills Business Park, Lytham St Annes Way, Blackpool Tel 01253 696747

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dealer profile

19 +

Dealer for budget cars IN THESE difficult economic times, many drivers are downsizing to a smaller, more fuel efficient car. Established in 1994, JP Car Sales on St Annes Road in Blackpool is well placed to take advantage of the switch to compact vehicles as they specialise in providing small cars that offer low road tax and cheaper insurance premiums. You can find a selection of well-prepared quality used cars that cater for most requirements, from compact city cars and superminis through to familyfriendly hatchbacks, estates, saloons and people carriers. The majority of cars are priced

dealer profile

ROBINS AND DAY THESE days, driving and owning any car is more pleasurable than ever before. Nevertheless, when the time for servicing - or an MOT - does finally arrive, you'll want an experienced place to go that keeps running costs low. Keeping expense to a minimum is often difficult when it comes to things like tyres, exhausts, batteries, clutches, shock absorbers, servicing and all the costs associated with MOTs. So it's natural to think no further than your nearest 'fastfit'-style operator. However, many don't realise that the kind of deals on offer there are often available at your main dealer. Here, as well as prices comparable to any of the high street chains, you'll find all the experience that is directly relevant to your particular make and model of car, in other words, the best of both worlds. This is all the more surprising

Expertise at your service when you consider that at a main dealer only genuine original equipment parts are used, parts of better quality, designed specifically for your car to last longer and keep you safer. If you've a family to consider, that's important if you're to have the peace of mind of being able to count on reliability. Main dealers are regularly perceived as being much more expensive than local garages and in some cases it's true. However, it's always best to take the long term view, calculating the lifetime cost of main dealer servicing and

weighing that against the money you'll make back when you sell your car with a full dealer service history. In many cases the differences are marginal and you'll be getting all of the benefits above for very little outlay. For prestige cars, its financial madness not to get the car main dealer serviced. It's not a case of can you afford to, more a case of can you afford not to? Robins And Day offers: Mot only £29.99. Services from only £69.99, all makes, models, petrol or diesel. Tel: 0844 5671566.

BUY LOCAL Robins and Day Peugeot 382 Blackpool Road, Preston Tel 0844 5671566

JP CAR SALES from £2,000 on up towards £10,000 and this dealership can provide low rate finance. The team has all the necessary expertise to produce a range of realistic and affordable options and part exchange deals are also welcome. There are usually around 25 to 30 used vehicles on site at any one time, and all come with a three month, no quibble, parts and labour warranty, plus 12months’ MOT and a service. Every car is also HPI vehicle history checked. Most cars are one owner, low

mileage, with many being sourced through the Motability Programme and therefore guaranteed to have a low mileage and service history, while other vehicles are supplied via trusted industry contacts. Cars can also be sourced to order. All the vehicle preparation including safety checks, services and valets are carried out on site. Why not call into JP Car Sales and take a look at the great selection they have to offer? You can find them at the rear of 18 St Annes Road, Blackpool, Lancashire (FY4 2AN) or, call (01253) 408030 to arrange a test drive. You can also visit their website at


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used cars The Gazette

Your essential Friday guide to buying second-hand vehicles

represented by the Ford Focus CC and the Vauxhall Astra Twintop. If you have a few more bob to spend, then the Volkswagen Eos gets a solid recommendation.

AFFORDABLE CONVERTIBLE THE market for affordable convertibles is popularised by cabriolet versions of the VW Golf, the Vauxhall Astra, the Ford Escort, the Rover 200, the Renault Megane and the Peugeot 306. They must be differentiated from Roadsters, a class which really needs to be addressed separately. While Roadsters are generally bought as second or third cars, these hatchbackbased Cabrios are usually expected to function as everyday tools, come wind, rain or snow.


You can buy a lot of trouble at the bottom of this particular market sector, turning what was supposed to be a cheap and cheerful buy into a depressing money pit. Early Cabriolet versions of the VW Golf, Renault 19 and Vauxhall Astra from the early Nineties are quite plentiful in the £1,000-£2,000 bracket but these will all have led hard lives and you’ll do well to avoid them. Better to save up a bit longer and set your sights on the more recent age bracket. The Peugeot 306 Cabriolet is probably the pick of the bunch with its sleek Pininfarina styling having weathered the years fairly well. Alternatively,

Then there’s the Volvo C70 to consider. Cynics may say that it’s just a badgeengineered Ford Focus but it has a definite feelgood factor.


Become a convert

there’s another French offering that can still draw admiring glances, the versatile Renault Megane Cabriolet.

The final choice we’d look to is the Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet in Mk III guise, manufactured from 1998. Although its face suggests Mark 4, beneath the lines is a slightly older but still very solid chassis. Just don’t expect

the last word in sparky performance, though.


The big seller in this sector of the affordable cabriolet market has been the Vauxhall Astra Cabriolet, initially marketed as the Coupe Cabriolet. Based on the sleek Bertone-styled


(R) 1998, Red, 10 mth MoT, 4 mth tax, E/W, has damage to boot, good runner, For quick sale.

£900 Tel: 07511 017573

Citroen AX 1995, N reg, 3 dr hatchback, 1.0, p/a/s, stereo, sun roof 6 months tax, 6 months mot, excellent condition

£750 ono Tel: 01253 779541/ 07904 450 115


The best of the mainstream pack are

S reg, very good runner, 1600cc, 11 mth MoT.

Citroen Xantia

5 dr hatch, green, diesel, tax/MoT Sept. ABS, body coloured bumpers, airbag, e/door mirrors, 2 owners from new, very reliable, company car forces sale. £1000ono TEL 07980 011689

£550 ono Tel: 01253 394385

Citroen ZX

2 ltr Diesel hatchback 1995 96,000mls 12 MOT New cam belt s/r t/b and electrics Computer immobiliser 50 MPG Excellent condition Drives like new

£550 Tel : 405836 07890162442

Hyundai Atoz 1ltr. 5 door hatch, 'V' reg. 1999, dark red, 67,000 miles, 6 months tax, MoT Feb. 2010. very good condition throughout.

£895 ono TEL 01772 490820 or 07878 180749


Awaiting Photo

1600 GSi estate, S reg, burgundy red, tax, mot, ew, cl, pas, air con, new head gasket, excellent smooth nippy drive.

Ford Fiesta Si

£550 ovno

1.6, 1995, new engine, (16, 000 with new engine) 12 mth MoT, taxed end March, PAS, service history, receipts, Good runner. £595 ono Tel: 07773 846770

Daewoo Matiz SE


1999, only 57k miles, silver, 800cc, 60+MPG, full service history, PAS, dual air bags, MoT May, Taxed, very cheap insurance and Tax.

T Reg 1999 1.3cc Taxed and MOT, Silver, Any trial or inspection, ready to drive away

£800 ono Tel: 07904 981902


Coupe, this car is not only easy to own but also great fun to drive and in Turbo guise, it’s one of the few affordable cabriolets with genuine poke. Even the 2.2-litre version has a very respectable turn of pace.

Ford Escort

BMW 318i

With cars of this kind, it’s even more important to insist upon a full service history. Many low mileage examples will have been garaged over the winter without the hood up – which is bad news – and servicing may well have been skipped.

£545 (01524) 421807

Tel 01253 298441 or 07857 499526

Cheap & Cheerful: [Older] VW Golf 2.0 – £4,400-£5,500 (S to Y-plate); [Newer] Renault Megane Cabriolet – £3,000-£5,000 (X to 03-plate). Affordable Mid-Rangers: [Older] Peugeot 206 CC 2.0SE – £4.800£6,500 (X to 52 plate); [Newer] Nissan Micra C+C 1.6Sport – £9,000-£10,000 (55 to 56 plate). Desirable But Potentially Pricey: [Older] VW Beetle 2.0 – £9.500-£11,250 (52 to 04-plate); [Newer] Volkswagen Eos 2.0T – £19,500- £23,000 (55 to 07 plate).

N REG FORD FIESTA 1.3 Dark Red 35,000 miles FSH Mot July low tax/insurance group VGC

£550 Tel. 01524 380332

Renault 19 Cabriolet J Reg MOT Jan '10 Tax March '09 PAS E/W Alloys low mileage very nice condition Ready for summer Bargain!

£795 ono

Rover 216 Si 1.6 3-door hatchback R Regd 70,000 miles Mot October 2009 excellent condition

£595 Tel: 07549 675486

SAAB 900 SE 2.5 V6 Auto. 1994 but in excellent cond.Superb runner. T&T. 84K. All electric. Gold with matching interior.

£850 ono. Tel 01253 403832

Tel: 07896 589001

Modified Ford

XR3i mk 5 Escort 1600 hatch cabrolet, electric roof, lowered suspension, rally air filter, e/w, pas, alloys, expensive alarm/immob, lots of extras, very nippy, MoT Sep 09, Tax march 09.

£750ovno Tel 01253 298441 or 07857 499526

Toyota MR2

Renault Laguna 1.6 Estate

W Regd, 2000, CD, c/locking, e/windows, 6 months, MoT, PAS £795ono TEL 07802 751211 (LP)

MFI, 16v Sport, 1989, G reg, met blue, 2 door coupe new alloy tyres, a true classic, fsh, Cat 1 alarm, c/d, vgc stored in garage for 1 year, drive away,

Bargain £600 ono Tel 01253 872984 or 0759 0511785

Citroen Saxo

1.1, 1999, met blue, average miles, body kit, alloys, iduction kit, s/steel exhaust, 11 mth Mot, 5 mth tax, cd player, low ins and cheap tax. £995 ono Tel: 077569 79780

Fiat Puto


S60, 99 (T) 39853 Miles 3door Hatch, Taxed & Tested till End Oct CD Radio, Very good condition for year, only two owners.

GLX 2.0, auto 4 door saloon, green, L Reg, taxed and tested, petrol, 105k, good runner.

£850 ono Tel 01995 602858

£550 ono Tel 01253 762069 or 07886445235.

Mondeo T reg, met silver, MoT december 09, radio, cd, much history, 5 door, sound car. Only £525 ono Tel 01253 884776 (LP)

Renault Megane 1.4 Sport

V regd. 70,000 miles, 12 mth. MoT, 6 mth tax, e/w, c/l, PAS, e/m, CD, RAC inspection welcome, excellent condition, £795 TEL 07871 985528 (LP)

Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Merit, 96 (P) 3dr, blue, 71,000 miles, MoT July 09, exc cond. £695 ono Tel: 01253 697542 or 07879 498633

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used cars

Your essential buying guide CARS 1000 - 1999

CARS 1000 - 1999

Ford Cougar

Renault Clio 2002 52 reg, 1.2 L Petrol, 3 dr hatchback, Blue, 56900 miles,Sunroof, E/W, CD, PAS, Mot & Taxed, Good condition

Hyundai Trajet GSi 7 seater, 2000 regd, silver, 64,500 miles, very good condition. £1995ono TEL 01257 249313 or 07986 040165 (LP)

Land Rover Discovery

Ford Focas Studio 1.4 2003

2 dr, cheap ins and tax, silver, ford alloys, great driver, private glass on back, MoT nov 09, price to sell £1700 ono Tel 07747 185502 (LP)

TDi 2.5 Diesel, (300 series) R reg, 1998, good cond for age, Taxed till April 09, MoT March 09, t/bar.

£1850 ono Tel: 07725 860102

1.6LX Zetec (Y) 2001, 5 door, MoT till Dec 09, 70,000 Miles, air cond,

£1.650 ono Tel 01253 820174 or 07510107265

Ford Focus

Vauxhall Corsa Breeze,1398cc,98R,Bl ue, taxed and tested,Good Condition

£700 ono Tel. 07800 888890


Primera 1.5 2001, PAS 5 door, elecs, 1 owner past 8 years, gen 61,000 miles mot July low tax rate much admired

£1795 Bill Tuke Car Sales Established 50 years Tel: 826550

Vauxhall Corsa

Ford Fiesta Finesse 1.3


Tel. 01253 821907 0775 9296141 (T)

Renault Clio Biarritz 1.2

1998 5door 5 speed, MoT Sept 09, C/L S/R, new cam belt, drive shaft & brakes immaculate cond, 3 months warranty


16v, T. Regd., 11 month MOT, C/L, E/W, PAS, CD player, blue, alloy wheels, very clean, reliable, one owner. £795 TEL. 01772 794170 or 07926 935568 mobile

£995 Tel. 07500 720 380

Tel. 01524 825150 or 07968 052537


Tel. 01253 821907 or 07759 296141 (T)

AUTOMATIC 1998 R Regd Full MoT only 65,000 miles Fully serviced including Timing Belt PAS Airbag Metallic Blue

£1650 ono


£1,295 ono


74K Half leather trim, alloys Silver Mot Cambelt done

N Regd. Mot Sept '09, s/roof, rad/cass, new brakes & cam belt, fully serviced, immaculate, low tax/ins. 3 mths warranty

Clio Oasis 1.2

W regd, 1.7, diesel, MoT 9 mth. tax 3 mth. 5 door hatch, average mileage, good condition and runner £745ono TEL 07894 575760 (LP)

2000 Honda Civic 1.4 Sport

5 door hatch, one lady owner, full history

£1,595 Telephone 01524 792770

Alfa Romeo

156, 1.8, T spark, Nov 1999 V reg, black, FSH, Spoiler, cd player, elec windows, elec mirrors, black leather seats, pas, low mileage 68K, mot Dec 2010, tax, must be seen Immaculate

Citroen Saxo 1.6VTR. 2000. Metalic Oak Green Only 63k miles, Tax & Mot May 09, Lady Owner.Very clean throughout.

in silver, 5 speed, electric windows, central locking, sunroof, CD player, 45k genuine miles, 1 previous keeper from new, regularly serviced in beautiful condition throughout, MOT end July, tax end March £1495 ono Tel: 01524 852903 or 07867 725779 (LP)

BMW 323i Coupe

S regd, 'M' Sports Pack, dk. green met. 1 owner from new, MoT 08/09, FSH, leather interior, £1,900.All offers Considered Ex Con TEL 01772 615465 (LP)

£1750 ono Tel: 01253 692096 or 07972 300127

Rover 45 Limited Edition

1.6 Olympic S, X reg. Taxed and MoT, PAS. E/W, Air bags, A/C, Low mileage, 4 New tyres, FSH, 1 previous owner, absolute mint condition Reduced to only .

£1,950 Tel: 07891 323937

Landrover Freelander 1.8 Station Wagon

2000 regd. 5 doors, met. green, MoT/Tax Sept. immaculate condition throughout, recent engine, SH, a/c, e/w, c/l £1,995 TEL 07888 997983 or 07900 552229 (LP)

MITSUBISHI DELICA 1994, 8 seater SWB 4WD, 2.8 Td M reg, Tax & Tested, 86k, good condition.

£1585 ovno Tel 07912 484363 or 01253 595894

red, 1.4, 2004, 53 plate, 20,000 miles, 1 year to next MoT and service, multi DVD radio player, and more.

£1500 TEL 01772 622383

Toyota Avensis (02) 1.8 VVTi GS, pale met green, 5dr, sat nav, cd player, alarm, 1 yr MoT, exc cond.

£1995 Tel: 07706 748755 or 01253 791795

£1520 ono Tel 07900 994998

Citroen Saxo

Ford KA

Nissan Micra

1.3, Silver, 52 reg, very low mileage, service history, m.o.t sept 09, very clean, ideal 1st car. quick sale hence

1 ltr, 2000 (W) dark green, 3dr, 62,800 miles, taxed and moT June 09, clean cond, very reliable.

£1950 ono Tel 07792 707122

£1025 ono Tel: 01253 894266

Toyota Hilux

1.2 Active, 2002, 5dr, met blue, 65,000 miles, E/W, C/L, PAS, 12 mth MoT, immac cond.

2001, 1.8 Zetec Estate, silver, alloys, cd, a/cond, taxed and MoT June, highish mileage with good service history, superb cond and drives really nice.

£1395 ono Tel: 07852 346538

£1395 ono Tel: 01253 779303 or 07966 252824

Ford Focus

Hyundai Santa Fe

Turbo Diesel, 1.8, X reg, 2001, p/a/s, hatchback, 5 door, air cond, heated front screen, e/w, twin airbags, cent lock, alarm, immobiliser, 12 months mot

£1495 Tel: 07853 717051

Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 12V 2000 'W' 3 door, red, 96,000 miles, 12 mth MoT, taxed, e/w, c/l, excellent runner, very good condition.

£1295 TEL 01772 490752 or 07907 411189

VOLVO S40 1.8 SE 1999 manual petrol met/silver 115000 ml, MOT Sep,taxed, usual SE package leather cd,radio,cass,alloys,g ood condition

£1,700 ono Tel 01253 876589

2.4, 2001, silver, "FANTASTIC CAR" Lady owner, Low mileage 58k, MoT Jan 2010, FSH, air con, £700 accessory kit fitted. Approved insurance certified immobiliser. REDUCED TO

£1995 NO OFFERS. TEL 01257 232900

Comfort 1.0 in city red. 2001 on a 51 plate. 51k miles. mot until December 2009, tax until June 2009.

PEUGEOT 206 5d

2000(W), 1.4 LX, 5dr, sky blue, 69k, pas, ew, cl, air con, sh, cd, MoT july, low tax/ ins.

£1800ono. Call 07595 690028.

£1995 ono Tel 07599 999610 (Lp)

Reault Megane

Vauxhall Corsa

Scenic Sports Alize 1598cc. Oct 00 (X). Green. Petrol, Taxed untill 31st Mar 09. MOT untill 16th September 09.

(X) 1ltr, 6 mth tax, 7 mth MoT, alloys, cd player, 74k, PAS, 2 former keepers, 2 door, met black, very good throughout.

£1950 Tel 07717 411865.

£1295 ono Tel: 01253 753149 or 07813 485550


C200 Elegance auto, estate, 1 former keeper F/S/H Green met, black leather, 12 mths mot, tax outstanding cond for its yr, P/X WELCOME

£2750 O.N.O 07890 011235

NISSAN Auto low miles tax mot Immaculte

£2950 (OVNO)

CCM DIRECT (01253) 78 00 99 (07802) 313-313 Your place or ours Terms & P/X poss

04 Vauxhall Astra Van white, tax and Mo T, excellent condition, 4 new tyres

£1995 ono Tel: 07973 397205

Vauxhall Corsa

CARS 2000-2999


Volvo V40 1.8 Estate

Ford Mondeo Fiat Punto

CARS 1000 - 1999

Surf SSRG. Top of the range edition (L) Blue, Diesel, good cond inside and out, new tyres, 10 mth MoT, 5 mth tax, A/C, S/R, E/W, 4x4 3ltr.

1.6 VTR, 99 T reg, 3dr, met blue, tax, MOT Sept, alloys, PAS, EW, remote alarm, CD, SR, as new cond. £995 Tel: 07768495585 (LP)

£1.950 Tel 01253 770716

BMW 318 i P Reg 1996

Ghia, Diesel, Panther black, (T) 1800cc, 91,000 miles, C/L, PAS, A/bag, cd/radio, E/W, a/cond, good cond.

£1750 ono Tel 07985583813

ROVER City Rover Select


The PAINT & BODY Clinic

CARS 1000 - 1999

2.5 V6, x-pack, 2000 reg (private plate), black, 108k, FSH (lots of receipts) A/C, PAS, E/W, computer, 1 prev owner, immac, lovely car, long MoT, genuine sale,

£1700 Tel: 01253 872386 or 07949 675593

CARS 1000 - 1999

In association with


95,000 miles, 1999, tax/MoT, gold, FSH, very good condition, full electrics, c/l, alarm, PAS, clean and tidy. only £1295 TEL 07956 469225 or 01772 322077

CARS 2000-2999 ★★★★★★★★★ NISSAN ★ ★ MICRA 1.0 ★ ★ only tax mot total ★ 37k milesreliability ★ ★ £2950 (OVNO) ★ CCM DIRECT ★ ★ ★ (01253) 78 00 99 ★ (07802) 313-313 ★ ★ Terms & P/X poss ★★★★★★★★★ ★★★★★★★★★ SUZUKI ★ ★ ★ WAGON R+ ★ roof easy access tax mot ★ Hiuntil ★ 2010 55 mpg eco motoring ★ ★ £2950 (OVNO) ★ ★ CCM DIRECT ★ ★ (01253) 78 00 99 (07802) 313-313 ★ ★ Terms & P/X poss ★★★★★★★★★

£2600 Tel: 01524 849026 after 6pm 07775735948 anytime

1997 Ford Mondeo Ghia 16V auto 1989cc 5 door hatch, 41,000 miles, taxed till March, MoT January 2010, very good condition

£650 ovno Telephone 01524 66843 07502195950

2000 Peugeot 306 Meridian Silver 2 litre HDi Estate, 1 Previous Owner, Half Leather, 12 Month Mot, tow bar, air con, average mileage, good condition

£1195 ono Tel: 01524 854666 or 07787 382887


Friday, February 13, 2009

used cars

Your essential buying guide

CARS 2000-2999

CARS 2000-2999

CARS 3000-3999

In association with

CARS 4000-4999

The PAINT & BODY Clinic

CARS 6000-6999


Vauxhall Corsa 1.7 Di

2003, metallic blue, 3 door hatch, c/l, e/w, PAS, CD, MoT/tax, alloys, 55mpg. very good condition. £2595ono TEL 01524 382797

Vauxhall Omega 2001, silver, 2.2 CDX Manual, mint cond inside and out, sale due to ill health, 43,000 miles,

£2000 ovno Tel: 01253 314104 after 4pm.

VW Passat TDi

Estate 2000(W), 1.9 TDi, estate, silver, 99k, pas, e/w, r/l, climate control, SH, MoT aug, Tax july, ex economy. £2495 ono Tel 07599 999610 (LP)

£4950 Tel 01253 724915 or email

Lotus Elise

HONDA JAZZ 1.4 SE 2006 '06', 12,000 miles, metallic blue, taxed and tested, air conditioning, alloys, lady owner, excellent condition.

★★★★★★★★★ FORD ★ ★ ★ MONDEO TDCi ★ 2003 tax mot plus ★ estate ★ fold - flat rear child seats ★ ★ £3950 (OVNO) CCM DIRECT ★ ★ (01253) 78 00 99 ★ (07802) 313-313 ★ Terms & P/X poss ★ ★ ★★★★★★★★★

VOLVO V70 2.4 Estate. 2000 W Reg, auto, silver, 123,000k, FSH, leather seats, cd radio/cass, MOT/Taxed.Bargain

3 Door, Burgundy, 51,000 Miles, Full Service History, 5 Months Tax & MOT

£3500 Tel: 01524 831747 or 07774 520468

Vaux Astra 1.8

5 Door In Silver, 54 Plate, 31K Miles, Automatic, Tax & Tested Until Sept 09, 6 Months Vauxhall Warranty, Good Condition, Immaculate Interior £3800 Tel: 07825 564045 (LP)

Smart Fortwo Passion

Top of the Range 2004, 7 months manufacturers warranty 41,000 miles, alloys, CD, E/W T&T immaculate £4,950 Tel: 01253 773068 (LP)

CARS 8000 - 8999


1972 White Triumph Stag Taxed & Tested, Soft & Hard Top, 54,000 Miles, Huge Amount Of Service History & Maintenance, Great Condition

£4000 ono For All Enquiries Tel: 01524 825298


1.8 SRi,16 valve, 5 door , 41k, platinum silver, 2005. taxed and tested, 17" alloys, CC, PAS, C/L, E/W, CD, ABS, computer etc., ex. condition. £4695ono Tel. 01772 493012 or 07711 396629

140 bhp with six speed box, 44,000 miles F.S.H in blue metallic, very economical with excellent performance.

£8950 ono Tel (01524) 843351 home or (01772) 508408 work Nissan X-Trail

CARS 2000-2999 Citreon Saxo 1100cc silver, 41470miles, 12months mot, 6 months tax, elec windows, power steering,remote central locking, cd player, slide & tilt sunroof exc runner, cheap tax & insurance,

£2200 ono Tel 07881724665


W Regd., five door, silver, black trim, full service history, taxed and tested, two owners, very good condition, any trial. £1695ono TEL. 07737 475086 mobile

CARS 2000-2999

CARS 2000-2999

Hyundai Trajet 2.0 GSi People Carrier

Automatic 2002 (52 plate) blue metallic 63,000 miles, FSH ABS PAS air bag, air con, c/locking, CD and stereo 8 months MoT. 6 months Tax, full electric pack,

£2,400 ono Tel: 07909 587844

£2390 Tel: 07940 001307 or 01253 595655 (evenings)

Nissan Terrano 4x4 Turbo Diesel

Misubishi Delica

Peugeot 307

Super exceed turbo diesel 1996, green, auto, air con, elec windows mirrors, twin air bags, 7seats, 4wd, t&t drives and looks well.

Rapier HDI 2.0. 03 Plate. Blue. 1 Years Mot, Tax. PAS, CD, Central Locking, Alloys. Lovely Condition.

£2995 ono Tel 01253 394115

CARS 5000-5999

2002 (02) MERCEDES

Citroen Xara Picasso 2lt. HDI 2004 (54) 50 mpg. fitted tow bar and reversers, metallic grey, t & t July. 33,000 miles, £4000ono TEL 01772 734958 (LP)

Mercedes A140

'L' regd. 32,000 miles, 2 door, blue, tax/MoT, excellent condition for year, no rust, FSH, 2 owners, tow bar. £2100 TEL 07795 465957 or 01772 312142 (LP)

VW Golf 1.6S

'X' reg'd. 5 door, red. 65,000 miles, 8 months MoT and tax, lady owner, c/l, a/c, e/w, s/r. split rear seat, FSH £2300ono TEL 01772 726699

Classic Auto, petrol, LWB, silver, 30k, Tax/Mot Sept 09, one previous owner cruise, cd mats, fsh, excellent condition

£3300 Tel 07917340484

£2795. Tel 07954 699808

Audi A4 TDi 130 Sport Avant 2002, FSH, Tax & MOT 09/09, 135,000 Miles, CD Changer, Dual C/C, Excellent Drive £4500 ono Tel: 01524 61793 or 07814 489404

Freelander TD4 2.0TD SWB Van 2005 Silver, Service History, 80000 Miles, Electric Windows, Air Conditioning.

£4,495 Tel 07967 195433 or 01253 625700

C220 DIESEL Sport Coupe 6 speed manual black / black leather, alloys, tax, recent Mot. P/X WELCOME S/H, Viewing essential.

1998, 'S', Jazz blue, 5 dr, manual, FSH, tax Oct. MoT Dec. alloys, 130k. 50+ mpg, good bodywork, owned 7 years, tow bar, inspection welcome, used daily £2300ovno 07734 443195


2002, 1.8, 2 door convertible, 30,000 miles, MoT Nov. tax May, grey metallic, alloys, e/w, c/l, alarm, excellent condition. £3700 TEL 01257 266410 (LP)

1.6, 2001 (01) Silver 65k Manual Petrol Black Roof Black Bonnet Stripes Alloy Wheels Elec mirrors/windows.

£4,500 ono Tel 07885561158

£8250 Tel: 07733 453701 Mercedes Benz E270 CDi Avantgarde

04 Honda Civic IMA Hybrid 38 K, taxed and tested, one owner, leather, FSH

£5250 Telephone 01524 64708

Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon Auto tubo diesel, 2001 regd. Pearl White, full leather, 80,000 miles, many extras, superb truck. £8995 for quick sale. TEL 07712 877107 (LP)

CARS 10000 - 10999 Ford Focus

Audi TT Coupe 1.8

180bhp. silver, Nov. 2000, 66k miles, ABS, traction control, 12 spoke alloys, FSH. black leather, 12 mth MoT, taxed, recent cam belt £5500ono TEL 01772 862752 (LP)


2.2dci 136SE2007, 57 plate, Diesel, Silver, FSH, Diesel, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Climate Control, Power Steering, 9000 miles,

£5495 O.N.O 07890 011235

Mini Cooper

VW Golf GT TDi

£6995 ono. Tel. 07775831632 or 01253 790380

£6,950ono TEL. 07740 636527

CARS 4000-4999

Renault Clio 1.2 Dynamique, (02) met silver, 1 lady owner, E/W, C/L, Power Assisted Steering, Full Service History, 58,000 miles, exc cond.

1.8 "W" reg, silver, 41,000 miles, 12 months MOT, taxed, sports exhaust, induction kit. Any trial.

CARS 3000-3999

02 Honda Civic 1.6 V-TEC SE

£2100 ono Tel 01253 829267

Renault Clio

1.5dci, 2004/54, black, very good condition, FSH, 8 mths. tax and MoT, built in Bluetooth. £3495ono TEL. Richard 07751 118453 Preston

3 Dr, Auto, June 2007, Tacamah Yellow,, E/sliding Doors amd Mirrors, Air Conditioning, Radio, Only 72,000 Miles, Good Condition

CARS 6000-6999

ST-2. 2.5L Turbo, 56 plate, Panther Black with Red/Grey Recaro interior. 20k miles, Tax, Ford Service History, Usual extras. Super Car, absolute Bargain!

£10,250 ono. Tel 01253 728029 or 07818833360

2004, 54 regd, 24,000 miles, FSH, silver, leather interior. Automatic tiptronic gearbox, Multi CD, parking sensors, alloys, tax 30 Feb, MoT Oct. prestige condition throughout £13,450ono TEL 01772 338300 or 07836 758269 (LP)

FOUR WHEEL DRIVE Land Rover Discovery 300 TDi P Regd, black, 5 door, 7 seats CD radio, tow bar, four recent tyres on alloys Taxed and tested June 09 Good condition

£1,800ono TEL 07889 164879

Friday, February 13, 2009


Ford Transit SWB

Semi High Top 99 (T) Silver Diesel PAS E/W Full mot Good condition £1275ono 07872 941785 (T) Vauxhall Combo Corsa Van

1.7 Diesel 2001 PAS C/L radio cassette panelled load guard New Mot taxed Drive away


Bill Tuke Car Sales Established 49 years tel: 826550

Escort 55 Van 1998, 1.8 diesel, 5 speed, grey, taxed/Mot June, radio cassette, good reliable van

COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Peugeot Partner Van 1.9 1998, Taxed, Mot until April, White, 75,000 Miles, Good Condition, Reliable, Diesel

£900 ono Tel: 01524 419422 or 07515 101086

Renault Kangoo SL19 DCi 70 Van, 03 reg, only 36,000 miles, blue, alloys, R/CL, roof rails, rear parking aid, bulkhead, Taxed and tested, reliable, new shape.

£2,295 Tel: 01253 857033 or 07966 392718


Van, 52 Regd., 2002 model, white, unlettered, ply lined, full galv. roof rack, two owners from new, all service documents, taxed and 10 months MOT, superb condition.

£1750 No Vat. Tel. 07917 008715 mobile

Ford Escort Van Desiel, White, Tele com ladder rack fitted, 2 owners 12months M.o.t.

Tipper Unit complete with aluminium drop side body to fit Ford Transit and LDV

£350ono TEL 07958 809591

VOLKSWAGON T4 1.9 DIESEL TRANSPORTER 1994, white, 98k miles, twin rear doors and sliding side door

£845ono TEL 01772 725178

£550.00 ono Tel 07718918877


Diesel, N regd, roofrack/ towbar, 9 months MOT, 3 months tax.

Tested January 2010, Taxed June 2009

£850 (01524) 851022

£475 ono

56 Plate January 2007 In Black & Silver, 2,500 Miles, Taxed & Tested, Service History, Good Condition

£1575 Tel: 01524 735482 or 07765 417104

WANTED ALL MOTORCYCLES cash paid & collected also sales & servicing Tel:01253 693310 or 07921 298209 click on


The Rusty & Scruffier The Better Tel: 07538 768653

BOATS & EQUIPMENT BOATS bought for cash and sold, cheap storage boats caravans, 4 stroke outboards. Ribble Marine Freck. 01772 631661 mob 07850738415.


AUTO Rentals car, estates and vans all sizes, BEST RATES Tel: 01253 292400 GMC Self drive cars & estates. Vans from £49 for 24hrs. Tel: 01253 620182

MOT TESTING MOT CLASS 4 & 7 free re tests full work shop facilities. Naze Lane Garage. Tel 01772 631199

WINDSCREENS WINDSCREEN REPAIRS fix it before it cracks £35 call Mr Chip 07887 670938


low roof van, TDi 85, 260 SWB diesel, late 56 regd, purchased 2007 from Ford main dealer for £13,500. FSH, 22k. Ford warranty, family owned, as new. £7,750 no VAT TEL 01772 335414

Clean and secure storage available on existing expanding site. Cars, caravans, boats and motorhomes. Hambleton area.

£29,500 No reasonable offer refused. TEL 01772 626497 or 07876 186644. No time wasters

07763 386453

ABBEY SR 4 Berth Caravan Fridge, Hob, Battery, Gas Bottle, Toilet Compartment with Toilet, Lightweight Chassis, Good Tyres, Double Gazing £395 TEL 07774 544184

FOR SALE GULFSTREAM American camper van 10m, sleeps 6 located in the bay of St Tropez France.

FOR SALE Fleetwood garland 4 berth cass toilet & shower 4 burner hob, oven & fridge u shaped lounge full awning every extra with this beautiful caravan ready for touring. £2350 ono Tel:729721


4/5 BERTH ANY CONDITION CASH PAID TEL:01253 729721 OR 07786286579

Willerby Vogue 2005

39x12', 2 bedrooms, on FIVE STAR park, centrally heated, decking, fully furnished, annual park fees paid till Oct. 09 £29,495 TEL 01253 790267

ALFRESCO CARAVANS & motorhomes park homes & static repairs service & repair centre. Parts & accessories 01253 799199 EXCELLENT Static caravan on very quite Award winning rural park Close to Bpool. Finance available. Tel 836273

TYRES CHEAPEST tyres, alloys on the fylde all makes, sizes inc. balance& valve.876690 TYRES ALMOST NEW Top brands, free fitting, cheap prices. Tel. 01253 769769 CAR & COMMERCIAL TYRES competitive prices Wyre Tyres Tel: 869394 CASH PAID FOR unwanted vehicles prompt collection. All vehicles considered Best prices. Please phone Chris on 07903 589614




£75 - £2000 For all Vehicles, Cars, Vans, 4x4's, dead or alive

(We collect in a low loader) DVLA regd



Environment Agency Licensed Waste Carrier

4 Berth Caravan Central heating, running hot water, very clean.

£550ono TEL 07939 501076

Luxury Static Caravan

holiday home, 38x12', 2005 model, near Gisburn/Ribble Valley, views of Pendle Hill. 2 bedrooms, sleeps 6, bath and power shower, dbl. glazed, central heating, excellent condition, must be seen

2 berth, cooker, grill, fridge, Carver fire, toilet, water bottle, recent spare wheel with tyre, very clean. MOBILE MECHANIC servicing & mechanical work will come to your home or work Tel: 696278

holiday home, 38x12ft. unspoilt views over Ribble Valley, CH, DG, decking area, site fees paid for 2009, sited in Longridge.


Swift Sihouette

with telescopic reach and front loading bucket. 4x4 four wheel steer, 6,000 hours, excellent condition throughout



£25,000 TEL 07921 466998 or 01254 775310

JCB 527/67 Fork Lift

£9,750 + VAT TEL 01772 338300 or 07836 758269

Caravan Storage

SCOOTERS OLD SCOOTERS wanted for cash free collection call Mark on 07805 424896

The PAINT & BODY Clinic


£10 .000 ONO TEL 01253 700280

FARRERS MoT Testing £40 no re test fee, petrol & diesel Tel 404677

Tel 07765 384931


Honda CB 125R

ANSDELL Self Drive van & car hire or man & van St.Annes 738088



Any Condition, Running Or Not, Instant Cash Paid, Immediate Collection,

£625 ono Tel: 07856 519950

Your essential buying guide

In association with


£795 TEL 01772 259580


£50 - £2000 Cash Paid Guaranteed

For all Cars, Vans, Bikes & 4x4's collected. DVLA Cert Issued. Licensed Waste Carrier FULL RECOVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE Long Established Local Firm

Tel. 01253 858533


All cars and vans wanted Top prices paid £50 - £150 Breaking 3 Renault Scenics plus 100 other cars

Phone 863161

(Fully Licensed - Est. over 40 yrs)


Upto 6 Yrs Old Upto 60,000 miles finance settled Best prices paid

Fleetwood Car Centre

Telephone on 01253 770073

USED CARS Wanted for cash, no scrap Tel kirkdale garage 720104 USED CARS wanted instant cash payments Abbots Motors Tel349205

WANTED Cars and Vans for CASH all makes and models HP accounts settled Blackpool 07890 011235 (7 Days) DON'T TAKE CHANCES scrap your car at Bpools only DVLA approved treatment facility, destruction certificate issued, prompt collection, best prices paid Inglemere Metals ltd, Tel 763818

ALL CARS WANTED any age with or without MOT best prices cash paid within the hour 7 days Belmont Garage Tel:01253 810513 / 07831 859396

CASH Cash Cash Waiting. Cars, Vans, Motorbikes, runabouts, 4x4 we collect with or without MOT, 7 day a week, Tel Gary on 07713 411134 /292223

ADDISONS Used Cars bought, cash payments, 7 days, family business Tel 348621


Friday, February 13, 2009

Motors Today  
Motors Today  

Friday 13th February 2009. Motors Today is brought to you by the Evening Gazette