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Friday, February 20, 2009

Year of sales success MANY happy returns to The Chorley Group - what a difference 12 months make! The Blackpool car dealership is motoring ahead with its expansion plans – almost a year after the site was due to close. Bosses at The Chorley Group, which employs more than 40 people at its site in Amy Johnson Way, South Shore, have unveiled plans to open four new franchises in the North West. The announcement came in the same week as the Fiat side of the group won the Best New Start dealership in the UK. This time last year, Fiat Caledonia was on the verge of leaving the resort but was bought out at the eleventh hour by Chorley Nissan. Over the last 10 months, the group has sold almost 600 new cars – a rise of 500 per cent in year-on-year sales compared to the same period in 2007.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

chorley group

Looking to grow

RESCUED: The Chorley Fiat showroom in Blackpool Automatic Transmissions (Preston) member of F.A.T.E.

All types of Autotbox (inc industrial) repaired,spares, Torque convertors Emmanuel St Preston Lancs 01772 259068

TOM ALLISON (Supplier of Window stickers, Licence holders, Keyrings & Service stickers)

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Wellfield Business Park Preston 01772 823333 Hillock Garage Longton 01772 613333

Congratulations Chorley Group Blackpool. Wishing you continued success. 01772 634302

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on your 1st Anniversary Chorley Nissan & Chorley Fiat

CARTRIDGE WORLD Burnley 01282 685009

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CBG Group Plc. Congratulate Chorley Group on their 1st Anniversary & National Fiat Dealership 2009 Award. CBG offer comm ins, bus risk mgt & financial serv. Breck House 41-43 Breck Rd Poulton - Le - Fylde

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THE Chorley Group are celebrating their first successful year of operation with the Fiat brand at their showroom on Amy Johnson Way in Blackpool. It has been an eventful year for the group after their neighbour, Caledonia Fiat, went into administration. The Chorley Group came to the rescue and acquired the business of their next door neighbour and then invested over £100,000 on refurbishing the showroom and workshop creating a state-of-the-art facility for their customers. The sales team at the Fiat dealership is headed by Sales Manager, Dave Knowles who has over 21 years of experience in the motor trade with manufacturers including Ford, Kia, Nissan and of course Fiat. Dave’s Sales Executives are Jim Provan, who has a huge amount of experience with Fiat at all levels and has proved invaluable to the success of the business. Daniel Frain has six years of motor trade experience and has been with Fiat for two years. Dan is also the dealership’s Motability specialist. Javaid Rashid has seven years motor trade experience with Fiat and a good knowledge of various funding options available to customers. Chorley Fiat’s facilities provide a fantastic venue to view the impressive Fiat range of cars and light commercial vehicles. Dave and his team will be happy to demonstrate the model of your choice and to answer any questions you may have. Andrew Turner, managing director of The Chorley Group, which has Nissan and Fiat outlets across the county, is currently looking at plans to expand the business, insisting the next 12 months will not be as bleak as many experts are predicting. And with talks under way to open four new franchises in Blackpool and Burnley, the group believes there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Mr Turner said: “When we took over the dealership, it was performing very poorly. However, we retained all of the staff that wanted to stay with us and then introduced a new culture to the business. “Our motto at The Chorley Group has always been ‘big enough to cope, small enough to care’, and the staff have been absolutely brilliant in taking that on board at all levels. “We also spent £100,000 refurbishing the showroom, and we’ve been very pro-active on the marketing side of things, forging a successful link-up with Blackpool Zoo.” Mr Turner confirmed he has already held discussions with several manufacturers about the possibility of opening two new franchises in Blackpool, and a further Ambassador two in Burnley. He added: “I can’t say too much until a Suppliers of deal is signed and sealed for obvious High Quality reasons but I can confirm that we are Car Mats & talking to a number of different Accessories to manufacturers about the possibility opening more branches in Blackpool and the Chorley Burnley. I firmly believe the businesses that Group Blackpool tend to survive in an economic downturn Tel 01257 472 315 are the ones that are pro-active.” or visit our website The Chorley Group employs 180 staff www.ambassador and has Nissan and Fiat branches in Blackpool, Chorley, Preston, Wigan and Burnley. ■ Why not call in at Chorley Nissan and Fiat i on Amy Johnson Way, Tree Surgery & Recycling Pleased to support Chorley Group Blackpool. Arrange your test drive by Blackpool calling (01253) All waste recycled 298833 or log onto Chipping / Mulching www.chorleynisCraning / Winching to find High Climb Specialist out more about Insured & Experienced Blackpool’s Nissan 210 Breck Road Poulton and Fiat dealerships. Tel. 01253 890003


Mean machine

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Porsche 911 - page 4



Friday, February 20, 2009

Anger at price rise THE price of petrol at the pumps rose by well above the rate of inflation between mid-January and midFebruary this year, says the AA. The average price of petrol rose 4.28p a litre to 90.88p a litre, adding £2.12 to the cost of a 50-litre tank refill. Average diesel prices rose 2p to 100.79p a litre. The AA said the average petrol rise at supermarkets was 4.98p a litre compared with non-supermarket increases of 4.2p a litre. Across the country, the rural areas remain the most expensive areas of the country to buy petrol, with south-west England outlets averaging most at 91.5p a litre and North West England the cheapest at 90.4p. AA public affairs head Paul Watters said: “Drivers, who see recession, a collapsed oil price and falling inflation, are irritated by pump prices that continue to go up at a rate they associate with the soaring prices last year. European motoring clubs have run out of patience and have written to the EU competition commissioner calling for an inquiry. Greater transparency in fuel pricing is long overdue.’’

No to charges

FURTHER plans to introduce congestion charging in towns and cities are likely to fail, according to a poll out today. Only a third of motorists said congestion charging in their home town would make them use their cars less, the survey for insurance company Admiral found. And fewer than a quarter of the 2,667 adults polled believed other cities should follow London’s example and bring in a congestion charge. Referendums in Edinburgh and Manchester have produced a “no’’ vote on congestion charging while some other councils are considering schemes.

Small car trend

THE previously healthy market for 4x4 off-road vehicles has “virtually collapsed’’, says Which? Car magazine. Switching to a smaller, more fuelefficient vehicle is likely to be a “significant trend this year’’, the magazine added. It went on: “Some people have finally realised that an off-roader isn’t the perfect car for the school run. “Expensive, gas-guzzling cars like 4x4s are becoming socially unacceptable – unless you’re a farmer. Buyers have also been turned off by high taxes and some models’ disappointing reliability.’’

Top grub

FOUR roadside cafes have been given AA awards for providing the best fare for road users. The best bacon sandwich prize went to Bob’s Big Bite in Stourbridge, West Midlands, while the best cup of tea award was won by Mega Bites in Portsmouth. Mickey’s Diner in Aylesford, Kent, was considered to have the best toilets while the best independent venue award went to Mains Gills Cafe in Richmond, Yorkshire. The various venues were nominated by AA patrolmen and the winners – who now make up the first AA Patrol Approved roadside cafes – were chosen by patrolman of the year Andy Taylor.


A fighting chance 5 2.0 DIESEL CERTAIN things are a given. MiniMPV drivers tend to be a practical bunch and, as such, often look to a version powered with a diesel engine. Launching a mini-MPV with no diesel variant in the showrooms is akin to fighting with one arm tied behind your back, whilst wearing a carrier bag over your head and an iPod playing Vivaldi. In other words, you’re not exactly bringing your A-game. Such a fate befell the Mazda5 when it was originally launched. It was genuinely hard to fault anything outside the engine bay but the 1.8 and 2.0-litre petrol units were never going to punt this car far up the sales charts. A pair of diesels gave the Mazda the capacity to realise its potential and the latest facelift has enhanced its chances further. Manufacturers like to think in terms of ‘publicity schedules’. They worry endlessly about how much press coverage their cars are getting and how to maximise editorial exposure. The biggest bang for the buck comes when the car is brand new, as the Mazda5 was back in May 2005. From then on, attention tends to wane as the car becomes more and more familiar until it’s eventually replaced. In trying to launch this car when latter arrivals like the Vauxhall Zafira are still hogging the press limelight, the Japanese company gave itself an uphill task. In the event, the diesels fared well and now the latest facelifted car is well-equipped to grow its market share. Let’s take a look at this pair of oilsquishing powerplants. Both are sourced from the same 2.0-litre block and customers get a choice of Standard or High Power versions, in a move reminiscent of Mazda’s flagship sportster, the RX-8. Standard yields up 108bhp and 228lb/ft of torque whereas the High Power variant

accesses the full 141bhp and 265lb/ft monty. The more powerful engine doesn’t suffer in terms of fuel economy or emissions either, Mazda quoting identical figures for both powerplants. To whit, that’s a combined economy figure of 46.3mpg and carbon dioxide emissions of 162g/km. Whereas the Standard model can be bought in TS and TS2 trim levels, the High Power model is only offered in the not directly comparable Sport version. Clever stuff by Mazda but you do get saddled with an 8E rather than a 6E insurance rating for your trouble. Although there’s ample room on the inside with three rows of two seats, the Mazda5 isn’t superstretch

limo long. In fact, at 4,505mm in length, it measures just 85mm longer than the Mazda3 family hatch and the width is identical, so there won’t be any horrors when manoeuvring this wagon into a crowded multistorey car park. Despite its wheel at each corner stance, the turning circle of just 530cm means that even if you do need to throw a shifty three-point turn, you won’t need acres of road to do so. Better late than never, Mazda have finally propelled the ‘5’ into a position where it can trade blows with the class best. Whether anybody will take notice is another matter entirely. Time to flex some marketing muscle.

FACTS CAR: Mazda5 diesel range PRICES: £16,931 - £19,280 - on the road INSURANCE GROUPS: 7E-8E CO2 EMISSIONS: 162g/km PERFORMANCE: [2.0 D 141bhp] 060mph 10.1s/ Max Speed 122mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: [2.0 D 141bhp] (Combined) 46.3mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front & side airbags / ABS/ EBD/ EBA/ DCS


No surprises – just thrilling, ruthless efficiency 911 GT3 IF you want surprises, you don’t buy a Porsche 911. Rival manufacturers might tinker with the unexpected and strive to reinvent themselves with every new product launch but Porsche, particularly where its legendary sportscar flagship is concerned, seems content to deliver its own brand of predictable, inevitable, excellence. The hardcore GT3 is the 911 in one of its most thrilling forms and yet, it still smacks of ruthless efficiency rather than lunatic exuberance. Porsche fans wouldn’t have it any other way. The GT3 gets the famous Porsche flat-six boxer engine in its latest form with the 3.8-litre capacity as seen on the Carrera S models. In this guise, it’s 15bhp up on the S, however, with a total output of 435bhp. The engine uses Porsche VarioCam technology which adjusts the intake and exhaust camshafts to

FACTS CAR: Porsche 911 GT3 PRICE: £81,914 on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 20 CO2 EMISSIONS: 300g/km [est] PERFORMANCE: 0-62mph 4.1s / Max Speed 194mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: (combined) 22mpg [est] STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin airbags, ABS, PASM, PSM. optimise performance and it has been designed to increase torque levels at medium engine speeds to create a more gutsy feel to the GT3’s acceleration.

In raw figures, all this spells a 062mph acceleration time of 4.1 seconds putting the GT3 into the performance sportscar big league and a standstill to 99mph time of just 8.2s.

Keep the throttle planted and the car will see 194mph before running out of puff. It’s the detail that makes any 911 GT3 the car it is and Porsche has done a predictably thorough job of tweaking everything from the suspension and brakes to the aerodynamics in order to extract the last few drops of performance. The extravagant rear spoiler and more aggressive bumper designs set the GT3 apart on the road but it’s still unmistakably a 911. The GT3’s suspension is governed by PASM Porsche Active Suspension Management. Drivers can select Normal or Sport modes with the latter being a firmer set-up allowing the driver to make the most of the GT3’s enormously rigid chassis with its super stiff springs and anti-roll bars. The Normal mode is designed to achieve the 911’s famed everyday usability with a ride quality that won’t bring tears to your eyes but don’t expect anything too supple.


AYGO BLUE IF you’re trying to sell a car that you perceive to be cool, then the obvious colour to choose would be blue. That’s precisely what Toyota have done with their latest version of the Aygo. The Aygo Blue sits below the Black model at the top of a revised line up and features a dedicated Cayman Blue metallic paint finish. The unique metallic colour might be something of a giveaway but there’s more to this particular Aygo than just a pretty coat of paint. Based, like all Aygos, on 1.0-litre petrol power, the Blue adheres to the tried and tested special edition formula of bundling in a bunch of extra equipment for a nominal mark up in price. Buyers can expect to find features like the provision of Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free use of mobile phones. And blue means cool, too, with air conditioning also provided as standard, the system including an integrated pollen filter and air recirculation function. Owners can go much further too by choosing from a series of bespoke Aygo option packs. The Xtra Protected pack equips the car for life in the urban jungle with rear parking sensors, mud flaps and carpets, while the Style pack adds alloy wheels, front fog lamps and front scuff plates. Both three and fivedoor body styles are available with the Blue model. Naturally, in terms of performance, you need to remember that the Aygo Blue is a citycar first and foremost, something reflected in a sprint to 60mph that takes 14 seconds. The good news is the fact that the 1.0-

Friday, February 20, 2009


The cool customer FACTS CAR: Toyota Aygo Blue PRICE: £8,250-£9,080 - on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 1E CO2 EMISSIONS: 106g/km PERFORMANCE: 060mph 14.2s / Max Speed 98mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: (combined) 62.8mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front and side airbags on all except entry-level model, ABS, EBDFebruary 4th 2009

litre petrol engine is predictably excellent in terms of fuel economy and emissions. The combined economy figure is 62.8mpg and emissions are pegged at a laudable 106g/km. These figures are helped by the fact that the 1.0-litre is billed as the world’s lightest production engine. Effort is further removed by the fit-

ment of electrically assisted power steering, making light work of turning the Aygo about face. The front and rear overhangs have been kept short so as to maximise interior space and make parking simple. The tale of the tape shows a 3.4 metre overall length, which is almost 23cm shorter than a modern MINI.

The interior features a two-tone dashboard with a t extured effect, while the door trims feature body coloured detailing. One of the more eye-catching features is the design of the ventilation controls on the centre console. Two large wheels bookend the console with a translucent panel sitting

between them. Coupled with the funky, minimalist instrument panel, they give the Aygo’s fascia a very modern appearance. The steering column is adjustable for both reach and rake, the speedometer binnacle moving with the wheel. Coupled with plenty of driver’s seat travel and ample headroom, there shouldn’t be a problem getting comfortable behind the wheel of the Aygo. Sitting behind a tall driver is another issue altogether and rear space is a little pinched with the front seat at the back of its travel. That’s perhaps forgivable, as there is only so much that can be done within the strictures of a 2.34 metre wheelbase. Certainly, Toyota’s Aygo Blue offers a decent package that should appeal to those looking to stand out from the crowd without being too garish. The option packs are a neat idea to limit the basic price but also provide customers with more money to spend the process of personalising their Aygo to their own tastes. The Aygo is a fascinating car and one that looks exceptionally well placed to capitalise on our growing fascination with cheap, economical motoring. The styling revisions made to the latest models have only added to this impression and in value for money Blue guise, it’s more desirable still.


dealer profile

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bigger display of quality cars ESTABLISHED for nearly 40 years, Bartleys of Cleveleys have been in their new site on St Georges Lane for nearly a year now and would like to thank customers old and new for seeking them out over recent months. The dealership have enjoyed meeting old friends and making the acquaintance of new ones. In their new facility which boasts a customer-friendly showroom, they can display even more quality used cars to the very high standards for which Bartleys are locally renowned. Their prices range from around £3,000 up to £20,000 and their stock is mainly one owner vehicles with low mileage. The vehicles on the Bartleys of Cleveleys forecourt are carefully selected and all are treated to the dealership’s pre-sales preparation procedure. This means that each car is fully checked over, serviced and valeted before going on sale. It ensures that whatever model you choose, you can buy safe in the knowledge that it has been prepared to the highest possible standards. All models are sold with an appropriate warranty

BARTLEYS OF CLEVELEYS covering periods of three months up to 12 months, depending on the age of the vehicle. The cars will also carry a valid MOT where appropriate. If you require finance to assist with the purchase of your car, then the dealership can offer you a range of competitively priced packages that can be tailored to your specific circumstances. Their friendly sales team are fully trained to help you choose the best option available. Loan periods can be flexible, ranging from one year up to five years in length. If you have outstanding finance on your current car, Bartleys of Cleveleys will be happy to arrange the settlement of the loan on your behalf. Written quotations for all financial offers are available on request. If you are looking to renew your vehicle, then Bartleys of Cleveleys will be happy to take your existing car in part exchange and where it is appropriate, the value of the part exchange can be used as the deposit for your replacement model. If you are just looking to sell your

current vehicle, then the dealership are happy to consider a cash purchase. Bartleys of Cleveleys’ aftersales service is undertaken by a local garage on their behalf, which they have been using for over 17 years. All servicing and repairs are carried out by experienced technicians using the very latest diagnostic equipment. The dealership take great care in ensuring that your vehicle always receives the very best of care and attention. Bartleys of Cleveleys are open seven days a week from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am to 4pm on Sunday. So, if you are looking to replace your current car or add to your family’s fleet of vehicles, call into Bartleys of Cleveleys at 57 St. Georges Lane, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, FY5 3LT and see what great deals they have on offer. For more information, telephone them on 01253 821924. Or visit their website at


Friday, February 20, 2009

Seven seater’s such a big hit THE latest Citroen Berlingo is bigger than ever and it’s correspondingly large interior has given designers scope to offer a seven-seat version. The seven-seat configuration can be specified with the 90bhp 1.6-litre HDi diesel engine which makes sixty from rest in around 14 seconds on the way to a maximum in the region of 100mph. Alternatively, there’s the 110bhp 1.6 petrol with its 13.5s 0-60mph time and 105mph top speed. It’s not quick in either form but the diesel option feels usefully stronger around town and the petrol is a shade quieter. The seven-seat Berlingo Multispace is fitted with three individual, reclining, folding and removable seats in the second row. The third row is comprised of a pair of seats which can be folded down or removed completely when not in use. With all the seats occupied,

BERLINGO MULTISPACE 7 SEAT the boot space is cut to just 100 litres but you can fold unused seats down or lift them out to open up progressively more of the car’s exceptional carrying capacity. Because all of the seats can operate individually, there’s a multitude of ways to set-up the Multispace’s cabin. The option of seven-seats should open up the possibility of Berlingo Multispace ownership to a whole new section of the motoring public. At £800 over and above the cost of a five-seater VTR model, the Family Pack is not exorbitantly expensive, especially when you consider the price of other seven-seater options.

FACTS CAR: Citroën Berlingo Multispace 7-Seat PRICES: £12,955-£13,415 - on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 4 CO2 EMISSIONS: 150-195g/km PERFORMANCE: [1.6 HDi 90] 0-60 14.3s / Max Speed 100mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: [1.6 HDi 90] (urban) 40.4mpg / (extra urban) 56.5mpg / (combined) 49.6mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: ABS, EBD, twin front side and curtain airbags



Friday, February 20, 2009

GIRL TALK with June Neary


I must be honest and say that the “van with windows” formula has never been one that has much appealed to me. However, you have to say that it’s a cut-price way of providing many of the benefits of one of those Sceniclike mini-MPVs without the prohibitive cost. Whilst a Renault Scenic costs from around £14,000, the latest generation Renault Kangoo featured here can be yours for at least a couple of thousand less – quite a difference if you’re buying on a family budget.


One of the best features of the Kangoo are the side doors, which slide open to reveal plenty of space. The Renault’s commercial vehicle shape affords masses of room for three rear seat passengers and a monster of a boot lurking just over their shoulders. The high ceiling creates an airy feel to the cabin and the 60:40 split rear seats fold down to create a flat load floor. It’s also worth mentioning that a short wheelbase version of the Kangoo is available, christened the Be Bop. This model has less space and doesn’t ride in such a composed manner but it looks cute and the price is right.


You don’t buy a car like this expecting

women’s view

Look no further for space on a budget it to be fun to drive but being based on more modern underpinnings, this Kangoo is a lot better in this respect than its predecessor. Its petrol engines aren’t the most efficient in the segment. The 90bhp option returns 36mpg on the combined cycle and emissions of 195g/km which is far from impressive and the 106bhp option is scarcely any better. The diesels are a different story. The 70bhp unit gets 54.3mpg and CO2 emissions of 138g/km and even the most powerful oil-burner returns 50mpg and 151g/km when equipped with the optional particulate filter.

VALUE FOR MONEY Expect prices to be in the same £11,500-£13,500 bracket as obvious rivals like Citroen’s Berlingo Multispace, Peugeot’s Partner Tepee and Skoda’s Roomster. Which means the Kangoo offers a whole lot of space for the money.

COULD I LIVE WITH ONE? Yes. To be honest, I’d want to take a careful look at one of these kind of vehicles before investing so much in a mini-MPV like a Scenic or a Vauxhall Zafira. They make that much sense.



FOCUS COUPECABRIOLET ONE of the biggest growth sectors in the car market over the past few years has been that of affordable coupe-cabriolets. Time was when you had to buy French but there’s now a bigger choice and the very best drive of the lot is this Ford Focus Coupe-Cabriolet. Even in the latest facelifted form, it’s no great looker though and that could be key for some. There no getting away from the fact. As a nation we have gone ga-ga over small cars with folding hard tops. If statistics are to be believed, we’ve already bought more drop top cars than France, Italy and Spain combined, notwithstanding our decidedly aqueous climate, and now that manufacturers can factor in the additional safety and security of a metal roof, there’s no stopping us. Perhaps we should pause for a moment and ask ourselves what convertibles are really all about. It’s the wind in the hair and, yes, looking good, which is why it’s all the more perplexing that most compact folding hard top cars look about as sexy as mini-skip. Enter Ford’s latest Focus CoupeCabriolet. From some angles it’s a stunner, from others it looks as if it has, to coin a phrase, a bit too much junk in the trunk. Still, no car is perfect and the Focus counters with a sharper driving experience than any of its direct rivals can serve up. Buy the 1.6-litre version of the Focus Coupe Cabriolet and it’s hard to escape the nagging suspicion that you’ve not bought a whole lot of engine, the lion’s share of your money

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sharpest soft-top is pick of the crop FACTS CAR: Ford Focus CoupeCabriolet range PRICES: £17,617-£21,532 on the road INSURANCE GROUPS: 8-11 CO2 EMISSIONS: 156179g/km PERFORMANCE: [2.0 petrol] Max Speed 129mph / 060mph 10.2s FUEL CONSUMPTION: [2.0 petrol] (combined) 37.7mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front airbags, ABS with brake assist

having gone on the basics and that fancy folding tin top. Things get a little more satisfying if you’re prepared to dig a little deeper and get the 2.0litre petrol model.

This engine feels as if it’s made for the Coupe-Cabriolet. Dragging around a hefty welter of electric motors isn’t child’s play and the 143bhp 2.0-litre will punch the car to

60mph in 10.2 seconds. Coincidentally this is exactly the same time as the 2.0-litre TDCi diesel manages but Ford rather greedily wants another £1,500 model for model for


the oil burner. Most will stick with this petrol option. A top speed of 129mph may be academic to some but it’s indicative of just how much the Focus has in reserve when cruising at typical UK motorway speeds. Suffice to say, you’re not flogging the car’s guts out to keep pace. The two-piece electrically-operated hard-top roof operates at the touch of a button and takes just 29 seconds, with no catches, latches or levers needing to be manhandled. Once the roof is stowed in the boot, the Focus Coupe-Cabriolet’s lines are a good deal more elegant, with a classic rising waistline and a clean rear deck. Inside, the car’s dashboard layout follows the style of other Focus models, but with a different colour scheme developed to distinguish it as a flagship. If you like the way the Ford Focus Coupe-Cabriolet looks, and there are many that don’t care for its rather distended bottom, then there aren’t too many substantive reasons why you should look elsewhere.

BUY LOCAL Evans Halshaw Ford Vicarage Lane, Welbeck Avenue, Blackpool Tel 01253 699000


Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009




Friday, February 20, 2009

AGILA THE demands placed on city cars grow ever more exacting with each passing generation. Time was when a city car needed only to be small, economical and cheap to insure. No longer. The latest Vauxhall Agila must also satisfy those demanding better safety, higher quality, lower emissions and classier styling. First impressions look good. On paper, it looks equipped to tick all those boxes. Although Vauxhall are once again sharing Agila technology with Suzuki, this time round things are being worked on a rather different basis. This is no outdated hand-me-down, the latest Agila sporting a bang up to date chassis and three engines that are certainly class competitive at the very least. The line-up opens with a 64bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol unit and continues with a punchier 85bhp 1.2-litre powerplant. This engine is also offered with the option of an automatic gearbox which would certainly take the strain out of noseto-tail city traffic. The range topper is the 74bhp 1.3-litre CDTi diesel that's also fitted to the Corsa and the Tigra. Rather underwhelming in the larger, heavier cars, it endows the Agila with a reasonable amount of oomph. The key criterion that Vauxhall wouldn't diverge from is a requirement for five doors in a city car. Kia showed that this was a strong attractor with its five-door Picanto, an otherwise fairly unremarkable car that garnered big sales because buyers didn't fancy herniated discs by hauling a child seat in and out of a three-door car. The Agila integrates those doors a good deal more cleanly than many city tots, the rising waistline of the car giving it a dynamic, wedgy appearance, albeit to the slight detriment of a good view out for shorter kids in the back. The rear seat backs can also be folded down to create a totally flat load floor, serving up a total of 1,050 litres of available space. Suzuki Splash sister

Fashionable fun

FACTS model aside, no other city car can touch this. The hip point for the front seat has been deliberately set high to make getting in and out of the car easy, offering a commanding view of the road and taking advantage of that high roofline. Even with tight pricing and a choice of three trim levels, the Agila will need to be at the top of its game to face down the best in the city car sector. Still, it's coming equipped to do battle, with big car features such as optional

ESP stability control and four airbags. When it comes to running costs, it's hard to criticise a car that, in 1.0-litre form, can exist on group 1 insurance and averages over 56mpg without the need for a diesel engine. The entrylevel petrol and diesel models both put out no more than 120g/km of CO2, so you can expect a cheaper road fund licence courtesy of VED Band B and an exclusion from congestion charges where applicable. The diesel can achieve up to 70mpg in extra

urban use but even so, you really have to be clocking up quite a mileage to justify its £2,000 price premium - in which case, you really shouldn't be buying a citycar. It also needs pricier group 4 insurance. Cheap to run, fun to drive, economical and smartly styled, it's not the most fashionable urban scoot out there – but it could very well be the best. Moorland Motors price is £7,495 which includes £500 recycling for an Agila 1.0 12v Club.

CAR: Vauxhall Agila range PRICES: £7,631-£11,389 - on the road INSURANCE GROUPS: 1-4 CO2 EMISSIONS: 120-131g/km PERFORMANCE: [1.0] 0-60mph 14.7s / Max Speed 99mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: [1.0] (urban) 47.9mpg / (extra urban) 64.2mpg / (combined) 56.5mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: twin front and side airbags, ABS

BUY LOCAL Moorland Motors Whitehills Business Park, Lytham St Annes Way, Blackpool Tel 01253 696747


Diesel delivers performance and economy FACTS

330d CONVERTIBLE BMW’s standard 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel is no longer the star of the 3 Series engine range that it was when it first arrived on the scene. That honour goes to the twin turbo version of the powerplant as fitted to the 335d models. The 330d Convertible makes do with a single turbocharger to generate its 245bhp power output and 520Nm of torque. It’s still seriously quick. The acceleration from zero to 62mph will take 7 seconds and the top speed of 152mph will be more than sufficient this side of the Bonneville Salt Flats. With the same quantity of torque that you’ll get from the 5.0-litre V10engined M5, the 330d is quite an advert for grasping the black handled pump. Rival manufacturers would kill for BMW’s reputation when it comes to instilling handling balance and driver

CAR: BMW 3 Series 330d Convertible PRICES: £37,610-£40,155 - on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 17 CO2 EMISSIONS: 168g/km PERFORMANCE: Max Speed 152mph / 0-60mph 7s FUEL CONSUMPTION: (urban) 40.8mpg / (extra urban) 53.3mpg/ (combined) 43.5mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front airbags, twin front side airbags, ABS /DSC / brakeforce display enjoyment into its vehicles. There was talk, however, that the boys in Munich might have met their match when it came to producing a car with a hefty metal roof that could really shine through a set of corners. There have been some tin-top convertibles that feel like a tent in a typhoon if cornered quickly but the

330d Convertible remains flat and composed. The biggest complement you can pay it is that there’s very little difference between the driving experience in this car and the 3 Series Coupe. The suspension is more compliant that the Coupe’s but that just makes the Convertible more pleasant for

cruising about in on a summer’s day. The engine is remarkably quiet, even with the top down, so you shouldn’t attract attention for the wrong reasons. BMW has been selling soft-top 3 Series Convertibles for many years but with this 3 Series, BMW felt the time was ripe to follow a divergent path

and get with the technology that’s driving huge customer demand – folding hard top roofs. Like all the most modern versions, the BMW system is a three rather than a two-piece system. The advantage of this is that you don’t need a distended bottom on the car to accommodate the larger sections of a two-piece roof. The downside of stacking three pieces atop each other instead of two in the boot is that when they’re folded, there’s not a great deal of luggage space left. A 330d Convertible requires a significant outlay upfront but from there, ownership costs should prove distinctly manageable. Despite its considerable performance, the car can return saintly economy of 43.5mpg with emissions of 162g/km. Residual values are robust too . A few years ago, diesel convertibles seemed like a silly idea. It’s a credit to BMW’s engineering expertise that the 330d Convertible makes you wonder what it was we were worried about.

BUY LOCAL Derek Woodman BMW Whitehills Business Park, Lytham St Annes Way, Blackpool Tel 01253 697101


PATRIOT THE Jeep name has certain connotations and attracts a certain kind of buyer as a result. That’s not to say that if you don’t enjoy driving through inhospitable wastelands, killing your own food or risking life, limb and serious panel damage at every opportunity, there isn’t a Jeep for you. There’s no doubt that this manufacturer’s output is vastly more capable in the great outdoors than most but many modern Jeeps are also pleasantly urbane, cosseting things that are perfectly at home in the more populated surroundings most of us stick to. The Patriot is one of the least rugged vehicles ever to were the famous sevenslatted grille but it will still show its compact SUV rivals a thing or two when the going gets slippery. Although the Patriot is better off road than it ever needs to be, it’s still a step or two down from the true Rubicon Ready vehicles at the top end of Jeep’s range. Although there are beefier four-wheel drive setups around, the Freedom Drive I system does have a trick or two up its sleeve. This full-time electronically-controlled allwheel drive setup has a locking mode to set the front/rear torque split for especially slippery conditions. On the tarmac it’s OK, if not as nimble as rival models whose designers have paid little heed to off-road prowess. Although it’s never going to be the first choice for keen drivers, its comfort levels and manoeuvrability will be a pleasant surprise to anyone familiar with handling genuine off-road vehicles on the Queen’s highway. The retro lines of the Patriot’s exterior will be a major reason why lots of customers buy one. The high beltline, narrow side windows, flat body panels and upright windscreen angle are all design cues reminiscent of the early Cherokee, while the boxily flared wheel arches look straight

Friday, February 20, 2009


Spirit of adventure FACTS CAR: Jeep Patriot range PRICES: £16,195£19,295 - on the road INSURANCE GROUPS: 11E CO2 EMISSIONS: 180-206g/km PERFORMANCE: [2.0] 0-60mph 11s / Max Speed 117mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: [2.0] (urban) 32.1mpg / (extra urban) 51.4mpg / (combined) 42.2mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Twin front & side airbags / ABS

from a Wrangler. The design and materials are a tangible improvement over what has gone before. The Jeep Patriot is a cheap car but does a decent job of disguising it. Improvements to the interior and general specification upgrades have upped the feel-good factor in the latest models and there was never much of a problem with

what lies beneath the cosmetics. The Patriot is one of just a few compact 4x4s that you can really feel comfortable about subjecting to light off-road use tanks to its well-developed 4x4 transmission. Most owners never will, of course, and so it’s just as well that the little Jeep can do the business on the road too.


Friday, February 20, 2009

used cars The Gazette

Your essential Friday guide to buying second-hand vehicles


You’ll have to work quite hard to find a super-cheap 4-wheel drive Estate, since ‘super-cheap’ usually means old and the 4x4 estate is a comparatively new phenomenon. As usual, it’s Subarus that you’ll come across more frequently: the MK2 Legacy Estate ran from 1994 and was so popular that it even continued on for two years (in 2.0-litre form) after the MK3 Legacy model was introduced in 1998.

Estate-of-the-art 4x4s

DESIRABLE BUT POTENTIALLY PRICEY Latterly we’ve seen updated versions of both Audi’s Allroad and Volvo’s XC70 and both are worth serious consideration. Other options well worth considering include Skoda’s Octavia Scout and Subaru’s much-improved Legacy Outback.


By the late Nineties, there was plenty of choice in this sector. Even MPVs had 4WD: in 1997, both Ford and VW fitted the top 2.8 V6 versions of their Galaxy and Sharan models with the same Synchro (later badged ‘4 MOTION’) 4-wheel drive system by then offered on top VW Passat Estates equipped with the same engine. The later Passat W8 4MOTION models are still a tad expensive but are some of the quickest and smoothest all-wheel drive estates around. Up against the Passat were cars like Audi’s A4 Avant 2.5 TDI Quattro (’98-’01) and Subaru’s post ‘98 Legacy and Outback models. All three also tilted at buyers

road terrain, the Cross Country later developing into the XC70. The most significant sector entrant of this era however, was Audi’s Allroad, powered either by 2.7-litre turbo petrol power or the ubiquitous 2.5-litre TDI turbo diesel.


looking at Executive 4WD estates from Volvo and Audi. Volvo’s MK1 V70 came with three 4WD options: ‘AWD’ and sportier ‘AWD R’, plus tougher ‘XC Cross Country’, which had more body pro-

tection and greater ground clearance. Audi meanwhile, was offering the A6 in MK2 Avant quattro guise with 2.8litre petrol power or the familiar 2.5litre TDI diesel. Further 2.7-litre and 3.0-litre petrol

versions followed in 2000 and 2001. By then, Volvo’s second generation V70 was on sale, with the MK2 XC Cross Country version going on sale in the Summer of 2000, followed a year later by an AWD version for lighter off

Cheap & Cheerful: [Older] BMW 525i 4wd SEiX Touring – £2,500-£3,500 (M to N plate); [Newer] Subaru Forester 2.5 Turbo – £3,500-£4,000 (S to W plate). Affordable Mid-Rangers: [Older] Volvo V70 Cross Country 2.4T SE – £7,500£9,500 (W to 51 plate); [Newer] Audi Allroad 2.5TD – £11,000-£18,000 (51 to 55 plate). Desirable But Potentially Pricey: [Older] Volvo Xc70 2.4 D5 SE – £14,250£16,750 (04 to 05 plate); [Newer] Audi Allroad 3.0TDI – £28,000-£32,000 (06 to 07 plate).


Ford Escort Estate

Vauxhall Tigra 1995 M Reg, In Red, 4 Months Tax, MOT Until May, Low Price for Quick Sale



1996, MoT Sept.

95 (N), blue, hatchback, current MoT, very reliable.

£275 ono


Tel: 07768 727677

Tel: 01253 876640

Tel 01253 732151 (LP)

R Reg Renault Clio 1.1 Ford Mondeo (N) electric windows, 3 mth tax, 3 mth MoT, great cond.

White, excellent runner, some cosmetic work required, lady owner, MoT till end March, genuine reason for sale


£295 ovno Tel: 07513 486657

£450 Tel: 01524 842594

ROVER 618I S Honda Accord 2.0

4 door saloon in blue metallic 1992, K Regd Central Locking Electric mirrors/windows P.A.S. Stereo Excellent interior Excellent condition MOT and Tax June

Manual, petrol, 1999.bottle green. mot june2009. excellent runner, very reliable car.Mileage 56.000. body work fair.

£450.ono. TEL.01253 357875 MOB 07725 885239

£450 ono Tel: 01253 776996

Corsa 1.2

Good condition throughout, CD player, 5 speed, 12 mths mot, cheap ins / tax £675. Tel 07957 454521 part ex bargains Runabout s under £1000

Hyundai Accent 1.3i Coupe

1999 (T) 64k ,fsh,starmist silver,radio/cd,taxed&mot Nov 09,ideal first car low tax&insurance group


Vauxhall Corsa

Tel 01253 876503 or 07836 359895

Spin 1.2, blue/purple, (N) 5mth Tax, MoT Aug, Good runner, low miles,

Suzuki Liana

£395 ono Tel: 07516 555414

1.6 GL 5 door

2003 (03) reg 54k,s/history,PAS,radio/cd, alloys,mot Jan 2010,clove metallic,superb value


Tel 01253 876503 or 07836 359895

Friday, February 20, 2009

used cars CARS UNDER 1000


Your essential buying guide


Modified Ford

BMW 316i SE Metallic blue, Nreg, great runner, 6mnths tax/MOT, Cd/radio, alloys, ABS, E/W, E/S/R, Near FSH.

£1000 ono Tel 07736829797

Citroen Xsara 1.8 SX

1999, 'T', 110,000 miles, 5 door, blue, a/con, CD, MoT Feb. 2010, clean car £650ono TEL 01772 690508 (LP)

BMW 318i

Fiat Puto

(R) 1998, Red, 10 mth MoT, 4 mth tax, E/W, has damage to boot, good runner, For quick sale.

S60, 99 (T) 39853 Miles 3door Hatch, Taxed & Tested till End Oct CD Radio, Very good condition for year, only two owners.

£900 Tel: 07511 017573


£850 ono Tel 01995 602858

Ford Ka

2000, Facelift with coded bumpers 12 mth Mot, 7 mth Tax, 5 year warranty on exhaust, shocks, springs and bushes. Lovely little car. £900 Giveaway. Tel. 07725 631669. (LP)

FORD KA T Reg 1999 1.3cc Taxed and MOT, Silver, Any trial or inspection, ready to drive away

XR3i mk 5 Escort 1600 hatch cabrolet, electric roof, lowered suspension, rally air filter, e/w, pas, alloys, expensive alarm/immob, lots of extras, very nippy, MoT Sep 09, Tax march 09.

£750ovno Tel 01253 298441 or 07857 499526

Toyota MR2 MFI, 16v Sport, 1989, G reg, met blue, 2 door coupe new alloy tyres, a true classic, fsh, Cat 1 alarm, c/d, vgc stored in garage for 1 year, drive away,

Bargain £600 ono Tel 01253 872984 or 0759 0511785

CARS 1000 - 1999


Vauxhall Corsa

Dark Red 35,000 miles FSH Mot July low tax/insurance group VGC

Breeze,1398cc,98R,Bl ue, taxed and tested,Good Condition


£700 ono Tel. 07800 888890

Tel. 01524 380332

CARS 1000 - 1999


£850 Tel. 07779 241489

16V, 2000 V, PAS all extras, new mot, tax till April, cheap tax, Showroom Condition


Bill Tuke Car Sales Est 50 years Tel: 826550

Vauxhall Corsa

1.2 Breeze S reg 98 PAS c/l s/roof CD 60k miles only. MoT end May 09 Showroom Condition

The PAINT & BODY Clinic

CARS 1000 - 1999

CARS 1000 - 1999

Ford Focus Ghia, Diesel, Panther black, (T) 1800cc, 91,000 miles, C/L, PAS, A/bag, cd/radio, E/W, a/cond, good cond.

12 mths mot, 12 mths tax, immac inside and out, new clutch F/S/H, cheap tax & insurance, E/W, S/R, CD, alloys, excellent runner

Renault Megane Scenic 1.4

£545 (01524) 421807


In association with


BMW 323i Coupe

S regd, 'M' Sports Pack, dk. green met. 1 owner from new, MoT 08/09, FSH, leather interior, £1,900.All offers Considered Ex Con TEL 01772 615465 (LP)

Citroen Saxo 1.1 Desire

2002 in silver 3 door 75,000 miles Power Steering sunroof CD player MoT August 09 Tax May 09 good all round condition

£1,350 ono Tel 07765 885063

£1750 ono Tel: 01253 692096 or 07972 300127

Peugeot 106 Independence 1.1,Black, s/roof, 1 owner, 31k, reg nov 52, tax, 12mths MoT, fsh. £1,950 Tel 01253 302001 or 07818 071958 (Lp)

Ford Focus LX

1999 'V', petrol 5 door, 1.8, Burgundy, average miles, 12 mth MoT, FSH, CD/radio, e/w, PAS, tax Nov. excellent condition, cloth interior.

£1995 TEL 07973 836324

PEUGEOT 206 5d

2000(W), 1.4 LX, 5dr, sky blue, 69k, pas, ew, cl, air con, sh, cd, MoT july, low tax/ ins. £1995 ono Tel 07599 999610 (Lp)


Bill Tuke Car Sales Est 50 years Tel: 826550

FORD MONDEO GLX 2.0, auto 4 door saloon, green, L Reg, taxed and tested, petrol, 105k, good runner.

BMW 325 TDS SE Auto 1994 Diesel

blue, MoT and tax, FSH, full electric pack, alloys, many extras inc. private registration, good condition. £995ono TEL 07779 994765 or 01772 426221

Citroen AX 1995, N reg, 3 dr hatchback, 1.0, p/a/s, stereo, sun roof 6 months tax, 6 months mot, excellent condition

£750 ono Tel: 01253 779541/ 07904 450 115


1.8Si Zetech Red, 1998, Alloys, C/L, E/W, S/R, PAS, 12mths MoT tax end of may, 79k ex cond £695 Tel 07957 714042 (LP)

Ford Escort 1.3

N regd. 5 door, 12 mth MoT, 6 mth. tax. PAS, air bag, re-con. engine, very reliable, excellent condition RAC inspection welcome.

£375 for quick sale TEL 07871 985528

£550 ono Tel 01253 762069 or 07886445235.

Citroen Saxo

FORD ESCORT 1.6 lx Manual, R reg, metallic red, 5 door, E/W, PAS 59,000 miles, 2 owners from new, Full dealer service history, taxed, MoT aug 09, ex cond £795 Tel 01253 625726 (lp)

Citroen Saxo SX Automatic

Proton Persona

1.4 4door saloon. N reg (1995) 31K. MOT Sept. Tax Nov. One owner from new. Excellent condition.

1.6 XLi auto, (R) MoT Sept 09, Taxed May 09, 5dr, low miles, cd player, PAS, E/W, E/M, C/L, alloys, ABS, a/bag.

£995 Tel 07763 404330 After 6pm

Ford Fiesta 1.25 LX Zetec

5 Door, Hatchback, S Reg, 78,000 Miles, Tax End July 09, MOT Mid August 09 £850 ono Tel: 01524 855535 or 07788 563562 (LP)

Ford Fiesta 1.3 LX

Citroen Xsara

1998, 5dr, H/B, Diesel 74k, Blue, PAS, Mot October, C/L, R/C, Ex cond. £795 ono. Tel. 07722 680959. Blackpool (LP).

1.6 EX G Reg 8mths MOT 2 mths TAX Alloys 77,000 miles Good runner Good Condition

£695 Tel: 07794 411132

Renault 19 Cabriolet

£550 ono

J Reg MOT Jan '10 Tax March '09 PAS E/W Alloys low mileage very nice condition Ready for summer Bargain!

Tel: 07847 319569

£650 ono Tel: 07896 589001


AUTOMATIC 1998 R Regd Full MoT only 65,000 miles Fully serviced including Timing Belt PAS Airbag Metallic Blue

£995 Tel. 07500 720 380

Volvo 240 SE

Automatic Estate 1992(K), Blue Metallic 55,000mls, Genuine FSH,PAS,Taxed / Mot E/W E/M Heated seats and mirrors 4 new tyres Immaculate condition inside and out, 1 careful lady owner

£950 ono Tel: 01253 349151 07769963791

P regd. black 3 door, e/w, c/l, s/r, CD/MP3 player, 6 months tax, 8 months MoT, only 43,000 miles, very good runner, excellent condition.

£850 TEL 07866 440764

5 door hatch, 'V' reg. 1999, dark red, 67,000 miles, 6 months tax, MoT Feb. 2010. very good condition throughout.

£895 ono TEL 01772 490820 or 07878 180749

HYUNDAI LANTRA 1600 GSi estate, S reg, burgundy red, tax, mot, ew, cl, pas, air con, new head gasket, excellent smooth nippy drive.

£550 ovno Tel 01253 298441 or 07857 499526

Reault Megane Scenic Sports Alize 1598cc. Oct 00 (X). Green. Petrol, Taxed untill 31st Mar 09. MOT untill 16th September 09.

Silver, 27,000 miles, 1 owner from new, fully serviced, MoT and Tax Sep, very clean inside and out, s/r, cd player etc.. £1,995 Tel 07872 960724 (LP)

£1950 ono Tel 07792 707122

£1950 Tel 07717 411865.

Fiat Punto 1.2i

Hyundai Santa Fe

Renault Clio

Citroen Saxo 1.1cc 03 plate

Vauxhall Corsa

W regd, 1.7, diesel, MoT 9 mth. tax 3 mth. 5 door hatch, average mileage, good condition and runner £745ono TEL 07894 575760 (LP)

BMW 318 i P Reg 1996 in silver, 5 speed, electric windows, central locking, sunroof, CD player, 45k genuine miles, 1 previous keeper from new, regularly serviced in beautiful condition throughout, MOT end July, tax end March £1495 ono Tel: 01524 852903 or 07867 725779 (LP)

2000 Honda Civic 1.4 Sport 74K Half leather trim, alloys Silver Mot Cambelt done

£1650 ono Tel. 01524 825150 or 07968 052537

Hyundai Atoz 1ltr.

5 door hatch, white, 1360cc. 'R' regd, low mileage 44,000, tax and MoT Sept.

£895ono TEL 01772 716432 or 01772 641633

£800ono Tel 01772761182

Honda Civic

Honda Concerto

1.1, 1999, met blue, average miles, body kit, alloys, iduction kit, s/steel exhaust, 11 mth Mot, 5 mth tax, cd player, low ins and cheap tax. £995 ono Tel: 077569 79780


P Regd, 3 door, 12 months MOT, red, CD player, 83,807 miles

Ford KA 1.3, Silver, 52 reg, very low mileage, service history, m.o.t sept 09, very clean, ideal 1st car. quick sale hence

2001 (51 plate) 3-door hatchback in silver CD Player one lady owner central locking electric windows Full MOT CITY steering

£1650 Tel: 07500 720380

2.4, 2001, silver, "FANTASTIC CAR" Lady owner, Low mileage 58k, MoT Jan 2010, FSH, air con, £700 accessory kit fitted. Approved insurance certified immobiliser. REDUCED TO

£1995 NO OFFERS. TEL 01257 232900

Ford Focus Turbo Diesel, 1.8, X reg, 2001, p/a/s, hatchback, 5 door, air cond, heated front screen, e/w, twin airbags, cent lock, alarm, immobiliser, 12 months mot

£1495 Tel: 07853 717051

2002 52 reg, 1.2 L Petrol, 3 dr hatchback, Blue, 56900 miles,Sunroof, E/W, CD, PAS, Mot & Taxed, Good condition

£1750 ono Tel 07985583813

Renault Clio Automatic, 1598cc, very reliable, MoT till Sept, V Reg, low miles.

Landrover Freelander 1.8 Station Wagon


2000 regd. 5 doors, met. green, MoT/Tax Sept. immaculate condition throughout, recent engine, SH, a/c, e/w, c/l £1,995 TEL 07888 997983 or 07900 552229 (LP)

Tel 01253 724788 or 07722 045239

Ford Cougar

Renault Laguna 1.6 Estate


2002 Rover 25 Impression 1.4

W Regd, 2000, CD, c/locking, e/windows, 6 months, MoT, PAS £795ono TEL 07802 751211 (LP)

T regd. MoT. Tax. FSH. Ideal first car. Good condition. £900 ono Tel: (01995) 602279 07971 445118 (LP)

46,000 Miles, 2 Owners From New, 12 Months MOT, 1 Month Tax £1500 ono Tel: 01524 752991 or 07930 201667

Rover 214si


55,000 miles, N reg, Taxed until 31st march, M.O.T until 27th april,2 new tyres, new head gasket, in red, lady owner, good clean condition.

R regd. 3-door. White. P/S. C/L. E/W. Stereo. MoT November, Taxed April. Excellent condition in and out. Lady owner

BMW (1996) 328 Coupe Sport

£600 ono Tel 01253 891476 or 07734 384714

£999 ovno Tel: (01995) 604478

12 months MoT, taxed, very good condition inside & out, average mileage, drives like new, alloys, stereo etc

bargain £1595 ono Tel 01253 811304 078965 05445

2.5 V6, x-pack, 2000 reg (private plate), black, 108k, FSH (lots of receipts) A/C, PAS, E/W, computer, 1 prev owner, immac, lovely car, long MoT, genuine sale,

£1700 Tel: 01253 872386 or 07949 675593

Mercedes A160 Elegance 1.6

Rover 25 Impression S

1999, semi automatic, 5 door, MoT and tax, silver, average miles, excellent condition, superb runner, SH, e/w, stereo, ABS. £1750 TEL 01772 719141 or 07932 307413 (LP)

1.4, mint green, 51 plate, 5 dr hatch, 51,000 miles, tax end March, MoT Oct, serviced Oct. 08, SH, good condition. £1600ono TEL 01772 736680 (LP)


Rover 45 Limited Edition

1994, 8 seater SWB 4WD, 2.8 Td M reg, Tax & Tested, 86k, good condition.

Ford Focas Studio 1.4 2003

2 dr, cheap ins and tax, silver, ford alloys, great driver, private glass on back, MoT nov 09, price to sell £1700 ono Tel 07747 185502 (LP)

£1585 ovno Tel 07912 484363 or 01253 595894

1.6 Olympic S, X reg. Taxed and MoT, PAS. E/W, Air bags, A/C, Low mileage, 4 New tyres, FSH, 1 previous owner, absolute mint condition Reduced to only .

£1,550 ono Tel: 07891 323937


Friday, February 20, 2009

used cars CARS 1000 - 1999

CARS 1000 - 1999

Your essential buying guide

CARS 2000-2999

CARS 2000-2999

CARS 2000-2999

CARS 3000-3999

Toyota Avensis


(02) 1.8 VVTi GS, pale met green, 5dr, sat nav, cd player, alarm, 1 yr MoT, exc cond.

1.8 T 160 4 door, 53,000 miles, manual, blue, petrol, (02) rear spoiler, head gasket replaced.

£1995 Tel: 07706 748755 or 01253 791795

Volvo V40 1.8 XS Manual Estate

95,000 miles, 1999, tax/MoT, gold, FSH, very good condition, full electrics, c/l, alarm, PAS, alloys, clean and tidy. only £1295 TEL 07956 469225 or 01772 322077

Toyota Hilux Surf SSRG. Top of the range edition (L) Blue, Diesel, good cond inside and out, new tyres, 10 mth MoT, 5 mth tax, A/C, S/R, E/W, 4x4 3ltr.

£1750 ono Tel: 07973 397205

Hyundai Trajet 2.0 GSi People Carrier

VW Golf GT TDi

1998, 'S', Jazz blue, 5 dr, manual, FSH, tax Oct. MoT Dec. alloys, 130k. 50+ mpg, owned 7 years, tow bar, inspection welcome, genuine sale. £1995ono 07734 443195


Vauxhall Agila 12cc 03 reg, 33,000 miles, green, FSH, E/W,PAS, T&T, good cond in and out. £1600 Tel: 07834 276241 (LP)

Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 12V 2000 'W' 3 door, red, 96,000 miles, 12 mth MoT, taxed, e/w, c/l, excellent runner, very good condition.

£1295 TEL 01772 490752 or 07907 411189

10 months MOT, new tyres, good condition, metallic blue, history. Cheap tax and insurance ideal for first driver.

£1100 ono (01524) 68445 or 07792080451

£2950 (OVNO)

CCM DIRECT (01253) 78 00 99 (07802) 313-313 Your place or ours Terms & P/X poss

W Reg, 74,000 Miles, Grey, MOT, Really nice looking car in good condition

white, tax and Mo T, excellent condition, 4 new tyres

VOLVO S40 1.8 SE 1999 manual petrol met/silver 115000 ml, MOT Sep,taxed, usual SE package leather cd,radio,cass,alloys,g ood condition

£1,700 ono Tel 01253 876589

£2600 Tel: 01524 849026 after 6pm 07775735948 anytime

'L' regd. 32,000 miles, 2 door, blue, tax/MoT, excellent condition for year, no rust, FSH, 2 owners, tow bar. £2100 TEL 07795 465957 or 01772 312142 (LP)


Misubishi Delica

PEUGEOT 806 2.0HDi Quicksilver

Super exceed turbo diesel 1996, green, auto, air con, elec windows mirrors, twin air bags, 7seats, 4wd, t&t drives and looks well.

£2995 ono Tel 01253 394115

81,000 miles, 7 seats, Superb condition, half leather, climate control, Sony stereo, Peugeot tow bar, Thule roof rack.

Offers over £2000 07882 007883

Renault Clio

Nissan Almera

Tino 2.2 SEDi Turbo Diesel, MPV, 02 reg, met blue, tax Apr, MOT Oct, FSH, 69K, top of range, AC, CD, SR, manual, remote alarm, 5 dr. £2695 Tel 07765 590329 (LP)

Nissan MPV Almera Tino 1.8 SE 2001, tax/MoT, 25,000 miles, FSH, e/w, c/l, a/c, s/r, removable seats etc. blue

£2650ono TEL Horwich 01204 691580

1.2 Dynamique, (02) met silver, 1 lady owner, E/W, C/L, Power Assisted Steering, Full Service History, 12months MOT, 58,000 miles, exc cond.

£2200 Tel: 07887 583281

£3200 ono Tel: 07793 420933

Vauxhall Corsa 1.7 Di

5 door hatch, dark red, Tax till 31-7-09, MOT till 1-7-09, 40,000 miles, electric windows, airbags, central locking, CD player, air conditioning

2003, metallic blue, 3 door hatch, c/l, e/w, PAS, CD, MoT/tax, alloys, 55mpg. very good condition. £2595ono TEL 01524 382797

£3200ono Tel 01254 852788


Rover 75 Classic CDT SE

TDi, 2001, four door saloon, PS, E/Windows, taxed and tested, very economical and reliable, good condition. £2250ono TEL. 01772 259229 or 07965 772442

53 plate FSH, tax and MoT ABS, alloys, rear sensors 40+ MPG 49,500 miles £3500 TEL 07851 934111

VOLVO V70 2.4 Estate. 2000 W Reg, auto, silver, 123,000k, FSH, leather seats, cd radio/cass, MOT/Taxed.Bargain

£2100 ono Tel 01253 829267

Vaux Astra 1.8

5 Door In Silver, 54 Plate, 31K Miles, Automatic, Tax & Tested Until Sept 09, 6 Months Vauxhall Warranty, Good Condition, Immaculate Interior £3800 Tel: 07825 564045 (LP)

CARS 4000-4999

ROVER 25 1.4 16V

53 Regd, 39,800 miles, petrol, 5 door, charcoal, FSH, PAS, e/sunroof, remote c/locking, CD player, immobiliser, alarm, alloys, 9 months MOT, 5 months tax, just had full service, all receipts, 2 owners, excellent condition

2350ono Tel 01772 704188

VW Passat TDi

Estate 2000(W), 1.9 TDi, estate, silver, 99k, pas, e/w, r/l, climate control, SH, MoT aug, Tax july, ex economy. £2495 ono Tel 07599 999610 (LP)

CARS 3000-3999

Fiesta 1.4 Zetec

A/c . 2005 ‘05. Only 19,000 miles by one careful owner. Metallic silver. ABS, C/L, E/W, Alloys, CD. Fantastic condition inside and out. Taxed and tested. £4,290 Tel: 01253 723270


Nissan Primera SVE Automatic 2003

5 door hatch, dark grey metallic, MoT June, full electrics inc built in Sat. Nav. excellent condition. £3000ono TEL 01772 603302 (LP)

Suzuki Grand Vitari

1998, MoT June 30, 2009, 2 Former Keepers, 2Ltr Petrol, 34,000 From New, Service History, Immaculate £2,500 Any Trail Tel 01253 896447

CARS 4000-4999 PEUGEOT 1007SE

3 Dr, Auto, June 2007, Tacamah Yellow,, E/sliding Doors amd Mirrors, Air Conditioning, Radio, Only 7,200 Miles, Good Condition

£4950 Tel 01253 724915 or email

45,500 miles MOT August, Taxed July, E/W, E/M, ABS, A/C/ Alloy wheels, P/S, Immobiliser, CD player

£3275 ono (01524) 832210

Ford Focus ST170

2002, MoT/tax/warranty, a/c, e/m, heated screen, interior sensing & perimeter alarm, airbags, traction control, anti lock brakes, radio/6 CD, part leather seats. £4225 TEL 07746126644

The PAINT & BODY Clinic

CARS 5000-5999 04 Honda Civic IMA Hybrid 38 K, taxed and tested, one owner, leather, FSH

£5250 Telephone 01524 64708

CARS 6000-6999 Honda Accord VTEC Executive 2.0

Automatic, silver/blue, saloon, immaculate condition, one owner, 24,000 miles, tax and MoT, leather interior, air con, cruise control, heated seats and mirrors, all electric, CD, reluctant sale due to retirement.

£6950ono TEL 01772 324855

Honda CR-V

PEUGEOT 307 1.6S (05)

£2390 Tel: 07940 001307 or 01253 595655 (evenings)

BMW 316i SE 2001 Black 18cc 4 door saloon New Mot A/C E/W Alloy wheels R/C/L Parking sensors Excellent Condition

TVR Tasmin Series 2

1982, silver, 2.8 V6 Ford Cologne engine, 57k mile, good condition, e/w, radio cassette, s/s exhaust, recent full service, 6 mth. MoT, 6 mth. tax. £2400ono TEL 01254 820809

Peugeot 206

LX 3 door Hatch 1400cc 2001 Tax Mar Mot Nov FSH 69k Power steering A/C E/W E/M Remote alarm CD 2 owners as new condition

Tel: 07798 895392


Auto low miles tax mot Immaculte

Nissan Terrano 4x4 Turbo Diesel

£2,400 ono Tel: 07909 587844


04 Vauxhall Astra Van

Tel: 07919 037612

Automatic 2002 (52 plate) blue metallic 63,000 miles, FSH ABS PAS air bag, air con, c/locking, CD and stereo 8 months MoT. 6 months Tax, full electric pack,

CARS 2000-2999

Volkswagon Polo Estate


Ford Ka Style

2002, 02 plate, 1.3, 3 door, 51,000 miles, Star silver, 12 mth MoT, FSH, PAS, e/w, radio/CD, c/l, immob, low insurance, petrol, ex. condition. £2295 TEL 07772 143378 (LP)

In association with

Smart Fortwo Passion

Top of the Range 2004, 7 months manufacturers warranty 41,000 miles, alloys, CD, E/W T&T immaculate £4,950 Tel: 01253 773068 (LP)

Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi SRi Estate

2005, 150bhp, silver, e/w, e/m, computer, CD, a/con, c/l, alloys, tow bar, tax June, MoT Jan, 53,000 miles, £4795ovno TEL 01772 510625 (LP)

VTEC Sport Auto Black (1998 cc) Reg 2005. Air con, cruise control, radio/CD player, electric windows, Whitter towbar. Mileage 48k. Genuine reason for sale.

£5,900. Tel: 01253 882210

HONDA JAZZ 1.4 SE 2006 '06', 12,000 miles, metallic blue, taxed and tested, air conditioning, alloys, lady owner, excellent condition. £6,950ono TEL. 07740 636527

Jaguar S-TYPE SE Model 2003, Royal blue, Cream leather, beautiful throughout. F.S.H Garaged from new. £6500 07972 475556

Friday, February 20, 2009

used cars

CARS 8000 - 8999 Nissan X-Trail 2.2dci 136SE2007, 57 plate, Diesel, Silver, FSH, Diesel, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Climate Control, Power Steering, 9000 miles,

£8250 Tel: 07733 453701


FordEscort 75D Van

1999(V) white,diesel,PAS, 79,000 miles, Good condition £950 ono 07872 941785 (T)


Van, 52 Regd., 2002 model, white, unlettered, ply lined, full galv. roof rack, two owners from new, all service documents, taxed and 10 months MOT, superb condition.

£1750 No Vat. Tel. 07917 008715 mobile

Ford Escort Van Diesel, N regd, roofrack/ towbar, 9 months MOT, 3 months tax.

£475 ono

COMMERCIAL VEHICLES Mercedes Sprinter 508 MWB Van Side loading door and back doors, 1 former keeper, replacement engine, good clean work horse, tested till Sept 2009

£1350 ono 07905 432424 (anytime) 01253 351283 (after 6pm)

Your essential buying guide


£3200 ono. Tel. 07747 185502.

Tipper Unit complete with aluminium drop side body to fit Ford Transit and LDV

£350ono TEL 07958 809591


56 Plate January 2007 In Black & Silver, 2,500 Miles, Taxed & Tested, Service History, Good Condition

£1575 Tel: 01524 735482 or 07765 417104



Triumph 955i RS Sprint


2000, 20,000 miles, 6 mths tax and MoT. 2 careful owners Excellent condition Many extras Genuine reason for sale First to see will buy

TEL 07554 085475 WANTED ALL MOTORCYCLES cash paid & collected also sales & servicing Tel:01253 693310 or 07921 298209 click on

1994, white, 98k miles, twin rear doors and sliding side door

£10 .000 ONO TEL 01253 700280

LOVELY CARAVAN Fleetwood garland 4 berth cass toilet & shower 4 burner hob, oven & fridge u shaped lounge full awning every extra, ready for touring. £2350 ono Tel. 727889 07855 420809



TEL 01772 725178

Apollo 524

4 Berth Caravan, full length Isabella awning and all equipment in exc cond. £3750 OVNO TEL 01253 877409 OR 07779 132043


Sym Urban 50cc

2003, With Very Low Mileage Less Than 2000 Miles On Clock, One Careful Owner From New, Tax Only £15 Per Year, In Good Condition £345 ovno Tel: 01524 581399

OLD SCOOTERS wanted for cash free collection call Mark on 07805 424896



BOATS bought for cash and sold, cheap storage boats caravans, 4 stroke outboards. Ribble Marine Freck. 01772 631661 mob 07850738415.



ECCLES JADE 2 Berth caravan, 2002, end kitchen, full oven, fridge, shower, blown air heating, radio/cd, new tyres, immac, no pets or smokers. £3,995 TEL 01253 811548 OR 07772 755791

4 Berth Caravan Central heating, running hot water, very clean.

£550ono TEL 07939 501076

£75 - £2000 For all Vehicles, Cars, Vans, 4x4's, dead or alive

(We collect in a low loader) DVLA regd



£50 - £2000 Cash Paid Guaranteed

Swift Sihouette

£795 TEL 01772 259580

MOBILE MECHANIC servicing & mechanical work will come to your home or work Tel: 696278

TYRES CHEAPEST tyres, alloys on the fylde all makes, sizes inc. balance& valve.876690

WINDSCREENS WINDSCREEN REPAIRS fix it before it cracks £35 call Mr Chip 07887 670938

FREE fully computerised 4 Wheel alignment check. Call James Jackson 01253 873710 TYRES ALMOST NEW Top brands, free fitting, cheap prices. Tel. 01253 769769 CAR & COMMERCIAL TYRES competitive prices Wyre Tyres Tel: 869394

For all Cars, Vans, Bikes & 4x4's collected. DVLA Cert Issued. Licensed Waste Carrier FULL RECOVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE Long Established Local Firm

Tel. 01253 858533


All cars and vans wanted Top prices paid £50 - £150 Breaking 3 Renault Scenics plus 100 other cars

Phone 863161

(Fully Licensed - Est. over 40 yrs)


VEHICLES WANTED Willerby Vogue 2005

39x12', 2 bedrooms, on FIVE STAR park, centrally heated, decking, fully furnished, annual park fees paid till Oct. 09 £29,495 TEL 01253 790267

Upto 6 Yrs Old Upto 60,000 miles finance settled Best prices paid

★ ★ ★ HOLIDAY LODGE for sale. On 4 star park, on the shores of Lake Windermere. £75,000 including site fee's, genuine reason for sale. call Tracey on 07971318662 ★ ★ ★

Telephone on 01253 770073

Fleetwood Car Centre

DON'T TAKE CHANCES scrap your car at Bpools only DVLA approved treatment facility, destruction certificate issued, prompt collection, best prices paid Inglemere Metals ltd, Tel 763818

ALFRESCO CARAVANS & motorhomes park homes & static repairs service & repair centre. Parts & accessories 01253 799199

MOT TESTING MOT CLASS 4 & 7 free re tests full work shop facilities. Naze Lane Garage. Tel 01772 631199 FARRERS MoT Testing £40 no re test fee, petrol & diesel Tel 404677

CAR & VEHICLE HIRE ANSDELL Self Drive van & car hire or man & van St.Annes 738088 AUTO Rentals car, estates and vans all sizes, BEST RATES Tel: 01253 292400 GMC Self drive cars & estates. Vans from £49 for 24hrs. Tel: 01253 620182

07870 309856

Environment Agency Licensed Waste Carrier

For further details ring Mark 07894 950829

4 berth, cooker, grill, fridge, hot water Carver fire, toilet, water bottle, recent spare wheel with tyre, very clean.

The PAINT & BODY Clinic


8 berth, 3 beds, immac. cond. fully equipped, many extras inc. disabled access. Sited at Haven Hols, Marton Mere, Blackpool. Sale due to ill health. No time wasters. No cavassers.

GULFSTREAM American camper van 10m, sleeps 6 located in the bay of St Tropez France.


side ;oading, roof rack, tax and MoT, 'W' regd, March 2000, good condition.

TEL 01524 312386 or 07760 286289

Pastiche 2001, 4 berth, exc cond, many accessories inc cuttlery etc, ready to go, £5,700 ONO

11 month MOT and tax, 2250 miles on clock. Bike is in very good condition, owned from new. Perfect bike for learners. OIRO £1500, Tel Parv on 07794392257

Ford Transit 80 SWB

1995, 2.5 diesel, MoT Oct. 09. tax March 09. aluminium back, fair condition.

Clean and secure storage available on existing expanding site. Cars, caravans, boats and motorhomes. Hambleton area. 07763 386453


LDV Crew Cab Pickup

Caravan Storage


Honda CBR 125



Tel 07765 384931

£1295ono TEL 01772 497963


Honda CB 125R

Mercedes Sprinter Van 208 2004 , (04), Full galvanised roof rack, Really good runner, Nice tidy van, One company owner from new, Full Mot.

In association with



• One in every hundred licence holders in this country will be tested during the course of a year. • Fines are on the increase. Now over £250 is quite usual for first time offenders just over the legal limit. • A loss of licence has untold side effects. Minimum period disqualification - 12 months.

• Each year their are some five and a half thousand people killed in road accidents. • Any alcohol intakes brings you nearer to being included as a statistic. • Remember if you drink and drive you wreck your life and others.



ALL CARS WANTED any age with or without MOT best prices cash paid within the hour 7 days Belmont Garage Tel:01253 810513 / 07831 859396 CASH Cash Cash Waiting. Cars, Vans, Motorbikes, runabouts, 4x4 we collect with or without MOT, 7 day a week, Tel Gary on 07713 411134 /292223 ADDISONS Used Cars bought, cash payments, 7 days, family business Tel 348621 CARS WANTED runners or not CASH paid same day Fylde Autos 01253 858826 USED CARS Wanted for cash, no scrap Tel kirkdale garage 720104 USED CARS wanted instant cash payments Abbots Motors Tel349205


Friday, February 20, 2009

chorley group

MOTORISTS in Blackpool can now get so much extra for less, with free upgrades and incredible savings across a range of new passenger vehicles at Chorley Nissan. The dealership based on Amy Johnson Way is offering spectacular savings on models including the QASHQAI, Micra and New NOTE. Customers looking to buy an Acenta grade QASHQAI can enjoy a free upgrade to Tekna specification, worth £1,500. For example, the QASHQAI Tekna 1.6 offers extras like heated leather seats, panoramic glass roof, Xenon headlamps, intelligent key and 17” alloys for the same cost as an Acenta grade – making for a more refined driving experience. When purchasing the Micra Visia 1.2 petrol, customers can benefit from a free diesel upgrade, worth £1,600, to a 1.5dCi model. Priced at an amazing £6,995, this stylish, urban car is packed with useful features including a CD player with an MP3 jack, friendly lighting system and remote central locking. For customers looking for an innovative and space-efficient compact car, Chorley Nissan is also offering the New NOTE Acenta 1.4 petrol with a free diesel upgrade to a 1.5dCi model. At just £11,745, customers can enjoy a saving of £1,070 and be one of the first to benefit from the clever new Nissan Connect system, which offers a level of technology not normally available in a car in this price range. An innovative and user-friendly piece of technology, Nissan Connect provides the driver with an integrated satellite navigation system, music from built-in CD and radio, and connectivity for an iPod, MP3 and Bluetooth phone. Nissan Connect also

Friday, February 20, 2009

A great deal extra for a good deal less

TOP DEALS: The Nissan Qashqai and Chorley Nissan’s showroom in Amy Johnson Way hosts iPod functionality on-screen so tracks stored on the player are displayed whilst being played and can be browsed through using the touch screen.

such as seat back nets and a Flexiboard, which converts the boot space into two separate compartments, are perfect for drivers needing that all-important extra storage space.

tomers so that they can enjoy so much extra for less. We’re inviting customers to come into the dealership to find out more and take a test drive.”

The model boasts 15” alloy wheels, electric heated mirrors and air conditioning as standard. Handy features

Peter Portlock, dealer principal at Chorley Nissan, said: “We are pleased to offer these great deals to our cus-

To book a test drive in any of Nissan’s vehicles, call Chorley Nissan on 01253 298833.


QASHQAI Tekna 1.6: £15,595 OTR (saving £1,500) Micra Visia 1.2 £6,995 OTR (saving £1,674) New NOTE Acenta 1.4£11,745 OTR (saving £1,070)



Friday, February 20, 2009

Motors Today  

Friday 20th February 2009. Motors Today is brought to you by the Evening Gazette

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