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Friday, January 2, 2009

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Second generation M I NI s o f t - t o p : P a g e 2


Friday, January 2, 2009

In brief

Petrol close to price three years ago UK average petrol prices end 2008 close to where they were at the same time three years ago, reports the AA. New Government figures show that, at the time of peak prices during the summer, petrol sales fell more than eight per cent, compared to the same time last year. Petrol averaged 87.79 pence per litre on Monday, compared to 88.27 on the same day in 2005. Diesel has fallen on average to 99.72 pence per litre, last seen in November 2007. With petrol hitting a record high of 119.7 pence per litre in July, a UK driver is on average now paying nearly £16 less to fill up a typical 50-litre tank (£59.85 - £43.90). A family with two petrol cars is now spending £68.39 less per month on fuel (£256.56 - £188.17). New retail fuel sales figures released by the Government show that petrol sales in the third quarter of 2008, the period of peak prices, fell by 8.2 per cent compared to the same time last year. Retail sales of diesel rose 1.8 per cent in the same period, reflecting the desperate attempts of hardpressed UK drivers to switch to more fuel-efficient vehicles and reduce their costs.

Gadgetsmake youcarsick

GADGETS given as gifts could lead to car-sickness chaos for vehicle occupants. Many thousands of Britons will have received presents in the form of in-car entertainment and sat navs this Christmas. But using such gadgets, as well as playing simple games such as I Spy, can increase the chances of people getting sick in cars, a study by transport research laboratory TRL and the esure car insurance company showed. Based on a poll of 1,012 drivers, the research showed that 33 per cent of Britons have been sick in a car by the time they reach the age of 12. In-car devices and the playing of games creates a conflicting sense of balance such as that experienced when trying to read books and maps in a car and which can lead to sickness, the research showed. Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting at esure car insurance, said: “As well as being an inconvenience, car sickness can be dangerous, especially if it causes the driver to avert their attention away from the road. “Drivers and passengers need to understand what steps to take to prevent car sickness in order to make their journeys more pleasant and the roads safer.’’

Manydrivers gooverlimit

FOUR in five motorists think they may have been over the drink-drive limit on the morning after a night of alcohol, a survey has revealed. And it is the over-65s who were most likely not to have considered they might be over the limit the morning after, the AA/Populus poll of more than 11,000 drivers showed. The survey also found that 47 per cent know someone who drinks and drives and that 67 per cent would notify the police if they were aware someone was getting behind the wheel having drunk excessively.


Price for power FORD’S Kuga 2.5 Duratec features the rip-snorting five cylinder 200PS engine from the brand’s Focus ST hot hatch. Now normally, big, powerful engines in SUV 4x4s aren’t an especially good idea but with this car, things could be different. The handling is in a different league from other compact 4x4s owners downsizing from larger models could just find in this car exactly what they’re looking for. With sales of large, performance-orientated luxury 4x4s falling through the floor, Ford hope the Kuga’s time may have come. True, it doesn’t have the badge equity to tempt those who may have decided that their Range Rover Sports or Porsche Cayennes just don’t suit the current economic mood. But this top petrol version certainly has the firepower under the bonnet and a standard of handling that will shock many used to lumbering, leather-lined off roaders. Put your foot down in the Ford and sixty from rest will flash by in 8.2 seconds on the way to a top speed of 129mph. Go for the automatic version and the figures are 8.8s and 126mph. 300Nm of torque gives it prodigious pulling power too. Bolt such a powerful 200PS engine into a Honda CR-V or a Toyota RAV4 and, quite frankly, the result would be awful, at least when it came to going round corners. It says a great deal for the basic Kuga’s dynamic excellence that that isn’t the case here. The ride is reasonably firm and that helps the Kuga resist body roll when cornered


vigorously, plus it’s also less liable to become unsettled over bumps in the road. The accurate steering makes it easier to position the car too. Show this car a straight, well-surfaced road and it even serves up a good standard of ride comfort and refinement. Ford’s marketing slogan for this car is ‘feel the difference’ and you absolutely can. The pricing of the Kuga is interesting. You’ll need a £24,000-£25,000 budget for this car, with a premium of around £1,200 being demanded on top of the base price if you want the automatic version. That might look expensive at first glance but it won’t be a problem for the down-sizing large SUV customers

that Ford is targeting. It’s also £10,000 less than Land Rover will charge you for the comparably powerful Freelander i6. Sales of this top Kuga variant will probably be modest – but perhaps they shouldn’t be. It really does make a lot more sense than a much larger ‘sporty’ SUV that needs twice as much power to achieve pretty much the same kind of performance. Plus with the 2.5-litre Duratec engine fitted, you can properly exploit all of this car’s impressive handling ability. The 2.0 TDCi diesel version continues to make more sense but if you allow your heart to rule your head, this top petrol model is a tempting proposition.

FACTS CAR: Ford Kuga 2.5 Duratec PRICES: £23,788-£24,962 - on the road

INSURANCE GROUPS: 14 [est] CO2 EMISSIONS: 234-244g/km

PERFORMANCE: 0-60mph 8.2s/ Max Speed 129mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: (urban)

20.3mpg/ (extra urban) 37.2mpg/ (combined) 28.5mpg


twin front and side airbags, ESP, ABS with EBD

bmw MINI CONVERTIBLE IT’S pretty hard to take exception to MINI’s second generation Convertible. It looks sportier (and is), yet it’s cheaper to run and more eco friendly. It offers more space and plenty of hi-tech features. But best of all, it’s still just as much fun to drive as the original. Some things never change. With a raised shoulder line, highlighted by a chrome strip which extends around the body of the car, the MK2 MINI Convertible has a more purposeful and dynamic stance than its predecessor. The Cooper S Convertible sets itself apart visually through the presence of an enhanced ‘powerdome’, which sits 20 millimetres higher than the MINI Cooper’s bonnet and houses a large air scoop. At the rear end, large twin tailpipes, a large diffuser in the rear bumper and a two-piece rear fog lamp mark it out. The automatic canvas roof of this car can be fully retracted or closed using a roof-frame mounted toggle switch in just 15 seconds. In the event of a driver being caught unexpectedly by a sudden downpour, this function

More fun under canvas FACTS CAR: Mini Convertible range

PRICES: £15,995-£18,995 - on the road INSURANCE GROUPS: 14-16 [est] CO2 EMISSIONS: 137-153g/km PERFORMANCE: [Cooper S] 0-60mph 7.4s/ Max Speed 138mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: [Cooper S] (combined) 44.1mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: Six airbags, ABS with EBD and CBC, runflat tyres will fully operate with the car at speeds of up to 20mph. As an alternative to the complete top-down driving experience, the

full-width of the electric roof can be retracted by approximately 40cm to create the effect of a sunroof. This function can be

operated at speeds of up to 75 mph. Under the bonnet, there’s a choice of 120 or 175bhp 1.6-litre Valvetronic petrol engines.

THE AVENSIS 1.8 VALVEMATIC THE Toyota Avensis has always focused on being solid and dependable and the latest version follows that familiar theme. In 1.8-litre petrol form, it delivers high levels of comfort and refinement with good performance given the engine size and strong economy. Build quality is first rate, equipment levels are high and the interior is neatly designed. When Toyota finally gets a handle on design flair and handling verve, it’ll be unstoppable. The 1.8-litre petrol engine acts as the entry point to the Avensis range in the UK. It employs Toyota’s latest generation petrol engine technology which is known as Valvematic. This is a progression from the previous generation dual VVT-i powerplants because as well as varying the valve timing according to throttle inputs, it can also adjust the valve lift. The end result is greater efficiency manifested in better fuel economy and more power. This 1.8-litre engine develops an impressive 147bhp and can sprint from zero to 60 in 9.4s. Most notable, however, is its torque, which gives far better flexibility at lower to medium engine speeds than Toyota’s less advanced VVT-i powerplants did. The engine sounds sweet enough and doesn’t become harsh if you do hold on to the gears. Motorway refinement is strong. The engine is good enough to raise questions over the need for the 152bhp 2.0-litre Valvematic engine that sits above it in the range.

More drive, less fuel There are four Avensis trim levels but as a 1.8-litre Valvematic customer, your choice will be limited to entrylevel T2 and the second rung TR. The basic package includes air-conditioning, a 6-speaker stereo system, electric heated mirrors, an electronic parking brake and remote central locking. The TR is the most popular trim level in the whole range and it adds 17in alloys wheels, front fog lights, automatic lights and wipers, cruise control with a speed limiter, electric rear windows and an AUX input for an MP3 player. Toyota isn’t offering a hatchback,

Friday, January 2, 2009


so buyers can either choose the saloon or the Tourer estate at a premium of just under £1,000. All models have VSC+ stability control and an array of airbags. The advanced combustion system on Toyota’s Valvematic engines comes with major cost benefits. The 1.8-litre unit achieves economy or 43.5mpg on the combined cycle with CO2 emissions of 154g/km. This marks it out as one of the most efficient engines of its size in the sector and will go down a storm with the fleet customers that constitute the lion’s share of the medium range market.

The Toyota’s Avensis has always been a car that you bought with your head while your heart wasn’t looking and despite attempts to instil the latest model with some additional pizzazz, that seems unlikely to change. The Avensis drives competently and is extremely well put together, while the Valvematic technology gives Toyota’s petrol engines a real edge in efficiency over most rival units. In 1.8litre form, it’s well-suited to the number-crunching fleet managers who green light most purchases in the medium range sector but private buyers might want a little extra excitement.

BUY LOCAL Harry Feeney Toyota Devonshire Road, Blackpool Tel 01253 302741


CAR: Toyota Avensis 1.8 Valvematic PRICES: £15,760-£18,450 - on the road INSURANCE GROUP: 7 CO2 EMISSIONS: 154-157g/km PERFORMANCE: [saloon] 0-60mph 9.4s / Top Speed 124mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: [saloon] 33.2 (urban), 52.3 (extra urban), 43.5 (combined) STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: ABS, EBD, BA, VSC+, ESS.



Friday, January 2, 2009

women’s view

A practical estate with real style WILL IT SUIT ME?

Before Honda’s Accord Tourer came along, I was wondering when a car maker was going to come up with an estate that was both stylish and practical. Until this model arrived, many family buyers either chose something practical like a Mondeo Estate or opted for a sleeker ‘hatchback with a backpack’ like an Audi A4 Avant. Lots of manufacturers claim to be able to offer estate cars with the best of both worlds but I’ve found that almost all disappoint, if not aesthetically, then against the tape measure. So I was keen to judge this one.


For me, it’s not the total amount of space you have but the way you can use it that really matters and in this respect, this Honda comes up trumps with its clever ‘One Motion’ system for easy access of what space there is.

GIRL TALK with June Neary

The idea is that collapsing everything into a folded position should be a simple, quick, one-action, one-handed operation. In rival estate cars, I’ve often found that’s not the case. To access all of the load space, you have to detach the rear head restraints and pull up the rear seat cushions before folding the rear backrest forward. It’s a fiddly, time-consuming operation. Thankfully, the Honda is quite different. Positioned on top of the 60:40split rear seat backs are the operating catches, one either side of the car. To

HONDA ACCORD fold either seat section, you simply pull the lever forward, which simultaneously releases the seat back lock and automatically flips the headrest forward via an interlocking cable. You continue to pull the seatback forward and, since this is interconnected with the seat base via a sliding linkage, the effect is to flip the seat base up automatically into a vertical position behind the front seat. Since the headrest is flipped forward, it comfortably clears the seat base. There’s no messing about with seatbelts and anchor points either, since everything is integrally designed into the seat mechanism.


The cabin has been improved, ridding the Accord of the rather reedy, lightweight feel of older versions. The dashboard extends from the centre console to sweep around the front seats, giving the Accord’s interior some character. The dash features floating backlit instruments with an LCD information screen housed in the middle of the speedometer dial. The dash could use a central controller to rid it of all the buttons though. Honda has spent a big proportion of the budget on the front seats, being both more supportive and

better able to dampen vibration.


All Accord Tourer models are very well equipped at prices starting at around the £20,000 mark. The version that I tried, the ES GT, comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, half-leather seats, cruise control, aero kit, sports suspension and climate control.


I liked the Accord Tourer. No, it’s no the most spacious medium-sized estate you can buy but, if you want a modicum of style in your luggage carrying life, it’s an alternative you shouldn’t ignore.

Cheap but not so cute A LIVELY driving experience, TWINGO good interior space and low costs make Renault’s Twingo EXTREME Extreme a citycar with plenty of appeal. There are more tistic that draws the most buyfashionable and flamboyant ers in the Twingo Extreme’s small cars out there but few direction. that make more sense. The problem is that the The Twingo Extreme gets the entry-level Renault Clio, an least powerful engine in the altogether larger and more Twingo’s line-up of 1.2-litre advanced prospect, is worrypetrol units. Above it sit the ingly close in value. 75bhp 1.2-litre 16-valver and Still, the Extreme doesn’t the 110bhp 1.2-litre TCE Turbo shirk the challenge from its but the unit we’re dealing with big brother in the equipment here is a 60bhp 8-valve 1.2. stakes. This engine will get the Even this entry-level car Twingo to 62mph in 15 secreceives the clever one-piece onds and eventually trundle on folding rear seat, a CD stereo to a 96mph top speed. with steering wheel controls, Performance isn’t dramatic but front fog lights, electric front it’s adequate for urban usage windows and a rev counter. where the Twingo feels To step up from the Extreme sprightly enough off the line to the plusher Dynamique, and up to 30mph or so helped buyers will need a further by its modest £900 but 925kg kerb the options weight. list may be The a more Twingo entertainserves up a CAR: Renault Twingo Extreme ing place pleasantly PRICES: £8,122 - on the road to spend urgent drisome of INSURANCE GROUP: 2 ving experithat CO2 EMISSIONS: 132g/km ence in the money. The kind of PERFORMANCE: Max Speed Twingo can urban areas 96mph / 0-62mph 15s be ordered where it will with an FUEL CONSUMPTION: be predomiintegrated Urban: 39.2mpg nantly used. Bluetooth Eextra urban: 61.4mpg The ride system and Combined: 50.4mpg isn’t the an MP3 crash, bang, STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: connector wallop, affair ABS with EBD, Driver and pasin the served up by senger lateral airbags. glovebox some small so you can cars and is use all your actually very composed on bad technological titbits in the car. surfaces. The car changes Alternatively, there’s a host of direction promptly and can exterior tweaks available to corner with the best citycar personalise your car including offerings partly as a result of its Union Jacks, racing stripes and use of the chassis from the chequered graphics. previous generation Clio. The rising cost of motoring Interior space is reasonable, and growing environmental this generation Twingo being a concerns have put small cars massive 170mm longer than in the limelight but you have the original. to wonder whether Renault Perhaps the most interesting has missed a trick with the aspect of the interior is what Twingo. Renault has done to the rear Don’t take this the wrong seats. way, the car is fun to drive, The two rear seats can slide highly manoeuvrable and 220mm fore and aft to prioriwell-suited to its citycar role tise space for either people or but with a little bit of visual luggage and they also fold flat sparkle, it could have been a and then tumble forwards, much more desirable option. offering up to 959 litres of As it is, the entry-level space in this guise. Twingo Extreme may show Other noteworthy features the car in its best light. include a centrally mounted As an affordable small car instrument cluster and no with low running costs fewer than eleven storage Renault’s offering makes good spaces dotted around the sense, though those looking cabin. for a cute urban fashion The asking price of just over accessory may be drawn else£8,000 could well be the stawhere.



Friday, January 2, 2009



Friday, January 2, 2009

A stylish option on a budget BY most accepted measures, the Chevrolet Aveo is not a remarkable car. It is, however, an important one in opening up new markets for the American giant. Solidly built and attractively styled, it's a decent car, albeit one that inherits a good deal of its engineering from its Kalos predecessor. As makeovers go, the Aveo is one of the cleverest we've seen. In profile it doesn't look too much different to the Kalos, the five-door car's rather odd drooping swage line being instantly familiar. Move round to the front and the impression is utterly different. The Kalos's unhappy looking face has been replaced with something a whole lot bolder. The upswept headlamps and enormous double grille are

punctuated by a serious Chevy cross logo. It's got about twice as much attitude as any other small car you could care to mention. The three-door model is even smarter, with the flanks being sculpted to incorporate pronounced flared rear wheel arches. At the back, there's one of the neatest rear lights clusters around. The interior lacks the self-assurance of the exterior and feels somewhat built down to a price. The same can be said of the Aveo's key rivals, though, and Chevrolet has specified and trimmed the interior wisely, giving it a sensible equipment count, fairly decent materials and as much space and versatility as the design constraints allow. It's not the biggest car in its sector, but the compact torsion beam rear suspension means there's


Friday, January 2, 2009


plenty of useable room in the back. With two engines and three and five door body styles to choose from, Aveo customers also benefit from a decent level of standard kit. "Plenty of car and equipment for a fair price" is part of Chevrolet's corporate philosophy and the entry-level Aveo adheres to that maxim with driver and passenger airbags, an MP3-compatible CD stereo and wipers with intermittent facility. Plusher trim levels add tinted glass and electric front windows. Options include 15-inch aluminium wheels, leather trim for the steering wheel and gear knob, an onboard computer, steering wheel-mounted audio controls and automatic climate control. The Aveo campaigns on the basis of solid value for money, so it's no

great surprise to hear that prices start from around £7,535 and that running costs are screwed tightly down. It might surprise you that there's no diesel model, given that the GM group has some great diesel engines at its disposal, but it would be tough to make the additional cost of a diesel version worthwhile to the typically hard-headed Aveo customer. As it stands, the 1.2-litre model will return 51.4mpg which is good and emit 132g/km of carbon dioxide which is not quite so stellar. The 1.4litre variant, on the other hand, sups at a rate of 44.9mpg with CO2 emissions of 140g/km. If you're at all style-conscious, there are probably smarter options but not at these prices. A Moorland MotorsDemonstrator 1.25, 3dr, is £6,495.

FACTS CAR: Chevrolet Aveo range PRICES: £7,535-£9,346 INSURANCE GROUPS: 4 CO2 EMISSIONS: 132140g/km PERFORMANCE: [1.4] 060mph 11.9s Max Speed 109mph FUEL CONSUMPTION: [1.4] 47.9mpg STANDARD SAFETY FEATURES: twin front airbags, ABS

BUY LOCAL Moorland Motors Whitehills Business Park, Lytham St Annes Way, Blackpool Tel 01253 696747



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Friday, January 2, 2009



Friday, January 2, 2009

used cars The Gazette

Your essential Friday guide to buying second-hand vehicles

the line-up remains the 320d and the value-packed ES model starts at just under £9,150.



BMW got back to basics with the E90 generation 3 Series. This was the car that shucked off the gimmicky styling and did what BMWs have always done best – concentrated on the engineering and let form follow function. The results have been spectacularly effective and are a testament to sticking to what you’re best at. Used examples are now appearing in decent numbers but they do hold their value well despite industry mutterings of oversupply harming the car’s socalled exclusive image.

No major faults have been reported with this generation 3 Series, BMW learning their lessons from the old car’s problems with sub-par South African cars and lingering Nikasil cylinder lining grumbles. Always go for metallic colours. Be suspicious of cars that have had many owners in a short time (this could be a sign of ongoing problems). If you really want peace of mind, buy from a BMW dealer - but be prepared to pay the premium.


The first thing to look for when buying a used 3 Series is that the owner has specified metallic paint and these valuations take that into account. No metallic means a difficult sale. With this in mind, expect to pay around £9,670 for a 54-plated 320i saloon with around 40,000 miles showing on the clock. Step up to the SE model (as most potential customers did) and you’ll be looking at £10,470 for a similar vintage car. The auto box on this model isn’t the smartest idea but still tacks £1,100 onto that price.

OVERALL BMW obviously listened long and hard to customer feedback when designing this generation 3 Series. With more rear legroom, more standard equipment and better safety provision while retaining its position as the driver’s choice in the compact executive sector, it hit all the requisite nails squarely on the head.

Executive class leader

The six-cylinder 325i is worth a look and these open in SE trim at £11,700. Opt for a glitzy M Sport model and

you’ll need to find at least £12,885, still quite a sum. 325i Tourings open at £10,010.


The 330 is a popular pick and these kick off at £13,205 for an SE saloon on the 54 plate. The best all-rounder in

CARS 1000 - 1999


Ford Fiesta 1.3 P reg

PEUGEOT 309 Style,

1.4L, grey, K Regd., 93, 47,000 miles, six months MOT, five months tax, excellent condition, genuine reason for sale. £350. ono TEL. 07756 445186

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 GLS, 16v ecotech (N) Saloon, white, 12 mth MoT, taxed 2 mths, exc cond, E/W, C/L, PAS, S/R, 90k,

VGC throughout, stereo, 5 speed, mot, Taxed June 09, cheap tax & insurance Ideal 1st car. £795. Tel 07957 454521 part ex bargains Runabout s under £1000

Ford Fiesta 1.3 P reg

VGC throughout, stereo, 5 speed, mot, Taxed June 09, cheap tax & insurance Ideal 1st car. £795. Tel 07957 454521 part ex bargains Runabout s under £1000

VW Golf 1.6, J reg, full service history 2 owners, Mot Nov 09. Ex cond.

£450. Tel. 07523 288250.

VAUXHALL CORSA 1998 (S) 5mths tax, 5 dr, 87k, all bills, S/H inc, CD etc. Beautiful car

Rover 200SE 1.2

98, S reg 3 owners from new, tax Feb 09, MOT July 09, 38K miles, serv hist, all MOT's from new, good clean cond inside & out, genuine bargain. £675 ono Tel: 07780 666435

Toyota Corolla 1.4, 1996 N Reg in red, FSH, 2 owners, MoT till end of February 2009


£450 ono Tel: 07957 714042

Tel: 01772 742588

Citroen Synergie

People Carrier, T Reg 2.0, petrol, green, seven seats, good runner, MOT til June 09 £800 ono Tel 01772 497839 (LP)

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 V reg 2 owners MoT June Ex condition


Fiat Punto SX 6, silver, 5 door, mot 07/09, great little runner.

£650ono. Tel:07837237083

There’s no secret formula to the 3 Series selling in huge numbers, just solid commonsense. It makes a great new buy and a pretty decent used bet too as long as you’re not expecting any screaming bargains.

Tel 07523 288304

Citroen Saxo 1.1 Forte

5 door W reg 2000. Met Red, low mileage FS history, Sun Roof, cd player, long MoT, lovely condition

Bargain £1295

£895 Tel 01253 346568 or 07754 75578

Vauxhall Vectra 1.8 LS 5dr hatch 2000 X reg, service history, full MoT, Air Conditioning, silver, low mileage, immaculate throughout, AA Inspection welcome

£895 Tel 07590 261825

Vauxhall Vectra LS S Reg 98

1.6, 5 Door Hatch Back In Silver, CD/Radio, Electric Windows, 11 Months Mot, Perfect Upholstery, Excellent Condition Throughout A Bargain At Just

£750 ono Tel: 01524 39780 or 07933 081944

Tel 01253 899249 or 07870 906074 (T)

Ford Focus

1.4cl T reg (99) 5door p/s service history elec windows rad/cas h/book new cam belt MOT till may low tax & insur


Bill Tuke Car Sales Est 50 years Tel: 826550

Citroen Saxo 1.1 desire 3dr silver 2001,power steering,sunroof,new tyres exhaust clutch,75000 miles,mot august 09 tax may 09 good condition all round

£1350 ono Tel 07765885063

CITROEN XSARA FORTE 1.4i X reg 2000, 11mths MoT, Taxed 5mths, nice shiny paint work, excellent economy, brand new sony X plod cd player

£1195 Tel 0759 5514164 or 01253 342382

Diahatsu Sirion

03, 1.3, 5 door hatch, tax and MoT, 35,000 miles, (300 miles £25) only £1995 TEL 01524 751507 (Galgate) (LP)

Ford Puma 1.4i 16V. Black, 1999 Rare car. Good cond. 63K. Taxed till Feb. Mot July 09, CD player, alloys. alarm, immobiliser, EW & mirrors, CL, ABS. Heated front windscreen, drivers airbag

£1995 Tel 01253 440034 or 07754 047522

MERCEDES - BENZ 180 Classic R Regd, Petrol Only, 76,000 Miles, 12 Months MoT, Taxed, Excellent Condition

£1495 ono Tel 01253 723678 or 07523 522843


Friday, January 2, 2009

used cars CARS 1000 - 1999

Your essential buying guide


Mercedes Benz C180 Elegance

M reg, Auto, Met silver, one owner, 64k only, FSH, Radio/cassette, S/R, Excellent Cond. £1375. Tel. 01253 720951. (LP)

ROVER 45, 1.6 Olympic S X Reg, Taxed and Mot, PAS, E/w, Air Bags, A/c, Low Mileage, 4 New Tyres, FSH, 1 previous owner, absolute mint cond, reduced to only

£1,750 Tel. 07891 323937

BOATS & EQUIPMENT BOATS bought for cash and sold, cheap storage boats caravans, 4 stroke outboards. Freck. 01772 631661 mob 07850738415.

CAR & VEHICLE HIRE GMC Self drive cars & estates. Vans from £49 for 24hrs. Tel: 01253 620182

ALL CARS WANTED any age with or without MOT best prices cash paid within the hour 7 days Belmont Garage Tel:01253 810513 / 07831 859396

£££'S FOR CLASSICS SPORTS, PRESTIGE saloon cars wanted, any condition Tel:01995 602730 or 07970 490687

CASH Cash Cash Waiting. Cars, Vans, Motorbikes, runabouts, 4x4 we collect with or without MOT, 7 day a week, Tel Gary on 07713 411134 /292223

ADDISONS Used Cars bought, cash payments, 7 days, family business Tel 348621

USED CARS Wanted for cash Tel kirkdale garage 720104

TOO GOOD TO SCRAP car & commercials with or without MOT cash price paid Tel:07872 941785



MOBILE MECHANIC servicing & mechanical work will come to your home or work Tel: 696278 ALFRESCO CARAVANS & motorhomes park homes & static repairs service & repair centre. Parts & accessories 01253 799199 CARAVANS bought for cash, top prices paid at Stewart Longton C'vans Tel Bpool 763133.

COMMERCIAL VEHICLES WYREVIEW Van Sales quality used vans 01253 779230 or 07989 303918 www.wyreviewvansales.


YAMAHA PW 80 2004 Very good condition. Call for details.

£500 ono Tel: 07547 544366

WANTED ALL MOTORCYCLES cash paid & collected also sales & servicing Tel:01253 693310 or 07921 298209 click on

SCOOTERS OLD SCOOTERS wanted for cash free collection call Mark on 07805 424896

MOBILE MECHANIC servicing & mechanical work will come to your home or work Tel: 696278

TYRES CHEAPEST tyres, alloys on the fylde all makes, sizes inc. balance& valve.876690 CAR & COMMERCIAL TYRES budget prices Wyre Tyres Tel: 869394

MOT TESTING MOT CLASS 4 & 7 free re tests full work shop facilities. Naze Lane Garage. Tel 01772 631199 MOT CLASS 4 & 7 free re tests full work shop facilities. Naze Lane Garage. Tel 01772 631199 FARRERS MoT Testing £40 no re test fee, petrol & diesel Tel 404677

In association with

The PAINT & BODY Clinic



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