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Annual Report 2016–2017

Black Pine Circle School’s mission is to create a learning community that encourages humanity, empathy, moral depth, cultural understanding, and intellectual freedom. Educationally, it’s our goal to create vibrant, independent thinkers who will never lose their passion for learning, their delight in research, and their involvement in cultural pursuits. Black Pine Circle School’s teaching philosophy is best described as Socratic. This studentcentered method of learning is based on inquiry, questioning, exploration, and discovery: it minimizes competitiveness and makes the curriculum personally relevant, motivating students to acquire knowledge and skills for their own sake. The focus on mastery not tasks is reinforced by an interdisciplinary approach, which integrates rigorous academics with music, drama, and the visual arts. Socially, our goal is to instill mutual respect, compassion, and an appreciation of differences among our students. Our faculty and staff are dedicated to fostering a warm and supportive environment in which children can safely address challenges and grow in their understanding of themselves and others.






From our Head of School are living in a remarkably dynamic era. On a good day, we can see ourselves heading

their time and treasure to make our school exceptional. We are a diverse group, traveling to school each day from

into a new and brighter future filled with hope,

35 different zip codes. Among us we count scientists,

cooperation, ingenuity, and innovation. On other

dancers, engineers, lawyers, doctors, firefighters,

days, the headlines portray this time we live in

entrepreneurs, and trades people. I know for a fact we even

as a time where ignorance, fear, cynicism, and

have a priestess and a professional comedian in our parent

polarizing views of humanity dominate. One thing is clear: we need a global citizenry, able to navigate uncertainty—to think, dream, reason, solve, lead, and work diligently toward that better future. More than ever we need places like Black Pine Circle School, where creativity, kindness, entrepreneurial spirit, and achievement combine to equip and empower young people to make the most of today, and break trail for tomorrow. If you are looking for a reason to be optimistic, just look around at our caring and engaged BPC community. We are increasingly unique in holding true to our noble vision of a community of passionate, lifelong learners, not merely a lab for preparing young people for years of “schooling.” Each day, as I greet students and families, visit classrooms, and partner with our team of teachers and

body. How about that? Another, perhaps less romantic, purpose of an annual report is commenting on the financial stability of the institution. I am pleased to report that BPC has never been more financially stable in its 45-year history than it is today. And we have never sacrificed our founding principles to achieve this. Through the years, we have grown thoughtfully but we have never lost sight of what we are doing and why we are doing it. This is the BPC way. Our core strengths of Socratic teaching, differentiation, teacher/student ratios, music, arts, math, science, and humanities are only getting stronger. It’s fun to imagine what our school will be like 45 years from now! The sky is, indeed, the limit.

administrators, I realize how essential a school like BPC is.

Our school is in great shape inside and out. And I am

Everyone needs a place to be challenged, where they are

profoundly grateful to everyone who has played a part

encouraged to be the best version of themselves—a safe

in making it so. Our collective commitment to creating

place to learn how to experiment, strive, fail, reflect, and

a unique learning environment, in partnership with our

ultimately succeed. BPC is a place to practice that most

families, has allowed Black Pine Circle School to thrive.

vital of all survival skills—critical thinking.

The future looks bright. This report is proof of that. I hope

A school like BPC does not happen by accident. We are a

you enjoy it.

partnership of students, families, alumni, faculty, and staff


united around common ideals. A primary purpose of an

John Carlstroem

annual report is to thank the people who give selflessly of

Head of School 2

Board of Directors 2016-2017 The Black Pine Circle School Board of Directors is comprised of a mix of current and alumni parents, alumni, and community and education leaders. Members are volunteers who serve three-year terms with the possibility to renew. They are responsible for the fiscal health of the organization and for charting the school’s strategic vision. In addition, the board works in close collaboration with and oversees the performance of the head of school. Peter Wong, Chair

Lior Pachter

Chief Operating Officer, TruTag Technologies, Inc.

Bren Professor of Computational Biology, Computing, and Mathematical Sciences, Caltech

Adrienne LaPierre Principal and Vice President, RPS-Iris Environmental

Sandra Hamp

Marc Derewetzky Principal, The Derewetzky Law Group

Executive Director of Engagement, University of California Office of the President

Mary Paci

Shalini Sharp

Community Leader and Philanthropist

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Erik Price Associate Commissioner, Compliance, Pac-12 Conference

Brett Hazlett

Jill Hughes Psychologist

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer, SFMade, Inc. and PlaceMade

Eric Pearson

Nisha Mody

Supervisor for Home Entertainment, Pixar Animation Studios

Partner, OSKR, LLC

Leigh Salvo

Karen Zukor

Managing Director, The Gilmartin Group

Statistics Consultant, World Health Organization

Mary Paci has helped make the gift of a BPC education possible for hundreds of children over the years. A loving grandmother to two Black Pine Circle alums, Mary Paci served on the board of directors from 2011–2017 often calling in late at night for meetings from her primary residence in New York. Mary has a deep personal connection to education and learning and honors this legacy through her humble personal example and transformative philanthropy. Her passion at BPC is the Annual Fund, specifically the financial assistance program it helps underwrite. Her kind spirit and generosity remain to challenge and inspire the community to reach ever higher.

From our Board Chair a firm believer in celebrating when times are good! As a parent volunteer, one always hopes to feel an authentic exuberance in connecting with their kids’ school. I can tell you that serving as the chair of Black Pine Circle School’s Board of Directors has been remarkably rewarding these past few years. Let’s celebrate our successes. As the pages that follow illustrate, we are “on a roll” as a school. We continue to focus on what matters—the kids, the teachers, and the program—but also keep planning and creatively pursuing ways to bolster our strengths as an organization. When I think about what my family loves so much about this place, it’s that increasingly unique reality where young people can be accepted for who they are while being admired and mentored toward becoming who they want to be as they grow older.

our family is enjoying discussions about the next projects coming to BPC in the near future. Our school reminds me of all the best thinkers and scholars. We keep on pushing forward toward a more full realization of our original goals established 45 years ago. Our mission statement is alive, even as our ways of achieving these goals become more sophisticated and incisive every year. Finally, on behalf of the board, I want to thank everyone reading this for their commitment to Black Pine Circle School’s improvement. Together, we have created a true oasis for learning. I hope you enjoy perusing these pages and seeing all that we’ve done as a strong, thoughtful, and engaged community. Sincerely, Peter Wong Board Chair

At Black Pine Circle School, we don’t follow the trends or aim toward the proverbial middle of the road. We set high expectations and thoughtfully work toward sustained change and improvement. None of this positive movement comes easily. As a community we are indebted to so many individuals and families for what they have brought to our school. Black Pine Circle is made up of all of you and your giving—of time, talents, and financial resources. When my eldest son, Jackson, entered BPC, the Q Lab: A Space for Science & Inquiry was just an idea. Now, as my youngest, Daniel, is getting ready for middle school, 4

Our Faculty: Experience Counts Black Pine Circle would not be the school it is without its extraordinarily committed faculty and staff. At our school the situation for students is hopeless. Around every corner is a kind, caring, dedicated adult. No one is going to fail to challenge them to be the best person and scholar they can be, and support them along this journey. The majority of BPC teachers have over 20 years of teaching experience and some have well over 40. But experience alone does not explain why the BPC faculty is as beloved and effective as they are. Put simply, they believe in themselves, their students, and the enduring value of their efforts. To a person, they embrace the knowledge that the truest reward for a life’s dedication to others is the satisfaction that their contributions lead to a better world for all. We are profoundly grateful.

30 to 50 years*

20 to 24 years

10 to 19 years, cont’d

1 to 9 years

Michael Feferman Anatoliy Gulimovskiy Madeleine King Catalina Lacy Diane Wirtschafter

Jonathan Cohen Josefina Jacquin Kimberly Livingston Andra Marziano Alyson Mitchell Christine Mytko Stephanie Piper Romina Ronquillo Carwai Seto Cheryl Sumsion

Megan Hubbard Jerry Kennedy Jennifer Levy Maureen Ray Cindy Arla Samuels Leila Sinclaire

Gerry Branner Stephanie Colker Hande Erdem Rachel Frycke Alexandria Johnson Isaac Pasternack Jennifer Ward

10 to 19 years

Spanish for over 28 years. Now in her 36th year of teaching overall, she can claim numerous professional achievements, including co-founding a Spanish language school in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In addition to her teaching duties, Señora Lacy organizes and leads an annual two-week 8th grade Spanish language trip to Costa Rica. She was also a long-time performer with Ballet Folklorico Mexicano, a Bay Area-based traveling dance company. Catalina has touched the lives of thousands of students and families, and is the essence of what sets a BPC education apart.

25 to 29 years John Carlstroem Rachel Durling Patrick Nelligan Timothy Ogburn Maria Palmer Paula Symonds Dina Weinshelbaum * Total teaching experience at Black Pine Circle and elsewhere

Cheryl Burger Christine Chun Kanoelani Connor Rem Djemilev Eileen Duncan

Catalina Lacy is one of several “master teachers” at BPC, having taught

Nurturing Lifelong Learners Black Pine Circle School is as committed to encouraging lifelong learning in its faculty and administration as it is to encouraging its students to be lifelong learners. Each year, we invest over $100,000 in workshops and training, both on site and by sending faculty and staff to important local and national conferences. Providing teachers and administrators with the opportunity for professional growth and personal development is key to their retention and job satisfaction. It is also an important component of what allows BPC to improve its program year after year.

Professional Development Programs Attended by Faculty & Administration | 2016–2017 Art and Curriculum Design at SFSU

Gender Spectrum Train the Trainers

People of Color Conference

Autism, Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorder, and ADHD

Gettysburg College (NEAH workshop)

reMAKE Education

Bay Area Teachers Development Collaborative Training

Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History

Socratic Seminars International

Bridges in Mathematics

Learning and the Brain Conference

Computer Using Educators Contexts for Learning Mathematics

Lucy Calkins: The Reading and Writing Project

Council in Schools | The Ojai Fdn.

Maker Ed Convening

Differentiated Instruction Training

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics Conference

Exploratorium: Summer Institute for Teachers FabLearn Conferences

Responsive Classroom SXSW Edu Teach21 Teaching for Social Justice Women Rising, Honing Leadership

Orff-Schulwerk Association Origins: Developmental Designs

NAIS People of Color Conference, Anaheim | November 2017 In order to expand understanding and advance core values of equity, inclusion, and diversity, seven BPC admin and faculty members joined 6,000 educators from around the country at this annual conference. The theme was Voices for Equity and Justice Now and in Every Generation: Lead, Learn, Rededicate, and Deliver. The conference provided a unique opportunity to learn best practices around cultural competency in independent schools. Topics included everything from making classroom content representative of more voices, supporting affinity groups, to recruitment and retention of faculty of color. The experience also allowed BPC educators to spent time together outside of workshops to consider opportunities and challenges specific to the BPC community, and return findings and recommendations to their colleagues. 6

Our Parent Community BPC is teeming with multi-talented, creative, and engaged parents who are committed to building a strong sense of community through leadership and participation in school committees, events, and activities. The hard work of our dedicated parent volunteers provides invaluable support for our school community.

Parent Circle Committee 2016-2017 Parent Circle, Black Pine Circle School’s parent association, facilitates parent involvement in the life of the school and acts as a bridge between parents and staff. Parent Circle is largely comprised of volunteer room parents from each grade who meet monthly to plan school events, coordinate volunteer opportunities, and discuss relevant issues pertaining to the school.


Sarah Rowell & Torrie Lloyd-Masters

Kindergarten Ingileif Hallgrímsdóttir & Victoria Schlesinger 1st grade

Myriah Rose, Heather Smalley, & Aimee Gross Lubalin

2nd grade

Erica Hockett, Simone Hoelck, & Sarah Galender

3rd grade

Christopher Becker, Shanta Cherla, & Janice Frieder

4th grade

Cheryl Baggeroer & Anna Cederstav

5th grade

Halle Brown & Sarah Clegg

6th grade

Laura Counts, Anastasia Garrison, & Sanjog Sikand

7th grade

Michelle Grunfelder, Paul Liu, & Margie Ryan

8th grade

Gillian Handelman, Buddy Hoffman, Mark Johnson, & Kellie Whittaker

Community Matters Committee 2016-2017

Spring Soirée & Auction Committee 2016-2017

The Community Matters Committee develops partnerships with community organizations such as Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency, the Multicultural Institute, Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program, and LifeLong Medical Care.

Our most important fundraiser, bringing in $100,000 annually, the Spring Soirée is the party of the year where parents eat, drink, laugh, bid, and dance. It’s a massive production and it wouldn’t be possible without the tireless efforts of those who organize the event and solicit donations. We are grateful to them all.

Eric Westervelt | Co-Chair Marjorie Stamper-Kurn | Co-Chair Mark Johnson Lynn Compton Lesley Jones Andra Marziano Jenny Lederer Marta McLeod John Ryan Tram Tran Marty McCutcheon

Torrie Lloyd-Masters | Auction Chair (4th year) Lesley Jones | Soirée Co-Producer Margie Ryan | Soirée Co-Producer Lynn Compton | Soirée Co-Producer Jil Cappuccio | Decor Marty McCutcheon | Decor Myriah Rose | Decor & Class Art Coordinator Blake Hansen | Website & Event Check-In/Out Heather Smalley | Hosted-Party Coordinator Eli Bishop | Cocktail Mixer & Play List Sarah Rowell | Event Support Eddy Kleinhans | Live Auctioneer

Walkathon 2016-2017

Gilian Handelman | Wine & Beer Raffle Coordinator Thank You to Our Spring Soiree 2017 Sponsors:

Thank you to Walkathon co-founder, Marta McLeod, for her leadership of the 5th annual BPC Walkathon.

Sanjog Sikand, Sukhi’s Indian Food

This event raised $10,000 for BPC’s financial assistance program.

Keven Clancy, Farm Wine Imports

The Walkathon is organized by members of the Community Matters Committee and is run by our parent volunteers.

Rob Lightner, East Brother Beer Co.

Tracey & Jared Brandt, Donkey & Goat Winery Val Cipollone, Beaune Imports Gilian Handelman, Siduri Wines and Copain Wines Steve Sullivan, Acme Bread Joan Gallagher, Nourish You 8

Why We Give: Nam & Marc We love and believe in BPC. We are fortunate that our daughters are able to attend this amazing school and that we are in a position to support it financially, through volunteerism, and in other ways. In giving we also get back. Like BPC, our core values include empathy, equality, and empowerment. Service is a mindset we stress and try to model for our children. Whether it be giving to the Annual Fund, or the Q Lab, or volunteering as a room parent, helping with admissions, driving on a field trip, participating on a food drive, or coming to an evening event, being involved brings us closer to the school community and enhances our family’s experience in countless ways. And to know that our efforts are helping other families access the BPC experience now and in the future is even more rewarding. It is our school and our turn. We are grateful beneficiaries of the generosity of past families who built and sustained the BPC idea for over 45 years. We are connected across the generations by our deeds and ideals. We constantly remind our kids that we are fortunate, and not to forget that we have benefited from the opportunities afforded by the support of our friends, family, community, and people we will never meet or know. Why do we give? We give because we know the need is real; we were asked to help; and we know our help makes a difference. Nam Do and Marc Countryman, Sarah (2018), Emma (2022)

If you’d like to make a gift to BPC, please visit

Our Financial Report Card: 2016-2017

Tu $7, ition 46 8,3 50

Black Pine Circle School enjoys a strong financial position, the most secure in the 45-year history of the institution. Admissions are high and debt-to-value is low. The budget for 2016–2017 was $8.5 million. Primary revenue sources are tuition and fundraising. Salaries and benefits make up the great majority of expenses. Annual budgets and related oversight are the responsibility of the finance committee and the board of directors. Director of Finance and Operations Bill Shea and Head of School John Carlstroem staff the committee.

A pr uxil $4 ogr iary 56 am ,49 s 2

Finance Committee Members Eric Sullivan, Chair Peter Wong, Board Chair Nisha Mody, Board Member Brett Hazlett, Board Member Alexis Kleinhans, Parent


n isi ra 3 d 4 n Fu 19,4 $5

$8 ,493,18 4

Fi & nan t $9 uit cia 20 io l a ,85 n d ss 4 is ist co an un ce ts


Staff & be salarie s n $5,8 efits 68,9 16

er Oth 99 ,8 8 $4


io trat inis m Ad 5,296 $63

EXPENSE $ 8, 3 64,698

Programs $357,041

Facil i $351 ties & te chno ,857 logy Ca p $2 ita 05 l i ,00 mp Fu 0 ro n $2 d ve 5,7 rai me s 34 in nt s g co sts


Sustaining the Annual Fund & Completing the Q Lab The Q+A Campaign was a one-time effort to combine the Annual Fund with last phase fundraising for the Q Lab. The community responded and the campaign was a tremendous success. It raised over $450,000 from parents, faculty, alums, grandparents, business partners, and others. All gifts to the Q+A Campaign were recognized as both an Annual Fund and a Campaign for the Q Lab gift. The Q+A Campaign benefited greatly from a $125,000 challenge match provided by then board member Mary Paci, who over the past decade personally donated more that $500,000 to Black Pine Circle School.

The following list includes donors who made gifts to the Q+A Combined Campaign between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. We are pleased to note that over 100 donors made gifts of $1,000 or more— many substantially larger. For the first time in BPC’s history, our faculty joined the board of directors in recording 100% participation. Overall participation from current families was 70%. Thank you for loving and supporting our school.

Q+A Campaign Committee Chairs: Peter Wong | Randi Lee | Adrienne LaPierre

Q+A Campaign Donors Emily Baldwin & Seth Fleisher

Cheryl & Daniel Burger


Katherine & Mehrdad Hakimian

Hanna & Jean-Gabriel Bankier

Mickey Butts & Val Cipollone

Joyce Dorado & Rob Teigen

Ingileif Hallgrimsdottir & Lior Pachter

Steve Basham & Linda Kaplan Basham

Francesca Calvano & Gabriel Pihas

Terry & Sally Eagle

Francoise Bason

John Carlstroem & Natasha Stillman

Rebecca Egger & Bill Weinberg

Timothy Hamp & Sandra Williams-Hamp

Natasha Bell & Christopher Cherney

Anna Cederstav & Adam Safir

Ingrid Ekstrom & Marty McCutcheon

Edward & Ellie Han

Spencer Bernatt & Jenifer Daganzo

Michael Chabon & Ayelet Waldman

Steven Emerson & Erica Tanov

Black Pine Circle School Faculty

The Chu Family

Bill Fisher & Kellie Whittaker

Ingrid Aguirre Happoldt & Robert Whitehill

Andrew Blau & Heather Imboden

Sarah & Sean Clegg

Lisa Fitzgerald & Franklin Maszle

Anne Hartman

Danielle & Theodore Bluey

Renée & Thomas Clyde

Lissa Franklin & John Ormsby

Laura & Brett Hazlett

Jacqueline Bott & Calvin Collier

Adrian Cooper & Kim Kapoor

Joann Franklin-Knox

Yassamin Hazrati & Patrick Hill

Jordan Brand & Torrie Lloyd-Masters

Steve Corlett & Robin Dandridge

Vicki Freeberg

Chering & Matthew Heffelfinger

Jared & Tracey Brandt

Laura Counts & Michael Mechanic

Anastasia & John Garrison

Totton & Joanne Heffelfinger

Elizabeth (Richards) Brashers

Ma Cecilia Cruz & Menardo Manuzon

Kelly Gee & Loyd Henderson

April Higashi

Halle Brown & Daniel Emerling

Timothy Curran & Karen Kemp

Maria Giudice & Scott Allen

Ben & Erica Hockett

James Brown

Mark Davis & Judy Chang

Carrie Goux & Jonathan Spalter

Simone Hoelck & David Halligan

Andrea Dubrow & Paul Buddenhagen

Marc Derewetzky

Samantha Graff & Miguel Helft

Melissa Holmes

Wendy Buffett & Joel Kreisberg

Nam Do & Marc Countryman

Ethan & Cecilia Gunning

Miranda Holmes

Pamela Burdman

Irenka Dominguez-Pareto & Diego

Mike Gunter

Thomas Hornig & Heather Swallow

Q+A Campaign Donors, continued Kim Horstman & Jasper Bear

Sowmya & Raghuram Madabushi

Kim & Bill Rhoads

Rosslyn & Charles Sullivan

Sherry Hsieh

Pamela Maffei & Kenneth Winfield

Lauren Richmond & Glenda Citragno

The Swedlow Family

William & Jill Hughes

J. Patrick Mahoney

Don Rio & Katherine Rendahl

Chris Swigert & Youn Kim

Polly & Greg Ikonen

Marcin Majda

Robert Ritchie & HaiYing Song

Wendy Symon & Mason Koelewyn

Wendy Jacks & Mark Hopkins

Terri Manning & Michael Rizzi

Kate & Mike Rivera

Elizabeth Tan & Michele Erausquin

Sandy Jensen & Robin Sease

Christopher Martin & Petronella Van Berry

Nancy & Charlie Roberts

Yan Qing & Hongju Tan

Kevin Johnson & Jin Ming Yang

Kenneth Robinson & Elizabeth Pagano

John Marynard & Martha Boesch

Elizabeth & James Thomsen

Mark Johnson & Jane Wellenkamp

Romina Ronquillo

Boris Mazniker & Inna Belogolovsky

Jeremy Thorner & Carol Mimura

Lesley Jones & Thomas Yeadakeradaker

Phyllis Rothman

Ann McDermott

Kathleen Tierney & Steve Rothman

Jack Joseph & Gail Gordon

Sarah Rowell & David Yarnell

LaShonda & Marvin McDuffie

Lisa Titus & Michael McDonnell

Alexander & Julia Katz

Gavin & Margie Ryan

Amy Kittiver-Kay & Anthony Kay

Marta McLeod

Elaine & Henry Tombari

John Ryan & Tram Tran

Salomeh Keyhani

Mary Mesirow

Russ Tremain

Lilit Safaryan & Vahan Galachyan

Sharmin Khajavi & Farshid Moussavi

Sarah & Darien Meyer

Emily Tucker & Justin Grant

Leigh Salvo

Nas & Isha Khan

Joshua Minor & Allison Torres

Lucia & Mark Savage

Anne & Robert Tway

Amita Kheterpal

Alyson Mitchell & Jason Bartlett

Nadav Savio & Wendy Owen

Meng-Hsiung Kiang & Dave Horsley

Veronica Monti & Adam Winig

Julie & Michael Saxe-Taller

Eileen Kim

Sarah & Don Moore

Jill & Ron Scheele

Dan & Jennifer Klein

Breen Murphy & Andrew Shiflet

Eric Schickler & Terri Bimes

Alexis & Edward Kleinhans

Jamie & Robert Narberes

Rob & Cathryn Schmidt

Jim & Sara Knight

Aless&ra Nardi & Claudio Pinello

Gabriel & Brianna Schofield

Stephen Knight & Natasha Reichle

Patrick & Jil Nelligan

Evan Schulz & Nisha Mody

Michael Korcuska & Shannon Jackson

Chalyn Newman

Anne Washburn

Gary Kratkin & Sandra Bezerra

David & Mary O’Neill

Lynn Kusnierz & Mark Compton

Sabine & Eddie O’Sullivan

Camille Servan-Schreiber & Jason Cohn

SanSan Kwan

Anne O’Neill & Michael Seel

Ilan & Yael Shamir

Gerrit Westervelt

Adrienne LaPierre

Christian & Jana Oliver

Shalini & Austin Sharp

Sandra Whittaker

Jenny Lederer & Rafael Matos-Gali

Mary Paci

Bill Shea & Dee Lopez

Kathleen Wilson & John Sladkus

Randi & Mike Lee

Eliza & Thomas Paulling

Shirley Svihra

Laura & Steve Wolff

Reiner & Constantina Leibe

Mark Pearlman & Tracey Rogers

Sanjog & Jasjeet Sikand

Peter & Yoona Wong

Karen Levine & Mauricio Bustos

MaryAnn & Eric Pearson

Laurie & John Slama

Greta & Gary Wong

Jason Libsch & Terri Loewenthal

Sarah Postyn & Carl Goldberg

Heather & Chadrick Smalley

Xiaoyan Xu & Marc Fletcher

Susan Libsch

Erik Price

Meghan & Scott Smith

Jin Young

Paul Liu & Cheryl Young

Beth Quade & David Celniker

Amy & Evan Specter

Lisa Zayas-Chien & Richard Chien

Tania Lombrozo & Tom Griffiths

David Raulet

Jonathan Stern & Elisabeth Kashner

Ping Zhang & Fang Zhou

Christine Ma & Jeremy Reiter

Jenny Reeves & Blake Hansen

Emily & Brian Sullivan

Joel Fajans & Karen Zukor

Joel Ullmann & Jean Rhow Shanta & Kumar Upadhyay Jennifer Vella & Declan Kenna Rochelle Venuto & Rafael Sabelli Danielle Vidal & Larry Stone Walkathon 2017 Mei Wang & Peidong Yang Yan Wei & Victor Xiong Zeph Landau & Anna Weinstein Jennifer & Matt Werner

The preceding gifts were received between July 1, 2016 and July 30, 2017. Every effort has been made ensure the list is complete and accurate. Please contact the Development Department at to report any errors or omissions.


The Q Lab: A Space for Science & Inquiry Construction of the Q Lab and related renovations to the Athena Building was a true barn raising. The vision for the project emerged from a strategic plan circa 2007 but was halted for a period as a result of the economic downturn of 2008.

Q Lab itself consists of a downstairs, hands-on maker space and a natural sciences classroom upstairs. New furniture, equipment, tools, a deck, office space, and storage made the spaces even more modern, productive and conducive to hands-on learning.

The project was reignited in 2013 after a study demonstrated that the need for a science facility to match the quality of instruction remained, and the community was ready to mobilize.

Athena Building upgrades include a more open and comfortable floor plan, expanded gathering spaces inside and outside, new restrooms including one designated as all gender, a server room, an elevator, and, of course, a salt water fish tank.

Construction spanned an 18-month period, then the building was opened on the first day of school in 2016, and formally dedicated to Head of School John Carlstroem in May 2017. Reaction from students, faculty, and the larger community was one of excitement and pride. The project boasts a combined 7,500 square feet of new and renovated space. In addition to expanded classroom space, the project enabled significant safety, technology, accessibility, and other upgrades. The

The Q Lab and Athena project put an exclamation point on Black Pine Circle’s STEAM education focus, and underscored what a dedicated community can accomplish when equipped with a bold vision and broad support. It’s one heck of a barn, one that will serve BPC scholars for many generations. The following pages contain supporters of the Campaign for the Q Lab and/or the Q+A Campaign. Combined, both campaigns raised $1.65 million for construction of the Q Lab. Gifts ranged from $5 to $275,000 and are listed broadly according to amount.

Campaign for the Q Lab Committee Peter Wong, Co-Chair Adrienne LaPierre, Co-Chair Randi Lee, Co-Chair Laura Adams, Consultant John Carlstroem, Head of School John Ormsby, Director of Development Jill Hughes Torrie Lloyd-Masters

Kim Kapoor Marta McLeod Erik Price Evan Schulz Evan Specter Laura Wolff Karen Zukor

Campaign for the Q Lab Donors Wendy Buffett & Joel Kreisberg Kim Kapoor & Adrian Cooper Nam Do & Marc Countryman Laura & Brett Hazlett Sarah Kupferberg & Sydney Temple Randi & Mike Lee Paul Liu & Cheryl Young The McLeod Family Mary Paci & the Paci-Furlong Family Shalini & Austin Sharp Eric Sullivan & Teri Steele Peter & Yoona Wong

Danielle & Ted Bluey Levi Brown & Family The Burdman Family Natasha Stillman & John Carlstroem David Halligan & Simone Hoelck The Hughes Family Alexis & Edward Kleinhans Adrienne LaPierre Petronella Van Berry & Chris Martin Nisha Mody & Evan Schulz Ingileif Hallgrimsdottir & Lior Pachter Bonnie Roditti Mark Johnson & Jane Wellenkamp Steve & Laura Wolff Gary & Greta Wong Karen Zukor & Joel Fajans

Lauren Brown Adams Anonymous (3) Nilgun & Alper Atamturk Lea Baechler-Brabo & Guido Baechler Christopher Becker & Chia-Lin

Simmons Becker

Bin Yu & Ke-Ning Shen

Mike Gunter

Inna Belogolovsky & Boris Mazniker

Fang Zhou & Ping Zhang

Andrew Blau & Heather Imboden

Sandra Williams-Hamp & Timothy Hamp

The Chu Family

Edward & Ellie Han

Daniel Francis & Elizabeth Lake

Sarah & Douglas Abt

Samantha Graff & Miguel Helft

Maria Giudice & Scott Allen

Catherine Atcheson & Christian Fritze

Ben & Erica Hockett

The Goettings, Restoration Design Group

Hanna & Jean Gabriel Bankier

Polly & Greg Ikonen

Matthew Barmack & Catherine Wolfram

Wendy Jacks & Mark Hopkins

Steve Basham & Linda Kaplan Basham

Lesley Jones & Thomas Yeadaker

Shannon Jackson & Michael Korcuska Jack Joseph & Gail Gordon

Francoise Bason

Jennifer Vella & Declan Kenna

Sharmin Khajavi & Farshid Moussavi

Claudia Belcher & Robert Tjian

Salomeh Keyhani

Sara & Jim Knight

Kriss & Mario Biagioli

Amita & Ashish Kheterpal

Sheri Krams & Olivia Martinez

Karen & Oscar Brand

Meng-Hsiung Kiang & Dave Horsley

Jacqueline Leventhal

Elizabeth (Richards) Brashers ‘83

David Kim & Hyun Jin Cho

Torrie Lloyd-Masters & Jordan Brand

Bretall Family Fund

Dan & Jennifer Klein

Vickie Ma & Patrick Meggyesy

Anna Cederstav & Adam Safir

Gary Kratkin & Sandra Bezerra

Andra Marziano

Michael Chabon & Ayelet Waldman

Jil & Patrick Nelligan

Michelle & Ira Chackerian

Her family & friends, in loving memory of Janet LaPierre

Eva Nogales & Howard Padmore

Judy Chang & Mark Davis

Karen Levine & Mauricio Bustos

Chris & Jana Oliver

Christopher Cherney & Natasha Bell

Qun Li & Cary Whitney

Ormsby-Franklin Family

Lisa Zayas-Chien & Richard Chien

Tania Lombrozo & Tom Griffiths

Bojana & Michael Parman

Lauren Richmond & Glenda Citragno

Cindy Ma

Tracey Rogers & Mark Pearlman

Class of 2016

Christine Ma & Jeremy Reiter

Bill Press & Elana Auerbach

Sarah & Sean Clegg

Victoria Mancuso & Rebecca Jackson

Kathleen Tierney & Steve Rothman

Tom & Renée Clyde

Linda Mehren & Roger Lambert

Cathleen & Jeff Schulte

Mark Compton & Lynn Kusnierz

Alyson Mitchell & Jason Bartlett

Nora & David Schweizer

Cort Cooper & Barbara Smith

Joshua Minor & Allison Torres

Lewis Segall & Molly Dinneen

Laura Counts & Michael Mechanic

Sarah & Don Moore

Bill Shea & Dee Lopez

Marc Derewetzky

Jamie & Robert Narberes

Evan & Amy Specter

Daniel Emerling & Halle Brown

Alessandra Nardi & Claudio Pinello

Shirleko Dai & Wayne Spevak

Catherine Firpo & Sheridan Hitchens

Anne O’Neill & Michael Seel

The Swedlow Family

Lisa Fitzgerald & Franklin Maszle

Sabine & Eddie O’Sullivan

Carol S. Mimura, Hannah M. Thorner, & Jeremy Thorner

Jan & Bill Frieder

Sondra & Gordon Pearlman

Jan Garvey & Ted Owyang

Eric & MaryAnn Pearson

Naomi Torres & Holly Gold

Carl Goldberg & Sarah Postyn

Mei Wang & Peidong Yang

Jana Good & Bruce Goldberg

Katherine & Mehrdad Hakimian Susan Huang & Ron Soltz

Sandy Jensen & Robin Sease Alexander & Julia Katz

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Did You Know? In 2016­­–2017...



participated in


band program

BPC’s Math Teams WIN:


BPC offered



Consecutive Years

students wrote



afterschool clubs


faculty & staff members participated in Professional Development

received financial assistance


K–8 students

played violin or cello

during NaNoWriMo

{National Novel Writing Month}



of students

BPC teachers have



YEA RS experience

64 & 6

students participated in

BPC students, parents, & faculty built a

day-long field trips

chicken coop that has housed


chickens & ducks


Every grade


BPC students are MAKERS:


joined the Maker Club

and ran booths at the East Bay Mini-Maker Faire (Oakland) & the Bay Area Maker Faire (San Mateo)

multi-day overnight trips

has a full-time teaching assistant


ran, walked, skipped, and danced at the Walkathon

46% of families

self-identify as being of color

Campaign for the Q Lab Donors, continued Rachel & John Pound Erik & Paula Price Yan Qing & Hongju Tan Beth Quade & David Celniker Katherine Rendahl & Donald Rio Sarah Rowell & David Yarnell Leigh Salvo Karen & Uri Sarid Michael & Andria Sassi Nadav Savio & Wendy Owen Jill & Ron Scheele Rob & Cathryn Schmidt Ilan & Yael Shamir HaiYing Song & Robert Ritchie Emily & Luther Strayer Mabel Torres Emily Tucker & Justin Grant Yan Wei & Victor Xiong Jen & Matt Werner Kellie Whittaker & William Fisher Sandra Whittaker Kathleen Wilson & John Sladkus

Christina Abreu & Tom Leader Guled & Samda Adam Cheryl Aguilar & Matthew Borden Linda & Tom Alderson Konrad Alt & Maureen Kennedy Ray Amanquah & Yanira Gonzalez Wong Anonymous (2) Tamar & Judd Antin Scott & Maria Atkinson Frances Baca Wood Turner & Cheryl Baggoer (On behalf of Carol & Arthur Baggeroer) Vera & Felice Balarin Emily Baldwin & Seth Fleisher

Spencer Bernatt & Jenifer Daganzo Louise Bidwell Theodore Bluey Jacqueline Bott & Calvin Collier Jared & Tracey Brandt Cheryl & Daniel Burger Mickey Butts & Val Cipollone Cole Compton Steve Corlett & Robin Dandridge (In memory of Mildred Dandridge) Debbie Crandall & Karl Fleischman Ma Cecilia Cruz & Menardo Manuzon Timothy Curran & Karen Kemp Irenka Dominguez-Pareto & Diego Carretero-Frades Andrea Dubrow & Paul Buddenhagen Terry & Sally Eagle Foundation Rebecca Egger & Bill Weinberg Steven Emerson & Erica Tanov Dan Feinberg & Holly Scheider Anastasia & John Garrison Ethan & Cecilia Gunning Jenny Reeves & Blake Hansen Anne Hartman Yassamin Hazrati & Patrick Hill Chering & Matthew Heffelfinger Totton & Joanne Heffelfinger Kelly Gee & Loyd Henderson April Higashi Melissa Holmes Miranda Holmes Thomas Hornig & Heather Swallow Kim Horstman & Jasper Bear Sherry Hsieh Kevin Johnson & Jin Ming Yang Lisa & Dexter Jones Amy Kittiver-Kay & Anthony Kay Nancy Kehoe Nas & Isha Khan

Eileen Kim Stephen Knight & Natasha Reichle SanSan Kwan Jenny Lederer & Rafael Matos-Gali Reiner & Constantina Leibe Jason Libsch & Terri Loewenthal Susan Libsch Sowmya & Raghuram Madabushi Pamela Maffei & Kenneth Winfield J. Patrick Mahoney Marcin Majda Terri Manning & Michael Rizzi John Maynard & Martha Boesch Ingrid Ekstrom & Marty McCutcheon Ann McDermott LaShonda & Marvin McDuffie Sarah & Darien Meyer Nina Mulia & Peter Varadi Breen Murphy & Andrew Shiflet David & Mary O’Neill Eliza & Thomas Paulling Elliot Pearlman, class of 2020 David Raulet Kim & Bill Rhoads Kate & Mike Rivera Nancy & Charlie Roberts Ellen Robertson & Joel Bolonick Kenneth Robinson & Elizabeth Pagano Romina Ronquillo Phyllis Rothman John W. Ryan & Tram Tran Margie & Gavin Ryan Lilit Safaryan & Vahan Galachyan Lee Safran & Nicholas Wellington Eric Schickler & Terri Bimes Camille Servan-Schreiber & Jason Cohn Lucia & Mark Savage Julie & Michael Saxe-Taller

Gabriel & Brianna Schofield Sanjog & Jasjeet Sikand Laurie & John Slama Heather & Chadrick Smalley Meghan & Scott Smith Carrie Goux & Jonathan Spalter Emily & Brian Sullivan Rosslyn & Charles Sullivan Chris Swigert & Youn Kim Wendy Symon & Mason Koelewyn Joyce Dorado & Rob Teigen Elizabeth & James Thomsen Lisa Titus & Michael McDonnell Elaine & Henry Tombari Anne & Robert Tway Danielle Vidal & Larry Stone Sophie Volpp & Matthew Franklin Zeph Landau & Anna Weinstein Robert Whitehill & Ingrid Aguirre Happoldt Anne Washburn Daniel Wong, class of 2021 Xiaoyan Xu & Marc Fletcher Jin Young

Employer Match Amgen / Apple / Autodesk Bank of America / Cadence Charles Schwab / Chevron Faber, Daeufer & Itrato / Fremont Grp. Google / Iris Environmental Kaiser / Macy’s / New York Life Novartis / Pacific Gas & Electric Pixar/Disney / Restoration Design Grp. Salesforce / Synopsys / Wells Fargo

Every effort has been made ensure the list is complete and accurate. Please contact the Development Department at to report any errors or omissions.


BPC Alums Making Their Way in the Arts Aisha Tyler, Class of 1981 Aisha Tyler is a talk show host, actress, author, producer, writer, and director. She is known for portraying Andrea Marino in the first season of Ghost Whisperer. My time at BPC gave me the self-awareness and bravery I needed to trust my intuitive artistic drive as an adult. I developed a self-sufficiency, interior strength, and love of individualistic expression that sustains me to this day.”


Itamar Moses, Class of 1991 Itamar is a playwright, author, and television writer. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Yale University, and his MFA in dramatic writing from New York University. His award-winning musical The Band’s Visit is currently playing on Broadway. The small classes and passionate, engaged teachers at BPC brought books, theater, and music to vivid life. I still look back on my three years at BPC as some of the most formative and inspiring of my life. People sometimes think that arts education is only important for kids who want to actually be artists or who are trying to figure out if they have talent they want to explore. But the real truth is that arts education is important no matter what you want to do because it develops all of the most important qualities for literally any field you might want to enter: empathy; critical thinking; nuanced language and communication; an understanding of the power of things like metaphor and imagery; ethical considerations; the benefits of humanistic thought and the dangers of non-humanistic thought; and a sense of meaning and purpose above or apart from the false idols of money, power, fame, and acquisition. These things are the lifeblood and lessons of art. If we want kids to know, care about, or embody these kinds of skills and values, arts education is actually the only way to do it.”

Toan Nguyen, Class of 2012

Claire Kowalewski, Class of 2008 Claire is a fine artist, designer, and design thinker. She studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts as a Caldwell scholar and earned a coordinated BFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently the global programming director for HLAB, an organization based in Japan whose mission is to further liberal arts education beyond age and nationality. Creative problem solving is a skill that is massively undervalued. No matter what your dreams are, learning how to think creatively at the youngest age possible is infinitely advantageous. BPC’s visual arts, drama, and music-rich program was essential in creating my fundamental understanding of the value of creativity. This skill benefited my studies in all subjects. I felt needed when there was a creative portion of an assignment or when a solution needed to be found in a creative way. Attending a middle school that emphasized and encouraged creativity was a real gift.”

Black Pine Circle Annual Report 2016–2017 Produced by Lesley Jones and John Ormsby Designed by Jenny Summers

Toan went to Oakland School of the Arts for high school and studied piano in the School of Instrumental Music. He attended the Berklee College of Music 2016-17 where he studied jazz piano and majored in music. His future plans include a mentorship with Kei Akagi, a jazz pianist who played and toured with Miles Davis. An arts education at BPC has added so much value to my life that there are not enough words to describe it. I feel that I am a complete person because of the arts education I received. For me personally, I was able to excel in the arts, particularly music. It has opened doors for me in terms of college study choice. The arts has added spice in my life and has helped me to develop a more nurturing and compassionate lens and outlook on life in general. I may not continue to pursue music professionally, but music will always play a big part in my life. I will always have a deep understanding and appreciation for the arts. Visual arts, drama, and music are essential as they’re what allow kids to express themselves. Kids today face many unwanted social pressures, being constantly exposed to social media which has many negative consequences. The arts give them an outlet to channel their talent and energy into something more creative and positive. Kids who share the same talents in the classroom tend to get along with each other better. They appreciate one another, collaborate, and learn to work with each other. When I was performing in the band, we not only had to work together, but we had fun practicing hard before a big performance, as well as just jamming together. This spirit of collaboration helps kids develop into respectful human beings.” 18





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Black Pine Circle School Annual Report 2017  
Black Pine Circle School Annual Report 2017