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It’s Not How You Say It...It’s How You Wear It! The Flirtatious-T® Brand Are you single, dating or just want to spice up a relationship? Have you ever looked back at someone who caught your eye? Has someone ever looked back at you? What could be better than a pick-up line? It’s a shirt that does the flirting for you, Flirtatious-T®. Recently, flirting, dating and face-to-face interaction have become a thing of the past, replaced by Facebook, Twitter and an over abundance of dating sites. However, BlackOutEndeavors LLC, a New York based conceptual development firm, is ready to bring back the art of flirting, making it hot, sexy and clever! BlackOutEndeavors’ concept in t-shirts embodies the essence of self-empowerment and flirting, hoping to spark and electrify your night out. Flirtatious-T® knows a thing about flirting and does what no other brand in t-shirts does…the flirting for you from the front to the back. Flirtatious-T® is also unique, sexy and developed with a twist, leaving on-lookers wondering what’s on the other side. Flirtatious-T prides itself in providing customers with quality clothing to express him or herself. Our slogans say it all: You’ve just been flirted with….

It’s Flirty Not Dirty… Or, Is It? You decide!

Flirtatious-T® shirts break the ice, start a conversation and promote self-assurance all at the same time like no other brand: “Grade-A,” “Pick Me,” and “I’m…”

At BlackOutEndeavors, we think it’s not how you say it; it’s how you wear it! Flirtatious-T® is better than a pick-up line. It not only makes going out fun again but also builds confidence. When wearing a Flirtatious-T®, you express yourself boldly. BlackOutEndeavors also is striving to effect a higher level of awareness around socially important causes by providing an added twist to promoting awareness with its line of Special-Ts. With Flirtatious-T®, we hope to give everyone something to look at and think about!

It’s Not How You Say It...It’s How You Wear It! The Flirtatious-T® Brand Flirtatious-T® was inspired by the “look-back”. You know... that instant someone has caught your eye and you look back to see if the same is true. To make it hot, sexy, and easy to flirt, a hidden message is revealed when wearing a Flirtatious-T®.

Flirtatious-T® Accomplishments March 2009 Flirtatious-T® Creator, Corey Washington featured guest at Next Magazine’s Networking Event in New York City December 2008 Flirtatious-T's, "It's All About Dating Blog" launched November 2008 Reality Star, Kendra Wilkinson wears her second Flirtatious-T® on the hit show, "The Girls Next Door" May 2008 Flirtatious-T's shirt of hope, "The Guardian Angel” provided as a gift to Oprah Winfrey's “Big Give.” Shirts were given to a local Chicago charity. February 2008 Emmy and Tony award winner, Whoopi Goldberg wears our shirt of hope, "The Guardian Angel" on the hit talk show, "The View." Realty Star Bridget Marquardt from "The Girls Next Door" donates her Flirtatious-T® along with other personal items to raise funds for an Injured American Solider.

January 2008 Reality Star Kendra Wilkinson wears her first Flirtatious-T® on the hit show, "The Girls Next Door." Reality Star and America's Next Top Model Season Five contestant, Bre, wears several Flirtatious-T’s to social events and publicly gives Flirtatious-T® rave reviews. August 2008 Named Site of the Week by HX Magazine Flirtatious-T® sponsors two highly successful events at Vlada November 2007 Product Review - "Commercial Break" - Out in America October 2007 Fashion Feature - Edge Publications

Fans of Flirtatious-T® I received the shirt that was sent to me: Black Call Me, And I LOVE it! The comfort is amazing, fits perfectly. The design is classic with the rotary phone style, and idea. Very nice jobs guys! Everyone I know is asking me where I got it! 03/13/09 Submitted by Jared Michael K., Alaska Good Place to Shop If you want to look your best definitely come here. I love their clothing. I think that the clothing is so orginal and at a good price too. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone who wants to look their finest. 1/26/2008 Submitted by Santita P., New York, NY People Sure Do Look My Flirtatious-Ts certainly make an impression on people! I have the “Save a Horse,” “Call Me,” and “Follow Me.” Whenever I wear one EVERYONE looks at them and a LOT of people start up a conversation. The shirts are comfortable and wash well. I hope to see more color options in the future. 8/31/2007 Submitted by John M., Queens, NY Feeling Fine with a Flirtatious-T®! I have two Flirtatious-T®’s, I have the yellow “Lick It” and the black “He Loves Me, He loves Me Not” shirts. They are the most colorful shirts in my closet. One of the things I have noticed the most is that these shirts really make the female figure stand out. They give a slim luscious look to any female bodice. These shirts are such a fun way to flirt, you do not have to say anything at Flirtatious-T® Launch Party, July 2008 all, they speak for themselves. I have also seen that after washing these shirts they look as nice as they did when I got them. The shirts are of good quality and soft fabric and well worth the money and the feeling you get while wearing them. It is a sure fine way to get noticed. 8/31/2007 Submitted by Dawn B., New York, NY Flirtatious-T® is More than just a T-shirt I love my Flirtatious-T®s. I have 2 - the “Guardian” and the “Juicy.” Flirtatious-T®s are not just a t-shirt...they are extremely high-end shirts that fit your body to-a-T, and they continue to look great after several washes. Don’t be surprised when you turn a few heads as you walk down the street sporting your Flirtatious-T®. Remember...that’s what’s meant to happen! 8/23/2007 Submitted by Sonya M., Harlem, NY Great All Around I ordered the “Lick It” t-shirt Flirtatious-T®. However, it was too small, I contacted company, shipped the shirt back and they sent me a bigger size pronto. Great customer service! Very cool t-shirts! 9/23/2007 Submitted by Kathy T., Collins, NY Ladies let’s all flirt with Flirtatious-T® Just want to say that i own a flirtatious-t and ladies let me tell you if your single it won’t be for long!!! so many men were asking me can you be my angel. it was so crazy everyone was looking at my tee. I am very happy with my selection not to mention the quality of shirt I’m a big chick so I have to buy good material that won’t shrink on me… You big girls know what I mean. Much love goes out to Flirtatious-T®. 9/06/07 Submitted by Rachael L., Bronx, NY

Flirtatious-T® Presents “ALL ABOUT DATING” It’s Your Next Date Delivered On A Platter Do you recall planning for your last date? Was it stressful…nerve racking and painful trying to remember that cozy restaurant your last date took you on? Were you on pins and needles waiting for friends to call back to help you decide on the perfect place to make that perfect impression? In the middle of a date have you ever needed to phone a friend to get directions to that romantic coffee shop tucked away on the other side of town? If you answered yes, sounds like you’re in need of some rescuing. Also, if any of the above-mentioned situations have happened to you, Flirtatious-T’s “All About Dating” is the place for you. “All About Dating” is New York’s first one-stop shop for someone planning his or her next date, even a date with Mom! “All About Dating” removes the stress of calling friends, only to wait for a call back with recommendations for the best date places for dinner. Our site offers unique things to do around the city and ideas for choosing the perfect gift. In the dictionary, one of the definitions for dating is: “An engagement to go out socially with another person, often out of romantic interest.” Flirtatious-T® believes, however, a date can be with anyone from friends to family and even with the Ex. If you’re single, dating or just want to spice up your relationship, Flirtatious-T® has just the thing for you! Flirtatious-T’s “All About Dating” makes planning your next date as simple as 1-2-3. Dating over the years, has become the worst process in our lives but Flirtatious-T® is here to ease the pain. “All About Dating” strives to become a premier source of information geared toward dating. Our site offers unique and original suggestions for things to do, gift ideas, and provides dating tips with a twist. “All About Dating” also provides a variety of reviews: movies, restaurants, lounges, hotels for a lovers’ weekend rendezvous and highlights of the best parties for two to dance the night away. And, no longer will you have to guess how to get to your destination, quick access to links to travel planners are available. In addition, Flirtatious-T® prides itself on being one of the first to provide a metropolis like New York with quick access to resources to keep any relationship healthy and growing toward perfection. Since the launch of Flirtatious-T ‘s Blog back in December 2008, “All About Dating”, we never imagined how quickly it would spread. The company’s main goal was to start utilizing other forums to target a new demographic and reach places we normally would not have been able to and possibly generate new customers for our product, Flirtatious-T®. However, since then our goal and mission for our blog has slightly changed. We now believe that our blog “All About Dating” is not just combining our product with the stressful world of dating, it has become a solid source of information, encouragement, and a light-hearted way to poke fun at the many insane things we may think, do, say or hear about dating. Flirtatious-T® is certain there is a celebrity in each of us and through our blog we strive to build confidence, love, self-assurance in oneself, making each dating experience a success. As of February 26th, Flirtatious-T® is excited to announce reaching the 1000th visitor mark in less than 2 months. Thank you all for your continued support and look out for new things to come!

Are you Ready to Flirt…Let’s Flirt for A Cause! Positively Me | A Flirtatious-T® project created to empower those living with HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS no longer starts with me…it ends with me, Positively Me! Flirtatious-T’s project “Flirt For A Cause” is an initiative and concept created and developed by BlackOutEndeavors LLC to continue awareness and develop a multitude of fundraising campaigns around the social and psychological issues of those living with HIV/AIDS, by creating campaigns with a twist. Over the last couple of years, the fight against HIV/AIDS has only focused on primarily preventive measures; however, Flirtatious-T® is taking the fight to the next level. Flirtatious-T® is proud to introduce “Positively Me” a continuous campaign devoted toward bringing awareness to our youth and add dimension to the fight. Flirtatious-T® plans to uplift, empower and re-build the lives of those living, surviving and beating the battle against HIV/AIDS but who no longer live for tomorrow and buried their inner strength and beauty the day they heard, “You’re Positive!” Flirtatious-T® is ready for a change, “You’re Positive!” can no longer be a death sentence but should symbolize a new beginning! As we move forward into an era of change and acceptance, BlackOutEndeavors LLC wants to be one of the first to create a new fight and develop campaigns and fund-raisers that enable organizations to create not only preventive campaigns but create campaigns devoted toward those living, surviving and beating this horrific disease. These campaigns will allow organizations around the world to create services geared toward helping survivors acquire the skills necessary to live and stay healthy, positive and possibly become an inspiration to others. Flirtatious-T® believes there is more we can do. Flirtatious-T’s dramatic campaign, “Flirt for a Cause” will bring awareness and inspiration to the world by showcasing the beauty and perfection of those living with and affected by HIV/AIDS. Our mission is to create and promote a complete balance against the fight against the virus. If you were to ask the young men and women living with HIV/AIDS today, “What is the hardest thing you’ve had to deal with since finding out they were ‘Positive,’” they would say; loosing a sense of themselves and not knowing how to continue to love themselves knowing the stigma associated with being and living with HIV/AIDS. Today, there are many services, programs and treatments available for individuals with HIV/AIDS, many of which include slowing or halting the replication of the virus, preventing infections and drug and alcohol abuse. There are not many programs that deal with self-esteem, inner spirituality and outer beauty. Flirtatious-T’s “Positively Me” initiative plans to empower those who are living with HIV/AIDS by “Positively” utilizing the world of fashion, media, image perception and beauty to showcase individuals: • • •

Living with the HIV/AIDS virus and who are tired of being ostracized and negatively judged by the community-at-large. Struggling with discrimination, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and self-appreciation regardless of education, knowledge and financial background. Striving against being considered a victim of a negative circumstance and are beating the odds.

Our “Positively Me” initiative was created to encourage and affect a higher level of awareness around socially important issues about HIV/AIDS and provide an added twist to promoting awareness and creating a “positive” and peaceful state-of-mind. Corey Washington, President of BlackOutEndeavors LLC, creator of Flirtatious-T® and HIV/AIDS survivor has been blessed with the overwhelming support and guidance from family and a close friend that inspired him to create a shirt of hope. To honor those struggling, feeling alone or living life like a castaway, this shirt is designed to inspire and invoke thought and possibly save a life. The shirt has “Guardian” printed on the front and angel wings printed on the back. With it, Mr. Washington believes it’s a shirt that will provide a silent message to those in need that others do indeed care. Flirtatious-T® wants to give everyone something to look at and think about when they meet someone with the HIV/AIDS virus. “Flirt for a Cause” is a project that yearly seeks joint ventures, fundraising campaigns and sponsorships with charitable organizations with similar goals of creating pathways for bringing creative concepts to reality for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Flirtatious-T’s President, Corey Washington also believes flirting is a powerful tool and can be used to inspire, motivate and is a lighthearted way to encourage others to make a difference. Starting today, let’s all “Flirt for A Cause!”

BlackOutEndeavors LLC / Flirtatious-T ABOUT THE PRESIDENT Corey Washington is creator of Flirtatious-T® and President of BlackOutEndeavors LLC, a conceptual development company based in New York City. Mr. Washington was born and raised in New York City. He attended Oswego State University and had a successful career in the finance industry. Mr. Washington’s positions ranged from customer service to licensed Sr. Financial Corporate Trainer. These positions allowed him to create, motivate, develop and deliver concepts. However, the corporate structure wasn’t exactly what Mr. Washington hoped for, leaving him desiring and hoping for more. He never gave up on his dream and never gave less than 100%. After a lengthy and successful career in the finance sector, Mr. Washington decided to take a risk and pursue his love of fashion, his passion to create, inspire and develop concepts. Mr. Washington’s four principles for building a solid foundation for success are: uniqueness, originality, determination, and surrounding oneself with a team of champions. THE FOUNDATION OF FLIRTATIOUS-T®


Mr. Washington’s love for fashion, flirting and New York City inspired him to create his brand of t-shirts, Flirtatious-T®, which embodies the essence of his loves and vision. He believes flirting is a powerful tool that can be used to spread inspiration and awareness, therefore, the Flirtatious-T® brand uses the concepts of flirting, selfconfidence and self-appreciation. Mr. Washington believes that by wearing a Flirtatious-T®, others will be able to show just how self-confident they are by expressing themselves in a way no other brand allows.

Then in June of 2007, BlackOutEndeavors LLC was created as a Limited Liability Company in the State of New York. The meaning of BlackOutEndeavors has taken many meanings over the years, but simply represents a state of mind. During the infancy stages of BlackOutEndeavors, Mr. Washington attended a Harper’s Bazaar party and when faced with the question, “What does BlackOutEndeavors mean?” he realized it had a few meanings, so he focused less on the meaning and more on the mission. BlackOutEndeavors’ mission is to create a pathway for bringing creative concepts to reality. In the dictionary the meaning of “endeavors” is, “to extend to oneself to do; or effect something; make an effort; strive,” exactly the things Mr. Washington does daily. Said best by Mr. Washington, “Believe in Yourself, Trust Yourself and Love Yourself.”

FLIRT FOR A CAUSE Mr. Washington’s philosophy for spreading inspiration and awareness is simple; make an effort to give back. For a company barely able to walk, most would consider, giving back one of the last things on their “to do” list, however, BlackOutEndeavors believes success is not only measured by a financial statement but also by making the effort to give back. Therefore, yearly BlackOutEndeavors devotedly seeks joint ventures with charitable organizations that have similar goals of creating pathways for bringing creative concepts to reality for a cause. Mr. Washington plans to affect a higher level of awareness around socially important causes by providing an added twist in the promotion of the issues and by building self-appreciation and self-confidence among all those involved. He hopes to give everyone something to look at and think about by developing concepts with a twist.

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Flirtatious-T - Press Kit - 2009  

BlackOutEndeavors LLC first concept t-shirt line. Flirtatious-T

Flirtatious-T - Press Kit - 2009  

BlackOutEndeavors LLC first concept t-shirt line. Flirtatious-T